6 Best Standout Drones to Look For in 2021

    6 Best Standout Drones to Look For in 2021

    Do you need a flying camera for your next photo or video project? Then it is time to invest in a drone. A great way to add to your production value or showcase your travel vlogging experience, you get to choose the right drone for your needs.

    Being sold for a few hundred to thousands of dollars, here are the best 6 standout drones to look for in 2021.

    Why Should I Buy a Drone?

    Having a drone is a great way to get out there and capture photos or videos. Great for personal or professional use, you should always go for the best standout drone at the best price, the one that makes the quality of your aerial view and moment capture the best at the comfort of your pocket.

    Breathtaking photos and amazing videos from different perspectives can be achieved no matter what your situation is so long as you navigate your drone properly.

    As an enthusiast in outdoor activities, whether it is an adventure of your favorite spot above land or water, gaming or sporting activity, a curious mind that wants to roam, or just out there flying, you need a standout drone, grab yourself one while you still have a chance.

    5 Important Factors to Consider Before Buying a DroneMaterial Used

    Drones are made from different materials. Some are made from plastic; others are made from fiberglass, carbon fiber, as well as aluminum. As you know, plastic is not durable, but fiberglass and carbon fiber drones are a good investment. On the other hand, aluminum isn’t the best since it gets damaged easily in case of an accident.


    Flight Time                                  

    Flight time is another important to consider before buying a drone. Battery life is what allows the drone to stay in the air for longer. Most drones’ batteries last for 20-30 minutes of flying time.



    When it comes to range, it all depends on the kind of work you are doing. For videography or photography, you need to check a drone with a longer range. However, if the drone is for personal use, a shorter-range drone will do.


    Before buying a drone, you need to know which one fits your budget. With the drone industry expanding you can buy a drone for as little as $50 or $2,000.  Just ensure your budget matches the kind of drone you desire.

    Replacement Option

    You can’t buy a drone without finding out if it has replaceable parts. For instance, you cannot go without replacing propellers and batteries. Find out beforehand if they are readily available in your country so as to cut out any importation cost.

    Here are the 6 Best Drones in 2021


    DJI Mavic Air 2

      DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone

      Reason to Buy:The DJI1 Mavic Air 2 is a great upgrade from other Mavic drones as it enables you to shoot 240fps @1080p as well as hyperlapses in 8K.

      DJI Mavic Air 2 Description



      If you are looking for a small, portable yet powerful drone, the Mavic Air 2 is the one for you. The Mavic Air 2 is known to shoot 4K@60 fps which is a great deal in the drone world.

      This allows the drone to slow down your footage up to 30-40 percent which is very ideal for making hyperlapse videos. Don’t forget, you can also shoot hyperlapses in 8k with this drone.

      More impressive is that the Mavic Air 2 can shoot a video for 34 minutes. With the new Ocusy NC 2.0, it allows you to shoot at a 10km range.  Furthermore, coupled with the POI 3.0 feature and Adobe premier, you get to create very dramatic footage of houses, beaches, and even islands.


      • High-quality videos/photos
      • Great battery life (34 minutes)
      • Hyperlapse feature
      • Supports Fly app
      • Affordable price


      • Slightly heavier than its predecessor
      • Not easy to get raw images to smartphone or tablet

      For the Best Deal:Buy at Walmart

      PowerVision Poweregg X Drone

        PowerVision Poweregg X Drone

        Reason to Buy:The PowerrVision Poweregg X is the perfect drone for all weather conditions due to its waterproof housing and floats for landing features.


        PowerVision Poweregg X Description



        The PowerVision Poweregg X is a perfect travel drone for content creators as well as for personal use. The design and build quality are amazing and it is very easy to transit from a handheld camcorder to a flying drone.


        Also, the 4K UHD camera, gimbal, and AI tracking features are a nice addition. What’s more, it comes with a tripod attachment which is very helpful when shooting in strong wind. The control range is approximately 300 ft and the "return to home" function is very handy, as it helps you avoid flying the drone out of the range.


        Although the battery drains fairly quickly when in drone mode, all you need is to have an extra battery when shooting videos.



        • Great in rainy conditions
        • Doubles as a handheld camera
        • Able to float on water
        • High quality AI tracking


        • Lacks Raw video modes
        • No ND filters

        For Best Deals:Buy at Amazon


        Yuneec Typhoon H3

        Yuneec Typhoon H3 Drone

        Reason to Buy:Yuneec Typhoon H3 has the best built-in camera that features 4K/60p video and 20MP stills. This makes it a great option for anyone looking for a big, powerful camera drone.


        Yuneec Typhoon H3 Description


        Looking for the ultimate secure drone, the Yuneec Typhoon H3 is your drone. The drone is stable and provides 25 minutes of silky smooth flying per battery. Note that, the Yuneec Typhoon H3 kit comes with two HV rechargeable batteries.


        Easy to use, the drone comes with a remote control that is equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen display that broadcasts everything in real-time. 


        Made with security in mind, the drone is designed to use a closed system when capturing videos and images too. This means all communication is done between a drone and ST16S controller, therefore, avoiding going through the cloud system.


        • Foldable design
        • Great flight performance
        • It has a 360-degree gimbal
        • Automatic flight and shooting modes
        • It has emergency landing mode for 5 motors


        • The batteries’ recharging time is slower compared to other drones
        • Noisy

        For Best Deals:Buy at Walmart


        Contixo F30 Quadcopter Drone

        Contixo F30 Quadcopter Drone

        Reason to Buy: The Contixo F30 Quadcopter is a small enough mid-level drone that doesn’t need any registration with the FAA, but still flies very well.

        Contixo F30 Quadcopter Description


        The Contixo F30 is a compact, fold-up, lightweight drone that flies a lot faster than the Contixo F24. Weighing 250 grams (0.55 pounds), the drone doesn’t require any registration making it ideal for beginners.


        Though it takes a bit of time to set up, the video quality of the camera is very good, it's 2.5K and the colors are very vivid. It also comes with a remote control that has a button that will cause the drone to automatically take off as well as automatic control landing.


        Note that, you cannot adjust the camera mid-flight using the remote or the app, but only at takeoff. Keep in mind that the drone comes with an extra battery which enables the drone to fly for around 30 minutes.


        • Great video quality
        • Powerful flight performance
        • Comes with accessories like an extra battery, SD card, and travel case
        • Affordable
        • Lightweight and portable


        • Camera angle is only manually adjusted
        • Photo imagery could be improved

        For Best Deals:Buy at Sears


        XiaoMi FIMI X8 SE Mini Drone


          XiaoMi FIMI X8 SE Drone


          Reason to Buy: FIMI X8 SE has a very high-quality 4K camera that offers great stability without full GPS as well as in windy conditions.


          XiaoMi FIMI X8 SE Drone Description


          Another entry-level 4K drone, FIMI X8 SE is lightweight, portable, and user friendly with smooth performance. Falling under the 250 grams category, the drone comes with a range of up to 8km and supports 25- 30 minutes of flight.


          Well built, the drone has a smooth fit and finishes with all moving parts locking perfectly into place. Don’t forget the controller that allows you to place your phone within it. Also, it comes with cords for Apple phones, standard Mini USB, and USB-C.


          • User friendly
          • Provides smooth video transmission when using the 3 axis gimbal
          • Great battery life
          • Provides incredible range in a clear path
          • Direct flight with your smartphone


          • Lack of obstacle avoidance system
          • The remote control lacks a screen


          For Best Deals:Buy at Amazon

           Autel Robotics Evo II Pro


          Autel Robotics Evo II Pro

          Reason to Buy: The Autel Robotics Evo II Pro is an extremely solid drone with a 6K camera.

          Autel Robotics Evo II ProDescription


          Longing to take your drone experience to the next level? Autel Robotics Evo II Pro will do that for you.  Packed with so many features, the drone’s body is a battery, therefore, giving you a solid 30+ minutes of flight time. 


          Weighing 2.6 pounds, the drone is a bit heavy which makes it ideal for rough weather conditions. It also has excellent obstacle avoidance thus making it hard to bump into things or crash.


          What’s more, video and photos are awesome at the default settings, especially in 4K mode and it also does well in low light. You can also shoot slow motions videos at 120fps. Another cool bonus is the remote has a cooling fan which prevents it from overheating.


          • 6K video and 120fps slow motion
          • 30+ minute flight time
          • Excellent obstacle avoidance
          • Interchangeable camera module- meaning you can switch from Pro standard and dual camera systems
          • One control for the drone and watching the video feed


          • The 10-minute log video is not available at 6K
          • Does not include iPhone cable ( Only Android)

          For Best Deals:Buy at Best Buy


          Video about How to Choose the Best Drone


          DJI Mavic Air 2


          PowerVision Poweregg X Drone


          Yuneec Typhoon H3

          Contixo F30 Quadcopter


          FIMI X8 SE Drone

          Autel Robotics Evo II Pro









          ½ inch, 12 MP sensor

          1/2. 8 inches,

          12MP sensor

          1 inch, 12MP sensor

          1/ 2.7 inches 8MP sensor

          1/2.6 inches

          12MP sensor

          1 inch,



          Frame Rates

          4K/60fps, slow motion -24ofps


          4K/60fps and 1080p at 120fps

          4K/16fps and 2.7K.25fps

          4K /30fps,

          And 1080p /30fps

          6K/ 30 fps

           or 2.7K

           video at 120



          Up to 34 min of flight time

          Up to 30 minutes of flight time

          Up to 25 minutes of flight time

          16 minutes on a single battery

          Maximum 35 minutes

          Up to 40 minutes


          11 kilometers

          3 kilometers

          2 kilometers

          800 meters


          25 km

          ( No wind)


          570 grams

          860 grams

          375 grams

          245 grams

          765 grams



          $769.99 at  Walmart

          $899  on Amazon

          $2299.99 at Walmart

          $185  at sears

           $739.99 on Amazon

          $150 at

          Best Buy