6 Best Treat Dispensing Dog Toys

    6 Best Treat Dispensing Dog Toys

    When dogs are bored, they can easily engage in destructive behavior such as barking and destroying furniture. To prevent this behavior, it is advisable to get your fido a dog toy that will keep them occupied and entertained.

    Fortunately, the market is packed with treat-dispensing dog toys that will not only entertain your dog but also reward them with treats. This article explores some of the best treat dispensing dog toys on the market.

    What is a Treat Dispensing Dog Toy?

    If you have an active dog, you probably know the importance of a dog toy. Dog toys are useful for keeping playful pups busy and entertained. Treat dispensing dog toys are dog toys that are designed to hide treats, making it difficult for your canine friend to take a bite.

    You can place different types of treats in the toy to keep your dog busy as they try to access the food. Ideally, treat-dispensing dog toys are designed to provide mental stimulation for active dogs. They also help divert unwanted behavior like chewing things around the house, barking, or eating too quickly.

    Most of these toys come with setting, allowing you to increase or decrease the size of the treat-dispensing hole. This will make it easier or more difficult for your dog to access the food.  Dogs love a good challenge, and especially it gives them access to food.

    What are the Best Treat Dispensing Dog Toys? Tips to Choose

    Several things should be kept in mind when choosing the best treat dispensing dog toys. They include:

    ·Type of Activity and Interaction

    As a dog owner, it helps to first understand what you want to achieve with a treat-dispensing dog toy. Knowing what you want to achieve with a treat-dispensing dog toy will help you make the right buying decision.

    For instance, if your dog loves to overeat or eat quickly, then you may consider a treat-dispensing dog toy with a small dispensing hole. This will make it more difficult to retrieve the treats.

    Other treat-dispensing dog toys combine food and learning, requiring your dog to solve puzzle games before releasing the treats. Know your dog’s needs and the kind of play and interaction they prefer to help you make the right purchase decision.

    ·Your Dog’s Experience

    When selecting a treat-dispensing dog toy for your four-legged friend, it helps to evaluate their experience level. If your dog has never used such a toy before, consider finding dog’s treat toys with easy puzzles and larger openings. This may also require you to use smaller treats that are easily accessible.

    However, if your dog is conversant with toy puzzles, then a more difficult treat toy will keep your dog engaged. For this one, you can use smaller treats since most models have two-puzzle steps.

    Nonetheless, you can also work your way to using larger treats.     Just ensure that the whole process is not too frustrating for your dog as could lead to a negative experience.


    As aforementioned, dogs love food and they won’t hesitate to tear down a treat toy to reveal the food hidden inside. That is why it is highly advisable to get a treat-dispensing dog toy that is highly durable and can withstand a dog’s teeth.

    Most high-quality treat-dispensing dog toys are made from high-quality rubber. This material can withstand a dog’s chewing muscles, making them last longer.

    ·Type of Treat

    The type of treat-dispensing dog toy will also depend on the type of dog treats you intend to incorporate into your dog’s diet. Once you understand your dog’s experience and personality, you will be in a better position to find the perfect dog treats and treat-dispensing dog toys for them.

    Generally, the most common dog snacks to choose for different treat-dispensing dog toys include paste/cream treats, soft/chewy treats, and dry treats. Other dog toys can hold popsicles and frozen fruits.

    Here are 6 Best Treat Dispensing Dog Toys

    There are different types of treat-dispensing dog toys on the market and you need to choose one that will best suit your dog.


    Reasons to Buy: You should buy this treat-dispensing dog toy if you have a dog that loves to chew since it is very durable. It is also worth considering if you want to reward your canine friend with paste treats, although they can be messy.

    King Toy is an industry leader that is renowned for manufacturing high-quality dog toys. Kong is their treat-dispensing dog toy that has won the hearts of many dog owners. Constructed with tough rubber, this toy can withstand strong chews from aggressive chewers.

    This toy comes with a hollow in the middle, allowing you to stuff a paste of wet and dry food. This will keep your dog going for hours licking the cream or paste to the drop. This dog toy is also common with dog owners that leave their pets alone to run some errands.

    This is because the dog toy can be frozen throughout the night. This way, you can leave your dog with the frozen Kong when you are out and about. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that the paste, especially the unfrozen one, can be messy and you need to designate space for your pet to enjoy the treat.


    • Highly durable
    • Comes in a wide range of sizes
    • Can be frozen
    • Easy to clean


    • Can get a bit messy

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    2.West Paw Treat Dispensing Toy

    Reasons to Buy: This is an excellent dog toy if you want something durable but heavy, fun, and entertaining treat-dispensing dog treat. It is an excellent choice for your active dog, although you may need to break the bank.


    The West Paw Qwizl is a treat-dispensing toy that measures 11 ounces and is available in two sizes and three colors. This toy is fully-guaranteed and is made from a very durable material, making it ideal for dogs that love to chew.

    It stands out because of its floating design and your dog can play with it in water.  You can play toss, catch, and fetch with your dog once they are done eating the treat. Besides, the toy comes in bright colors that are easy to spot from a distance.

    This dog toy puzzle is designed with an easy-to-grasp shape, and pups and senior dogs will find it easy to use. The side comes with openings for releasing the treats. A downside, however, is that filling it can be quite challenging.


    • Durable design
    • Fun to play with
    • Easy to grasp
    • Floating design
    • 100 guarantee
    • Dishwasher safe


    • Expensive
    • Heavy
    • Difficult to fill

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    3.PetSafe Twist n’ Dog Toy

    Reasons to Buy: It is adjustable, allowing you to tweak the size of the opening and adjust the difficulty level. It is worth getting for pups and dogs that are not heavy chewers and would appreciate a tougher challenge. You may also want to buy it if you intend to give your dog a wide range of treats.


    This treat-dispensing dog toy is a two-piece toy with two halves to hold small treats. It is compatible with a variety of treats including hard, soft, and smearable treats. This toy needs to be twisted to release the treats. You can adjust the level of difficulty for releasing the treats by twisting the two pieces closer apart or far apart.

    The treat toy is designed to release the treats on a random basis as your pet plays with it. It is also worth noting that it is only made for soft to medium chewers and not heavy chewers. It is made with non-toxic material and is dish-washer safe, making cleaning it a breeze.


    • Holds diverse treats
    • Adjustable difficulty
    • Easy to use
    • Easy to clean
    • Offers great value for money
    • Suitable for most dog breeds


    • Not ideal for heavy chewers

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    4.Omega Paw Treat Dispensing Toy

    Reasons to Buy: It has a compact design and is reasonably priced. You may also want to buy this toy if you prefer a soft treat toy that won’t cause much damage to your floors or furniture. Because of its soft design, it may be ideal if you or your pet is noise sensitive.


    The Omega Tricky Treat Ball is a super soft dog toy made from soft rubber. This makes it very easy and fun to chew on, although it may not be the best option for tough chewers.

    The toy works by releasing treats from the inner cavities as it rolls around. When the treats are done, you can play toss and fetch play with your dog with this ball.

    An issue, however, of this treat-dispensing toy is that it is hard to clean. This is because of the presence of inner cavities. Hence, you may need to use warm soapy water to clean it.


    • Super soft and quiet
    • Doesn’t damage floors and furniture
    • Available in three sizes
    • Affordable
    • Compact design


    • Not dishwasher safe
    • Hard to fill
    • Less durable

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    5.Trixie Pet Products Flip Board

    Reasons to Buy: Get this treat-dispensing toy if you want to challenge your pet’s problem-solving skills. It is also best for dogs that eat their meal too quickly and you want them to slow down.


    From the sight of it, this treat-dispensing toy comes with compartments that hold treats. The flip board is an interactive way to reward your pup and help them overcome boredom and destructive behavior.

    You have the option of hiding the treats under the sliding disk, cones, or even under doors. You can always vary the placements and number of treats to make it more challenging. In the end, it will challenge your dog’s mind and enable them to have fun for hours.

    However, it may not be the best tray for flat-faced dogs since they may be unable to use their nose to push the sliders. The toy is made from non-slip rubber that is durable.


    • Durable construction
    • Offers a good challenge
    • Ideal for A variety of treats


    • Not suitable for flat-faced dogs

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    6.Starmark Bob

    Reasons to Buy: You may want to buy this if you want a more interactive dog toy. This dog toy will enhance your high-energy pup to exercise while still enjoying their treats or meals.


    Made from hard plastic, this dog toy dispenses treats and meals as it wobbles.             Basically, your pup needs to paw and push it for it to release treats. Its weighted bottom makes it wobbly, and dogs find it fun as it moves around unpredictably.

    What’s more, it features adjustable openings both at the top and the bottom. This allows you to adjust the difficulty level as you deem fit.

    This also makes it easy to fill treats and foods of different sizes and types. The dual chambers are also quite easy to clean and you can rinse with hot water and vinegar if you don’t want to tear the whole thing apart.


    • Can be used in small spaces
    • Includes adjustable openings
    • Large capacity
    • Ideal for a variety of treats and kibbles


    • Not suitable for strong chewers

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    Comparative Table of Treat Dispensing Dog Toys











    West paw Treat Toy

    PetSafe Twist n’ Dog Toy

    Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball

    Trixie Dog Activity

    StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Toy




    West Paw


    Omega Paw





    Tough Rubber


    Natural Rubber


    Non-Slip Rubber


    Target Species








    Breed Recommendation

    Large Breeds

    Small Breed

    All Breeds

    All Breeds

    All Breeds

    Large Breeds

    Pet Toy Type


    Chew Toy


    Treat Dispenser Toy

    Challenging Interactive Ball


    Treat Dispenser Toy


    Options of the Best Treat Dispensing Dog Toys

    While our list of 6 best treat dispensing dog toys is worth considering, there are other options that you may want to check out. These options are also great for keeping your smart fido busy. Check these options below to see which one your dog will like.

    • Buster Cube(This treat-dispensing toy, adjustable levels, can accommodate treats or old kibble, can be loud): on Amazon USA.
    • PetSafe Waggle Dog Toy- A shaker-style toy, features compressible balls on each side, and dispenses treats randomly): $10.99 on Amazon USA.
    • IQ Treat Ball- (Contains inner compartment, customizable, must be rolled to dislodge treats, mental stimulation, made from hard plastic): $13 on Amazon USA.
    • Dog Puzzle teeth Cleaning Ball- (2 toy balls for dogs and cats, Designed for IQ training, Non-toxic rubber material, teeth cleaning to prevent plaque and tartar): $10.99 on Amazon.
    • Tug-A-Jug- (Tug-of-war style dog toy, includes treat dispenser, teeth cleaning rubber, used with treats or kibbles): $21.99 on Amazon USA.
    • StarMart Treat Dispensing Pickle Pocket- (Pickled-shape, Made with soft material, Ultra durable, bounces and floats, great for a challenge): $18.90 on Amazon USA.
    • PetSafe Kibble Nibble- (Rollable and knockable treat ball, integrated gratification system, easy to clean, plastic with rubber material, variety of treats): $17.95 on Amazon USA.


    The right treat-dispensing dog treat can go along in keeping your pet busy while also feeding them. There are different types of treat dog toys to choose from and your choice will depend on your dog’s preference among many other factors.