6 Best TV Antennas and how to choose them?

    6 Best TV Antennas and how to choose them?

    Why should you buy the best TV antenna?

    When you are looking to get entertainment without having to pay a lot, a good idea is to get one of the best TV antennas available. It is one of the easiest and fastest ways of getting to entertainment. It doesn’t matter whether you are interested in sports, news, or popular TV shows, these OTA (over the air) programs provide all. And it is for free. All you are going to need is a TV and an HDTV antenna. It is crucial in both cases when you are looking to either cut the cord or for a backup when the cable goes out. A good TV antenna is a must for all situations.

    Having a TV antenna is the first step for pulling in the free local channels or cutting the cord. There is no need to spend a great deal of money either. Even the best available cheaper antennas can get the job done. There are those $12 bunny ears available that may even do the requisite work for you. In some cases, there is no need even for a TV. However, keep in mind that getting a TV antenna will not solve all the issues for the OTA viewing. If you can get the optional amplifiers and better-quality antennas, it will bring in more channels and this is just a part of the equation.

    It is always a good idea to research beforehand for the range you are going to require, whether you will need the antenna for indoor or outdoor installation etc. If you check some websites available by entering your ZIP code, you will find out about the stations that are broadcasting in the area. They will also inform you about the distance of broadcasting towers from your residence. Some people might be worried about the advent of ATSC 3.0 in the bigger cities. The good news for them is that the existing TV antenna will work with the standard and you may even be able to pull in more channels.

    Factors while selecting the best TV antennas

    When you are shopping for TV antennas, you need to ensure that you are getting the right one.

    1. Range and location: If you live in a city, you can easily use a small indoor antenna as you will have several broadcasting stations within a 10- or 20-mile radius from your house. However, if you are in the excess of 30 miles or so away from the local broadcaster, it might be a good idea to use an amplified model. 
    1. Using an indoor antenna: Whether to opt for an outdoor antenna will depend on the building you are living in, and the atmosphere around the place. If there are many obstacles such as other buildings and trees there may be issues in getting the signal through to the indoor antenna. 
    1. Outdoor TV antennas: The outdoor antennas are bigger and they work a lot better when they are positioned properly.
    1. Amplified TV antennas: The amplified antenna utilizes a signal strength booster that aids in getting the weak signals through. However, this means you will have to plug in another device and another power outlet will be utilized. All this means an additional price tag as well.
    1. Non-amplified TV antennas: The non-amplified TV antennas are usually available for sale in the price range of $20 and $40. There are several TV antennas available that sell for less than $20. Many of them offer a decent performance. The amplified antennas will always provide a better performance though.

    Best TV antennas

    1. Channel Master Flatenna 35/Duo: The Flatenna 35 TV antenna has become upgraded with a removable antenna after it was initially launched. The up-gradation has resulted in better signal performance. This newer and improved model is one of the best ones available for pulling in the channels beating the rest of the competition. The Flatenna 35 is a great alternative for users that are unable to install outdoor antennas. This top-quality instrument is available for as less as $20 with shipping, from some of the sites. The TV antenna is called Flatenna Duo or 35 depending on where you purchase. If you are looking for the best TV channel reception at a lower price this TV antenna is for you. The antenna is available with a detachable coaxial cable. You can get around 50 channels in Manhattan and more than 60 in New Jersey. Buy in Amazon.


    1. Mohu Leaf Supreme Pro: When you are looking for the best TV antenna overall, it is tough to beat the Mohu Leaf Supreme Pro. Its wider design is extremely capable of pulling in more stations. It uses a thicker and bigger design than compared to flat antennas. This chunky TV antenna boasts a built-in amplifier, having an integrated signal-strength meter that helps you in finding an optimal spot for pulling channels. It is an effective antenna for pulling in channels. The wide surface area available means it can get you more than 40 channels. This outperforms all your favourite indoor antennas. 

    It comes with a detachable coax cable and also has a 3-ft USB power cable for powering the amplifier. It is available in a box so; you have to spend some time unfurling it and laying it flat. However, all the quirks available with the antenna are worth the trouble. It is a top indoor antenna for suburban localities that might need a boost for getting all the channels. Buy in Bestbuy.


    1. 1byone Amplified HDTV Antenna: Although it is a simple antenna, it can offer you almost everything you are going to need for cutting the cord. The 1byone Amplified HDTV antenna gives you a solid 50-mile range together with an amplifier and all this at a reasonable price. It comes with slick packaging and a fundamental black design. The product is not only a best-seller on Amazon but it is also one of the best instruments reviewed by almost all the experts you can find.

    The TV antenna measures just 13.3X9.3 inches but it includes all the things you require for connecting to a TV. It has a 10-feet coaxial cable with adhesive patches that may be used for mounting. The TV antenna comes with a simple design and with an amplifier to deliver dozens of great channels. It can be plugged into a USB port or wall outlet. There is every reason to consider buying this device as it is a great performer and doesn’t cost much. Buy form eBay.


    1. Andmei Digital Antenna: Amazon offers several TV antennas for its users although some of the models are not available anymore. However, you can get several indoor antennas on Amazon for under $20 that are similar to Andmei's digital antenna. Andmei digital antenna is a flat, simple device offering a range of around 35 miles. This antenna doesn’t offer any frills you associate with the more expensive and illustrious models. The features on offer are not as guaranteed in terms of quality or range as the other branded TV antennas. You get an ultrathin and convenient design for the price together with an environment-friendly and flame-resistant material. Buy from Amazon.


    1. Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse: Antennas Direct is one of the more famous brands having a huge range of selections in outdoor and indoor conditions. The Eclipse indoor TV antenna model is a flat, simple, and disc-shaped antenna that has a stick-on design. It is possible to slap it on any of the smoother surfaces such as windows by using tapes and other kinds of adhesives. This is a multidirectional antenna that offers a 35-mile range. The TV antenna has half of the flattened Moebius strip and an option of white or black sides. You get the option of adding a long cable with a coaxial port at the bottom. The box also includes a cable unlike some of the other TV antennas that are similarly priced. This antenna is designed for a window and so has several sticky pads to help you with it. Buy from Sears.


    1. Mohu Leaf Metro: The other popular and high-performing Mohu Leaf TV antenna is the Supreme Pro but it sticks out a bit too much. A good alternative from the same brand is Metro. It is an especially small antenna used to pick short-range signals. This tiny TV antenna is inexpensive and portable, with a focus on being unobtrusive. The TV antenna is just a small 4-inch strip that has black and white sides. You can also paint the antenna if you are trying to hide the piece. There is a coaxial cable included so, you just have to do wire defacing the walls, as the TV pulls away from all your attention from the antenna. The trade-off for all the good things is that the antenna is effective just for 25 miles. This will not be a big problem if you live in any of the major cities. As the name suggests this will be your best friend if you are an apartment dweller. Buy from Walmart.

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