6 Best Wallet GPS Trackers in 2022

    6 Best Wallet GPS Trackers in 2022

    What is a wallet tracker?

    A wallet tracker, as its name suggests, allows you to find lost valuables using GPS tracking. It has two styles:

    • Mobile phone application

    This type of tracker enables smartphones to work in tandem with them through an application. With the application, you’re able to ring the receiver that goes into your wallet, and it’ll easily help you locate it. Alternatively, if you happen to misplace your phone, the Bluetooth receiver in your wallet allows you to track it too.

    • Remote controlled

    This type of wallet tracker controls and communicates with the receiver through a remote. However, it doesn’t help you locate lost items that are beyond its range, which makes it better suited for at-home use.

    Some wallet GPS trackers can also have permanent batteries that keep them running for up to three years, but the tracker would have to be replaced after the three years are up.

    What are the best wallet trackers? Tips to choose

    When shopping for a wallet GPS tracker, there are several things you need to consider to find the right one:


    Decide if you want a mobile application as the transmitter for your GPS tracker, or if you would prefer a remote-controlled one. Smartphone transmitters are usually recommended because it’s something we all have on our person at all times, making them more convenient. But remote-controlled receivers can be handy too since smartphones are also prone to be lost.


    When choosing a design for your wallet tracker, it’s important to select one that would feel comfortable to carry and would fit your wallet’s size and shape. There are a few wallet GPS tracker designs to choose from:

    • Sticker Wallet Trackers
    • These trackers use a strong adhesive to stick to the side of your purse or wallet, which means you won’t have to worry about them accidentally falling out
    • Standard Wallet Tracker
    • They’re usually square-shaped and a bit thicker. Standard wallet trackers are better suited for connecting to wallets with a keychain attached to them or wallets that are larger than average. They can also work as key trackers.
    • Slim Wallet Trackers
    • Slim wallet trackers are thinner than the Standard Wallet Trackers but are similarly rectangular or square-shaped. Their slim profile is similar to credit cards. These trackers are the best options to carry around in small wallets that don’t have a lot of room left.

    Signal Range and Capacity

    Wallet GPS trackers that are meant to be used at home most of the time don’t necessarily need to have a wide range. On the other hand, if you plan to use it often when you’re outside, it’s better to look into ones that have a longer range.

    Capacity, on the other hand, refers to the number of people that connect to the same receiver. There are some receivers that can have more than six individual trackers connected to a single one. Meanwhile, trackers that are enabled by Bluetooth can be linked to more than one account, which makes them ideal for partners who want to track their shared items.


    A wallet GPS tracker that doesn’t have at least a decent battery life won’t be as useful to you. To fully enjoy the usefulness of a wallet tracker, it’s important to put its battery life into consideration when shopping for one.

    Top 6 Best Wallet GPS Trackers

    We’ve compiled a list of some of the best and highly recommended wallet trackers in the market right now. 

    1. Ekster Solar Powered Tracker Card



    Reason to Buy:Ekster is solar powered, which means charging it is more convenient and contains less hassle. It’s also a great tool for, not only locating your wallet, but your phone as well which makes it a worthy purchase.

    The Ekster Solar Powered Tracker card boasts a two-way ringer, which allows you to track both your phone and your wallet. It also integrates the lost-and-found BLE technology that allows you to locate your wallet even when it is out of range from your device.

    When the Ekster tracker notices another person in the BLE network close to your tracker, the app will provide an anonymous update of the tracker’s location.

    It also requires only 3 hours of sunlight for two months of use, which makes it especially convenient for people who like to travel a lot.

    The Ekster Wallet Tracker card can also be activated using Siri, Alexa or Google Home. Not to mention, it can serve as a wireless selfie stick. The track can be used as a remote to take pictures from further away. 


    +Easy to use and simple

    +More convenient to charge

    +Long battery life

    +Notifies you when it needs to charge

    +Also notifies you when you leave it behind


    -Some people might find it a bit bulky

    -May have inconsistent alert volumes

    Buy it on Amazon

    1. Winnes Small GPS Tracker


    Reason to Buy:It’s very lightweight and portable, which means it’s something children can use. It can easily help you track the location of missing belongings, children, pets, etc.

    The Winnes Small GPS Tracker is paired with an application that is available on both iOS and Android. With this tracker, it’s very easy to get identify a location. All you need to do is text or call the tracker or log in to the application to check the location in real-time.

    It also records history route data for 180 days, which makes it easier to identify the specific locations that the tracker has been in. When you set the geo-fence alarm, your application will notify you if the GPS tracker leaves the safety area. Similarly, it will notify you when it reenters the safety area.


    +No hidden charges after purchasing, other than the SIM card

    +Easy to set up and works the way you want it

    +Incredible location accuracy


    -Might be thicker than expected

    -Device needs to be charged regularly

    Buy it on Amazon.

    1. Tile Mate and Slim Combo


    Reason to Buy:It’s compatible with Android and Apple devices and is slim enough to allow easy carry. Its design also incorporates a convenient hole meant for easy attaching to keychains.

    The Tile Mate and Slim Combo Tracker is Bluetooth-controlled. The Combo pack includes 2 Tile Mates and 2 Tile Slim Trackers. Tile Mate have keychain holes in them to make carrying them convenient, while the Tile Slims are as thin as credit cards so you can fit them in your wallet easier. Their water-resistance standard is also up to IP57.


    +Water resistant

    +Has 4 preset ringtones

    +Application is smooth and easy to use


    -Alarm can be too quiet

    Buy it on Walmart.

    1. Cube Smart Tracker


    Reason to Buy:It lets you find lost belongings with a range up to 100 feet. It can also be used as a shutter button for your phone camera, which makes it great for taking photos.

    With Cube Tracker, you can keep track of multiple belongings at the same time. You can use to find your phone, wallet, keys, even your jacket. All you need to do is ping Cube using your mobile phone.

    You can even find your mobile phone with the Cube Tracker. Even if your phone is set on silent, Cube tracker will still make it ring, making it a lot easier to find.

    Cube Tracker is also waterproof and can survive in extremely low temperatures. It’ll help you find an item up to two years after you lost it.


    +Long battery life that lasts a year

    +Has a separation alarm

    +Not too bulky

    +Batteries are replaceable


    -Range might be too limited for some people

    -Application can be very slow

    Buy it now on Walmart. 

    1. Eksy RF Item Locator


    Reason to Buy:It’s a great and viable option for people who don’t want to use any smartphone applications or Bluetooth for their GPS tracking.

    The Eksy RF Item Locater set has 1 transmitter and six color-coded receivers. The red LED light on the receivers is extremely handy for finding lost belongings in the dark. They also come with their own remote stands.

    With the color-coded receivers, you can assign specific objects to them and instantly know which colored button to push when a specific item is lost. This also means you can track multiple items at the same time.


    +Has eight batteries

    +It comes with key rings, hooks, and loop tapes for each receiver

    +Can locate your phone even when on silent


    -Does not have a long battery life

    Buy it now on Amazon

    1. Innway Bluetooth Tracker


    Reason to Buy:It’s ultra-thin which makes it convenient enough to carry around in your wallet or purse. It also has a separation feature that ensure you won’t forget to accidentally leave it behind.

    The Innway Bluetooth Tracker Card is about 1.5mm thin but is also just thick enough to be incredibly durable. It’s great for tracking your wallet if it’s within 30 meters.

    The card also records the last location of the specific item its attached to right before it gets disconnected from your phone, which makes tracking it a bit easier and convenient. It also has a rechargeable battery that can last up to 6 months.


    +Can double as a camera trigger for picture-taking

    +Compatible with any smartphone

    +Battery only needs to charge for 2 hours

    +Has a sound level of 70 dB


    -The app has to be open in the background for it to work properly

    Buy it on Amazon

    Comparative Table of Wallet GPS Trackers


    Ekster Solar Powered Tracker Card

    Winnes Small GPS Tracker

    Tile Mate and Slim Combo

    Cube Smart Tracker

    Eksy RF Item Locator

    Innway Bluetooth Tracker





    5.9 x 3.2 x 0.6


    4.7 x 2.4 x 1.8


    1.34 x 1.34 x 0.18


    1.5 x 0.25 x 1.5


    4.13 x 2.36 x 1.38


    3.3 x 2.1 x 0.06


    Bluetooth Range



    200 ft


    200 ft


    400 ft


    100 ft


    200 ft


    100 ft

















    Replaceable Battery
















    Battery Life



    2 months


    200 hours


    1 year


    1 year


    3 months


    3 to 5 months
















     Options of Best Wallet GPS Trackers

    If you’re looking for more budget-friendly Wallet GPS Trackers, we’ve compiled a list of items you might want to consider.

    • Evershop Item Finder($14.17 in PricePulse)
    • Wopin Wallet Tracker($14.55 in PricePulse)