6 Safety Little Face Shavers For Women

    6 Safety Little Face Shavers For Women

    When it comes to shaving, we all understand that it requires patience and concentration. Face shaving requires even more delicateness to avoid injuries or infections. Since razors differ in their build and function it is important to find the best safe little face shavers for women.

    How To Choose The Best Female Razor? 5 Tips You Should Know

    Here are 5 important tips for you to know when it comes to choosing the best female razor. They are:

    Body Part

    Each razor is designed specifically for shaving different areas. You shouldn't use the same razor for general body shaving for your pubes. While you can use the same razor for most body parts, you should pay extra attention to the design you use for your face.


    Look out for the best razor type for your face. One that wouldn't leave you with cuts or bumps afterward.

    Number of Blades

    During shopping, you will notice that razors typically have between one to six blades. You should use at least one with a single blade for your face. This is because your face doesn't have as much hair as other parts of the body. This helps you to get a closer shave with each stroke. You can also avoid ingrown hairs, bumps, or cut with such blades.


    Shop for blades that have a form of lubrication or those with moisturizing strips. They are suitable for shaping your eyebrows or shaving off other facial hair without any irritation or skin burn. They also make the shaving process smooth and seamless. The lubrication strip can include vitamin E or cocoa butter.


    Razor handles are typically made of steel, plastic, or aluminum. They mostly come with rubber coatings for better grip too. Your razor needs to have a good grip, this helps you prevent slips and accidents during shaving. Also, your razor should have a weighted handle to give you better control and balance.


    Choose a razor with long-term durability, both in terms of the blade and the handle. Consider how well it would function after a few uses and how long it would stay without use. Look out for a razor that can withstand heavy droppings or weight.

    Types Of Shavers For Ladies

    Reusable Razor

    This type of razor can last you for multiple uses. They commonly come with a detachable blade cartridge that you can change as you need. You can determine when to throw it out as soon as you notice the blade becoming dull.

    Disposable Razor

    These types of razors are designed for limited use. They are mostly for travel and or short use purposes. The blades are attached to the handle and cannot the detached. You can either dispose of them as soon as they are dull or as soon as you are through using them.

    Mini Razor

    The mini razor is portable and easy to move around. It can either be rechargeable or run on batteries.

    Single Blade Razor

    Single blade razors are those that have just one blade. They are good options for sensitive skins or places with very little hair. However, they tend to be quite sharp.

    Shave Kit

    A shaving kit is a box that contains all you need to get through your shaving routine. Boxes differ by brand and can contain different products. However, your kit should contain a razor, brush, shaving soap, and stand at least.

    Best Razor For Women

    Here are some of the best shaving razors currently on the market for women:


    Best Razor for Women With Sensitive Skin:Gillette Venus Sensitive Disposable Razor

    The Gillette Venus sensitive women's razor is perfect for every shaving use. These disposable razors leave no irritation or cuts. It comes with a built-in skin elixir lubrication strip that serves a two-in-one function. It keeps the skin moist for a simple shaving process and offers a protective layer.

    You can effectively get a close shave with this razor and work around curves. The round head also moves around with every stroke you take. You get six razors in a packet upon purchase.  You have to use shaving cream or water as it has no moisture included.

    They can be used for different types of shaving and can be stored in any shower or cabinet.


    • Built-in lubricating strip
    • Multiple razors


    • Lack of ribbon of moisture

    Best Reusable Razor: Billie Razor Starter Kit


    The Billie razor comes with a cool design and a color range of cool blue, coral, dream pop, and periwinkle. This razor has 5 rust-free blades for a comfortable shave. The blades also have a coating of charcoal shaving soap that comes alive with water.


    The handle is ergonomic and has a matte rubber back for a firm grip. Each stroke from this razor leaves you with clean skin devoid of rash, burns, or cuts. Once you subscribe, you get an Introductory kit with two blades, one handle, and a magnetic holder.


    • Charcoal shave soap
    • 5 blade
    • Firm grip handle


    • The blade can get quite gooey
    • No shaving cream

    Best Budget Razor: Flamingo Razor

    The flamingo razor not only has a budget price but also comes in a cool budget design with cooler features. For example, your razor cartridge is longer in the front and comes with rounded edges to make shaving seamless. You also have better control while shaving.


    The cartridge also has a built-in hinge that gives the handle at least a 90° motion range. It allows you to shave in multiple directions easily. The handles are LSI non-slip and provide a strong grip.


    • Flexible hinge


    • Blades may be too sharp

    Best Disposable Razor: BIC Silky Touch Twin Blade Razor

    Shaving becomes trickier when you are on the move. For quick and stress-free shaving you can try out the BIC Silky Touch Women's Twin Blade Disposable Razor. Each razor has a double blade with a tapered and long handle.

    Upon purchase, you get 40 packs of disposable blades in different sizes. They are best for single use and should be disposed of after use. The design features a straight head that won't pivot. It comes in a small portable design that can be carried in a purse. The razor also comes with a snap-on cover that protects it from catching other objects.


    • Disposable
    • Comes with a blade cover
    • Twin blades for easy shaving


    • No pivoting head

    Best Luxury Women’s Razor: Oui the People the Single Rose Gold Safety Razor

    This safety razor stands out in its class. It requires assembling and that can be done easily. To assemble, all you need to do is unscrew the handle, set the razor in place on the head, and reattach the handle. The packet also comes with a manual that shows you what to do and how to do it. There are 10 blades in each kit for multiple uses.


    Safety blades are used differently than other razors. They require extreme delicateness as the weighted head is what handles the bulk of the work. A light touch shaves off the hair seamlessly without hicks or cuts.


    With this razor, you are sure of getting a perfect shave. You also aren't at risk of a razor burn or irritation. Do pay attention while shaving to avoid nicks as the safety razor requires less pressure.


    • Clean shave
    • High quality


    • Quite pricey

    Best Electric Razor For Women's Facial Hair: Lumina Lighted Hair Remover

    The Lumina Lighted Hair Remover is a great option for women looking at light shaving. It remains one of the best and top-selling models for facial razors. This razor comes with a light feature that allows a better and clearer view while shaving.

    This razor provides a target cut that is great for facial skin and hair. Its light shaving also means you don't suffer nicks or cuts on your face. You also don't have to bother about itching or irritation as it leaves a gentle feel on the skin.


    • Built-in light
    • Light feel on the skin


    • No close shaving

    How Do You Use A Razor?

    Step 1

    The first step, soak your body in the shower for 3 minutes to soften. You can also use a moisturizer just before shaving to make the job easier and slicker.

    Step 2

    Make use of some protective shave gel. They help to keep the hair soft and moisturized. This way the blade can move over the skin easily helping you avoid cuts and nicks.

    Step 3

    Depending on what type of razor you're using, always employ a light touch. You could either shave from down upwards or in the direction of the hair.

    Step 4

    Once you are through shaving the designated area, apply some moisturizer. This keeps your skin hydrated and supple. 

    Note: you should always shave with a sharp and clean razor.

    How Often Should You Shave With A Razor?

    There is no fixed period on how often a woman should shave. This is mainly down to your genetics and how quickly your hair grows. It is also dependent on the area you are focused on. Your shaving frequency would come down to how much hair you can stand.


    Shaving correctly and in the right manner can help you to protect your skin from irritation. It also helps you keep clean. Your shaving method and frequency would also depend on the designated area to shave.