17 Best 5G Phone Under 20000 in India:1.REVVL V+ 5G,2.UMIDIGI,3.ASUS Zenfone 8 5G

    17 Best 5G Phone Under 20000 in India:1.REVVL V+ 5G,2.UMIDIGI,3.ASUS Zenfone 8 5G

    5G is an enhanced technology in the mobile telecom industry. It simply refers to the 5th generation mobile network. The mobile devices that can connect to the 5th generation wireless network are known as 5G mobiles. 5G network is a new global wireless standard next to the 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. 5G network is altering the way the world connects and communicates. This technology is known to deliver higher data speeds, improved reliability, ultra-low dormancy, massive network capacity, and an unparalleled user experience.

    5G expands the mobile bio-network into a fresh realm with its high speed, superior reliability, and negligible dormancy. If you are planning to buy a 5G phone, choose a 5G smartphone that supports as many 5G bands as possible. The best 5G phone brands are regularly bringing out 5G-ready devices. 5G network is spreading gradually. Today is an era of internet and almost everyone is hooked to their smartphones to surf the internet. Increasing number of people are inclined towards buying a 5G supported device because it provides uninterrupted surfing experience and lightning fast downloads.

    5G compatible phones come with various features and price ranges, so it’s not a herculean task to find the one that best suits your needs without being heavy on your pocket. Below mentioned are some of the best 5G phones depending on their various features including price.

    Best 5G Phones 2022 - Under 20000 in India

    • Best overall- iPhone 13 Pro Max
    • Outstanding Camera- Google Pixel 5a
    • Big display- Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
    • Super-sized batteries- iPhone 13 Pro Max
    • Most expensive- Samsung G Z Fold 3
    • Super-sized phone- Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3
    • Best Android- Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
    • Best budget- Samsung Galaxy A32 5G
    • Best compact- iPhone 13 mini
    • Fast charging- OnePlus 9 Pro
    • Apple cheapest 5G- iPhone SE
    • Best gaming- Lenovo Legion phone Duel
    • Best big phone- iPhone 13 Pro Max
    • Best big phone with foldable screen- Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
    • Longest lasting big screen- Moto G Power

    A Helpful Guide to Choosing the Best 5G Phone

    When you are looking for a 5G phone the most important thing is to check how well a phone can support various 5G networks. If you take it as a yardstick, iPhone 13 Pro Max certainly has an added advantage over others. All most all iPhone models support various 5G networks seamlessly. Now, let’s have a look at the some of the best 5G models depending on their features and why it’s the best in its category.

    5G phones with the best camera 

    The functionality of the camera is a feature that most modern buyers are interested in this selfie driven world. If this is what you are looking for in your new 5G phone, you need to check the following models.

    Google pixel 5a or pixel 6(5G phone)

    It has the same setup of the dual camera as pixel 5. The specification of the main camera is a 12.2MP 1/2.55” main camera sensor with f/1.7 aperture, dual pixel phase detection, autofocus, OIS, and 1.4µm sized pixels. The specification of the second camera includes 16MP 119˚ ultra-wide with f/2.2 aperture, and 1.0µm sized pixels.


    There are no words to define the image quality of this camera. All you need to do is to carefully compose the shot and the software will do the rest of the task. Its range is dynamic, and the contrast is excellent. The images are so rich in color and soothing to the eyes. The camera is ultra-wide which means it is capable of taking impeccable shots covering wide range as well. No doubt it works wonders in the daylight, but what about its performance when the light is dull or absent? This is when the Google’s night sight kicks in automatically allowing you to click ultra clear images even in dark conditions. Not just still images, Google pixel 5a and 6 are also pro in delivering the best quality videos as well.

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    Apple iPhone 13 Pro (5G phone)

    We all know that Apple is one of the best brands, if not the best, as far as mobile devices are concerned. Apple phones are considered to be top-notch in all aspects and when it comes to the latest features, especially, camera. Macro photography is a term introduced by iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.


    It means the new ultra-wide camera is equipped with an advanced lens and autofocus system for striking close-ups with sharp focus while clicking objects that are as close as 2 centimeters. You can also use the camera to shoot macro videos, including time-lapse and slow-motion.

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    5G phones with the best display

    Display is an important feature of any mobile and no one should underrate this while making a purchase. 5G phones with big displays offer an unparalleled user experience, ultra sharp images/videos with vivacious colors, and ease of operation.

    Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra(5G phone)

    This model from Samsung Galaxy is all about the revamped version of the Galaxy Note series in a new avatar. If you are looking for a 5G phone with a dazzling display, you are bound to fall for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. The display is bright, sharp, and also power-efficient.


    It clicks amazing images in bright outdoor environments because it delivers better contrast at peak brightness. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G comes with a SPen, which is a stylus for drawing, writing, scribbling, and anything in-between. It has one of the biggest screens with a display as huge as 6.8 inches to ensure a better experience to the users who love watching movies and playing video games on their mobiles.

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    OnePlus 8 Pro(5G phone)

    The display of this phone is very impressive with 6.78 inches AMOLED panel. The resolution stands at a cool 1440x3168 pixels with HDR 10+ support and extraordinary color accuracy. Viewing text, videos and images is one of a kind experience with OnePlus 8 Pro.


    It seems that OnePlus has worked meticulously to come out with a phone having high quality display, a potent 48-megapixel camera setup and an AMOLED screen having 120 Hz refresh rate, which is a rare combination given its generous price tag. OnePlus also seems to have worked extra hard on the sharpness and the visibility of its display. This fact can be supported by the ultra-clear images produced on screen and the crystal clear visibility of the contents even in the direct sunlight.

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    5G Phones with the best battery backup

    One thing is certain when you look for the features of any 5G mobile, and that is its battery backup. You will never want a killer looking phone to turn into a paper weight after only a few hours of use. A good battery support is needed to assure seamless entertainment and connectivity for longer periods.

    Nokia XR20 (5G phone)

    The most important feature of this 5G device is its excellent battery backup. With an impressively hardy design, it offers better raw performance compared to its rivals. Another attraction is that it comes with a great extended warranty. Nokia phones are designed for the long run and XR20 can stand up to anything. This phone supports Bluetooth, headphone jack, USB, WiFi, and NFC.


    It comes with a non-removable battery that has 48 hours battery backup and is powered with Qi wireless charging, Quick Charge 4.0, and AI battery-saving technology.

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    iPhone 13 Pro Max (5G phone)

    This phone is often termed as an iPhone with the best battery backup. It is also equipped with a smooth 120Hz display and powerful cameras. iPhone 13 series breaks the general perception of iPhones having a bad battery life. iPhone 13 Pro Max offers multi-day performance. Though it is big and bulky you will be amazed by its top-notch battery performance, ultra-smooth display, and phenomenal cameras.

    To date, iPhone 13 Pro Max offers the best battery backup for any iPhone since its inception. It also comes with a wide range of color options which is a very rare with the iPhones.

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    5G Mobiles With Best Budget Under 20000 in India

    Mobile carriers are expanding their 5G networks around the world at a rapid pace. With this advancement, 5G phones are now far from the niche products they used to be. 5G device manufacturers are coming up with economical 5G models to suit the budget of consumers from all walks of life. Also, today, 5G mobiles are more of a necessity than a flashy extra.

    Samsung Galaxy A53 5G (5G phone)

    Samsung has introduced this model at a competitive price while adding a faster processor, and a more elegant design in several colors to choose from. With this device, catching up with your favorite shows, family and friends has now become a lot easier due to its high-speed connectivity. Also, its cool features like super-fast charging, long-lasting battery and expandable storage set it apart from the 5G mobiles in its own league.

    Also, the premium slim design of the phone gives it an expensive and sophisticated look. Even with all the above mentioned mesmerizing and intriguing features, this 5G set from Samsung comes with a genuine and a competitive price tag of $499.99.

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    Apple iPhone SE 5G 

    This affordable Apple 5G phone is lightweight, thin and compact. This is probably the cheapest 5G iPhone with an excellent 12MP camera which is great for day shots and video as well.


    It boasts of the recent A15 bionic technology, better battery life, improved durability, and advanced features like Deep Fusion, Photographic Styles, and Smart HDR 4. It allows faster uploads and downloads and minimal lagging times. Now you can get these all of these astounding features incorporated in your favorite mobile brand for a budget friendly price tag of $429.99 (64GB internal memory).

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    5G mobiles with best storage capacity

    The key to unlocking the 5G future lies in enhancing the memory. 5G network is capable of transferring a large amount of data at lightning speed. At the same time, it also focuses on bringing stable connectivity to devices beyond smartphones and computers. However, in order to take advantage of the high speed data transfers and to make most of the content accessed, mobile devices need to be equipped with reasonable internal memory along with a provision to expand external memory.

    Samsung Galaxy S21 5G

    This mobile has 8GB of RAM and 128/256GB of onboard storage, which is quite a reasonable internal memory given its generous price tag. Also, the device is powered by a 4000mAh battery that charges at a lightning fast pace, and works intuitively to conserve energy.


    With this device, you feel nothing less than truly connected with seamless streaming and instant sharing of all that funny and shareable content with your loved ones. You are definitely going to appreciate this mobile if you are a fan of downloading and binge watching your favorite movies and shows.

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    OnePlus 9 Pro(5G phone) 

    This 5G phone supports super-fast 5G connectivity along with colorful and ultra sharp multimedia display. However, one of the most important features that sets OnePlus 9 Pro apart from most mobiles in its own league is that it comes with 8GB/12GB RAM and a whopping 128GB/256GB internal memory. It falls under the category of one of best premium 5G phones. The internal hardware combined with a great storage capacity deliver smooth performance from apps and games.


    A point that is worth mentioning here is that the OnePlus 9 Pro is equipped with the best camera system the company has offered till date. This handset can be a perfect match if you are on the lookout for a premium 5G mobile that has the best lens and huge storage capacity. After all, you need to have enough space to save all those wonderful clicks and videos you have captured seamlessly!

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    Best 5G mobiles for Apple lovers

     It is hard for any apple user to shift their focus away from iPhones. Apple has introduced 5G compatible phones that deliver Apple’s typically high build quality.

    Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max(5G phone)

    It is needless to say that this model offers excellent 5G connectivity. iPhone 13 Pro Max is rated as the best 5G phone from Apple till date. It has a better battery life and works seamlessly with most 5G networks not only in the US, but also other networks abroad. You have multiple color options and storage capacity variants to choose from.


    It has everything an apple lover looks for from top class display to high-quality cameras, from long-lasting battery to ample internal memory, you name it and you have got it covered.

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    iPhone 13 mini(5G phone)

    It is possible to own an Apple brand mobile that supports 5G connectivity and is also affordable. Yes, you can now own an Apple iPhone that has extensive 5G support and razor sharp display for a pocket friendly price. Other features of this device include excellent battery backup, a wider 5G support, outstanding front and rear cameras, and a smaller notch, and all of them at an economical price tag!


    iPhone 13 comes with a 128GB storage in its base model. It is compact in size with an improved battery life and weighs less than 5 ounces.

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    Best 5G mobiles for Android lovers Under 20000 in India

    When it comes to Android devices, Samsung mobiles often steal the show.

    Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra(5G phone)

    It is the star of the show as it is supported with a crazy 8K camera setup for ultra photos and video, QHD+ screen, and a 5000mAh battery. It comes with internal storages ranging from 128GB to 1TB and 8GB RAM for a faster performance. If you are a power user you are going to love this model. Apart from display and hardware features, it has the best software support on any Android phone.


    S22 Ultra also boasts of the S Pen and a surplus of productivity tools unmatched by the competition.

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    Asus ROG Phone 5s (5G phone) 

    5G support is not the only thing to get excited about when it comes to Asus ROG Phone 5s. This device features truly impressive specs such as the Snapdragon 888+processor and up to a blistering 16GB of RAM. Such specs ensure fantastic performance and long-sessions of high-end games.


    The handset is also equipped with a stunning 6.78-inch AMOLED display, 64MP/13MP/5MP triple rear cameras, 24MP front camera and a 144Hz refresh rate. With a 6000mAh battery, the backup is capable of lasting for hours together on a single charge. It is one of the best gaming phones you can buy to enjoy excellent gaming features like shoulder triggers and the Asus Armoury Crate app.

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    We have stepped into the 5G era and options for 5G compatible phones are plentiful. Everyone has a different need and there is a 5G phone to suit every need. Above mentioned are only a few of the many mobiles that standout in a particular segment compared to their competitors. Assess your requirements, budget and take the help of similar guides to find out the one that best suits you.