7 Best Apple Watch Bands: The best Apple wearable straps for you

    7 Best Apple Watch Bands: The best Apple wearable straps for you

    Why should I buy the 7 best Apple Watch Bands?

    Though each Apple watch comes with its own band, why should you settle for it if there are more options out there you could choose from. Whether you have got Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 7, or Apple Watch Series 3, there are watch bands out there from Apple itself and third-party band providers that are perfect for your needs and wrist, like the Apple Watch Sport Loop, Jwaact Band, and the rest of the 7 best Apple Watch bands that we featured in this article.

    But why should you buy a watch band if the Apple watch comes with its own band? Aside from the hundreds of options out there, another reason for you to buy the 7 best Apple watch bands for your watch is the personalization attached in doing so. Choosing your own watch band is a way of personalizing the experience of having it. It also elevates the purpose of a watch from just being a piece of tech to a personalized item. Moreover, a watch band that could complement a sophisticated watch matter. Why? Because it makes a difference. And that is why the 7 best Apple watch bands are created. Yes, you read that right; the best Apple Watch bands can make you and your smartwatch stand out from the rest and can give you a different kind of experience.

    There are lots of Apple Watch Bands options, and just by using the best watch bands as accessories, you are instantly giving yourself and your smartwatch a different look, swag, and “personality.” The 7 best Apple Watch bands are versatile accessories, so you can perfectly match each one of them to a specific occasion and activity; just keep in mind the experience and look you are trying to achieve. If you are going to the gym or going to do your home workout, then a sweat-friendly sports band is perfect for it. On the other hand, a high-end metal band is perfect for your Apple Watch if you will have a meeting or interview. These are only two of the many Apple Watch bands you can choose. Out there, you can have rubber, Milanese loops, and leather Apple watch bands like the entries in our 7 Best Apple Watch Bands list.

    The Best 7 Apple Watch Bands for you

    Below are the 7 Best Apple Watch Bands fit for the style you want to achieve, the activity you are performing, and the characteristic you covet.

    Our Top Picks

    Best overall:Apple Watch Sport Loop
    Best Apple sport band for athletes:
    Nike Sport Band
    Best Apple leather watch band:
    Harber London Modern Leather
    Best eco-friendly Apple watch –
    LifeProof Eco Friendly Band for Apple Watch
    Best in durability:
    Carterjett Tire Tread Band
    Best in elasticity:
    Vaporwave Elastic Apple Watch Band
    Best stainless-steel band:
    Kades Stainless-steel Band

    The 7 Best Apple Watch Band based on different perspectives

    1. Best Overall
      • Apple Watch Sport Loop

    The best among the best Apple Watch bands is none other than the band from the same company, Apple Watch Sport Loop. This is a natural and unsurprising choice as Apple Watch Sport Loop is one of the official Apple accessories. Being compatible with Apple Watch models 40 mm and 44 mm, Apple Sport Loop is a delight for those who have 130 mm – 200 mm and 145 mm- 220 mm wrist size and are looking for a silicone sport band alternative though the fabric might come as difficult to clean. The fashionable Apple Sport Loop is an amazing overall choice.

    Apple Watch Sport Loop comes in a variety of designs that are all comfortable to use since every one of them is designed to have both durability and comfortability. The skin side of the watch band is made from double-layer nylon that has dense loops, which allows for soft cushioning, while the other side is made and designed to take a beating. The breathable characteristic of nylon made Apple Watch Sport Loop an ideal watch band for both gym activities and meetings. This Apple accessory is also available in a variety of colors, so there is definitely one for everyone. Fitting the Apple Sport Loop to your wrist is also not a problem since it has a hook-and-loop fastener. 

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    1. Best Sport Apple Watch Band for Athletes
      • Nike Sport Band

    One of the best and most popular Apple Watch bands is the Nike Sport Band. And this is hardly a surprise since Nike is a popular brand that creates quality products, including the Nike Sport Band. If you are an athlete or simply a person who wants to work out and do exercise, then you probably want a sweat-friendly and strong-clasped but breathable watch band. And that is exactly what Nike Sport Band is, an amazing watch band that could give you an amazing experience.
    Nike Sport Band is compatible with 40 mm and 44mm Apple Watch models. It is also good for wrists measuring 130-200 and 140-210 mm. Though the band might come as pricey, its quality would offset it. Nike Sport Band was created and designed with the sport as its focus. It is made from fluoroelastomer, a material designed to take intense activity. It is breathable and smooth, which makes it convenient for those who use their Apple Watch while working out.

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    1. Best Apple Leather Watch Band
      • Harber London Modern Leather

    If you are going to deal with meetings, a formal occasion, or a date, then Harber London Modern Leather is a good pick. This watch band is compatible with all Apple watches. This watch band is nothing short of the ideal accessory to complement your formal looks and attire.

    Though this band is not very well-suited to other activities like exercise and workouts, Harber London Modern Leather is still a good choice. It has a charm in it that adds sophistication to whoever uses it. And that is not that surprising as this watch band is made of full-grain leather that ages beautifully. Since it is made of leather, it naturally comes with its inherent sophistication. And when you combine this sophistication with the colors it is available in, namely tan, black, and deep brown – voila – a cool, sleek, and modern vibe 

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    1. Best eco-friendly Apple watch band
      • LifeProof Eco Friendly Band for Apple Watch

    If you want a good-looking Apple watch band while staying environmentally committed, then LifeProof Eco Friendly Band for Apple Watch is the one for you. Pollution is a major world problem as such being as eco friendly as possible is a characteristic to look up to. And this Apple watch band has that profile.

    LifeProof Eco Friendly Band for Apple Watch is sustainably made. Its constitution is made from 99% ocean plastic yarn. This characteristic, aside from being eco friendly, made LifeProof Eco Friendly Band for Apple Watch wear and water-resistant.

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    1. Best in durability
      • Carterjett Tire Tread Band

    Many claim to be the most durable, but nothing is like the Carterjett Tire thread. Just one look, and one will know how durable this watch band is. Carterjett has that unique and thick silicone textured design that would attract those you are always seeking for adventures 

    If one would notice, Carterjett Tire Tread Band is actually a tire-thread silicone, which makes it more durable compared to others. The texture and rugged design of the watch band also make it perfect for outdoor and adventurous activities. And if you worry about the color and size, then don’t because Carterjett Tire Thread Band is available in a variety of both colors and sizes.

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    1. Best in elasticity
      • Vaporwave Elastic Apple Watch Band

    If it is the elasticity that you look then Vaporwave Elastic Apple Watch Band might satisfy you. Vaporwave Elastic Apple Watch bands are spunky and stretchy watch straps that come in a multitude of fun and bright colors. What is good about Vaporwave elastic bands is the fact that they do not need buckling and unbuckling since you could easily slip them on your wrist.

    In terms of budget-friendliness, Vaporwave Elastic Apple Watch Band will be in a high spot since it is more affordable compared to the others. Aside from that, this Apple watch band is also perfect for you if you do a lot of computer work and you are getting annoyed by the metal clasps that bothers your wrist since this band does not have that metal clasp in the first place; as such, you will only have a soft and smooth experience.

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    1. Best Stainless-Steel Band
      • Kades Stainless-steel Band

    Are you tired of the silicone bands you have? If you want a change from the various silicone-based bands that you have, then you might want to try Kades stainless-steel band. This band is a classy steel band that could make your Apple watch look like a classic high-end designer timepiece.

    Kades stainless-steel band is crafted from premium 304L stainless steel, so Kades stainless-steel is definitely the best material-wise. The butterfly closure of this band helps in giving a trusted clasp as it folds neatly within the band. In addition to these specifications, Kades stainless-steel band also comes in a brushed-metal finish which makes it perfect and well-suited to both casual and formal outfits and settings.

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