7 Best Essential Oil Diffusers to Purchase for your Personal Spaces.

    7 Best Essential Oil Diffusers to Purchase for your Personal Spaces.

    It has long been established, that one’s surroundings affect their overall mood, well-being, and productivity. Essential oils have been found to improve concentration, reduce insomnia, and in some mixtures, help fight or suppress germs.


    At their core, essential oils are made from extracts of certain parts of plants and have beneficial effects on human wellbeing. Examples of essential oils include Eucalyptus Oil, Jasmine, Peppermint, and Tea Tree among others.


    What Are the Best Essential Oil Diffusers And Are They Good For Your Personal Spaces?


    One of the best ways to take advantage of essential oils is by inhalation. To make this possible, essential oil diffusers were invented. Essential oil diffusers are electronic devices that break down essential oils into tiny particles and assist to spread them in the atmosphere.


    Before electronic essential oil diffusers came into play, fragrance candles made from essential oils were used. Although they are still in use, one of their greatest disadvantages is the risk of open fires.


    The most common working mechanism of essential oil diffusers is either the ultrasonic diffuser or the nebulizer. For the ultrasonic diffuser, the essential oil is mixed with water and ultrasonic energy.  The water and essential oils are then humidified and released into the atmosphere.


    The Nebulizer on the other hand does not need water and uses an electric pump to atomize the essential oils.


    What To Consider When Buying the Best Essential Oil Diffusers For Your Personal Spaces?

    These are some of the considerations we used in choosing the best essential oil diffusers.


    1.     Strength of the scent of the Essential Oils.


    As mentioned, an ultrasonic diffuser works by mixing the essential oil with water and humidifying the mixture. Due to this dilution with water, the scents become fainter. If you desire strong scents of essential oils in your living or working area, the nebulizer type is the way to go.


    2.     Portability.

    Essential oil diffusers come in different shapes and sizes. Some designs have an open top where the essential oil is placed. Some are made of glass materials, thereby limiting their portability. Others come in a nice compact cylinder shape, making them easy to carry around.


    On portability, the power source should also be considered. There exists USB-powered essential oil diffusers as well as adapter-powered diffusers.


    3.     Maintenance needs.

    In the case of the ultrasonic diffuser, one needs to ensure that there is water in the diffuser. This at times may cause inconveniences.


    4.     The viscosity of the essential oils to be used.


    The essential oils come in different viscosity, and it has been noted that some, for example, Vetiver, patchouli, and sandalwood oils are too viscous to atomize in a nebulizer.


    5.     Costs

    In terms of costs, Nebulizers are a bit more costly in comparison with ultrasonic diffusers. The nebulizers are also more fragile, as they are mainly made of glass.


    The Top Essential Oil Diffusers To Consider:


    1.     Best Overall Essential Oil Diffuser: Vitruvi Stone Diffuser


    Rating: 4.2


    Buy onAmazon, Vitruvi store

    Reasons to buy:

    • Wide variety of colors to choose from.
    • It has a great scent
    • It can’t disturb you at night.
    • It is energy effective and safe.


    Vitruvi’s Stone Diffuser is one of the most popular essential oil diffusers on the market. It comes with a shell made of porcelain and five color varieties. The diffuser measures 3.4 x 3.4 x 7 inches.


    It has two operation modes: a continuous 4-hour operation mode and an intermittent 8-hour operation mode. This capability makes it work well during sleep.  It also comes equipped with an automatic auto turn-off feature when water levels run low, enhancing its safety, and energy efficiency.


    It produces a strong stream of mist, with beautiful optional LED lights if you need a bit of glow in the dark. Furthermore, it is suitable for use in rooms of 500 square feet and below.



    • Easy to use.
    • Auto turn off f
    • Stylish and adds aesthetic value to the room.


    • The water tank capacity offers a capacity of 90 ml, hence needs regular refilling.
    • It has two layers of lids, which makes refilling and cleaning a bit curber




    2.     Most Stylish Essential Oil Diffuser: Ellia Homedics Gather Diffuser



    Buy onAmazon, Ellia, Homedics, Costco

    Reasons to buy:

    • It is made of high-quality ceramic material
    • It has a stylish design
    • Great for low-intensity scent uses.


    The Ellia’s Gather Essential Oil Diffuser, made of wood and ceramic materials, is one of the most stylish diffusers on the market. Despite its relatively large size of 8.6 x 8.6 x 8 inches, Ellia’s Gather diffuser produces a minimal stream of mist, making it ideal for low-intensity scent purposes.


    It offers 10 hours of continuous runtime and 20 hours runtime on intermittent mode. It has a water tank capacity of 200ml. Furthermore, it also comes with 3 samples of 2ml Ellia Essential Oils to kick-start your aromatherapy journey.



    • Super quiet runtime.
    • Offers color-changing lights and preset relaxing mood sounds.
    • Operated using a remote with programmed controls.



    • It does not have buttons on the diffuser, hence if you misplace the remote, it is nearly impossible to operate it.


    3.     Best Essential Oil Diffuser For Your Desk: Nomad White essential oil diffusers



    Buy onMadeByzen, Woowoo store

    Reasons to buy:

    • It offers a beautiful scent.
    • Can be used in different places like cars or workout zone.
    • Great for meditation.


    The Nomad White Diffuser is a sleek and portable diffuser measuring 2.7x2.7x 6.1 inches. It is very suitable for small rooms and your desk. The Nomad White Essential oil diffuser offers up to 4 hours of operation.


    It is easy to use, and refill water by simply twisting the lid. It has LED indicator lights for low battery levels, during charging, and when the battery is fully charged.



    • Charged through a USB port and highly portable.
    • Smart memory that returns to its previous operation mode settings after opening the lid to refill.



    • The water tank is relatively small at 50 ml, hence needs regular refilling.


    4. Best Essential Oil Diffuser For Large Spaces: Aera Smart 3.0 Fragrance Electric Diffuser




    Buy onAmazon, AreaforHome

    Reasons to buy:

    • It offers a beautiful scent.
    • It has a sleek design
    • Easy customization settings.


    The Aera Smart 3.0 Fragrance Electric Diffuser is our selection for large spaces. The smart diffuser, which has Wi-Fi connectivity and is controlled through its app, can work in spaces of up to 1000 square feet.


    This is however dependent on the airflow and positioning of the diffuser.  Through the app, you can customize operation times and schedules that work for you through its 2 hour, 4-hour, and 8-hour session options.  The diffuser is also Alexa compatible, allowing hands-free operation.



    • Smart and Alexa compatible.
    • Has auto turn-off features.
    • Long-lasting fragrance with the capsules lasting up to 800 hours



    • The Aera Smart Fragrance Electric diffuser uses specific fragrance capsules, hence limiting the choice of essential oils. The capsules are not included in the purchase and are sold separately.
    • Relatively expensive.


    5. Best Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser:  Organic Aromas Raindrop 2.0 Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser.




    Buy onAmazon,

    Reasons to buy:

    • It offers a strong scent.
    • It can be used to disperse the scent over a wide area.
    • Easy customization settings.


    As mentioned, if you need a strong scent, the Nebulizer type is the way to go. Our pick for the Best Nebulizer essential oil diffuser is the Organic Aromas raindrop 2.0. It does a great job at dispersing scent across multiple rooms and operates in a very quiet mode.


    It only uses pure essential oils and does not require water or heat to alter the aromatic properties of the oils. It can operate for two hours, then shuts off in cycles. On the other hand,  it turns on for diffusion for 2 minutes, then sleeps for one minute over and over again. 




    • Can provide scent in multiple rooms at the same time.
    • It has an elegant wooden material structure with a glass reservoir at the top.
    • Relatively cheaper than most Nebulizers in the market.



    • There are no variations to the operation mode.



    6.     Best Smart Essential Oil Diffuser: ASAKUKI Smart Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy - Alexa and Google Home Compatible




    Buy onAmazon, Desertcart

    Reasons to buy:

    • It is a smart device for personal spaces.
    • Easy operation modes.
    • It provides a relaxing environment.
    • Easy to create a schedule.


    The ASAKUKI Smart Essential Oil Diffuser with inbuilt Wi-Fi and Alexa and Google Home compatibility for hands-free operation is our choice for the best smart category. The Asakuki not only is smart but also comes in an aesthetic Japanese design.


    The smart diffuser can also be operated through its mobile application. Also, you can create operation schedules and use the 7 LED mood lights with auto changing mode. It also has a 700ml water capacity, which makes it able to last through a whole night



    • Smart with Alexa and Google Home Compatibility.
    • Relatively large water capacity.



    • Customer reviews show some challenges with the Diffuser application.


    7.     Best Water Capacity: Exqline Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser




    Buy onAmazon, eBay

    Reasons to buy:

    • It is ideal for large rooms
    • Power and energy-efficient.
    • Provides different lighting options.


    The Exqline Essential Oil Diffuser comes with a 1500ml water capacity, making it our choice for the best water capacity. Depending on the mist setting, the diffuser can run for 10-20 hours.


    The Exqline essential oil diffuser has 7 different lighting options and can humidify while diffusing essential oils to rooms of 450 square feet in size.



    • It has a 270 0knob that can be used to control the mist output.
    • It operates with low noise.


    • Scents are faint and do not last long
    • Requires regular cleaning


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    Where Can I Buy The Best Essential Oil Diffusers?




    Click to buy

    Virturi Stone Diffuser


    Amazon, Vitruvi store

    Ellia Gather Diffuser


    Amazon, Ellia, Homedics, Costco

    Nomad White Diffuser


    MadeByzen, Woowoo store

    Aera Smart 33.0 Fragrance Electric Diffuser


    Amazon, AreaforHome


    Organic Aromas Raindrop 2.0 Essential Oil Diffuser



    Asakuki Smart Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy – Alexa and Google Home Compatible


    Amazon, Desertcart

    Exqline Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser


    Amazon, ebay