7 Best Lamborghini Hoverboard (2022 Reviews)

    7 Best Lamborghini Hoverboard (2022 Reviews)

    What is a Lamborghini Hoverboard?

    Lamborghini Hoverboards are two-wheeled scooter-like skateboards that use electricity for propulsion. They are self-balancing and have other features that make priding them safer and more fun. Both children and adults can hop on these powered devices for a ride.

    Lamborghini hoverboards are not made by the giant Italian car maker known for its exotic cars. They only resemble the car brands from this automaker with their angular designs. In fact, Lamborghini hoverboards are made by different companies.

    Lamborghini hoverboards are pricier than conventional hoverboards because of their sleek design and appeal among lovers of exotic sports cars by Lamborghini.

    List of Top 7 Best Lamborghini Hoverboards

    • LAMBORGHINI Twodots Hoverboard 6.5: App control, Bluetooth speakers, UL 2272 certified, Rubber wheels.
    • Gyroor Hoverboard: All-terrain, flash wheel, self-balancing, app control, 300W dual motor, 8 MPH, 265lbs weight limit, UL 2272 certified.
    • BLUEWHEEL Hoverboard: 700W dual motor, 7.5 MPH, self-balancing, all-terrain, Bluetooth speaker, app control.
    • GeekMe Hoverboards: App control, Bluetooth speaker and LED lights, safety control system, 9.3 MPH, 220lbs weight limit.
    • WEELMOTION 8: 6.2 MPH, 300W dual motor, Bluetooth speaker, All-terrain, UL 2272 certified, 262lbs weight limit.
    • EVERCROSS 8.5: 350W dual brushless motor, 265lbs weight limit, 9.32 MPH and 9.32 miles range, all-terrain, app control.
    • GYROOR T581 Hoverboard 6.5: 300W dual motor, app control, Bluetooth speaker, UL 2272 certified, 22lbs weight limit, 7.5 miles range.

    LAMBORGHINI Twodots Hoverboard 6.5

    LAMBORGHINI Twodots Hoverboard 6.5 is built for all-terrain. Though the tire is only 6.5 inches in diameter, these devices have powerful motors to propel you through gavels. They also feature app control that helps you set the speeds and conveniently control them with your smartphone.

    Other features include Bluetooth speakers and LED lights. LAMBORGHINI Twodots Hoverboard 6.5 are ergonomically designed and also UL2272 certified.

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    • Ergonomic design
    • Ul2272 certified
    • App control
    • Bluetooth speakers


    • Low weight limit of 165lbs

    Gyroor Hoverboard Offroad

    Gyroor Hoverboard Offroad is propelled by two powerful motors rated 300W each. It can give you a top speed of 8 MPH, but you can also set your preferred riding speed if you are a beginner at the app. Its Bluetooth connectivity also helps you enjoy your best track while riding.

    This self-balancing hoverboard is rated for a maximum weight capacity of 265lbs and all terrains. Its 6.5 inches of rubber tires may be limiting. But with its powerful motors, it still comes out as one of the best offroad hoverboards.

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    • Fitted with powerful motors and offroad tires
    • Smart app control
    • Pro music Bluetooth speakers
    • Non-slip foot pedals


    • Small tire sizes for offroad use

    BLUEWHEEL Hoverboard HX380

    BLUEWHEEL Hoverboard HX380 is fitted with a powerful 350W dual motor for a maximum speed of 7.5 MPH. It is also equipped with high-quality Bluetooth speakers for music on the go. You don’t have to carry your headphones with you when riding on this device.

    HX380 hoverboard is also the best choice for off-road use for riders of all edges. It is fitted with 6.5-inch rubber tires that provide good traction even on gravel. This

    Lamborghini hoverboard also comes with extra features, such as LED lights, app control, and a slip-resistant foot pedal.

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    • Non-slip, rubberized foot pedal
    • App control
    • Quality Bluetooth speakers for music on the go
    • Ergonomic design
    • Ruggedly built for durability


    • Small tire sizes for off-road use

    Low top speed compared to its competitors

    GeekMe Hoverboards

    GeekMe Hoverboards are the real offroad devices. They come with 8.5-inch tires that can take on any terrain. Self-balancing mechanicians are also advanced to keep them stable on an uneven surface. Additionally, they are fitted with powerful DC motors and gears to evenly distribute power for stellar efficiency.

    GeekMe Hoverboards are strong and durable. They have a weight limit of 265lbs and can take on any terrain. Other additional features include Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, app control, battery monitoring, and an advanced security system.

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    • Ideal for off-road use
    • High weight carrying capacity
    • Different speed modes are changeable using an app
    • Strongly built to last
    • Easy to ride and safety is guaranteed


    • Speed could have been higher


    WEELMOTION 8 is another offroad hoverboard we have on this list. Its 8-inch tires on aluminum wheels and powerful 300W dual motor is what it takes for this hoverboard to take on different terrains.

    WEELMOTION 8 hoverboard achieves a top speed of 7.5 MPH while carrying a maximum of 255lbs.

    This hoverboard is portable, stylish, vibrant, and exciting to ride on. Other features include a quality Bluetooth speaker, LED lights, a fire protection shell, and a non-slip pedal. You will also get a high-speed alert if you ride beyond the speed limit.

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    • Powerful dual-motor
    • Long-lasting ride
    • Vibrant lighting
    • All-terrain
    • Quality Bluetooth


    • Expensive


    Another hoverboard you can consider for offroad use is the EVERCROSS 8.5. As the name suggests, it is +an all-terrain hoverboard fitted with 8.5-inch wheels. Its rubber tires provide traction and absorb shock for a comfortable riding experience. You also get high ground clearance required to take on uneven roads.

    EVERCROSS 8.5 has a 350W dual motor for a top speed of 9.32 MPH. It is also fitted with powerful rechargeable batteries that allow you to ride for 9.32 miles on a single charge.

    Other features of this board include a Bluetooth speaker, LED light, app control, a high load-bearing capacity of 264lbs, etc.

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    • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
    • Powerful motors
    • Large 8.5-inch tires for offroad use
    • High weight-bearing capacity


    • Expensive

    GYROOR T581 Hoverboard 6.5

    Play your favorite tunes while riding this hoverboard because of its Bluetooth speakers. It can achieve a maximum speed of 10 MPH while carrying a max load of 220lbs because of its powerful 300W dual motor. You can also use a mobile app to adjust the speed to your liking and extend the battery life. This Lamborghini hoverboard boasts a fast charge time and rugged design that guarantees durability.

    BLUEWHEEL Hoverboard can also be used off the road. Its tires are designed to take on uneven surfaces while motors provide the necessary propulsion. It also comes with a carry bag!

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    • Comes with a carry bag
    • Ideal for riders of all levels
    • High weight carrying capacity
    • Smart app control
    • Fast charging time
    • Bluetooth speakers for playing music


    • Small-sized tires for offroad use

    How to Choose a Lamborghini Hoverboard

    If you want to buy the best Lamborghini hoverboard for you or your kids, consider the following factors:


    The hoverboard you buy should have an advanced self-balancing mechanism, non-slip foot pad, speed control system, and other safety features. Check for UL 2272 certification as an assurance that it meets industry standards.


    The physical size of a Lamborghini hoverboard matters, and it depends on its use. Your kids are better off with a compact device.

    Age appropriateness

    Many hoverboard manufacturers specify the age range recommended to use their hoverboards. While there is no law limiting people of given age limits from riding on these devices, do not allow a kid below 6 years on them. Those under 12 years also require close supervision. You, therefore, have to check what the manufacturer says.


    Most Lamborghini hoverboards have high speeds that are not ideal for beginners or kids. Fortunately, they also feature an app control allowing you to choose the most appropriate riding speed. You should check out this feature because it makes hoverboards universal. That is to say, you can ride them regardless of your experience.


    Range depends on battery and weight. This can range from 3 to 10 miles. The longer you can ride your hoverboard on a single charge, the better the device is.

    Fun features

    Apart from technical specifications such as motor power, battery capacity, weight limit, and speed, you should consider other fun features. Lamborghini hoverboards have Bluetooth speakers, smart app control, and exciting LED lights. You may want all these in the hoverboard to buy.

    Tire Type

    Most Lamborghini hoverboards have rubber tires for traction and to make them handle any terrain. Also, consider tire size. If you need a device for offroad use, consider ones fitted with 8-inch tires or larger.

    Comparison with Razor Hoverboard

    Razor hoverboards such as Hovertrax 1.5 are also quality devices that have gained popularity among riders of all ages and experience levels. However, they differ from Lamborghini hoverboards in many ways. Let’s quickly mention the most common differences.

    Wheel Size

    Most Lamborghini hoverboards are fitted with 8-inch tires or larger. That is not the case with Razor hoverboards. The latter has 6.5-inch tires, making it the only ideal for city streets and driveways.

    Weight capacity

    Lamborghini hoverboards have a higher weight-carrying capacity of about 265lbs. On the other hand, most Razor hoverboards can carry a maximum weight of 176lbs. Therefore, if you are looking for a better brand for adults, choose Lamborghini.

    Bluetooth speakers and LED lights

    Both Lamborghini and Razor hoverboards have Bluetooth speakers and LED lights. However, the color and pattern vary. You can only choose one over the other depending on how fancy or exciting it looks.

    App control

    Lamborghini hoverboards can be controlled from a smart app installed on Android or iOS phones. Some Razor hoverboard models also have this feature, but many don’t.

    Comparison Table


    Lamborghini Hoverboard

    Hovertrax 1.5

    Motor power



    Max Speed

    8 MPH

    9 MPH

    Wheel size

    8.5 inches

    6.5 inches


    9 miles

    40 minutes

    Weight limit

    264 lbs

    176 lbs

    Fun features

    Bluetooth speakers, App control, LED lights

    Bluetooth speakers and LED lights

    UL 2272 certified








    How long does a Lamborghini hoverboard take to charge?

    It depends on the particular model. For example, the Lamborghini twodot takes just an hour to charge. Others take longer, but not more than 3 hours.

    Which Lamborghini hoverboard is the fastest?

    GYROOR T581 Hoverboard 6.5 is the fastest on this list. Its top speed is 10 MPH, but you can choose your favorite setting using app control.

    Are Lamborghini Hoverboards manufactured by Automobil Lamborghini?

    No. The hoverboards are manufactured by different companies. The name might be confusing, but they are called so because of their angular design reminiscent of Lamborghini sports cars.

    Can adults use Lamborghini hoverboards?

    Yes. Lamborghini hoverboards are designed for riders of all ages and experience levels. Just choose the best one for you from this list.