7 Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Cases With Card Holder of 2022!

    7 Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Cases With Card Holder of 2022!

    Why should I purchase a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra case? 

    The all-new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra can be termed a powerhouse of a phone. It is also an expensive machine. When you are looking to protect the phone by using a case, the good part is that there is no need to sacrifice functionality or style in the process. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a case that is sleek and slim or something rugged and tough, we are giving you some alternatives for all of them. Before recommending the phone case the factors considered are protection, build material used and its quality, price, grip, design, colors used, and ease of installation.

    Factors to consider while buying a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra case

    Although there are around half a dozen factors that you can juggle, while selecting a case, grip and durability have to be the top ones for most. This is especially significant for a mobile phone as big as Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. However, also keep in mind the screen while buying a case. The better covers will ensure that the touchscreen is pristine and in perfect condition for many years.

    1. Protection offered: Various cases offered for this phone offer a different degree of protection. Although the ultra-thin case is terrific for maintaining the phone in scratch-free condition, it might not be useful if the instrument drops. The durability of the rugged and hybrid cases must be properly tested. The corner protection is especially significant together with the lip around the rear camera and display. 
    2. Build material and quality: If you use low-quality polycarbonate cases, they are prone to cracks during the installation or while removing them. Fitment is also significant. If you are forced to apply pressure for removing a case it will crack. 
    3. Grip: You must not opt for a case that will drop from your hands or might slide off from a table. Select the cases with bumps and ridges along the sides to add to the grip.
    4. Installing and removing: Installation of the case must not be too difficult. If it is too difficult to install a case, it may damage the instrument. Sometimes, removing a case is a pain even with some top-quality cases. 
    5. Colors and design: Both colors and the design of the case are a personal choice. However, it is great if you have alternatives. Some cases show off the design of the instrument.
    6. Pricing: It is not a good idea to spend a lot of money on cases. You can always get a $15 phone case that offers as much protection as a $75 one.

    Here are the 7 best S21 cases

    1. Spigen Thin Fit: In case you are searching for a lightweight and thin case for your S21, this one is for you. Although it has a spartan look and there aren’t many color options available, Spigen has been a favorite with people for several years. This case in particular fits the phone quite snugly. It comes with precise cutouts that make the case appear a part of the phone itself. The case has a rubbery finish and this means better grip. However, this is not the best alternative if you are a bit clumsy. The matt finish it offers appears terrific but attracts fingerprints. Buy from Amazon.


    • It is lightweight and thin.
    • Quite affordable.
    • Form-fitting.


    • Just the single option available in terms of colors.
    • There is a bit of drop protection provided but not much.
    • The matte finish means it attracts fingerprints.

    1. Spigen Ultra Hybrid: The Ultra Hybrid case offers top protection for the S21 phone with a combination of TPU bumper and polycarbonate back. You will have the alternative between a clear option or one with a matte black bumper. Initially, this bumper is a bit stiff. Therefore, you have to pull a bit harder for removing the case. It has a PC back that is a massive fingerprint magnet, especially for oily fingers. So, all this means this is a tough case to maintain in a clean condition. Another alternative for a lighter, thinner, and simpler TPU case is Spigen Liquid Crystal. But it is not as protective as Ultra Hybrid. Buy from Amazon.


    • Decently light and thin.
    • Precise cutouts.
    • Excellent protection.


    • Tough to maintain clean.
    • All clear cases tend to get tainted yellow over time.
    • A bit tough to remove from the phone.

    1. TUCCH Wallet: This TUCCH wallet is a classical wallet design for your wallet phone case. The phone case is prepared from premium PU leather that appears stylish and feels terrific. The case's folio cover also doubles up as a kickstand. There is an additional layer provided for RFID blocking. This case has 4 card slots and a big pocket for cash. However, packing it too heavily makes the case thicker for the handlers. The magnetic clasp is easy to close even when you have all the card slots filled. You can select from several color alternatives but the classic black appears to be a part of a great phone case. Buy it from Amazon.


    • The faux leather is smart-looking.
    • The folio cover can also be used as a kickstand.
    • There are 4 card slots with a cash pocket.
    • Several color alternatives are available.
    • It offers RFID blocking.


    • No real drawbacks to this model.


    1. Samsung S-View cover with an S-Pen slot: Most Samsung official cases used under the flagship are quite expensive. However, when you are going to splurge it might be a good idea to get the S-View cover. You can watch the notifications, get a glance for checking the time, just swipe the cover for answering the calls, and control the music without opening the cover. If you are looking for different color alternatives the S-View regular version is the one to get. However, when you have an S-Pen this is the substitute available with a built-in slot and it is a better option. For some reason, if you do not want to use the S-View cover there is another alternative available in Samsung called the standard silicon cover. Buy from eBay.


    • You can control the cell phone without having to open the folio cover.
    • You get a built-in S-Pen slot.


    • It is expensive.

    1. Skinit: Skinit is one of the most well-established phone skin brands in the business. However, if you are looking for that additional protection, the organization offers many custom and customizable cases. The impact case is a double-layer hybrid case that has enhanced corner protection. It also provides a raised lip for protecting the screen. The big selling point for the case remains customization. It is possible to add your photos to this case. Alternatively, you can also select from the thousands of custom designs that feature universities, sports teams, TV shows, superheroes, and movies. Buy it from Skinit.


    • It offers customizable cases.
    • There is a terrific selection of branded cases available.
    • Great dual-layer protection is offered.


    • No real cons in this case.

    1. Moment Thin Case: There is only one intention for the creation of Moment's This case. That is to allow you the use of Moment's lenses with the phone. Its camera section is designed for holding the lens in its place correctly and preventing it from rotating. The newer versions of the case are also compatible with M-Force magnetic mounts from Moment. This is similar to MagSafe. Although this is not the most protective case out there. There are just six feet drop that is protected by the case. Buy from Shopmoment.


    • It is compatible with the Moment lenses.
    • It is lightweight and ultra-thin.
    • It is compatible with M-Force.


    • Not too great in terms of protection.


    1. Otterbox Strada: This phone case is available with all the usual protection offered by an Otterbox case with a stylish leather folio. It gives a genuine leather case that feels and appears good. The folio cover is held into place with a magnetic metal latch and it is a solid magnet. There are a couple of card slots available but if you wish for more, using wallet cases is a better alternative. However, when you are looking for a stylish leather case for the S21, Strada is the way to go. Buy from Amazon.


    • It has a stylish leather folio.
    • There are a couple of card slots.
    • The drop protection is military grade.


    • It is expensive.

    How to select a good case for your Samsung Ultra S21

    Best Samsung Galaxy SV21 cases comparison chart


    Spigen Thin Fit

    Spigen Ultra Hybrid

    TUCCH Wallet

    Samsung S-View cover with an S-Pen slot


    Moment Thin Case

    Otterbox Strada


    Thin case

    Clear case

    Wallet case

    S-Pen flip case

    Custom case

    Speciality case

    Leather case










    1 ounce

    1.2 ounces

    5.6 ounces

    5.3 ounces

    .02 lbs

    1.06 lbs




    Faux leather, leather


    Adhesive vinyl

    Polycarbonate, Bio-TPU

    Leather, Polycarbonate