7 Most Awesome iPhone 13 Pro Max Cases

    7 Most Awesome iPhone 13 Pro Max Cases

    You have bought the most gorgeous phone and can’t wait to flaunt it around. But wait, you are constantly wondering what if it accidentally falls? You cannot let your hard-earned money go to waste and that’s why you need to invest in a phone case.

    With a variety of phone cases on the market, we know it might be overwhelming to choose the best iPhone 13 Pro Max Case for you. Since we don’t want you to run around in circles trying to find the right one for you, here are the 7 most awesome iPhone 13 pro max cases to check out in 2021.

    Why Should I Buy an iPhone 13 Pro Max Case?

    Just like other phones, the iPhone 13 Pro Max needs a case. The case is a protective shell that you put on your phone’s back and sides. Made from different designs, materials, and form factors, the phone cases are basically meant to prevent scratches, dents, or any other damage if you accidentally drop your phone.

    There are many types of iPhone 13 Pro Max cases, these include:

    • Hard iPhone Cases-These are typically quite thin lightweight cases that come in transparent or multiple colors. Also, they are often in matte and gloss finishes.
    • Modern Silicon iPhone Cases-Made of liquid silicon, these types of cases are hard with a matte finish but lighter to the touch. They are also resist to fingerprints and dust.
    • Wallet iPhone Cases- They double as both a phone case and a wallet. Usually made from leather they get to protect the back and front sides of your iPhone as well as enable you to store your standard credit cards.
    • Tough iPhone Cases-Tougher than regular hard or gel cases, the tough cases come are made to withstand rough environments. The cases are usually waterproof as well as can withstand drop levels of up to 15 feet.
    • Leather iPhone Cases- These are high-end style cases that have a hard inner shell that is covered with leather or slim flex-like inner layers. What’s more, the cases are found in a range of colors and finishes.

    All in all, no matter the type of iPhone13 Pro Max case you choose, you get a lot of benefits from the case. These benefits usually are

    • Ultimate protection from scratches, dents, and other physical damages
    • Enhancement of your phone’s beauty 
    • MagSafe functionality
    • Wireless charging
    • A good grip to your phone
    • Improvement of your phone durability

    What to Consider When Buying the Best iPhone 13 Pro Max Case


    There are many factors to consider when buying an iPhone 13 Pro Max case. From keeping your iPhone safe from scratches, scrapes fall, and drops. Here are some tips to help you make the best choice when it comes to selecting the best iPhone 13 Pro Max Case.


    iPhone 13 Pro Max is made with a level of sturdiness that protects them when exposed to damage. However, it can get damaged if dropped from great heights. So, before purchasing any case, you need to look at the durability of the material of the cases. Note that, most cases are made from hard plastic, silicone, rubber, and thermoplastic.


    When it comes to the iPhone 13 Pro Max Case, different brands provide a variety of features. Some cases come with a wallet, battery charger, mount, stand, etc.


    No matter how you would like the sleekest expensive case, it all comes down to your budget. The cost varies due to the included features as well as the durability of the case.

     Level of Protection

    When it comes to the level of protection, this is usually based on factors like the work you do or how clumsy you are.


    Here are the 6 Best iPhone 13 Pro Max Cases


    Totallee iPhone 13 Pro Max Case



    Frosted Clear iPhone 13 Pro Max Case

    Reason to Buy:The Totallee iPhone 13 Pro Max case is super slim and transparent, therefore giving you stylish protection.



    If you are looking for a stylish case that adds very little size and weight, then totallee case is for you.  Made from rigid polypropylene material, the matte case protects the back of your iPhone 13 Pro Max from scratches and also acts as a shock absorber in case you accidentally drop the phone.


    Designed to fit perfectly into your phone, the Totallee case has a slightly raised edge around the rear camera opening to protect your phone when set upside down. Easy to install and remove, the case cutouts for the phone’s camera, flash, speakers, headphones, and charging slot are perfectly aligned.


    The good news is you have a variety of colors to choose from. The colors frosted clear, clear soft, navy blue, frosted black, green, sierra blue, hybrid (clear and black), and hybrid megasafe


    • Slim design
    • Lightweight
    • No branding
    • No extra bulk on the phone
    • Comes with different colors


    • Too thin to prevent serious damage
    • Doesn’t provide extensive shock protection
    • Easily bendable


    For Best Deals:Buy on Amazon


    Otterbox Defender Series XT Case with MagSafe



    Otterbox Defender Series (Black)

    Reason to Buy:The Defender Series is an enduring classic that is provide reliable protection to iPhone Pro Max phones.


    Known as the gold standard, Otterbox Defender is made with a polycarbonate inner and a thick silicone outer shell. Very durable and reliable, the case dual layer protects your phone from serious falls, scrapes, and bumps

    What’s more, the Otterbox Defender comes with an array of features, such as Port covers to prevent dirt from clogging your phone jacks and ports. It also has rubber on the bumpers to protect protruding lenses as well as make it easier to hold your phone. For color lovers, the rugged case comes in three colors, purple, black, and blue.


    • Durable design
    • Lightweight with good grip
    • It works with MagSafe accessories such as chargers
    • Screen protector friendly
    • Multiple color options


    • Adds a lot of bulk to the phone
    • Not waterproof
    • A bit expensive than other cases


    For Best Deals: Best Buy


    LifeProof FRĒ Series Waterproof Case




    LifeProof FRĒ Series Waterproof Case (Blue)


    Reason to Buy:LifeProof provides full protection to your iPhone 13 Pro Max with its solid durable material and waterproof capability that ensures your phone stays dry at all times.




    When it comes to the full protection of your phone, the LifeProof takes the crown. Water-resistant up to two meters deep, the case has a perimeter glass protection with enough height for a glass screen protector.


    Designed with ample cutouts, the case ensures your phone’s microphone, charging port; bottom speakers, as well as mute switch, are accessible. There is also a nice lip around the camera array that makes sure they don’t get scratched when your phone is set on its back.


    Unfortunately, the lip keeps the phone from laying totally flat which might be a big deal if you like to tap on your screen while the phone on laying on the table. The case comes in three different colors, black, purple, and blue.



    • Slim and durable design
    • Wireless charge compatibility
    • It has a built-in screen protector
    • Excellent button feel


    • The case adds a lot of bulk to the phone
    • Limited color options
    • The texture and material on the back of the case are a little slippery

    For Best Deals: Amazon


    Ringke Fusion- X Case


    Ringke Fusion-X Case (Camo Black)


    Reason to Buy:The Ringke Fusion X Case is an affordable iPhone 13 Pro Max case that has an amazing grip as well as other features that provides adequate protection.




    The Ringke Fusion X is a low-profile case that adds much-needed protection to your iPhone 13 Pro Max. With a rugged exterior, the case provides a better grip for comfortable handling at all times.


    Spotting a gorgeous-looking pattern on the back, the phone case has raised back corners that leave your device flat on the level surface. Note that, the backing doesn’t stick to the phone. What’s more, the case has great lip protection on the four fronts that protect the front display of the phone from scratches and damage.


    The power button is textured nicely and clicks without any extra resistance and the volume up has 3 raised dots to be able to feel for it which is a lot nicer than expected.



    • Stylish  design
    • Comfortable to use- good grip
    • Wireless charge compatibility
    • Large raised bezel
    • Comes combined with a protective screen cover


    • The back is a fingerprint magnet
    • Limited drop protection
    • Only three colors ( Black, Ticket band and Camo Black)


    For Best Deals: Buy on eBay


    ESR Metal Kickstand Case



    ESR Clear Metal Kickstand Case


    Reason to Buy:The ESR Metal Kickstand Case has a foldout metal on the back for easy portrait and landscaping orientation when media viewing such as YouTube or TV programs.




    A well-built and sturdy case, the ESR Metal Kickstand will fit well around your iPhone 13 Pro Max. Flaunting of stand feature that you can flip open, the sides of the case have a good grip which ensures the phone doesn’t slip out of your hand.


    With a sleek and curvy appearance, you get only two colors, black and clear.  The clear case is transparent thus allowing the phone color to show. Aside from that, the case is easy to take on and off and the buttons are nice and responsive. A big plus is that the case doesn’t get in the way of wireless charging.



    • Well-built and sturdy
    • Unique matte design
    • Handy metal kickstand
    • Sides have a good grip
    • Multiple viewing angles
    • Precise cutouts


    • Yellowish tinge after some months
    • Limited color options
    • Buttons are less tactile


    For Best Deals: Buy on Walmart


    CASETIFY Re/ CASETIFY Custom iPhone Case



    Neon Yellow CASETIFY Case


    Reason to Buy:Made with recycled material, the CASETIFY Case has a unique speckle appearance with smooth sides and a textured feel on the back.




    If you aren’t afraid to spend some extra cash on a durable phone case, then go for the CASETIFY Custom iPhone Case. Great quality, the case comes in a variety of colors like black, pink, sierra blue, neon yellow, and more. 


    Not too bulky, the case engages perfectly with the side buttons and provides incredible protection for your phone when it falls.


    • Beautifully made with cute patterns
    • It glows at night
    • Customizable
    • Wireless charging compatible


    • Doesn’t work with MagSafe
    • Scratches very easily
    • A magnet for fingerprints

    For Best Deals: Buy on Amazon


    Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case

    Tan Brown Mujji Full Leather Wallet Case


    Reason to Buy: Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case provides a smooth and luxurious feel to the back of your phone.




    Are you going for a more elegant look when it comes to your phone case? The Mujjo Full Leather Wallet is a great case for you. Boasting of durable material, the phone case has a great Camaro bump and decent front lay on the table protection.


    Other than that, the three buttons are nice and tactile and the mute switch is easily accessible too. All around great value for your money, the case is available in three colors: Low-key Black, Monaco Blue, and Signature Tan.



    • Well built- Sleek  and slim
    • Great color selection
    • Nice material- super soft
    • Lightweight
    • Good grip


    • Not MagSafe compatible
    • Loosens the magnetic charging quite a bit

    For Best Deals: Buy on Amazon


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