8 Tips for Treadmill Workouts for Beginners

    8 Tips for Treadmill Workouts for Beginners

    There are rules for using gym equipment whether at home or at the gym. Failure to excise caution and to take note of the instructions can lead to severe injuries or just a waste of time in your excises. One of the gym equipment you should understand how to use is the treadmill. If it’s your first time, avoid hopping in and exercising immediately. The following are things you must know before you start using the treadmill machine to work out.

    Benefits of Treadmill Workouts

    There are several health benefits for using a treadmill to exercise.

    Here are some of them.

    1.Its Beneficial to the Heart Health

    One of the best exercises you can do to promote the health of your heart is by running. Regular running exercises helps in strengthening your heart and good blood circulation. Additionally, running on a treadmill can help diagnose an impending heart health issues even before symptoms manifest on the patient. Early diagnosis can help save a patient’s life and get early medical treatment before the issue becomes severe.

    1. Quick Weight Loss Results

    Running and aerobic results can help you lose weight faster compared to other exercises. You can burn up to 100 calories by running one mile on a treadmill. So, if you run about 6 miles in an hour, you lose 600 calories.

    3.It is Beneficial to the Mental Health

    Running on the treadmill or the trail helps in stimulating your mind. You can think better, become happier and more productive. Running or cycling enables the brain to produce endorphins chemical which boosts happiness. In return, it helps in reducing anxiety and depression.

    1. Reduced Impact and Injury Risks

    Running on the treadmill is safer as compared to running outdoors and on hard ground. You risk knee, ankle, and back injury when running on uneven ground. The risks of injury running on the treadmill are lower as you can control your running pace and speed.

    2.5 Best Treadmill Workouts for Beginners

    • Walk and Jog Intervals-The best treadmill exercises to undertake if you are getting started with treadmill exercises. Also, if you are recovering from an injury and want to get back to the grid, the best work out on a treadmill is walk and jog. It allows your body to slowly adjust to workout routine. You increase the speed as days go by. The walk and jog exercise involves alternating walking and jogging. If you are not in a hurry, you can do this for about 60 minutes to burn about 300 calories.
    • Treadmill Sprints-The treadmill sprints are a little intense than the walk and jog. Once you are done with the initial exercises, you can take up these. It builds your strength and you can have more intense and meaningful excercise on the treadmill. You should start slowly and then adjust the speed as you gain momentum.

    Also, remember to take a few breaks in between let’s say around 15 seconds break. Sprint for around 45 seconds in each session for about 10 minutes. You can start slowly while supporting yourself, then let go if you feel comfortable and well balanced.

    • Jacob’s Ladder-Now that you are already used to exercising on the treadmill, you can start incorporating tougher challenges such as treadmill ladder. The Jacobs ladder workouts target the hamstrings and the glutes. If you are a beginner with the Jacobs ladder, start by supporting yourself on the ramps and step on one case at a time.

    Once you gain the momentum, you can increase the speed up to your comfort level. The Jacobs ladder treadmill exercises are perfect for CrossFit exercises. Note that, most Jacobs ladder treadmills do not have speed control settings. So, if you want it to move faster, hop on it faster. However, if you want to move slower, climb on it slowly.

    • Hill Workout-Another exercise you should learn as a beginner on the treadmill is the Hill workout. If your treadmill does not have the ladder, you should do the hill workouts. Most regular treadmills have the hill feature. If not, you can still customize or DIY a hill treadmill workout. This workout is pretty intense and if you are a beginner, you should do it for around 4 minutes. You adjust the incline of the treadmill to suit the level of the hill you are comfortable climbing.
    • 10 Minute HIIT Workout-the other exercise on the treadmill for a beginner is 10 minute HIIT workout. This exercise should be the last one after you have done all the above exercises above. With this exercise, you will possibly burn hundreds of calories. It is perfect exercise for targeting the core and leg muscles. Be warned that is a high-intensity exercise.

    Start by a two-minute walk, then jog for another two minutes at a higher pace. Keep on adjusting the level of the treadmill after every two minutes. When you get to level 8, jog for another 45 seconds and adjust the treadmill downwards as you walk for about 30 minutes.

    Get at it again by adjusting the treadmill up to level 8.5 and jog for about 45 seconds and then walk for 30 minutes and take a rest.

    Get on the treadmill again on level 9 and jog for about 1.15 minutes and then walk to rest. You are done with the HIIT workout.

    2.How long should a beginner workout on a treadmill?

    If you are a totally new beginner, you should start working out slow on the treadmill. You should use the treadmill a maximum of three times a week with each session lasting for about 15 to 20 minutes.

    When you are starting your workouts on the treadmill, ensure that you first warm up for around 3 to 5 minutes. It is recommended you start with walking rather that jogging or running. Set up a running speed of about 2.5 mph and should not exceed 3 mph.

    Another thing to note as a beginner is running or walking on an incline. If you choose to run or exercise on an incline, avoid exercising for too long. The maximum amount of time you should have on the incline as a beginner is 5 minutes. The steeper the incline, the shorter the exercise time should be.

    Once your body has gained momentum after about two weeks, you can increase the for about 30 to 40 minutes a few sessions in a week.

    3.What is the best speed on treadmill to lose weight?

    One of the best ways to lose weight is running on a treadmill. There are several speed levels you can use to burn weight depending with your level of endurance. If you prefer walking, you can lose weight walking at 3.1 mph while at treadmill level 3 or on an incline of 3%. To lose weight with this speed, you will require approximately 30 minutes per session 3 times every week.

    If you want to run, you can use the speed of 8 to 10 mph for about 15 to 30 minutes.

    Note, that there are other factors that come into play with the ability of an individual to lose weight. Such factors are sex, age, medical issues, or the level of fitness.

    4.How many minutes a day should you run on a treadmill?

    When you get on the treadmill, exercise start by a low intensity warm up exercise for about five to ten minutes. The warm up exercises loosens up your muscles and increases body temperature and prepares the body for an intensity workout.

    Generally, the amount of time you spend on the treadmill each day depends on factors such as your fitness goals, your level of endurance, among others. The recommend time on the treadmill is 30 minutes. However, some people can work out on the treadmill for longer.

    5.Is it better to walk on incline on treadmill?

    Running on a treadmill or walking on an incline on the treadmill increases the heart rate, burns some calories and will challenge your muscles for the better. Most treadmills have an incline range of 0% to 15%.

    Exercising on a hill or an incline helps the runner burn more calories, increase the heart rate, and target the hamstrings, the claves, and the glute muscles. The incline gives you a more realistic terrain which boosts your endurance levels.

    To avoid instances of injury while running or walking in an incline, start exercising from a low incline.

    Final Thoughts

    Working out in a treadmill is one of the best exercising option compared to running or walking on the actual ground. A treadmill is versatile and convenient. You can burn a lot of calories and lose weight by just exercising on the treadmill. It comes with variety of exercises that target different parts of the body.

     If you are starting, remember to start slowly. The goal is build strength and finally get used to the treadmill exercises. Going fast too soon can cause injuries and you to wear out. After a few weeks you can take up more vigorous and intense exercises on the treadmill.