ATT Wi-Fi Extender Review

    ATT Wi-Fi Extender Review

    As you intend to buy a Wi-Fi internet router, you will realize that it will be limited to a certain range where the internet will be felt. If you want to cover a wide area, you need the services of a Wi-Fi extender. A Wi-Fi extender enhances the internet coverage of your router or allows you to connect many other devices to the internet that your router could not support.

    As there are numerous Wi-Fi extenders in the market, you need to identify the best among the best, and this is why we have set aside this article to guide on the best Wi-Fi extender; ATT Wi-Fi extender.

    What is ATT Wi-Fi Extender?

    The ATT Wi-Fi extender is one of the best Wi-Fi extenders developed by AT&T, a renowned internet gadgets developer. The ATT Wi-Fi extender is a smart Wi-Fi extender that you can connect and control remotely and still enjoy the best internet speeds at all times.

    ATT Wi-Fi extender is compatible with a Smart Home Manager App that allows you to customize your Wi-Fi access and easily manage the connected devices to the ATT Wi-Fi extender and your favorite router. 

    ATT Wi-Fi Extender Features

    ATT Wi-Fi extender comes with numerous features that make it outstanding and allows it to make sure you enjoy the best internet access that you deserve.

    First, it comes with a long power cord that allows you to connect it to the power source with ease easily. Even when the power sockets are not closer to the installation point, you can still easily connect them to the power sources without altering the power connections network.

    As you use the ATT Wi-Fi extender, you will also notice the presence of a push button. This push button is located at its back. After you press this button, the ATT Wi-Fi extender will light its Green LED indicator to signal that it has been activated.

    With improved technology and strength, the ATT Wi-Fi extender extends the Wi-Fi signal to a wide range. It is able to cover a wide range with an internet speed of 1600Mbps. This means that you can enjoy fast speeds even when gaming online, streaming live videos any evening while running your website.

    ATT Wi-Fi Extender amazingly features more mesh nodes. The mesh nodes serve to increase the Wi-Fi signal coverage. The best this is that these nodes can be activated at a push of a button.

    You will also love the ATT Wi-Fi extender as it features the wireless booster features that bring in the services of intelligent client and band steering features. These features facilitate seamless handover while moving around your home. 

    Installing and Using ATT Wi-Fi Extender

    Installing and setting the ATT Wi-Fi extender to run is easy and straightforward. First things first, before buying the ATT Wi-Fi extender, make sure your router is compatible with the ATT Wi-Fi extender.

    After receiving your ATT Wi-Fi extender kit, unpack it by removing the plastic protective covering. This will allow you to access the power cable, Ethernet cable, and the main Wi-Fi extender.

    Before starting to install your ATT Wi-Fi extender, make sure you download and install the Smart Home Manager App from Google Play or App Store.

    Locate the installation site and hang your ATT Wi-Fi extender kit. Plugin the power cable and connect it to your ATT Wi-Fi extender. The power cable may vary in length, either 5 feet or 10 feet. Make sure you install your ATT Wi-Fi extender near the power sockets.

    Locate the power button at the back of your ATT Wi-Fi extender. Give it a soft push.

    Give it 2-3 minutes, and you will notice a green light blinking. This is an indication that your ATT Wi-Fi extender has been activated and is ready for subsequent steps.

    Locate the WPS button on the front side of the ATT Wi-Fi extender and press it. This is to make sure that WPS is activated to facilitate wireless connection and pairing.

    After pressing the WPS button, allow the ATT Wi-Fi extender to rest for about 3 minutes to allow for the devices around to pair. Once the devices pair, the blinking green light will turn to solid green. You don’t need to worry if the green light turns off severally during the pairing process.


    • ATT Wi-Fi extender allows you to enjoy the best Wi-Fi access speeds for your devices.
    • It allows for the connection of multiple devices without compromising on the internet access speeds
    • ATT Wi-Fi extender is powerful enough to allow you to extend the range of the Wi-Fi signal to a wide area
    • It is easy to set up and easy to maintain
    • ATT Wi-Fi extender is a smart Wi-Fi extender that allows you to enjoy installing and using it.
    • ATT Wi-Fi extender allows you to monitor it through a Smart Home App.
    • It comes with a lightweight, sleek and compact design that makes it easy for you to install.
    • It assures you a stable Wi-Fi signal
    • It comes with an included power and internet cable.


    • It requires that you have an AT&T account to operate the ATT Wi-Fi extender
    • It is only compatible with select Wi-Fi extenders

    ATT Wi-Fi Extender Review: Is It Worth Buying?

    ATT Wi-Fi Extender is one of the best Wi-Fi range extenders that we can recommend for you. It comes with great features that make it great if you need to stream online info. ATT Wi-Fi Extender guarantees you value for money. It guarantees you a wide Wi-Fi range extension to allow you to beat the internet dead points. With a good internet speed of 1600Mbps, you can access any online platform with one click away.

    Comparison With ATT Wi-Fi Extender

    The ATT Wi-Fi Extender has competitors in the market that compare as follows;

    ATT Vs. Amazon eero Mesh Wi-Fi Extender

    • They are both easy to run and set up.
    • They both allow you to operate them using a mobile app.
    • While the ATT Wi-Fi extender works with selective modems and routers, the eero Amazon Wi-Fi extender is universal and works with any modem or router.
    • While the eero Amazon Wi-Fi extender comes works with the Amazon Alexa, the ATT Wi-Fi extender does not.

    ATT Vs. NETGEAR Wi-Fi Extender

    • Both are safe and secures
    • While the ATT Wi-Fi extender is limited to AT&T modems and routers, the NETGEAR Wi-Fi extender can be used universally.
    • While the ATT Wi-Fi extender gives you an internet speed of 1600Mbps, the NETGEAR Wi-Fi extender gives you a speed of 750Mbps.

    Wi-Fi Extender

    Wi-Fi speed

    Set-Up Time (Minutes)



    ATT Wi-Fi Extender




    Only AT&T Routers

    Amazon eero Mesh Wi-Fi Extender





    NETGEAR Wi-Fi extender





    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I Know that Devices are connected to my ATT Wi-Fi Extender?

    You can easily tell when your ATT Wi-Fi extender is working. When it is paired and working, it will indicate with a solid green LED. You can also tell when your ATT Wi-Fi extender is working and connected to devices using the Smart Home Manager app; it will appear on the connected devices section.

    How do I use the Smart Home Manager App?

    After signing in to your account on the Smart Home Manager, Select network, then tap on Home Network Hardware. Chose the ATT Wi-Fi extender and select connected devices. Using the app, you can see the connected devices, personalize the device name, and invite users, among other user controls.