August Wi-Fi Smart Lock 3rd, 4th Generation Review

    August Wi-Fi Smart Lock 3rd, 4th Generation Review

    What is an August Smart Lock, and How It Works?

    An August Smart Lock is an upgrade to existing door locks with added features like keyless entry. The smart lock grants guest access control and has automatic lock and unlock functions. The August Smart Lock puts you in control of your front door, whether you’re around/near it or not. With this upgraded door lock, you can keep bad guys out and let family and friends into your home.

    The Smart Lock has an app that tracks activities with a 24/7 Activity Feed and knows who is coming and going at your doorstep. It grants limitless digital keys that stay valid from a few minutes to weeks, depending on your preferred settings. With the Smart Lock, you get to worry less about stolen, copied, or lost keys. It features two-factor authentication, two-layer encryption, and a lost phone feature for disabling the app if you lose your phone.

    The Best-Selling Models of August Smart Lock

    August Smart Lock 3rd Generation Review


    August is a popular manufacturer of outstanding smart locks that are easy to install, use, and integrate into a smart home. The 3rd Generation of August Smart Lock grants you complete access control to your home in a classy package. It is significantly different from competitors because it fits on your existing lock, so you only have to upgrade it. You only need a screwdriver to install it, and it comes with helpful videos as manuals.

    August Smart Lock 3rd Gen is the perfect option for renters because you don’t have to change the exterior look. It features a sturdy, high-quality build with a solid metal exterior and an app that’s relatively easy to use. Plus, the app is capable of granting temporary digital security keys, making it a great option for vacation rentals. It supports long-distance locking through its Additional Hub feature and auto-locking, giving complete control over your lock.

    The lock has an unlimited number of codes via the Additional Accessory feature, with a 24/7 log of who entered and when. You will need to be in the lock’s Bluetooth range; it supports an unlimited number of users. It uses four AA batteries that can last as long as six months.

    The August Smart Lock 3rd Gen has three security features common with all the smart locks. These include the two-factor authentication, two-layer encryption, and the lost phone feature for disabling your account when/if you lose your phone. The downside to this product is that its Wi-Fi bridge is sold separately, meaning extra money before usage. Its auto-lock feature can be unhelpful, especially when you lock yourself out by stepping out for only a moment.

    August Smart Lock 4th Generation Review


    August Smart Lock 4th Gen is an advanced model of the 3rd Gen, requiring no Wi-Fi bridge. It utilizes newer and smaller Wi-Fi chipsets to minimize the lock’s size by 45% compared to the 3rd Generation. It is also about 20% thinner, which means a much smaller metal hunk will be gracing your front door. The smart lock’s battery life is estimated to be between three and six months, depending on how often you use its auto-lock.

    The battery’s life also depends on the Wi-Fi signal strength you have; the stronger the signal, the easier the lock works, thus, the faster the battery dies. The downside to this is that it doesn’t have Z-Wave connectivity, meaning it is only useful when there is an internet connection. The smart lock is compatible with Google, Alexa, and Siri voice commands, routines, and automation with any platform. You can freely assign virtual keys to additional lock users, and you’ll get many options for setting notifications concerning your door.

    This generation of August Smart Lock has August’s geofencing auto-lock and –unlock capabilities. This feature means that when your smartphone is 656 feet from your home, the lock will unlock or lock. However, that is if you activate the function. The lock provides notifications of activities or lack of it at your front door.

    Additionally, August Smart Lock 4th Gen. has a DoorSense sensor that tells you when someone leaves a door open or closes without locking. August didn’t need to do anything to its smart lock installation process because it is easy enough as it is. However, the 4th Gen. Smart Lock features an improved installation process that takes ten minutes or less. Also, it is renter-friendly; you don’t need to remove the existing deadbolt lock, just upgrade it.

    August Smart Lock Pro Review


    August Smart Lock Pro is the most advanced and, consequently, the most expensive of the three models mentioned. It is also one of the smartest, best smart Locks you can install on your front door. It features the same design as the 2nd generation with a hockey-puck design, integrating easily with different locks. The difference between the Pro and other models is that you don't need to purchase the Wi-Fi Bridge separately.

    Unlike the other two models, the August Smart Lock Pro comes with a Wi-Fi Bridge. It also connects via Bluetooth and performs the same functions as other models. The Pro version is designed to increase the control level the owner has over it. Smart Lock Pro offers greater control over additional virtual keys distribution and the access time for the keys.

    The August Smart Lock Pro has been tweaked to improve the overall user experience, with its installation process made even easier. Its app’s record-keeping prowess has been refined to work even more effectively. Unlike the other two models, the August Smart Lock Pro features Z-Wave plus, an added smart home hub. The Z-Wave functions when you don’t have internet, ensuring you still have access to your smart home.

    It also features the August Connect feature that lets users connect with the added Z-Wave. You can install and pair the August Doorbell Cam Pro with your Smart Lock to lock and unlock doors remotely. This feature is especially useful when visitors come to visit and you aren’t around; you can grant them access wherever you are.

    August Smart Lock 3rd Gen. vs. 4th Gen.: What’s the Difference?

    The 4th Generation has a less bulky design than the 3rd through using smaller Wi-Fi chipsets, reducing its size by 45%. The third generation is 20% thicker, meaning you’re installing a large metallic blockade on your front door. The bulky size of the third-generation lock is great if your door is quite thick. However, the fourth generation is better if you want a discreet smart lock that fits easily in different door sizes.

    The third generation lock lasts longer than the fourth, with battery life estimated between six and twelve months. In addition, the 3rd Gen. lock relies more on Z-Wave than on Wi-Fi, although it uses both. However, the 4th gen. lock relies heavily on Wi-Fi connectivity, meaning it doesn’t function when there’s an internet or signal outage.

    August Smart Lock Installation

    August’s smart lock installation process is one of its strong points. First off, the process itself is easy, but August took the liberty of creating short videos for each step. First, you secure the outside deadbolt with a painter’s tape and then remove the deadbolt’s interior part. The video then walks you through connecting the August Lock to your deadbolt using the supplied adaptors.

    The whole process takes about ten minutes or less if you’re familiar with it. Meanwhile, you will need a Phillips head screwdriver; everything else you need is in the package.

    Can August Smart Lock Be Hacked?

    Hacking August Smart Lock is possible, but it doesn’t happen often. The lock is connected to your Wi-Fi; you can also pair it to your smart devices via Bluetooth. As a result, hackers can manipulate the smart lock through other connections. However, no reports have been recorded about the smart lock being hacked, none that we know of, anyway.

    The lock can be hacked through signal interception, password cracking, malware attacks, and hacking with voice (also called audio transducer). While it is rare, there’s still a need to remove as much chance as possible of your lock getting hacked. First, ensure everything works properly; unlock the door and ensure you get a notification. Additionally, you may run weekly or monthly checks; lock and unlock it with your smartphone and ensure everything works as advertised.

    Furthermore, check the batteries and ensure they are working properly. Suppose any of these are not working as they should, contact August immediately. August’s customer support will walk you through troubleshooting and what you should do with it.

    Is August Smart Lock Worth Buying?

    August Smart Lock is more expensive than the traditional deadbolts, but it is worth your investment. First off, it is more convenient and offers advanced security features that ensure your home is kept safe. It also has advanced features that offer convenience, including scenes, voice control, and remote access. Additionally, it integrates the functionality of Google Assistant, Alexa, and Apple HomeKit that execute every command you give.

    Depending on the generation you buy, you can remotely control August Smart Lock with either Wi-Fi or Z-Wave. You can start using the lock as soon as it is installed, even if you are away from home.