Best 15 Hair Straightener (Flat Irons): Chi, T3, Babyliss, Titanium, GHD, Kristin ESS…

    Best 15 Hair Straightener (Flat Irons): Chi, T3, Babyliss, Titanium, GHD, Kristin ESS…

    Hair straighteners are one of the most popular beauty devices used on the hair - most ladies have used a straightener at least once in their lifetime. Hair straighteners, also called flat irons and straighteners, are hair styling tools that temporarily straighten hair by hydrogen bond destruction.

    Hair straighteners feature a couple of parts that work interdependently to aid the straightening process. These parts include the cord, straightening plates, temperature and power buttons, temperature control display, and the clamp and body.

    How to Choose a Good Hair Straightener

    While hair straighteners seem uncomplicated, choosing a suitable one can be. Whether you are a hairstylist or a lady looking to upgrade your beauty devices, here are some factors to consider when buying a hair straightener;

    • Hair type - Your hair type determines the width of the straightener you will need. Tighter curls and longer hair lengths usually require wide-plated flat irons, while short and wavy hair requires narrow-plate flat irons.
    • Plate Width- Straighteners come with different plate sizes or widths. Full, long, curly, thick hairs usually require a wide plate. Alternatively, short, wavy, scanty, fine, and thin hair types usually require a narrow plate straightener. It is advisable to get a narrow-plate straightener if you'd be traveling with it often.
    • Plate Material -Straightener plates are made from various materials. The type of materials they are made from affects their cost and functionality. Titanium-coated plates tend to heat faster and more evenly, while ceramic plates heat less evenly and are dangerous at high temperatures. When choosing the plate material, be sure to consider your hair type.
    • Temperature Settings -Higher temperature equates to faster and better results. But, this isn't always the case. High temperatures have damaging effects on fine, thin hair. When purchasing a hair straightener, get one with adjustable temperature controls to prevent avoidable damage to your hair.

    List of 15 Best Hair Straighteners (Flat Irons)

    There are hundreds to thousands of hair straightener models out there, varying in design, style, and quality. Using the wrong straightener is just as bad as using the right one incorrectly: it can damage your tresses. Here are fifteen of the best hair straighteners and flat irons you can get today.

    1.     Chi Original 1" Flat Iron


    Chi curling irons are common in professional beauty shops, but they feature a beginner-friendly design. A Chi hair straightener is a great option if you're unfamiliar with flat irons or the hair-straightening process. This flat iron is simple to use and maintain, and it uses moist heat, reducing the risk of hair damage.

    2.     T3 Singlepass Flat Iron


    A T3 is a great option for making quick work of thick manes that stays straight all day. You will especially prefer the T3 Single-pass flat iron if you have thick or coarse hair and appreciate it if you don't. The flat iron maintains consistent heat while styling to enable you to straighten your hair in one glide.

    3.     Babyliss Straight and Curly Hair Straighter


    Babyliss straighteners are perfect if you're going for an all-in-one style, with extra-long plates designed for all hair types. Using this hair straightener, you can create your desired ultra-sleek look and several other styles with your thick hair. It features beautiful black and rose gold accents with a stainless steel outer coating for an easy and firm grip.

    4.     Mira Titanium Flat Iron for Thick Hair


    This flat iron is especially great for thick tresses but works great for all hair types. It features an invisible screen that shows only after you've turned it on, helping you set your desired temperature. The straightener has different temperature ranges, ranging from 265 to 450 degrees for healthy, polished hair. You can get silky-smooth straight or bouncy curls with this titanium flat iron.

    5.     GHD Advanced Platinum Hair Straightener


    GHD is a long-reigning king as far as hairstyling equipment goes, featuring ultra-zone with predictive technology. This technology automatically recognizes your hair's thickness, section size, and styling speed, adjusting the power accordingly. It is one of GHD's best, featuring plates that monitor heat 250 times/second to ensure you get healthy, stronger hair.

    6.     Kristin Ess 3-in-One Titanium Hair Straightener


    Kristin Ess is a renowned manufacturer of quality flat irons for straightening and curling hair and creating waves. It uses temperature-sensing rapid heat technology that delivers fast and even heats for consistent and long-lasting styles. It is a great flat iron if you're looking for an affordable but professional heat styling tool. Its one-quarter-inch plates adjust to your hair texture for the ideal hairstyle: no snags and no creases.

    7.     HSI Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron


    This hair straightener from HSI is a professional styling tool for straightening, curling, and flipping hair. It creates dramatic results even on the coarsest, frizziest hair, curling and straightening it with minimal effort. This professional glider features plates designed with ceramic and tourmaline crystal ion for a shiny and silky hairstyle. Its dual voltage feature makes it travel-safe so that you can go with it on your next vacation.

    8.     L’Ange Aplatir Flat Iron


    L'Ange hair straighteners are some of the best in the market; they are excellent for creating clean, smooth, and all-day straight tresses. The flat irons don't only straighten your hair; you can create different types of curls with them. This model features rounded ceramic plates that make creating any hairstyle easy by gliding seamlessly through the hair.

    9.     Gem Tourmaline Hair Straightener

    If you have very thick, wavy hair here is a great hair straightener you will have a lot of fun using. Its tourmaline plates glide through your hair seamlessly, giving you those smooth tresses you covet in any style. You can use the flat iron to straighten your hair or curl it; you can also create different styles with it.

    10.  Drybar Straightening Flat Iron


    This exquisite straightening iron from Drybar is great for straightening, smoothening, curling, and shining your tresses, thick or thin. The Drybar flat iron uses ionic technology to reduce frizz and create smooth and shiny tresses, making it ideal for thick hairs. Its one-inch floating plates ensure constant contact with your hair to straighten it in one glide.

    11.  Revlon Salon Ceramic Hair Straightening Flat Iron


    The Revlon salon hair straightening flat iron is a stylish hair straightener suitable for any hair type. It is especially great for very thick and curly hair, thanks to its combination of ceramic and copper. It combines a capable heat conductor, copper, with China clay to create a buttery-smooth straight style for curly and thick tresses.

    12.  Revlon Brilliance Straight Smooth Ceramic Hair Straightener


    Revlon is known for high-performance and effective hair straighteners that deliver gentle hair-friendly heat. You can use the iron on all hair types, including wavy, wet, coarse, thin, thick, fine, flat, and short hair. This flat iron is highly versatile in that you can create any style with it, and it is safe and easy to use.

    13.  Sugarboo Digital Ceramic Hair Straightening Flat Iron

    This sleek, multi-tasking styling stool is designed to be used to create a wide variety of styles. While it works to create beautiful and brilliant tresses, it keeps moisture and volume locked in with its salon-grade ceramic plates. It features digital temperature settings, frizz-eliminating negative ions, and even heat distribution for healthy hair results.

    14.  Bio Ionic 10x Styling Flat Iron


    This styling iron is another of Bio Ionic's innovative creations, featuring Volcanic-MX-infused sonic vibrating plates. This moisturizing heat technology conditions your hair as you style, locking in moisture and smoothing your hair cuticle. Its vibrating plates glide seamlessly through your hair to produce smoothed and polished hair strands.

    15.  Remington Ceramic-Coated Hair Straighteners


    Remington Ceramic-coated hair straighteners are great for damaged hair, featuring nine heat settings ranging from 150 to 230 degrees. They also include the unique Pro+ mode heat setting that works at 185 degrees. The brand claims these irons' ultimate glide ceramic coating makes them five times smoother than standard ceramic straighteners. This particular Remington flat iron model comes with a heat-resistant travel pouch.

    How to Use My Hair Straightener (Flat Irons)?

    The first-time use of a hair straightener is challenging but not insurmountable. While flat-irons are easy to use, one has to exercise extreme caution to keep safe, for your and your hair's sake. You can use your hair straightener using this quick tutorial:

    ●      Make your hair ready for straightening:

    Before you start straightening your hair at home, you need to prepare your hair. This step is important to ensure your hair survives the extreme heat you'll be subjecting it to. Thus, wash your hair and soften it using a hydrating and nourishing shampoo. Then, ensure your hair is dry before using the straightener; do not use the straightener on wet hair.

    ●      Straightening your hair:

    Using a hair straightener at home isn't rocket science; just a set of steps to follow. Depending on your hair's depth, you must have prepared your hair by washing, drying, and conditioning or volumizing. Comb your dry hair well to remove tangles; you have begun the process of straightening here. The next thing is to use a heat protection spray to protect your hair from heat damage.

    Avoid putting the serum on your roots because it will make your hair too greasy. Next, divide your hair into sections you can manage one at a time to ensure uniform straightening. Set the iron to the correct temperature, depending on your hair length. The iron should contain a manual for directions on the right temperature for different hair lengths.

    Now, start straightening your hair one inch away from the root. Take a section at a time; run the iron through your hair several times until you achieve that straightness.

    How to Curl Hair With Flat Iron?

    There are basic things you should familiarize yourself with before you begin curling your hair with a flat iron. The major point is watching how you close the iron, depending on your result. Every type of curly hair imaginable has a peculiar technique and a wide range of tools. However, a good old-fashioned flat iron is an essential tool to have in your arsenal because it does more than straighten hair.

    Here's a short guide on how to curl your hair with a flat iron;

    • Cut your "clean" hair into small sections and gently clamp down your straightener towards the top of each hair section.
    • Pull the flat iron down the hair shaft like you would if you were straightening your hair. When you get to where you want your curls to start from, middle-section or tip, stop pulling. The next step takes a little practice because it requires you to move seamlessly.
    • Pivot the flat iron 180 degrees away from your face and pull down through the rest of the hair. Repeat this procedure for the remaining sections of your hair. When you're done with all the sections, massage the roots using your fingers. This helps break up the curls to give you a glamorous, beachy look.