Best 18 Samsung Galaxy S9 Phone Cases

    Best 18 Samsung Galaxy S9 Phone Cases

    The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ were undoubtedly some of the best smartphones of 2018. Four years down the line, these smartphones still spot that edgy look, and you’ll be amazed how technologically these machines are even compared to new-age smartphones. And oh, they’re still somewhat expensive to date.

    For that reason, you must get yourself an excellent phone case to match the worth of the Galaxy S9.

    Smartphone case manufacturers have also stepped up their game in recent years. Unlike in the past few years, where smartphone cases only came to protect your phone from scratches or the effect of falling, we’re seeing more functionality embedded in them these days. One of the most noticeable upgrades is the inclusion of cardholders on phone cases, and, I mean, who wouldn’t want to enjoy the efficiency of leaving back all the clutter of carrying a wallet filled with cards you might not use with you all day?

    Why don’t we look into these unique cases and help you find one for yourself?


    What to look for in a Samsung Galaxy S9 Phone case

    What to look for in a Samsung Galaxy S9 phone case is literally what to look for in any phone case – pretty basic stuff here.

    Impact Protection

    The last thing you’d want to see on your phone is a shattered screen. Smartphones are usually vulnerable to breaking on the screen if they are hit around the corners. Therefore, the first thing your ideal phone case should do is protect your smartphone from any impact. The baseline is to select a shock-absorbing material to cover the phone’s most vulnerable parts; the corners. Silicone and Rubber cases are perfect for this. Plastic…probably not.

    Again, if you need to show off your phone’s design, you know you’ll have to choose a more transparent case. If not, you can enjoy heavy-duty protection from thicker and lesser-revealing covers.

    What are your needs?

    Screen damage is more likely to happen than water damage. The number of aquatic accidents that occur only do so when swimmers mistakenly dive with their phones or when they slip by mistake. If you want to take your phone for a swim, you’ll need a waterproof case.

    If your phone drains fast, you might prefer a thin cover to facilitate wireless charging. If you’d love to carry along your important documents (ID, Visa, etc.), you need to pick a case with pockets. Most cardholder phone cases are thick and double up as perfect impact-protection cases.


    What are the Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Phone Cases in 2022?

    MMHUO for Samsung Galaxy S9 with Card Holder

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    The MMHUO phone case is specially made for the Samsung Galaxy S9. It comes in green faux, with an engraved flower on the back. This cover is doubled layered at the back, with the second layer covering the cardholder. Moreover, it has a magnetic closure to ensure your documents don’t fall off.


    • The case is thick enough to keep your phone from the effect of falls or hits.
    • Cost-effective
    • Stylish design


    • The casing is too thick to allow for wireless charging.


    Aunote Samsung Galaxy S9 Phone Case with Card Slot

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    The Aunote Galaxy S9 cover is made from soft PU leather, and a TPU inner is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S9. It comes with a strong magnetic closure to secure your cards/documents. The closure is easy to open but guarantees the safety of your credit card.

    The case supports wireless charging and compass while ensuring the maximum security of your Galaxy S9. The cutouts along the phone’s ports allow you to use them efficiently, with no obstruction whatsoever.

    Univo Colors Samsung Galaxy S9 Leather Flip Wallet Phone Case

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    The Univo Colors Galaxy S9 cover comes in several colors and strikes a unique, high-quality PU Leather design and a magnetic closure. It is a multifunctional case in such a way that it has three card slots on the inside and a cash slip-pocket to the side. The cover also doubles as a stand whereby you can stand your Galaxy S9.

    The cover is a perfect fit and is perfectly shaped to minimize sharp edges around the corners for a smooth feel. Again, the case is raised around the back to protect your camera lens from scratches. The Univo Colors Galaxy S9 case is soft and shockproof and has one of the most fantastic phone button designs you’ll ever see.

    MONASAY Samsung Galaxy S9 Folio Leather Cover with Screen Protector

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    Finding the Galaxy S9 screen protector is not easy. However, when you buy the MONASAY Folio phone cover, you’ll walk away with a free one – What a bargain!

    The compatibility of the MONASAY phone cover is beyond words. It has this pleasing leather appearance from the outside and works perfectly for all Galaxy S9 models. Its sides are raised to prevent scratches and cushion the effect of accidental hits.

    The cover is hand-designed with premium leather that doesn’t quickly fade over time. Moreover, it has three card-holder slots on the inside and a cash wallet. Also, if you need a stand for your phone, the MONASAY will be perfect for that. It guarantees excellent viewing angles for movies, reading, and even hands-free video calls.

    OCASE Samsung Galaxy S9 Phone Case


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    You won’t find a more-premium case than the OCASE Samsung Galaxy S9 case. It is a hand-made genuine-leather case that does more than just protect your phone against dents and scratches. It has an adjustable kickstand design to give you great angles for a hands-free experience when watching movies and making videos.

    Moreover, the OCASE cover has three slots for your cards on the inside and a cash wallet exactly behind that. The cover comes with a magnetic closing mechanism to safeguard your documents.

    MODOS LOGICOS Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Case

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    The MODOS LOGICOS phone case is specifically meant for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. You can’t use it for the S9. It doubles up as a wallet and can store up to 14 cards. Moreover, you get a cash section at the back. Again, its excellent design allows it to fold to give you a good angle for video calls and movies.

    The PU leather material makes the case so comfortable to hold and carry. It also comes with zipper storage for cash, which also makes it easy to carry around your S9+

    The detachable magnetic hard case for convenience – the leather part can be detached to remain with the hard case. The MODOS LOGICOS is suitable for anyone.

    Kudex Leather Samsung Galaxy S9 Cover

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    With 6 card slots, one side pocket, 2 photo frames, and one zipper coin pocket, the Kudex leather phone case is one of the most versatile cases you can get. It offers one of the most convenient ways of carrying along with your cards without having your wallet.

    The PU Leather case is extremely shock-proof and will protect your phone against scratches and accidental dents. The raised backside prevents your camera lens and fingerprint sensor from scratching.

    However, the cover will only support the Galaxy S9 and not the S9 Plus. Again, it does not come with a screen protector.

    FYY, Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

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    The FYY leather phone case comes with an RFID technique that blocks Radio Frequency waves to protect your cards from being read. Again, it has a unique design that features a cosmetic mirror for your beauty and make-up needs.

    Moreover, the case comes with a cardholder for your credit and debit cards and some change too. The cover has a Kickstand design to give you an optimum viewing angle for your movies and video calls. It gives you easy access to all controls and ports.

    More Galaxy S9 and S9+ Phone Cases to Consider

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    Arae Samsung Galaxy S9+ Case with Wrist Strap

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    TORU (CX PRO) Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

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    BENTOBEN Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy S9

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    Kudex Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

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    SUANPOT Samsung Galaxy S9 Phone Case

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    Ghostek Exec Magnetic Galaxy S9 and S9+ Phone Case

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    Dockem Luxe Galaxy S9 Minimalist Synthetic Wallet Case

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    SailorTech Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Leather Case


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