Best 24 Phone Cases With Card Holder (Can Hold 3 Cards) For iPhone 6s, 7, 8 Plus, 11, 12, XR, SE, XS Max, 12 Pro Max

    Best 24 Phone Cases With Card Holder (Can Hold 3 Cards) For iPhone 6s, 7, 8 Plus, 11, 12, XR, SE, XS Max, 12 Pro Max

    Can I Put My Cards In My Phone Case?

    Your phone case holds no damage to your cards and vice versa, so it is safe to put your cards in your phone case. Your phone creates a magnetic field, but it isn't strong enough to demagnetize your cards. The magnetic field emanating from the small magnet at your phone's speaker is too weak to cause any immediate damage. However, your card will naturally deteriorate and need replacing, whether or not you place the card in the case.

    Almost all modern credit cards contain an active chip; no information will be wiped off by the phone's speaker magnet. Wireless charging is usually the only factor that can affect your card; it has the potential to demagnetize it. Your cards are exposed to a stronger magnetic field when you put them between your phone and the case while wirelessly charging. So, if you often charge your phone wirelessly, we recommend removing your cards or not having them near your phone while charging.

    The expiry date on credit cards indicates that they will eventually deteriorate. Truly, holding a strong magnet directly onto your card's magnetic strip can speed up that deterioration. However, it depends on how strong the magnet is; small magnets like those in your phone's speaker have little effect. Bigger magnets have a higher potential of negatively affecting your card's magnetic strip.

    Thus, your credit cards are safe whether you're using a wallet or flip phone case. A good phone case with a cardholder is worth considering; it makes your everyday routine easier.

    Why We Recommend Phone Case With Card Holder

    Phone cases with cardholder or wallet phone cases are great if you always forget your wallet at home. Wallet phone cases can make life a lot easier for you, whether you're a pocket user or a pocket carrier. They offer a handy solution for keeping all your essentials in one place – plus, they are becoming popular. Phone cases with cardholders typically offer extra protection and convenience, and they function as a stand for your phone.

    Many phone cases with cardholders offer features such as a raised strap to hold your phone and air-pocket corners. These features enable the cases to completely cover your phone, offering much more protection than traditional phone cases. Moreover, the extra bulk of the cardholder and your stack of cards protect your phone in a fall. Phone cases with a cardholder are ideal for avoiding scratches and dents from accidents and impacts.

    Furthermore, wallet cases offer more than protection; they also function as great phone accessories, featuring a wide range of designs. Phone cases with cardholders are generally from leather or leather-like materials, giving them a stylish look with different colors and textures. There are also cases fitted with chains and straps for extra convenience when carrying your phone around. These cases save you from carrying a heavy bag or large wallet when you go out.

    Additionally, wallet cases are typically bulkier than the normal ones, but they still fit comfortably in your front pocket. However, you may want to avoid packing too many cards in the case to prevent cracks in it.

    When You Buy A Phone Case With a Card Holder, What Else Do We Need to Consider?

    When you shop for a phone case with a cardholder, you want to consider these features:

    • Material: The best phone case with card holder material is made from silicon or soft-touch rubber for efficient shock dispersal. Likewise, we recommend a fabric interior for storing and swaddling your credit cards. However, if you're all about the style, you can go for genuine leather.
    • Holster: We recommend a skintight fit phone holster to keep crud and sweat away from the phone. You may want to go for a beveled top edge at least 1 mm high for maximum screen protection. To measure, slide your phone into the case and place the graphite tip of a pencil against the screen by the beveled edge. The distance between the case top and phone screen should be around the same size as the pencil tip.
    • Portholes/PhoneCompatibility: Bring your add-ons with you when you go shopping for a phone case with a cardholder. This is to ensure the holes in the case are wide enough to make plugging your charger or headphones easy. Listen for a click once you insert the plug to ensure they are secure.
    • Stitching: Opt for stitched cases, especially nylon; cotton cases and glued seam don't last. Nylon is stronger and resistant to case-cramming abuse, and it is water-resistant, meaning it doesn't rot when wet. To tell them apart, nylon is synthetic, sleek, and shiny, while cotton appears fibrous.

    Other important factors you should consider include your budget, card holding space, design, and durability.

    24 Phones With Card Holder for iPhone

    1 – Spigen Slim Armor Case with Card Holder for iPhone 11


    This phone case with a cardholder features extra layers and air cushion technology offering maximum protection for your iPhone 11. This case combines style with functionality, and while it is strong enough to protect your iPhone, it doesn't add extra bulk. The case is made of a TPU interior with an impressive shock absorbing power and a polycarbonate exterior for durability. It features a minimal but functional design that lets you store two cards at the back in the concealed compartment.

    The Spigen slim armor case is elegant, offering your iPhone 11 something more than protection. You can get the cardholder case in four colors: red, black, gunmetal gray, and rose gold.

    2 – Smartish Slim Card Holder Case for iPhone 13


    The Smartish Slim Case has an ultra-light and long-lasting construction that ensures your iPhone is protected without reducing its sleekness. It features textured sides offering just the right grip amount to prevent falls, drops, and impacts that can wreck your iPhone. Additionally, there are air-guard corners that act like airbags, so if your phone falls, it doesn't get damaged. The case can comfortably hold three cards, is compatible with wireless charging, and is a convenient option for everyday use.

    3 – VENA Military-Grade Case with Card Holder for iPhone XR


    Give your iPhone XR military-grade protection with this unique case with a cardholder from VENA; safely encase your iPhone in it. We trust this case because it has gone through a series of drop tests to ensure it can genuinely offer protection. There is a hidden card slot in the case where you can put three credit or debit cards without feeling it. Furthermore, it features an advanced dual layer made from soft rubber and a hybrid PC that makes it durable.

    4 – Smartish Wallet Case for iPhone SE


    This iPhone case is also known as the Vault Wallet Slayer; it can house three cards and a few cash. You can conveniently carry these financial valuables with your iPhone SE without feeling like there's extra weight. Also, it features a design that makes room for air pockets to absorb the shocks and falls capable of wrecking your iPhone. The case's texture is slightly rough with edges raised, offering a comfortable grip and ensuring the phone's sensitive parts are safe.

    5 – Incipio Stowaway Card Holder Case for iPhone XS Max


    This case with a cardholder from Incipio features solid construction with a sleek design for a soft-touch finish. It doesn't take away your iPhone XS Max's sleekness and elegance; instead, it maintains and enhances it. The case features a hidden rear compartment with a sliding door that can hold up to three credit or debit cards. It is lightweight, meaning you can easily slip your iPhone with this case into your pocket without feeling burdened.

    6 – Folio iPhone 8 Plus Case with Card Holder


    This folio case with a cardholder from Shieldon is ideal for your iPhone 8 Plus. It offers maximum protection with its TPU shell, which absorbs the shock from the effects of falls and bumps. The case has a hidden compartment that lets you carry two cards and some cash without losing style. It doesn't add extra bulk to your phone, keeping it stylish and sleek.

    More Phone Cases With Cardholders

    7 - Speck Slim Wallet Case for iPhone 11- Features a shock-absorbent faux leather case with a posterior Lu located wallet.

    8 - Bellroy Leather Card Holder Case iPhone 11 - Features a hidden cardholder secured by a magnetic closure, capable of holding up to 3 cards.

    9 - Dreem Fibonacci Wallet Case for iPhone 8 and 7 Plus - Features a crack-proof plastic case with RFID protection in its card-holding slots.

    10 - ZVEdeng iPhone 8 Plus Case with Card Holder - Features a full frame protection case with three 180 degree rotatable card slots and 1 pocket.

    11 - Smartish iPhone XS Max Case with Card Holder - Features a sturdy and lightweight TPU case with a roomy card slot fitted with built-in springs.

    12 - Apple Leather Folio Case with Card Holder for iPhone XS Max - features a luxurious European leather material case with a slim microfiber lining for cards.

    13 - VENA Wallet Case for iPhone SE - features hidden card slots and foldable metal flaps with magnetic lock stand stand.

    14 - Smartish Wallet Case for iPhone XR - features a firm-gripping phone case, spacious wallet, and credit card holder

    15 - Dockem iPhone XR Case with Card Holder - Features a simple canvas style phone case with 2 outer slots and hitch-free magnetic mounting.

    16 - Spigen Slim Armor Case Compatible with iPhone - features double layers, air cushion technology, and an outer card slot. 

    17 - Nomad Rugged Folio Wallet Case for iPhone for iPhone XS - Features three card slots and one large pocket for cash and supple Horween leather material.

    18 - ImpactStrong iPhone 6/6s Heavy-Duty Wallet Case - Features a no-stretch TPU case with silicone shock absorbing technology.

    19 - KIHUWEY Wallet Case with Credit Card Holder for iPhone 6s - Features a heavy duty protective phone case and wallet with five slots.

    20 - Spigen Slim Armor Wallet Case for iPhone 12 - features a high quality TPU & PC made phone case with air cushion technology and shock absorbing abilities.

    21 - Smartish Wallet Case for iPhone 12/12 Pro - features a lightweight and durable smooth back phone case with scratch protection.

    22 - Homstect Silicone Wallet Case for iPhone 12/12 Pro - Features a Silicone rubber case with 360 degree protection, from grip, and wireless charger compatibility.

    23 - Bellroy iPhone 12 Pro Max Case with Card Holder - Minimalist wallet phone case made with eco-friendly materials.

    24 - Apple Leather Sleeve with MagSafe Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max - Supple, European Leather Sleeve with Matching Straps, suitable for iPhone 12 Pro Max