Best 25 Phone Case With Card Holder For iPhone, Samsung, and LG

    Best 25 Phone Case With Card Holder For iPhone, Samsung, and LG

    Wallet cases not only protect your phone from marks and scratches, but they also make them handy. The best wallet covers designs make it easy to access your cards and cash. They come in a variety of styles and materials to suit your taste and how much you prefer to carry.

    Can I Put My Cards In My Phone Case?

    The most common concern amongst people about this topic is that the magnetic field produced by your phone will damage the magnet on your credit card. While the majority of this assertion is correct, the key facts have been greatly inflated.


    The magnetic chip on your card will eventually deteriorate. This is why every card has an expiry date. If you hold a strong magnet directly over your card it will cause damage. However, the little magnet in your phone case is unable to replicate that effect.


    Phone cases with a cardholder make your daily routine simpler by helping you group your essentials in one wallet. You not only have enough space for your phone but another section to store your cards and cash. The best models also come with a protective layer of fabric to keep demagnetization at bay.

    Why Do We Recommend Phone Cases With A Card Holder?

    Phone cases with cardholders have become the number one purchase demand for phone cases surpassing the waterproof feature and understandably so. Wallet cases tend to offer more protection for your phone while doubling as a wallet for your cards.


    Phone cases with card holders are available in cool designs and with features other than a wallet that include straps to hold the phone and air-pocket corners. They also completely cover the screen of your phone. The cards and cash can also protect your phone during a fall.

    When You Buy A Phone Case With Card Holder, What Do We Need To Consider?


    Capacity is one of the most important things to consider before buying a phone case with a cardholder. Consider how many cards it can keep, as well as receipts and cash while comfortably housing your phone.

    Design and Appearance

    Consider choosing a phone case with a cardholder that suits your appearance. It could be made out of genuine or faux leather, silicone, or soft-touch rubber. Look out for one with a skintight fit and is water-resistant that can keep moisture and water out.


    There are hundreds of different brands with different models and designs of phone cases with cardholders. Phone cases most times aren't necessarily made for just one type of phone or one brand, they can be used for several smartphones of the same size or design. Choose one that suits your phone needs appropriately.


    Your budget is a very important factor as it decides what quality you can go for. There are several affordable brands and designs while some are luxurious and pricey. Choose one that can serve you well and for a long time while working with your budget.

    Features and Quality

    Check through for phone cases with the best features. This includes being shockproof and ease of access. Choose one made from high-quality materials that won't peel off, or destroy your phone. Weight and accessibility are also features to look out for.

    25 Best Card Holder Cases For iOS and Android Phones

    Phone cases with cardholders have become the number one purchase demand for phone cases, surpassing the waterproof feature. Here is a list of some of the best types currently available on the market.

    Elago 6s Plus Wallet Phone Case

    The Elago 6s Plus wallet Card is a two-in-one genuine leather phone case and cardholder that comes with three card slots for your receipts, cash, and card. It has a cutout on the front of the pouch that allows you to pick calls without opening the pouch. It also has volume control signs on the side giving you access.

    Tucch iPhone 7 Wallet Case

    This wallet case is made from two layers of faux leather and can be bought in 11 different colors. It is a great fit for iPhone 7 and comes with a magnetic clasp to keep your phone screen and cards safe. The inner corners of the case are cushioned and shockproof. You also get three extra pockets for your cards. It comes with a cool feature that allows you to turn the case into a stand for movies or videos.

    Smartish Wallet iPhone 8 Slayer Wallet Case

    This lightweight iPhone case with a cardholder is quite popular for being handy and quite protective. It comes with cushioned corners for protection and is made from abrasion-resistant polyurethane. Textured sides are included in the design to give you a better grip. You can hold several cards and receipts in the cardholder slot.

    Vena Vcommute iPhone 11 Wallet Case

    This wallet and phone case is made from a dual-layer polycarbonate shell that has been tested to withstand heavy dropping according to military-grade requirements. It includes a magnetic flap that also serves as a stand and the wallet section of the case is hidden. Vegan leather is used to make the foldable flap, which can contain up to three cards.

    KIHUWEY iPhone 11 Wallet Case Credit Card Holder

    This faux leather wallet case offers magnetic fastening and a modified folio-style to keep cards and money safe without blocking your phone's screen. It also functions as a phone stand. The wallet contains two large card slots and a currency pocket, as well as raised edges to protect your phone's corners.

    Ghostek EXEC iPhone 12 Wallet Case Credit Card Holder

    This iPhone case's detachable, slide-out leather wallet enables wireless charging without risking card damage. The case is composed of scratch-resistant polycarbonate and has been engineered to withstand drops from up to 8 feet. The card slot can hold four cards and also serves as a kickstand, and the casing is magnetic mount compatible. This case is available in three different colors black, gray, and pink.

    Slayer Smartish iPhone XR Wallet Case

    Smartish has a smart vibe that is noticeable on its iPhone XR wallet and phone cover. It allows you to conveniently store your phone and cards in one place.

    Smartish iPhone SE Wallet Case

    This case can comfortably hold three cards, some cash, and your iPhone SE at once.

    Arae Wallet Case for iPhone Xs Max PU Leather flip case Cover

    This phone cover allows easy access to the camera, buttons, and speaker. It also allows you to charge without removing the case.

    Arae Compatible with Case iPhone 12 Pro Max Wallet

    Made from pure and quality leather, this pouch is a combination of class and style.

    Ghostek EXEC S21 Ultra Wallet Case with Card Holder Works

    This ultra-slim leather phone case with a detachable wallet can hold as many as 4 cards at one go.

    Takfox Samsung Galaxy A11 Wallet Phone Case

    This 2-in-1 removable wallet and phone cover comes with 9 built-in slots for your card and 2 money pockets.

    CaseMe Samsung Galaxy A12 Wallet Phone Case

    This is a special phone cover designed for Samsung galaxy A12 alone. It comes with 10 card slots.

    FLYEE Case with Wallet for Samsung Galaxy S8

    This phone cover can be converted easily into a stand case for video watching, and facetiming.

    SUANPOT for Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

    This wallet phone cover comes with a RFID shield to keep your card information from getting stolen.

    Njjex wallet with LG Stylo 6 Case

    This hybrid wallet comes with a protective cover for your phone while doubling as a wallet.

    Tekcoo Wallet Case for LG K51 17

    This multifunctional cover can house your phone and your cards protectively. It comes with pockets and sleeves.

    LG Journey LTE Phone Cases

    This wallet phone cover is made from quality leather to protect your phone and magnetic clips to keep your cards safe.

    Njjex Moto E Wallet Case

    Hybrid high-quality phone cover and wallet specially made for Moto E.

    SailorTech Google Pixel 5 Wallet Case

    This wallet case is made from shock-absorbing plastic to protect your phone and card.

    Vaburs Compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Case Wallet with Card Holder

    This wallet phone cover comes with metal plates to keep your phone and card secure.

    SUPBEC Compatible for iPhone 11 Pro Case with Card Holder

    This beautiful matte design wallet phone cover is anti-scratch and shockproof.

    ENPHOLD Folio iPhone 12 Phone Case Wallet

    The Folio flip case with a cardholder is a great choice for a stylish and user-friendly experience.

    Speck Products Presidio Folio iPhone Xs Max Case

    This wallet phone case has an adjustable stand for your video mode and a quick access card slot.

    Dockem iPhone 11 Pro Max Wallet Case

    This wallet case is a combination of premium vintage style and synthetic leather to protect your phone and house your cards in style.

    How Do I Keep My Card From Falling Out Of My Phone Case?

    Make sure to purchase a phone case with a tight cardholder. Models made from silicone grip keep your cards firmly in place during your daily activities. You can also go for designs with straps or inner pockets to allay your fear of losing your cards or receipts.


    A phone case with a card holder is a hybrid phone cover that simplifies moving your phone and card around. They help to guarantee protection for your phone and your cards.