Best 5 portable frigidaire mini-fridges for beverage reviews

    Best 5 portable frigidaire mini-fridges for beverage reviews

    Nothing beats the joy of opening a properly chilled bottle of your favorite beverage after a long day of work or activity. If you have unexpected guests, then nothing gives you more confidence in your ‘unpreparedness’ than knowing they can’t lack a cold beverage as you exchange pleasantries. For this, you have to have a fridge with you.

    For one reason or the other, Frigidaire mini-fridges have risen in popularity. One of the reasons is that they are pleasantly small and portable, and they go well with spatial considerations put into place. A mini-fridge would comfortably fit under your kitchen counter! Every other fantastic thing you need to know about the best Frigidaire mini-fridge for beverages is all here!

    What is Frigidaire Mini Fridge?

    Frigidaire is a popular brand that makes fridges. The brand was trendy that in the mid-1900's people still referred to every fridge out there as a Frigidaire. A Frigidaire mini fridge is a mini-fridge from the manufacturer.

    Frigidaire fridges enjoy the upper range of the fridges’ price point but boast a quiet, uniquely designed, and efficient set of fridges in their portfolio.

    Why should I buy a Frigidaire Mini-Fridge?

    A mini-fridge is a brilliant addition to your workspace or dorm. If you need to store your favorite drink for camping or need somewhere to keep your ingredients or make-up components, then a sleek Frigidaire mini-fridge is all you need.

    That's not the one reason why you might want to own a Frigidaire mini-fridge. Let’s explore more reasons below.

    • Cost-Effective – Large refrigerators (top freezer, French door, side-by-side) cost significant cash to own. However, they can only be placed in a single place and won't serve the convenience of a mini-fridge. Therefore, it is better to go for the Frigidaire mini-fridge, which goes for little cash.
    • Saves space –If you’re running out of space and still want a fridge to store your favorite beverages, then a mini-fridge is the remedy. Owing to its size, you can comfortably place it under your kitchen counter, and it won’t lack somewhere to sit in your office or dorm.
    • Energy-saving – Large refrigerators consume 8-10 times the electricity consumed by a mini-fridge. For this reason, if you're looking to save a couple of bucks on your electricity bill without sacrificing the luxury of a refrigerator, a Frigidaire is your closest solution.
    • Portability – Mini-fridges are highly portable. They only require minimal space in your car. If you're headed for a trip with family or friends, don’t miss out on cold drinks when you can rely on the portability of the Frigidaire mini-fridges.
    • Customization – Very little can be done with the appearance of large fridges. On the other hand, mini-fridges are smaller in size, and, aside from placing them conveniently in tight spaces, you can practically make them match your home’s décor by playing around with the placement.

    What should I consider before buying Frigidaire Mini-Fridge?

    Buying a Frigidaire is not the hardest thing to do, but it can be daunting sometimes. You need to know what you’re buying, how to place it, and where to place it, among several other factors, before you make that purchase. Well, here are the factors to consider before buying your mini-fridge;


    Mini fridges are not all of the same sizes. They come with different capacities, and the sole decision depends on how much you intend to store in the refrigerator or how much space you have. Here are some tips regarding the size of mini-fridges.

    1. Mini fridges will tell you how much they can hold so you know how many units you'll expect to store there.
    2. Cube-shaped fridges are excellent choices for placement in tight spaces and are a great choice if you need a small fridge for only storing your essentials.
    3. Don’t pick the smallest mini-fridge out there. Larger options always offer higher flexibility. A little more space won’t hurt.

    Cooling System

    The numerous elegant mini-fridge designs could blind you from considering its cooling system. Not many people consider that until they're experiencing an unending fizzing sound or unbelievable energy bills!

    When it comes to cooling, there are three types; absorption, compressor, and thermoelectric, and each has its selling point.

    If you want a quiet mini fridge, go with the one with the absorption cooling system. The compressor cooling system is suitable for long-term cooling but can produce a low humming sound. That makes it practically usable in environments like the kitchen. Compressor cooling fridges are ideal for wines and beers.

    Thermoelectric cooling mini-fridges are cheaper than the rest and quieter. However, they don’t last long and have few temperature-control features.


    The fact that mini-fridges are small doesn’t mean you place them in spaces that don't work! Decide where to put the fridge as they are different in terms of placement. Some are good beside existing furniture pieces, while others can fit anywhere, even desks and cupboards.

    Decide what beverages/drinks you’ll be putting inside

    It's good to go for the fridge that pleases your style, but it's also crucial to know that some fridges are more suitable for various types of beverages than others.

    Some fridges are specifically suited to hold cans, while others are good with bottle bears! Decide what type of drinks you’ll be putting in there, and look for a mini-fridge that exactly matches that.

    Extra Features

    Extra features are necessary and entirely depend on one’s tastes and preferences. You might want to opt into the one with lockable doors to keep others out.

    List of the best Frigidaire Mini Fridge

    Frigidaire Retro Mini Fridge

    The Frigidaire Retro Mini Fridge is a classic example of quality built and affordable kitchen equipment. It comes with a chrome easy-to-pull handle and easy-to-clean removable glass shelves. It also has an excellent cooling method to keep your favorite beverages chilly. If you're a soda or beer fan, there's a dispense-a-can feature to cater to your needs.

    Those are not the only features the Frigidaire Retro Mini Fridge offers. Let's explore more, shall we?

    Retro Design

    The Frigidaire Retro Mini Fridge boasts a retro design that is a boost to your home décor. It has this unique design and vibrant color that perfectly fits your kitchen or dorm.


    With an included thermostat control knob, the Frigidaire Retro Mini Fridge can be adjusted to make life easier. Moreover, who wouldn’t appreciate the bottle opener on the side? No one!

    Removable Shelves

    One thing with removable shelves is that they make a fridge easy to clean and pave the way for creating more storage space. The Frigidaire Retro Mini Fridge comes with detachable slide-out shelves that increase how it can be organized. Moreover, you get a gallon door bin to accommodate your choice of beverages.

    Reversible Door

    Reversible doors make work more manageable as you can choose which direction you want to open the door. It is one of the most convenient features, especially in tight spaces.

    Frigidaire Mini Fridge with Freezer

    The Frigidaire Mini Fridge with Freezer brings convenient food and beverage storage in kitchens, home bars, or dorms. This compact product from Frigidaire boasts the benefit of an inbuilt freezer to help with efficient food storage. Here are some of the features the fridge offers;

    3.1 cu. ft. Storage

    The Frigidaire mini fridge with a freezer provides optimal space to store your food and favorite beverages. You get two shelves for this, which are more than stylish and allow for easy fridge cleaning.

    Freezer Compartment

    The freezer compartment is what makes this mini-fridge different from the others. The freezer has ample storage to stack up frozen pizzas, cheese, and other snacks that must be kept under freezing temperatures. The Freezer compartment's volume is 0.9 cu. ft.

    Gallon Door Bins

    Organize your beverages with the included gallon-door bins and bottle door-storage design. Moreover, the fridge's mechanical controls are easy to operate, and such are the fridge's two doors.

    Freestanding Design

    The Frigidaire Mini Fridge with Freezer comes with a freestanding design, perfect for its flexibility in placement. Moreover, you also enjoy an adjustable front feet style that lets you install the mini-fridge without complications.

    Frigidaire 6-can Mini Fridge

    The Frigidaire 6-can mini fridge will quickly be part of your company when you're out for a trip or hike. That is because of its portability and reliability in use. With it, you have a place to keep your favorite canned drinks safe, as well as skincare and cosmetic products. What features does the 6-can mini-fridge offer?

    6-can capacity

    The mini-fridge comes with a 4L capacity, enough to hold six cans of 12oz each. Moreover, it also has a removable shelf that allows you to store items like fruits, milk, etc.

    Compact Size

    The 6-can mini-fridge is small enough to fit anywhere in your car, office, or dorm. The small size makes it entirely lightweight and portable.

    Reversible Door

    You can comfortably place the fridge in tight spaces with a reversible door design.

    Go Green!

    The Frigidaire 6-can mini-fridge is engineered with thermoelectric energy. Its semiconductors are CFC-free, making it an excellent choice for the environment.

    Frigidaire 9-Can Mini-Fridge

    The Frigidaire 9-can mini fridge should be your accompaniment if you're constantly on the go. It holds a vast capacity and is perfect for storing beverages, baby bottles, lunch, fruits, etc. Moreover, its retro appearance looks great on either traditional or contemporary décor.

    Let’s look into its features.


    The Frigidaire 9-can mini-fridge has everything you need if you appreciate a little style. It comes with a beautiful front door for effectiveness and practicability. Moreover, it blends with any décor, be it traditional or modern.


    The fact that the Frigidaire 9-can mini-fridge is compact doesn't rule out that it has the space you need for your beverages. It can hold nine cans. Moreover, it has a flat-back design to ease placement.

    Adjustable thermostat control

    You can manually adjust the thermostat to switch between cold and warm modes. That’s a great feature because it keeps you in control.


    The compact design of the 9-can Frigidaire mini-fridge allows easy cleaning and portability. You're now able to carry the mini-fridge anywhere you want.

    Frigidaire – 3.2 cu. ft. Mini Fridge – Silver

    The 3.2 cu. ft Frigidaire mini-fridge comes with a unique design; separate refrigerator and freezer compartments. The excellent build quality of the fridge is met with up-to-date technology to help with keeping optimum temperatures without sacrificing energy efficiency. It is perfect for bars, offices, rec-rooms, and apartments.

    Let’s check out its features below.

    Reversible Doors

    You get to choose in which direction the door will be opening for convenience in small rooms and kitchens. Moreover, the mini-fridge has adjustable leveling legs that offer convenience in the placement of the fridge. Again, the door handles are recessed, making them easy to operate.

    Top-Freezer Design

    The top freezer adds to the already-spacious fridge, allowing you to store more foods and beverages than in other mini-fridges. The freezer is a 0.96 cu. ft. compartment that is great enough to hold several items. The bottom part, the refrigerator, has ample space to accommodate bottles of soda, cartons of juice, or jugs of milk.

    LED Lighting

    With the help of the mini-fridge's LED lighting, you can now see fresh food as the light makes the food look as it should. Moreover, you get electronic temperature control to automatically keep things in the right state.

    Ample storage space

    The fridge has all the space to store your food, fruits, and beverages. It has a pair of great shelves that offer ample space and are extremely easy to clean. Moreover, there are humidity-controlled drawers that keep your fruits and vegetables fresh.

    How to Adjust Temperature on Frigidaire Mini-Fridge

    • Reach out to the temperature control in your Frigidaire mini-fridge refrigerator compartment. The temperature is always set to allow favorable conditions for food storage. However, you might need to change that for a broader range of temperature options.
    • If you need colder temperatures, make sure the control knob heads towards the higher numbers in the settings. After being satisfied that you're on the correct temperature, allow up to 24 hours for the fridge to adjust. Each unit moved calls for a 24-hour wait so that the refrigerator can adapt to the new temperature.
    For warmer temperatures, turn the control knob the opposite way, allowing 24 hours between each unit you move.