Best 6 Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box for Cats & Dogs

    Best 6 Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box for Cats & Dogs

    Why Do I Need an Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box for My Kitty?


    Perhaps, the downside of keeping a household pet, especially a cat, is having to deal with its litter. Cats can litter and create a huge mess around the house if their ‘litter situation’ is not dealt with by their owners in the proper way. You can escape this inevitable problem by getting a proper cat litter box, which is comfortable for your cat to use and is competent in all of its functionalities.


    Since cat litter boxes are relatively inexpensive as compared to other pet care products, there is no justifiable reason not to buy a litter box that will perform well and provide your cat with a comfortable pooping experience. Taking advantage of the newest technological advancements in this particular product line, an automatic self-cleaning litter box for your cat or dog will do wonders for your experience of being a pet owner.


    An automatic self-cleaning litter box must have intrigued you by now. It is the holy grail solution for pet pooping. But, you should be aware of some considerations before you buy an automatic litter box.


    What To Consider Before You Buy a Robot Litter Box


    Although automatic litter boxes sound like an amazing idea, there are several factors worth considering before buying them.


    Firstly, your automatic litter box should not be noisy because noise scares cats; scared cats would pose a huge problem when it comes to the whole littering situation because they would choose not to sit in the box.


    Automatic litter boxes are known to be expensive. So, purchasing a cost-effective box should be your topmost priority because purchasing these boxes is oftentimes a ‘trial and error’ situation because you never know if your cat feels comfortable with the box or not.


    Large pans and a robust body are imperative features of an automatic litter box because you would not want such a relatively expensive investment to break.


    Since a cat litter box should be scooped daily, every automatic litter box has to scoop litter daily without any spills or backing up.


    While a self-scooping litter box frees you of your everyday worries of scooping your litter box, unfortunately, the majority of litter boxes on the market do not meet any of these criteria as they are too problematic.


    List of 3 Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes for Cats & Dogs


    After careful consideration, research, and testing, we have come up with three of the best automatic self-cleaning boxes that are worth every dollar of your precious money. Here are our picks:


    Litter-Robot 3 Open Airis probably the best automatic litter box on the market. It is tested and known to be efficient due to its large litter trap capacity, one of the largest in the industry. It is easy to set up and possesses a large litter bed, enabling you to clean it out only a few times per week. Moreover, it is quiet and efficient as well as it effectively scoops up waste in a short time period without any wastages. Its clockwise and counterclockwise spinning globe allows the litter to easily fall down into its water receptacle, removing the gunkiest of litter without any manual intervention.


    However, $450 for a litter box is an expensive endeavor. The price and a malfunction problem make Litter-Robot 3 Open Air an option only for the most daring consumers. But, since it is the best in its class, it is definitely worth a shot.


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    Litter-Robot 3 Open Air


    Leo’s Loo Too Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Boxis probably the most innovative robot litter box on the market today. The level of accessibility when it comes to your cat littering activities is unmatched because this product allows you to remotely control it through an app on your smartphone.


    It also shows your cat’s littering activity through the Smarty Pear app. It annihilates germs and bacteria with its UV light which is known for disinfection. It is also a quiet option with only 30 decibels of sound production when it is scooping and sifting litter.


    However, these outstanding features come at a cost, a whopping $600. If you can afford it, Leo’s Loo Too is an exceptional option for a self-cleaning litter box because of its abundance of features that cannot be matched by Litter-Robot 3 Open Air itself.


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    Leo’s Loo Too Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box


    Premier Pet Auto-Clean Litter Box Systemis for those who hate odor. When a litter box is ignored for a few days in the week, the pungent smell of odor is a likely experience for pet owners.


    After you have attached this box with a waste bag, it will work on its own in disposing waste as its conveyor belt will transfer the waste into the bin or bag; a disposal free of any mess. It also has an activated carbon filter, a stand-out feature of this versatile litter box, which absorbs odor. Additionally, you also get a year's worth of supply of carbon litters.


    This effortless litter box allows you to replace and clean the litter bed once every few weeks, instead of a few times every week if you choose any other litter box. 


    Finally, its cost of $90 makes it an affordable option.


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    Premier Pet Auto-Clean Litter Box System

    Hidden Cat Litter Box Furniture Enclosures; Why Do I Need It?


    Litter boxes are known to stand out in your home’s interior for all the bad reasons, most of the time. If you want to preserve your interior design’s aesthetics and hide your litter box and all the disgust that goes with it, a litter box furniture enclosure is your best bet; your litter box will be hidden in plain sight and no one will ever notice it.


    List of 3 Hidden Cat Litter Box Furniture


    Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Boxis the ideal way to hide your litter box in the form of a piece of furniture that looks like a real clay pot. This piece of aesthetic furniture consists of a clay pot, a plant, and a hollow space in the middle where the litter box is situated.


    This product consists of a filtered vented system, an extremely helpful feature, as it allows you to control odor, hair, and dust in your house. The large size is designed for large cats as this litter box possesses a huge litter bed.


    For the price of $64.82, this litter box and idealistic plant pot is an amazing addition to any interior.


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    Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box


    Unipaws Designer Cat Houseis a multipurpose cat house which primarily serves as a huge litter box while being a furniture enclosed item. This is the ideal litter box and bed for your cat because it is easy to use as you simply have to pull out the tray bed from underneath and clean it.


    It is made of robust material in the form of hard wood and metal hinges to ensure durability and visual aesthetics.


    This multipurpose kitty house can be yours for $210; not a bad purchase.


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    Unipaws Designer Cat House


    New Age Pet Jumbo Litter Loois a pristine tabletop that comes in several alluring colors. Since it is made of a unique material called EcoFlex, this litter box will never absorb moisture, hence you can always clean any spillage without fearing the box to get ruined.


    It can be easily cleaned and serves as a beautiful table for you to put your keys or other decoration pieces. $184 is an amazing price given the sheer quality of this enclosed litter box.


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    New Age Pet Jumbo Litter Loo


    How To Train A Cat to Use A Litter Box


    As soon as your kitten arrives, the first thing you will do is show it your litter box. Make sure that you let your kitten sniff the box in order to boost its familiarity with it.


    Next, after a meal, make sure to put your kitten inside the litter box. Or if you feel that your kitten needs to go, as it will crouch or sniff, you should immediately put it inside the box. After you see it using the box, reward it by either giving your kitten a treat or playing with it.


    How To Stop Your Cat from Pooping Outside the Litter Box

    This is where your litter box comes into play. The litter box should be in pristine condition because it will invite the kitten to it. Moreover, it should be placed in an accessible position in the house to ensure ease of usage.


    Lastly, it should be comfortable for your cat or kitten and should be easy to climb into.


    Can You Train A Dog to Use A Litter Box


    Of course, you can. Similar to cats, dogs follow the same basic steps of training to use a litter box. You can show them the box by pointing to it and making them sit in whenever they show signs of having to go.


    When they poop in the box, rewarding them is always a good idea.