Best 6 Dog Safety Harnesses For Car

    Best 6 Dog Safety Harnesses For Car

    Selecting an appropriate dog vehicle harness for your pet might be a difficult task. There are several factors to consider before making a purchase, and there are hundreds of brands to choose from. Whether this is your first vehicle harness or not, sifting through all of the options and information on your own can be intimidating.

    Why Do You Need A Dog Safety Harness For Car?

    A dog vehicle harness will not only keep your dog safe while on the road, but it will also keep you safe. Driving with your dog unrestrained is as much of a distraction as texting or calling while driving.


    Driving with an uncontrolled dog is prohibited in the United Kingdom, Australia, and several states in the United States. Dog car harnesses are a secure and comfortable way to restrain your dog in the car, but you must check that it is of good quality and fits your dog properly.


    Other reasons include:

    • In case of an accident, a deployed airbag can harm an unstrapped dog in the front seat.
    • Dogs popping their heads out of the car window can get injured by external objects.
    • Should you come to a sudden halt or car crash, the harness helps to reduce the risk of a neck injury.
    • Anxious or excited dogs can move around freely or attempt to jump out of the window.
    • Harnesses help to protect large and small dogs from being thrown across or out of the car in high-speed situations.

    How To Choose The Best Dog Safety Harness For Car

    These are a few safety factors to consider before choosing a dog safety harness for a car.

    Crash Tested

    You should check to confirm if the harness has been crash-tested. Crash-tested dog harnesses are tested and trusted to stand up in the case of a collision. A crash-tested harness tends to be more expensive than others.


    A perfect fit is critical for safety, therefore you should choose a harness with multiple adjustment points. This will ensure that your dog fits comfortably in the harness, regardless of her size or shape. This is particularly critical for slender, lanky breeds like greyhounds and a few others.


    Durability should be considered before you splurge on a car harness. Dogs commonly move around during car rides. A poorly made harness can snap during these movements.

    Belt Attachment

    Although some harnesses come with a seat belt attachment included in the set upon purchase, most brands prefer to sell separately. Confirm if your brand has one in the kit or if you need to purchase it as a piece of additional equipment.


    Some of the best automobile harnesses can simply be detached from the vehicle and utilized as a regular harness. This makes it much easier to secure your dog, especially if you have to let it in and out numerous times during a single journey.


    To guarantee a proper fit, choose a harness size based on your dog's neck, length, and chest, measurements rather than its weight. Before you go out and buy a dog harness, make sure you have the correct measurements for your dog.


    Look for harnesses with features such as a padded chest plate, chafe-free padding, and long-lasting stitching and materials. Several brands provide these options.


    Check for harnesses with a wide strap that will fit your dog comfortably and will not cause discomfort. Wide straps distribute stress more evenly on your dog and create a much more comfortable fit than tiny straps.

    List Of 6 Best Dog Safety Harnesses For Car

    This is a list of some of the best dog harnesses that stand out in durability and quality and that are currently available on the market.

    Sleepypod ClickIt Sport Crash-Tested Car Safety Dog Harness

    This automobile dog harness is composed of tough ballistic nylon and has undergone extensive safety testing, according to the Center for Pet Safety. "It's unique in that it's truly crash-tested" is the review from a member of Rover's Dog People Panel and an expert trainer who highly recommends this dog vehicle harness.


    It has a three-point construction that prevents forward and sideways movement and connects directly to the seat belt. It has a D-ring leash attachment on the rear of the neck strap, so it may also be used as a walking harness.


    The harness is suitable for different ranges of dog breeds as it is available in four sizes S, M, L & XL. It can fit dogs as large as 90 pounds.


    • 100% crash certified
    • Great design
    • Color and Size variety
    • Reflective Stripes


    • Doesn't fit on tiny dogs

    PetSafe Happy Ride Deluxe Dog Car Harness

    The PetSafe car dog harness is one that is super easy to strap on your dog. This design includes frontal padding that makes it very comfortable for dogs. Furthermore, the harness comes with a leash attachment that allows you to take your dog for a potty break or short walk conveniently. This strap can also be used to attach the dog to your car's seat belt.


    The PetSafe Car Safety Dog Harness is our top value selection because of its many extra features that make it the best dog car harness for the money. This harness has undergone crash testing and is available in a variety of sizes to fit any dog.


    There is plenty of padding to keep your pet comfortable and safe in the event of a collision, and several attachment choices make it simple to discover the ideal way to safely belt your pet.


    • Multiple size options
    • Several attachment options
    • Fitted with enough padding
    • Crash test certified


    • Quite difficult to strap on the dog

    Kurgo Impact Safety Harness

    Kurgo's high-quality harness is made of a single piece of high-tensile tubular webbing. The all-steel Nesting Buckle System is designed from the same material as those used to ensure the strength and safety of harnesses used by rock climbers and linemen.


    For comfort and protection, it incorporates a padded, broad chest plate that is meant to minimize forward motion in the case of a quick stop or contact. This design also comes crash tested.


    The Kurgo dog vehicle harness is a lightweight all-purpose harness with a 10-inch tether seat belt to keep your dog safe while you are driving. It's a light harness that dogs will feel comfortable wearing. It also comes with a D-ring for attaching a leash for pee breaks or walking.


    • Tether belt
    • Lightweight
    • Leash attachment inclusion


    • Size discrepancy
    • Poor padding

    Might Paw Safety Harness

    The Mighty Paw Car Dog Harness is a weatherproof harness that may be used for a variety of tasks. It has breathable fabric and light padding, making it pleasant for your pets to wear on long walks and drives. For extra adaptability and control over your pet, you can attach a leash to the front or back of the harness. The tethers are simple to adjust, and it is easy to put on and take off.


    • Easily Adjustable
    • Weatherproof
    • Two-way leash attachment
    • Light breathable padding


    • No seat belt attachment
    • 100% plastic

    Lukovee Dog Car Harness

    This car dog harness is a budget harness option for keeping your canine friend safe while traveling or driving. It is fitted with a leash attachment ring that keeps your dog controlled during ground movement.


    Sourced from mesh fabric, it slips quite easily over the dog’s head. It also comes with an elastic cord attachment for the seat belt that is designed to prevent sudden uncontrolled movements should your car stop suddenly. This harness comes in six sizes and several colors including a super small size for a tiny dog or a puppy.


    • Size and color variety
    • Quick-release straps
    • Breathable fabric
    • Elastic seat belt


    • Not crash-tested
    • Thin material

    VavoPaw Dog Vehicle Safety Vest Harness

    You should consider this VavoPaw car dog harness if standard car harnesses don't fit your vehicle. When you don't have an open seat belt in the back seat to fasten a harness into or your vehicle's seat belt buckles aren't a universal size, this harness is a practical choice that can easily help to fix compatibility difficulties.


    The VavoPaw harness allows you to tie the harness's safety belt to your car's headrest rod or latch bar with the carabiner. In addition to this, the harness is sourced from robust Oxford cloth to keep your pet secure and comfy.


    • Size variety
    • Quick-release buckle
    • High-quality strap


    • Size discrepancy

    More Dog Car Safety Tips

    • If you are going on a road trip, make sure to rightly pack all your dogs supplies such as water and dog treats
    • Stop regularly for your dog to take a potty break
    • Keep your dog busy with some toys
    • Do not leave your dog alone in a hot car
    • Confirm the dog laws in the new location you are heading towards


    This guide is a comprehensive one to help you choose the best dog harness for your furry friend without any stress. Remember to consider your dog's size and comfort before you make a decision.