Best camping tents to make your trip more enjoyable

    Best camping tents to make your trip more enjoyable

    Are the Camping Tents Good?

    Whenever you plan to go on a trip with friends, especially somewhere in the open mountains or any other similar place like this that does not have any proper establishment, the first thing that comes to your mind is the place where you and your friends will be staying. This is where camping tents come in to solve this problem for all people who want to enjoy a comfortable stay in such areas. Camping tents are very easy to carry as they can be folded and put in a bag to be carried around. There are many camping tents in the market. Each is separated according to its features and the price tag that it is being sold. The camping tents are majorly used by those who love to travel, and the majority of the customers are those who like to travel places by road so that they can stop anywhere they want and set up a tent where they can stay. Camping tents are not only used to travel, but many people set a camp in their backyard so that the kids can play in it or for any other purpose.

    What should you consider while buying a Camping tent?

    There are many camping tents available in the market at different prices; each has its specification and feature, and it has its own market recognition. The question is, what will be the best camping tent for people to use, especially to travel. There are many things that should be considered while buying the best camping tent to make your trip better.

    The first main thing that you should be considering is the number of people that will be using the tent, which means the size or the capacity of the tent.

    The second thing to make sure about is the durability of the camping tent to survive in the possible conditions.

    Apart from these, other main things that should be considered are:

    • The weight of the tent so that it is easily carried around
    • The ventilation system of the tent
    • The material of the tent is also very important as it will tell how much time the camping tent will last
    • The additional features in a tent are also something that should be kept in mind because many companies are charging additional prices on their tent for additional features. The last main thing is to have a specific budget in mind to choose the best camping tent.

    The Top Best camping tents review 

    REI Grand Hut 4

    The REI grand hut 4 is one of the best camping tents available in the market due to the superb quality it has, and not only that, but the tent is also available at a very affordable price. The interior of the camping tent also has the factor of easy use. This camping is made so that it can easily withstand extreme weather conditions as well; the reason behind this is that the material used in this camping tent is very strong. Along with its durability, the Grand hut 4 also can be easily packed and set up to the point where it needs to be. In comparison to all the factors this camping tent has, it is clear that it is remarkably one of the best purchases in the price tag that it is being sold.


    • The price is very affordable 
    • It can be easily set up and packed
    • The material used in it is high quality
    • The capacity is also large enough


    • As the height is tall so it won't do well in a windy environment
    • The guy lines are not pre-attached

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    REI Kingdom 6

    REI's kingdom 6 is one of those camping tents in the market that is very well designed and has huge storage pockets. The camping also has some room dividers that let the user create more space in the tent. This camping tent is free from all the rain problems and is well protected from all of the sides; and also has a storage box that is best for storing the wet gear. This camping tent is very big in size, but it can still fit into a proper case that can also be easily carried around on your shoulders. This camping tent is a very good option in terms of the price that it is being sold at, and if anyone buys it, they won't get disappointed.


    • there is enough room for people to stand in the tent
    • the material used in it is very good
    • there is a proper room divider with two large doors as well
    • the carrying case for it is amazing


    • the price is high
    • as the tent is tall, it will get affected by heavy winds
    • Guy lines are not reattached

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    REI Co-op Half Dome SL 2+ & 3+

    Many people don't buy camping tents that are huge, and that is because most of them don’t stand during heavy winds; therefore, the REI Half Dome SL 2+ and 3+ is one of the camping tents that is smaller and does the job for you without any trouble. Yes there might be some problems with it like the person won't be able to stand inside the tent but on the other hand, this tent can easily stay still in bad weather. The tent is also very affordable and doesn't take any space in your car or bus if you are carrying it around. This tent is considered to be a very solid tent, and anyone can use it anywhere in any weather possible.


    • The solid material is used in this tent
    • Lightweight and very easy to carry around
    • There are pockets in it, the zippers are very smooth, and there is also proper ventilation.


    • It is expensive according to the size of it
    • The person cannot stand inside the tent
    • Guy lines are not reattached

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    Eureka Space Camp 4

    The eureka Space Camp 4 is one of the leading camping tents in the market, and that is because of how finely the manufacturers make it. The camping tent has almost vertical walls, and the rainfly is also made with versatility that it doesn't allow the rain to be stored on top of the tent. The tent also has vestibules that keep the gear of the user safe from the rain or any bad weather. This camping tent also has a very good ventilation system due to the low vent door. Although this Space camp 4 has a limited height of 5ft 6 inches, it is still a standard size, but you can get a taller size in different models. In conclusion, the Space camp tents are one of the highest quality tents available in the market.


    • The standard height is very good
    • The material used in this tent is very solid
    • Vertical walls and versatile rainfly to protect from bad weather
    • Amazing ventilation system due to low vent door


    • Due to the tall height, the camp won't do good in extreme wind
    • It is expensive

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    Coleman Octagon 98

    The Coleman octagon 98 is a very spacious camping tent that allows the user of tall heights to stand in the tent. This camping tent is well built and has a spacious interior that allows the user to use it accordingly. This camping tent has a special door that is hinged, and due to that, the person can go in and out without any problem. This tent is big in size and is also heavier than other tents on the market, so it becomes difficult for one person to set it up, so to set it up properly. The structure of this tent is made so that it remains very solid and still in heavy winds as well; therefore, this is very common in the tents that get affected by heavy winds. Therefore, this camping tent is considered the best, especially for the families who want to enjoy their time in a luxurious tent.

    • The price is very affordable
    • There is enough room for a person to stand
    • The material used in it is very solid
    • Has a room divider and mats as well.
    • The weight is heavy
    • The pockets made for storage could be better
    • There is no access to the events from the inside

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    Which camping tent is the best choice?

    We have reviewed the best camping tents available in the market with detailed product descriptions, pros, and cons. You need to go through the details and choose the best camping tent that suits all your needs. You need to look for the one that is spacious enough for the people traveling, along with being sturdy, easy to carry and set up.