Best Compact Treadmill for Home: The Proform Cadence, Evolve Compact Treadmill, and FitNation Treadwell Compact Portable Treadmill

    Best Compact Treadmill for Home: The Proform Cadence, Evolve Compact Treadmill, and FitNation Treadwell Compact Portable Treadmill

    What is a Compact Treadmill?

    A compact treadmill is a small sized, sleek, light weight and portable treadmill which allows you to conveniently work out from the comfort of your home.

    Additionally, the compact treadmills are designed for people with a busy lifestyle and have small spaces at their homes. It can fit even in the limited apartment spaces.

    The small size and sleek design enables you to store it away easily.

    What Are the Benefits of Having a Compact Folding Treadmill?

    The advantages of compact foldable treadmill especially if you have limited space or you have a busy lifestyle and have no time for the gym are:

    • When folded, it becomes small in size which allows you to store it away easily. You can put it under the bed, couch, or other squeezed spaces.
    • Easy to clean- the foldable treadmill is easy to clean. First, since you are using it at home alone, it will rarely accumulate a lot of dirt as compared to the shared gym treadmills. Also, cleaning a compact and foldable treadmill is fast and easy.
    • Easy Portability- a foldable treadmill is compact which makes it easy to carry around and exercise at your convenience, unlike the heavy-duty treadmills which are quite heavy to move around.

    The best compact and foldable treadmill is the:

    Proform Cadence Compact 500 Folding Treadmill

    The Proform Cadence Compact folding allows you to work out from the comfort of your home. True to its name, the Proform Cadence 500 is compact sized, lightweight and foldable which makes it ideal for small spaces such as apartments.


    • Product Dimensions: 64.75 x 39.38 x 54.50 Inches
    • Recommended Exercises: Running, Walking, and hill climbing
    • Belt Width: 16
    • Maximum Incline: 10%
    • Maximum Weight: 300 lbs
    • Horsepower: 0 HP
    • Foldable: Yes
    • Fitness Goal: Lose Weight, Gain Muscle, Improve general wellness and Health  
    • Product Weight: 154.53 lbs

    Features: Proform Cadence Compact 500 Treadmill

    • Large LCD Display Screen-the treadmill has a large LCD screen that is easy to read. It gives you important information regarding your workouts to make the sessions fruitful.
    • Integrated shelf- the treadmill has a shelf that can hold your devices or other items as you work out.
    • Mach Z motor- the treadmill comes with a self-cooling powerful Mach Z motor that can sustain you through long workout sessions.
    • Folding Space Saver Design- one of the important feature of this device is the foldable feature for easy storage especially if you have a small space.
    • 0 to 10% incline adjustment- The treadmill allows you to adjust the incline on a scale of 0-10%. The incline enables you to have more successful and intense workout.
    • A Wide Tread Belt- the size of the tread belt is 16 x 50 inches. The belt is recommended for people who are less than 6 feet tall.
    • 0-10 MPH Speed Controls- the treadmill has speed control ranging from 0-10 allowing you to workout at your phase.

    Do You Need a Compact Treadmill for Small Spaces?

    If you have a small space and still need to get daily dose of your workouts, consider buying compact equipment such as foldable compact treadmill. A compact and a foldable treadmill takes minimal space of your room. Once you are done with the workout, you can fold it and store it away in tight spaces such as under the bed or under the chair.

    Additionally, the compact and foldable treadmills are not heavy, so can easily move them around the house. They come with a wide range of work out friendly features to enable you burn calories and lose weight.

    If you are looking for an efficient compact treadmill for your apartment or small living space, consider the Horizon Evolve SG Compact treadmill. Here is a mini review of this treadmill.

    Horizon Evolve SG Compact Treadmill: The Best Compact Treadmill for Apartments

    The Horizon Evolve SG Compact treadmill has a higher number of positive reviews from it has received over the years.  It is made with strong materials to ensure its durability. When folded, it has minimal dimensions which makes it easy to store away and carry.

    So, if you are living in an apartment or any other limited space, this Evolve SG compact treadmill will suit your lifestyle.


    • Ultra-compact foldable design
    • Folds up to 10 inches high you can store it vertically or horizontally
    • No assembly required
    • Motor capacity: 1.5 CHP
    • Running belt size: 17x 45 inches
    • Weight: 99 lbs
    • Belt Speed: 1 to 6 mph
    • of Programs: 2
    • LCD Displays: time, speed, distance, calories
    • Maximum Weight: 250 lbs
    • Reading Rack: Yes
    • Speakers: Yes
    • Heart Rate Monitoring: Yes


    • Easy Storage and Stability- the Evolve SG treadmill has a compact blue print when folded which makes it easy to store and carry. You will only require a few seconds to unfold it and start exercising. It has rubber wheels on the front side to help in its mobility.
    • Simple to read controls- the LCD screen is well lit to enable you read important workout information. Additionally, the controls are easy to use.
    • The Evolve SG treadmill is not recommended for people above the 6 ft tall.
    • Preset workout Programs- The Horizon Evolve treadmill is specially designed for light home workouts. It has a low belt speed and does not have the incline settings. So, it only has two workout programs, the weight loss and the manual. Therefore, you can only walk or jog on this treadmill.
    • Horse power-

    The Horizon Evolve Compact SG treadmill is a basic home treadmill. It does not have a wide range of programs but it will help you burn calories and burn fat. So, if your goal is to lose weight, you can accomplish that with this treadmill.

    A Portable Treadmill Easy to Carry with a Small Footprint

    If you love home workouts but do not have adequate space, it’s time to rethink. There are several compact, small sized and sleek treadmills that you can comfortably use even in your extremely small space.

    You can use It any time at your convenience while sitting down. Although they are not much powerful compared to heavy-duty treadmills, they can burn your calories and help you lose weight after dedicated use.

    One of these small sized, portable and easy to use treadmill is the FitNation Treadwell Compact and Portable treadmill.

    FitNation Treadwell Compact Portable Treadmill: Great for Seated Cardio Exercises at Home and Office


    • Weight: 26.5 lbs
    • Foldable: Yes
    • Cord Length: 6 inches
    • Dimensions: 21.25 x 17.24 x 5.3 inches
    • Speed settings: 10
    • Speed range: 0.5mph to 1.8mph
    • Only for use when seated. No standing
    • Remote controlled: Yes
    • Maximum weight capacity: 110 lbs

    Having an extremely compact gym equipment that allows you to exercise while being comfortable is appealing to most people. That is what you get with the FitNation Treadwell compact treadmill.

    It is extremely light weight, highly portable and easy to use. You do not have to stand to work out with this treadmill. You can go on with your work or enjoy sitting on the couch as while exercising at the same time. So, there’s no excuse for not exercising. You can keep this treadmill underneath you where you can only exercise your legs.


    • It is perfect for toning and cardio exercises without standing
    • Compact, sleek and lightweight for easy portability and easy storage. You can store it away in tight spaces such as under the bed or sofa.
    • It comes with 10 speed settings at a maximum speed of 1.8 mph
    • It comes with a remote control that you can time for 30 minutes.
    • It has a maximum incline of 10%
    • It has a timer for up to 30 minutes
    • It has a smooth motion with extremely low noise, so you can work or watch your favorite entertainment shows without any disturbance.

    So, if you are looking for an extremely compact, lightweight, portable and efficient treadmill for home and office workouts.  You will stay fit, burn calories and stay healthy in the long run.

    1. Consider a Compact Treadmill with an Incline

    Walking or running on a treadmill on an incline helps you achieve your fitness goals faster compared to exercising on a level treadmill.

    The incline adds hills to the treadmill which helps the user to burn high amount of calories thus more weight loss. Exercising on an incline on the treadmill enables you to target and workout different parts of the body at the same time. For instance, the belly, the glutes, lower leg muscles, the hamstrings. Additionally, it increases the heart beat rate.

    When you increase the intensity and speed on an incline, it causes you to burn high amount of calories, so you will lose weight faster.

    However, when working out on an incline, avoid adding high speed as you put stress to your joints resulting in an injury. If you are beginner, start by increasing the incline steadily from a range of 1% to 5%.