Best External Hard Drive – Where To Buy?

    Best External Hard Drive – Where To Buy?

    A hard drive stores the operating system, apps, documents, pictures, and music that the computer uses. Its different segmented compartments hold the data. The compartments can then be spread out all over the hard disk. When you have enough space on your computer’s hard disk, your computer will surely be fast. It won’t lag.


    In this article, we will discuss the best external hard drives that you can use on your computer, why you need a hard drive, and what to consider when buying one.


    Are External Hard Drives Good?

    External hard drives are the best to use if you want to have more data space. You can use it to store documents, photos, and videos that you don’t want to lose. Ideally, you can use an external hard drive for storage, backup, digital editing, gaming, and data sharing



    If you have unlimited space on your device, you can buy an external hard drive to ensure that all your data is safe.


    A computer hard drive can crash anytime and if you don’t have a backup, it can make you lose a lot of data. However, you can use an external hard drive to store the various backups.

    Digital Editing

    If you are creative and do a lot of video editing, photo editing, illustration, 3D rendering, audio editing, and other simulations. An external hard drive will help you.

    Data Sharing

    If you have some data that you want to transfer, you can use an external hard drive to transfer data to another device. A flash disk may not be that effective.


     Some games normally take up too much space. Hence, if your computer doesn't have enough space, you won't be able to enjoy playing on the device. When purchasing, ensure you purchase a specific external hard drive for gaming.


    What To Consider When Buying An External Hard Drive.


    These 5 tips can help you to make the best choice when getting a hard drive. We used these considerations to pick the best.

     Storage Size

    When going to buy a hard drive, you need to consider the storage that you need. It should be able to accommodate gaming, backups, data sharing, and much more.



    Your budget also plays a role in the kind of external hard drive that you can buy. You need to find one that will be pocket friendly and not make you strain too much.


    Drive Speed

    You also need to consider how fast the drive will be. You wouldn’t want to buy an external hard drive that will be slow even when transferring some data.


    Drive Connectivity

    You also need to consider drive connectivity. How compatible is it with the most common devices? Also, can it be able to connect with different USB cables?


    Size Of The Drive


    If you want a portable hard drive, you also need to consider its size. Will it be able to fit well in your backpack without seeming like a nuisance? Also, check yet brand because some of them are more long-lasting than others.


    Here Are 6 Best External Hard Drives




    1.   High Read Capability - Seagate Portable External Hard Drive


    Rating: 4.7

    Price: $62

    Buy from Amazon, Seagate store


    Reasons to buy:

    • It can be used on PS4, PC, Gaming Console, and Mac.
    • You can use it for both personal and business purposes.
    • It is highly portable.
    • Read speed of 120 Megabytes per second.


    This is one of the best hard drives that you can use to store and access 2 TB of content. You can easily back up your data on the drive effortlessly. It can work on both Windows and Mac computers.


    To set it up, you will need to connect the portable hard drive to a computer for easy recognition. The USB capability allows a plug-and-play simplicity.



    • It can be used on both Mac and Windows
    • It is easy to use, set up, and highly portable.
    • Furthermore, it is cost-friendly
    • It has a high read capability.



    • It doesn’t work on Linux
    • No security features.


    2 Best Overall:Lacie Rugged External Portable hard drive


    Rating: 4.7

    Price: $99

    Buy from Amazon, Lacie store, Best buy


    Reasons to Buy:

    • It allows both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 compatibility.
    • It has shock, dust, rain, and drop resistance.
    • Not only that but it can be used on Windows and Mac computers.


    This amazing Lacie external hard drive can be used on both a laptop and desktop. It is mostly recommended for personal use. It is one of the most secure external hard drives in the world.  Even if it drops a distance of four feet, it can’t spoil.  Moreover, even if it gets rained on, be assured that it won't get destroyed.



    • It is USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 compatible.
    • It features password protection to ensure your device’s data remains secure.
    • You get a 1-month complimentary Adobe Creative Cloud all apps plan after purchase.



    • The device's outlet and voltage may be different in certain regions of the world.


    3.   Most Secure-Toshiba Canvio External Hard Drive

    Rating: 4.7

    Price: $64

    Buy from Amazon, Toshiba, Curry’s 


    Reasons to buy:

    • Highly compatible with the USB 3.0.
    • Toshiba brand is one of the most trusted in the market.
    • It can be used on Windows and Mac devices.


    This is a powerful device that can be used to store media, for personal and business uses. It is highly portable, hence you can carry it wherever you want.


    It has a cache size of 4, a compact design, and a stylish finish. It features various color options. The choice is yours! It is easy to back up data on the device.



    • It has a stylish textured finish to suit your lifestyle.
    • It features automatic backup software.
    • It has password protection software.



    • It can’t be used on Linux OS.

    4.   Best For Gaming- Unionsine 750GB Portable External Hard Drive


    Rating: 4.5

    Price: $40

    Buy from Amazon, Newegg, ubuy, Walmart


    Reasons to buy:

    • It can be used on Mac or windows.
    • It is ideal for gaming on PS4, Xbox, Xbox One, and Xbox 360
    • 750 GB disk space.

    If you are looking for an ultra-thin external hard drive, this Unionsine drive will do the trick! It is highly recommended for space-saving use when gaming, to ensure it can even fit into your pocket. In addition, it doesn’t need any software installation for you to use it. It is highly portable with a read speed of 120 Megabits per second.



    • Highly portable
    • Ideal for gaming.



    • The outlets and voltage can defer in different countries and regions.


    5.   Fastest Transfer Speed- -Maxone External Hard Drive



    Rating: 4.6

    Price: $33

    Buy from Amazon, Walmart, eBay


    Reasons to buy:

    • It is ultra-slim, hence, highly portable.
    • It allows USB 3.0 use.
    • It can be used on Mac and Windows.
    • It can be used for gaming on PS4 and Xbox One.


    It features a 320 GB disk space with a reading speed of 625 megabytes per second with a cache size of 5 GB. It has one of the best sturdy metal designs of 0.4 inches thick. Its aluminum anti-scratch material delivers remarkable strength and durability. It can greatly improve PC performance with the added space.



    • It is compatible with most Windows versions, Linux, Xbox, PS4, and Mac.
    • It allows superfast transfer speed up to 5 GB/s.
    • It is ready to use without any external power supply of software
    • It can be used on a Chromebook.



    • It doesn’t have built-in security features.


    6.   Best for Digital Storage-WORUIJIA external hard drive


    Rating: 4.9

    Price: $48

    Buy from Amazon, ubuy


    Reasons to buy:

    • It is compatible with Mac, desktops, and laptops.
    • It is a portable 1 TB external hard drive.
    • It is recommended for digital storage.


    You can either buy the 1 TB or 2 TB external hard drive depending on your needs. This hard disk has a super high reading transmission which is 5 times faster than the usual hard drive. It is also 1x faster in writing than most external hard drives.


    The aluminum alloys shell offers great dissipation for durability and safety. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and much more. After 10 mins it tends to auto sleep to prevent any heat from forming and for data security.



    • It has a fast writing and reading speed.
    • It is shockproof and anti-drop proof.
    • It has a smart design and super strong compatibility.
    • Highly portable.
    • It comes in a variety of colors



    • It doesn’t work with Linux.


    Video About How To Choose A Good External Hard Drive

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    Where Can I Buy An External Hard Drive

    Here are some of the online stores where you can buy external hard drives.





    Click to Buy


    Seagate Portable External Hard Drive


    Amazon, Seagate store


    Lacie Rugged External Portable hard drive


    Amazon, Lacie store, Best buy


    Toshiba Canvio external hard drive


    Amazon, Toshiba, Curry’s


    UnionSine 750GB portable external hard drive


    Amazon, Newegg, ubuy, Walmart


    Maxone External Hard Drive


    Amazon, Walmart, eBay


    WORUIJIA external hard drive


    Amazon, ubuy