Best GPS Trackers for Kids in 2022:

    Best GPS Trackers for Kids in 2022:

    Kids want to spread their wings and fly, but how do they do that without getting their parents worried. Strapping a GPS tracker on a kid may seem like you’re imposing on his privacy, but there is no privacy in childhood. With a GPS tracker, you can afford your children unprecedented freedom without worrying that they’re putting a tiny object in their mouth.

    GPS trackers help parents keep an eye out for their children amidst the myriads of dangers they will encounter while playing. Since even toddlers want their space, these trackers establish boundaries and protections. A GPS tracker for kids provides information about a child’s exact location per-time; it is also used on objects like cars. GPS trackers were first used in military applications to determine a person or object’s location; they became publicly available in the ‘60s.

    A good GPS tracker can tell you the location of your child. It helps you know when they are on their way from school or lost in a crowd at a family outing. Moreover, you have the legal right to put a tracker on your child if you are the legal guardian of a child under eighteen. For the parent, a GPS tracker reassures you that your child is safe.

    A Quick Rundown of the Best GPS Trackers for Kids Today

    1.      Best Overall GPS Tracker: Verizon Smart Locator

    This GPS tracker is a keychain-style device powered by a cell phone provider. It features 10 feet of water resistance, geofencing, and long battery life.

    2.      Best Performance: AngelSense GPS Tracking Device for Kids

    This tracker has excellent performance, especially with the recent update. It comes with a long-lasting battery, an SOS call feature, and fall detection.

    3.      Best Features GPS Tracker:

    This tracker is camera-enabled, waterproof, and runs on a 4G network; it lets you contact and track your child. Lil Tracker 4G GPS Pro Watch

    4.      Best Protection GPS Tracker: LynQ

    LynQ features a carabiner-like design that attaches without being obvious. It features a three-day-powered battery with a strong enough signal to be detected three miles away.

    5.      Best Affordable GPS Tracker: Apple Watch SE

    This is Apple’s latest fitness wearable watch that is affordable and tailor-made; it has a Family Setup feature that lets you track your kid.

    6.      Best Convenient GPS Tracker: Jiobit Smart Tag GPS Tracker

    The Smart Tag GPS tracker is a small but top-rated tracker that parents can clip onto their kids’ clothing or shoes to know where they are.

    7.      Best Communication Tracker: Relay

    This tracker combines the best of being a walkie-talkie phone type and GPS tracker. It has a screenless phone with which you can communicate through your child and an associated app to track their movement.

    8.      Best Tracking GPS Tracker: Tracki

    Tracki can track anything to anywhere; it tells you the exact location of your child. It gives you alerts when your child steps outside a pre-approved zone.

    9.      Best Accurate Tracker: Samsung SmartThings

    Samsung’s SmartThings Tracker provides detailed information of a child’s whereabouts, whether indoors or outdoors.

    10.  Best User-Friendly GPS Tracker: Geozilla

    Geozilla is a small, user-friendly GPS tracker equipped with smartphone-like functions and lets you keep track of your child.

    11.  Best Dual-Function GPS Tracker: AngelSense Kids’ GPS Tracker

    This can be used to track down children with special conditions like Dementia and Autism. However, its real-time location bells and smart features make it useful to anyone interested.

    12.  Best GPS Tracker for Kids: TicTalk4

    This tracker is a self-sufficient smartphone-like-GPS tracker carefully curated for children between ages five and twelve.

    The Best GPS Trackers for Kids to Buy in 2022

    Best for Accuracy:

    1. Tracki

    Tracki is a waterproof GPS tracker that you can use to track anything, including the whereabouts of your little one. The device has unlimited distance real-time tracking featuring 4G LTE plus extra triband. You can use the tracker anywhere in the USA and worldwide; it features an international SIM card slot. This tracking device is small and lightweight; it comes with a strong magnet, dog collar, waterproof silicon cover, key chain, and lanyard.

    Tracki comes with a rechargeable battery life of up to five days, depending on how often you use it. If you don’t use the device for real-time tracking, it lasts thirty to seventy-five days, with one to three tracking times per day. Tracki works with GPS satellites when used outdoors as its primary tracking technology works best outside. Its secondary backup tracking technology is Wi-Fi, which it uses when used indoors. The tracker gives off real-time alerts when it crosses a geo-fence zone set by you.

    The device is cutting-edge technology that’s easy to set up and starts working within a few minutes. The device is compatible with all internet browsers, iOS and Android.


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    2. Samsung SmartThings

    Samsung SmartThings GPS Tracker supplies detailed and accurate information on the location of a child, whether used indoors or outdoors. It uses GPS location technology when used outdoors and Wi-Fi positioning when used indoors. The SmartThings Tracker features an accelerometer and three colored LEDs that work hand-in-hand to consistently track your child for seven days per charge. However, this device only works with Android at the moment.

    You can easily attach the Samsung’s SmartThings to your child’s backpack or any other personal belongings. It features geo-fending, which allows you to mark safe territories for your kid, setting off alerts when he crosses them. The tracker’s geo-fencing tag alerts you when your kid enters and exits a location by triggering the lights. With a strong connection to your smartphone, you can track and mark your kid’s location periodically.

    The tracker features an iP68 water resistance rating that improves its shelf life and cellular service included for the first twelve months.

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    Best For Dual Function:

    1. AngelSense Kids’ GPS Tracker

    AngelSense tracker is one of the best as far as performance and functionality go. The tracker features a recent update that lets its battery last up to 30% longer than the prior version. It also comes with newly-added features, SOS call, and fall detection; this device is better than ever. However, these features are only a few of the laundry of features this tracker has.

    AngelSense GPS Tracker is a multi-functional device; its other functions include live location tracking, speakerphone, and geo-fencing. It offers a non-removable wearing option and unlocks by key, which is great for kids with special needs. The downside to this tracker is that although it is cheap to buy upfront, a monthly subscription of $33.

    The device features sleeves that you can easily attach to your child’s clothes, bags, backpacks, inside pockets, or anywhere. You can get an optional non-removable belt that provides secure wearing; this is sensor-friendly, easily hidden, and doesn’t stand in the way.

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    2. TickTalk 4

    TickTalk 4 is not just a tracker; it is a self-sufficient smartphone-like GPS tracking device for kids. It is a kids’ smartphone watch that contains Wi-Fi calling services, voice, and video. This device lets you do all sorts of activities, including texting, enjoying music, and clicking pictures. The device is great for older children between ages five and twelve; it can even be a gift. TickTalk 4 features powerful GPS tracking technology with geo-fencing that parents can use to track and protect their kids.

    You can use any smartphone or tablet to access this virtual boundary you create for your kid. The device offers instant alerts and is hypersensitive to activities. There are no games installed within the system of TickTalk 4, but there’s a generous stream of kids’ stories and music. This kids’ GPS tracker is excellent for dual functionality, teaching your child self-reliance while offering you uninterrupted communication with them.

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    3. Geozilla

    Geozilla is a small-sized GPS tracker, a user-friendly device that lets you keep track of your child. The gadget is equipped with functions similar to those on a smartphone; it contains a central button with an SOS symbol marked on it. This SOS button sends an emergency text automatically when a child is in an unfavorable situation. The device works with a geozilla app that’s free of cost and available for Android and iOS.

    The geozilla application uses Google maps to mark the concise and exact status of your kid’s current location. It will typically nudge you repeatedly at set intervals to assure you that your child is safe. The app lets you add the home and school areas and your child’s workspace. If your child leaves or enters a pre-approved place, the tracker will send an alert.

    Geozilla GPS tracker has a peculiar function, the Driving Protection feature; this comes in handy when your child is in motion or traveling.


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    Best for Optimum Protection:

    1. LynQ

    This tracking device is perfect for tracking people, including children, anywhere with or without a cell phone. The device provides accurate information on the distance and direction of your child in remote areas, crowds, schools, and everywhere under the sun. LynQ features a display showing your child’s real-time distance and direction every time. It also has a function that lets you create a closed private network for groups with up to twelve members.

    This GPS tracker offers optimum protection with its long-range feature and the long-lasting nature of its battery. The device has a range of up to three miles and three days in mixed-use. It alerts you through system light up, vibration, or ringing when your child leaves a designated safe zone. LynQ features proprietary technology that redefines the potential of peer-to-peer location sharing.

    This device is government tested; it features a sturdy design with waterproof features and durability that makes it withstand any climate. It features a rugged carabiner clip that you can attach to your kid’s clothing, gear, pocket, or pouch.

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    2. Lil Tracker 4G GPS Pro Watch

    This is a waterproof, camera-enabled GPS tracker pro; it provides multiple features that lets you contact and track your child. It features a fun and colorful design so that kids can wear it with pride. The tracking watch synchronizes with your phone and directly to the tracker’s app, which supports Android and iPhone. The device has an SOS button that your child can press and hold on to; the connected phone immediately calls you.

    If you don’t pick the call, the tracker will automatically call two more people in your chosen priority list. This tracker is packed with lots of technologies, including GPS + LBS + Wi-Fi positioning for getting your child’s location. It also has an electronic fence that alerts you should your child leave a preset area. There’s also the high-sensitivity mic that lets you listen to your child’s area.

    Other features in this device include two-way communication, SOS one-key call, fitness tracker, digital camera, and 4G networks. It also features an iP67 waterproof rating to protect it from bad weather and ensure it lasts long.

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    Best GPS Tracker with Long Battery Life:

    1. Verizon Smart Locator

    This GPS tracker features a keychain style; it is powered through the cell phone provider of many users. Using the Verizon Smart Locator, you can keep track of your child; it features a simple design that facilitates easy and fast setup. It also has an application that allows you to set up geofencing zones and check your child’s location through your smartphone. The device combines GPS, network coverage, and Wi-Fi-based positioning to track people and things with impressive accuracy.

    Verizon Smart Locator features 4G LTE connectivity which provides a nationwide connectivity range, depending on your network coverage. It also contains the Smart Locator Hub app that gives you remote control from your smartphone; the app is available for Android and iOS. Simply attach this GPS tracker to your child, and you can tell where they are at any time. The Locator offers a long-time use through its built-in 400 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Plus, it has a water-resistant design that you can submerge in water up to 3.28 inches for thirty minutes without damaging it.

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