Best Jetson Rave Hoverboard (2022 Reviews): How To Choose

    Best Jetson Rave Hoverboard (2022 Reviews): How To Choose

    Are you thinking of getting a hoverboard? Then you should consider getting the best Jetson hoverboards on the market. They are affordable, durable, and fun to use.

    You will enjoy using the hoverboard without any doubt. However, you also need to consider the purpose of the hoverboard. Is it intended for an adult or kid? That will help you to choose the best Jetson hoverboard of all time.

    What Is A Hoverboard?

    A hoverboard resembles a skateboard and scooter. However, it doesn’t feature any handles. Hoverboards function the same as powered skateboards. Most hoverboards are powered by lithium-ion batteries and are powerful. Even If you are not sure of how to drive a hoverboard, you can easily learn.

    The hoverboards normally have some amazing features. You can easily adjust the tilt of the hoverboard to maintain balance. It also has some microprocessors that regulate the power output of the wheels. The battery also accommodates the electric power for your hoverboard.

    The motor also helps to provide power to the wheels to keep the rider balanced all through. Also, when choosing a hoverboard, consider whether it is UL certified for the sake of the user’s safety.

    List Of Top 6 BestJetson Hoverboards.

    1.Best PerformanceJetson Rave Hoverboard

    Rating: 4.6

    Price: $199.99

    Buy at Jetson

    The Jetson Rave hoverboard has some incredible killer light patterns that illuminate the wheels and the frame. You will get one of the best riding experiences of all time.

    Additionally, this hoverboard will provide diverse levels of sensitivity for quick and sporty moves. It also features Bluetooth speakers that allow you to listen to any of your favorite jams in your comfort while riding.

    No more boring rides. It also has an app that enables you to customize the ride as you wish. What more can you ask for?


    • Beautiful LED lights
    • Powerful motor to make it easy to ride your hoverboard.
    • Bluetooth's speakers


    • It is more appropriate for intermediate to expert riders.

    2.Best For Rough Roads-Jetson Spin All-Terrain Hoverboard


    Rating: 4.4

    Price: $199

    Buy at Amazon, Jetson.

    The Jetson Spin all-terrain hoverboard is one of the best on the market. It has some LED lights that help to illuminate the riding surface. It also features some anti-slip grip pads that help you to still be balanced even when you use the breaks.

     Furthermore, it also features an active balance technology to ensure you are safe all through. With a full charge, you can ride it up to a range of 7 miles. Ideally, it is appropriate for kids, teenagers, and adults.


    • It is ideal for teenagers from 13 years to adults.
    • The LED lights illuminate the road for you.
    • All-terrain tires are designed to handle most off road rides
    • It has a strong braking system
    • It runs on electric power.


    • It is not ideal for children.

    3.Best For Teenagers And Adults-Jetson Impact Hoverboard


    Rating: 4.1

    Price: $249

    Buy at Jetson

    This Jetson all-terrain hoverboard will leave you craving for more. The rims are well modified to ensure you don’t feel the impact when riding on rough surfaces. It also has a lighting effect that illuminates the surface while riding. You will enjoy riding this hoverboard.

    It has a 400 Watt powerful motor that allows you to achieve a 12-mile range. Therefore, you can achieve a 12mph capability. It also features an active balance technology that provides one of the smoothest natural ride experiences. This makes it ideal for any stunts.


    • It is easy to ride.
    • It has a 400Watt power capability.
    • You can easily use it to listen to your music through Bluetooth.
    • It has a powerful brake system.
    • It can be used on different roads.
    • Ideal for children from 13 years and above.


    • It can only accommodate a weight of 220lbs.

    4.Best LED Lights Illumination-Jetson Luminous All-Terrain Hoverboard.

    Rating: 4.3

    Price: $199.99

    Buy at Jetson

    Are you looking for one of the most powerful hoverboards? Look no further! You can consider this plasma illuminated hoverboard.

    It has a beautiful pattern that flows through the decks and wheels when riding. In addition, it also features all-terrain tires and an anti-slip grip mat. You will enjoy using the hoverboard and get to your destination fast.


    • Its powerful motor will let you reach your destination fast.
    • It is also made of powerful technology to ensure you have fun while riding.
    • It has great LED lights that illuminate the skateboard all the time.


    • It doesn’t allow Bluetooth connectivity.

    5.Most Powerful Foot Pads-Jetson Strike Hoverboards


    Rating: 4.3

    Price: $130

    Buy at Jetson

    What is your experience with riding hoverboards? I bet you will love riding the Jetson strike hoverboard type. It has one of the best-LED lights wheels with anti-slip grip pads on the deck. The ride will never disappoint you.

    It also has a 400Watt powerful motor to ensure you can ride on any part of the road. With a full charge, it can go for a 10 miles range. How much better could it get?


    • It is fun to ride
    • It is powerful, lightweight, and durable
    • You can go at a speed of 9mph
    • It also has some sports LED lights on the wheels to offer the best visual effect.
    • It also has powerful foot pads to offer the best maximum grip.


    • It is ideal for intermediate and expert riders.

    6.Easiest To Ride-Jetson Magma All-Terrain Hoverboard


    Rating: 4.3

    Pricing: $179.99

    Buy at Jetson

    How about experiencing a smooth ride? You should try the Jetson Magma hoverboard! You will testify to the great riding experience.

    It is great for beginners to expert riders. Therefore, no one will be left behind. You can also use it for an 8-mile range without any problem at a speed of up to 10mph. It is durable and made from high-quality materials.


    • It has a powerful 400W motor.
    • The edge outlines light-up color all around the hoverboard.
    • It is easy to ride on the hoverboard.


    • It doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity capability.

    How To ChooseJetson Hoverboards

    There are some things that you need to consider before actually buying a hoverboard.

    1.        Hoverboard Type And Brand

    When buying a hoverboard, consider buying one from a reputable brand. In as much as hoverboards seem the same, you need to consider one that will last longer.

    If you make the mistake of buying one that is not even suitable for your area, you will regret it. Therefore, always check for the best in the market. The Jetson hoverboards are one of the best that won’t let you down.

    2.    High-Quality Materials

    Whenever you want to buy a hoverboard, consider checking the materials it is made of. If you choose a hoverboard made from cheap quality material, you will be back on the market soon enough.

    Therefore, ensure you choose quality over quantity. You better spend a huge amount on a hoverboard rather than having to use the money to maintain and repair it. Also, ensure that the hoverboard is UL certified for more safety.

    3.    Wheel size

    When buying a Jetson hoverboard, you also need to consider the wheel size. Do you think the size will accommodate your needs? Where will you be using the hoverboard?

    Once you get an answer to this, you will be in a better position to choose the most ideal hoverboard for you. Some hoverboard wheels range from 6 inches to up to 10 inches.

    4.    Weight And Height

    Also, when buying a hoverboard, consider the amount of weight that it can accommodate. This is because if you choose wrongly, it won't serve the purpose.

    Most of the Jetson hoverboards tend to have a description that shows the appropriate weight and height of the user. You should try not to defile that.

    5.     Speed And Range

    How do you want to be using your hoverboard? Well, then you need to consider the speed the hoverboard can go and also the range. It is important to know that.

    At the end of the day, you need a hoverboard that will satisfy all your travel needs with a full charge. Also, speed matters and can differ based on whether you are a beginner or expert rider.

    1. Comparison withjetson rave hoverboard


    Jetson Rave hoverboard

    Hover 1 dream electric hoverboard

    GOTRAX Nova hoverboard

    Max Speed




    Max range

    10 miles

    6 miles


    Product Weight








    Recommended weight




    Bluetooth connectivity





    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Is  Jetson Rave hoverboard a good brand?

    Yes, it is one of the best on the market.

         2.How much does a Jetson Rave hoverboard cost?

    A Jeston rave hoverboard costs $200 only.

         3.Isthe Jetson Rave hoverboard waterproof?

    Yes, they are water-resistant. However, you still need to take care of it.