Best Kids Slip and Slides and Buying Guide 2022

    Best Kids Slip and Slides and Buying Guide 2022

    What is a kid slip and slide?

    Slip and slide is a kid’s toy that combines a smooth plastic sheet and a wet mechanism. Invented by Robert Carrier, it was first manufactured in 1961 by Wham-O Company. The plastic sheet has holes that spray water making it slippery.

    For this, you need a water source such as water hose. When wet, children can safely slide on it. It is mostly used to cool off during the summer season.

    Types of kids slip and slides

    As you’d expect, there are different types of slip and slides for kids. And each comes with its unique features. For example, there’s a single-person slip and slide. As the name suggests, it is intended for one person. Another type is a two-person model. Here, two kids can slide simultaneously.

    Both types come with an inflatable bumper at the end to slow down the kid. This prevents him or her from hitting the ground. And to ensure maximum fun, they measure an average of 5.4 meters.

    This also allows the kid to slow down naturally before hit the rubber bump. While there are other types of slip and slides, only the above are ideal for kids. 

    How to choose the best kids slip and slides

    So what should you consider before buying slip and slides for your kids? Let’s find out.

    • Availability of space

    Since kids slip and slides are meant for outdoor activities, you need ample space to place it. Besides, there should be ample space behind, in front, and on both sides to mitigate bodily injuries. Also ensure the space you’ll be placing the toy if free from sharp objects which might penetrate through the plastic sheet.

    • Size of the slide

    Another aspect to consider is the size of the slide. Ideally, kids slip and slides are not overly long. On average, most slides will have a length of 10 meters. As such, ensure the space you’ll be placing the toy is longer than this. If you have young kids, you can opt for a 5.4 meter slide.

    • Quality

    You don’t want to buy a slide that will degrade within a few months. Rather, you want one that will serve you for years. This means you need to pay attention to type of material used. Most slides are made of nylon, PVC, or vinyl. Of the three, PVC is the most durable.

    • Safety features

    Since it is meant for kids, it should have safety railings to prevent the kid from going off balance. Besides, there should be a soft crash pad at the end to prevent the kid from hitting the ground. The material should also be smooth enough to prevent skin irritation.

    Here are best 8 kids slip and slides

    Jambo 20' Extra Long Double Slip Splash and Slide

    If you want an extra long slip and slide for your kids, this is the perfect choice for you. Measuring 20 feet, it enables your kids to experience the fun of sliding. And since it comes with double lanes, your kids will have an awesome time competing with each other. Besides, you get sprinklers on both sides to ensure maximum wetting.

    To ensure safe sliding, the slide is made of industry-standard PVC. As such, you can rest assured your kids won’t have bodily injury when having fun. Carrying it is also easy, just dry it up, fold it, and place it in a dry space. For extra fun, it comes with two body boards.


    • Allows two people to slide simultaneously
    • Made of quality PVC
    • Has sprinklers on both sides
    • Comes with body boards


    • It does not have safety railings

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     BANZAI Triple Racer

    Do you have three kids? Why not get them this triple racer slip and slide. It comes with three lanes allowing three kids to slide simultaneously. And thanks to its 82 inches wide measurement, your kids won’t bump on each other, preventing bodily injury.

    Like most premium slip and slides, it has a crash pad at the end of the slide, which prevents your kids from hitting the ground. This type is made of vinyl, which is not as durable as PVC. Nonetheless, it will sure guarantee safe sliding to your kids.


    • Comes with three lanes
    • Has an elegant design
    • Lightweight so you can carry with ease
    • Long enough for safe sliding


    • It is made of vinyl
    • Does not have safety railings

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    BANZAI Home Run Splash Baseball Slide

    If you are looking for more than sliding, this is the perfect choice.  It combines sliding with splash baseball ensuring your kids have quality fun time. Besides, this improves their cognitive function and alertness as they play baseball while sliding.

    You get water sprinklers on all sides and on the baseball bat, significantly improving the playing experience. All you need is a water horse and you are good to go. The sprinklers ensures the surface stays wet throughout the gaming session.


    • Combines sliding with baseball
    • Lightweight design
    • Does not take up much space
    • Improves a kids physical endurance


    • The slide does not come with safety railings
    • Wind tends to throw the ball off balance

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    Jasonwell Slip and Slide Lawn Toy

    Slip and slides are not only met for kids, but also adults. And this slide allows you and your kids to enjoy sliding together. Designed for adults and kids, it is made of quality Vinyl material ensuring your sliding won’t affect your kids experience.

    As you’d expect, it has strong sprinklers at the middle ensuring the surface stays wet throughout the game. To spice up the sliding experience, it comes with two body boards. This also prevents your kids from going off balance. At the end of the slide, you get a crash pad that slows you down.


    • Made of thick vinyl
    • Ideal for kids and adults
    • Extra-long for improved sliding


    • The sprinkler does not wet the surface, rather, the water goes beyond the slide.

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    TEAM MAGNUS Slip and Slide

    Looking for a long slip and slide to spice up your summer months? Well, why not get yourself the Magnus slide. It is 18 feet long allowing your kids to enjoy quality sliding. It ensure ample wetting, it comes with water sprinklers at the center.


    • Extra-long design
    • Durable material ensuring long use
    • Comes with a crash pad


    • The slide does not have safety railings

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    WOW Sports Giant Backyard

    Let’s face it, whether you are a kid or an adult, we want that extra adrenaline. With this giant slip and slide, your kids’ adrenaline will be pumped up thanks to the unique design of the slide. The unique future is the zigzag water spray that spices up the sliding experience. You also get extra thick PVC material preventing bodily injuries.


    • Extra-thick material
    • Zigzag water sprinkler
    • Comes with body boards


    • Does not have a crash pad at the end of the slide

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    AnanBros Slip and Slide Inflatable Lawn

    Looking for the safest slip and slide? Well, this is the slide for you. Not only does it come with crash pad but also safety railings on both sides. The water sprinklers are placed at the center railing to ensure ample wetting. Your kids will also get body boards for safe sliding.


    • Comes with safety railings on both sides
    • Has a crash pad at the end
    • Comes with two body boards
    • Extra-long


    • The water sprinklers shoot water beyond the surface

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    TURNMEON Slip Lawn

    Finally, you can opt for this colorful kids slip and slide that will leave them wanting for more. it also comes with safety features such as crash pad, side railings, and body boards. As you can see, this slip and slide will ensure a safe sliding experience for your kids.


    • Comes with safety features
    • Has many water sprinklers
    • Colorful and an elegant design


    • Does not come with pins to hold it in place

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    What ages are kids slip and slides?

    Kids slip and slides are meant for different ages. For example, you can get one for 3-year old, 10-year old, and more.

    Are kids slip and slides safe for toddlers?

    No, the toddler might slip outside the slide causing bodily injury. Besides, other kids might hit the toddler.

    Do slip and slides work on flat grounds?

    Yes, however, for better results, you should place them on a slant.