Best Microwaves 2022:Panasonic,Toshiba,AmazonBasics,Whirlpoo,Black+Decker

    Best Microwaves 2022:Panasonic,Toshiba,AmazonBasics,Whirlpoo,Black+Decker

    Why should I buy the best microwave

    The basic microwave is a faithful kitchen wonder worker, especially when you need dinner ready in a minute; it is no exaggeration to say that the basic microwave is a faithful kitchen wonder-worker. This handy tool makes everything simple, from reheating last night's leftovers to quickly frying a potatoes jacket before crisping it up in the oven.

    Freestanding microwaves, also known as solo microwaves, can be placed wherever on your kitchen counter, making them an affordable purchase if you're looking for a new model. They'll be ready to use as soon as you plug them in.

    Look for the following characteristics:

    Microwaves these days are meant to be more convenient and more aesthetically beautiful. Some variants now include touch controls and a door-release button instead of a handle on the door. Many also have more compact designs that can accommodate more giant turntables. A control lock for safety, quick-start buttons for convenience, and a self-clean capability, while the latter is uncommon, are all valuable features. Sensory programs have also been launched, determining your duration based on your weight and food type.

    Microwaves with intelligence are a relatively recent product on the market. You can control them with your phone or by speaking to Alexa or Google Assistant when they're connected. Some microwaves can even scan barcodes to determine the best settings!

    What factors should I consider before purchasing a microwave?

    Surprisingly, high wattage does not always imply excellent quality. Surprisingly, high wattage does not always mean superior quality.

    Microwave wattage: The higher the wattage, the faster it cooks. However, the Russell Hobbs RHRETMD706 Solo Microwave and the Hotpoint Cook 20 MWH 101 are tiny 700w machines that worked admirably in our tests, so don't be persuaded by this factor.

    Power levels: Most solo microwaves allow you to modify the power level to suit various foods; not all items should be microwaved on maximum power. Microwave items with a lot of liquid, including soups, beverages, or vegetables, on the highest setting. Use the medium location for ordinary chores like preparing ready meals, the low setting for delicate heating, and precise tasks like softening butter or melting chocolate.

    Auto-cook programs are available on some solitary microwaves, which regulate the power and time according to the type and weight of food. Pizza, popcorn, and frozen vegetables are just a few examples of popular shows. Also, look for convenient reheating and defrosting options.

    Microwave door with a clear view: You'd be shocked how many microwave doors are tough to look through. Invest in a model that allows you to see inside to avoid having to open the door constantly to check on the progress of your food.

    Child safety: To provide you peace of mind, certain microwaves have a child lock option. This option locks the control panel, preventing unsupervised youngsters from using the microwave and hurting themselves.

    The microwave oven has become a vital and convenient kitchen tool used by home cooks today, whether for warming up cold coffee, reheating leftovers plates, defrosting frozen foods for meal preparation, or cooking a microwavable meal quickly.

    Microwaves are convenient and straightforward to use, and unlike conventional ovens, they do not require preheating, which saves energy. You'll even find ideas for meals like chocolate fudge and steamed fish that you probably wouldn't think of cooking in the microwave.

    Microwaves today have more functionality than ever before, including convection cooking, grilling, steaming, and other options. There is availability in various shapes and sizes, from tiny countertop units to larger models that can be hung over the stove or integrated into a wall or cabinetry.

    We evaluated the best solutions on the market, evaluating setup, performance, features, and other factors. Our top picks for the best microwave are listed below, with categories to meet your space and culinary requirements.


    Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN966S Countertop/Built-In with Inverter Technology is the best overall.

    What We Enjoy

    • Cooking times and power are adjusted automatically by sensors.
    • Anything can be defrosted without being cooked.
    • Cooking is simple with 14 preset modes.
    • It runs in the background.

    What We Don't Care For

    • Extremely huge
    • Panasonic's built-in/countertop microwave is high-tech.

    When it comes to heating food faster than other microwaves on the market, Panasonic's NN-SN966S is the best option. According to one of our tasters, "the microwave can quickly and uniformly cook the food even at level 5," one of its power levels, which ranges from 1 to 10.

    The elegant stainless steel appearance and the 14 different auto cook settings are other positive features. Your microwave's built-in inverter will save you time and effort while cooking, steaming, or defrosting food since it maintains consistent heating power without leaving food rubbery or unevenly cooked.

    Some online reviews have complained that the door's button has stopped working after many years, even though most users find the display and operation straightforward. The microwave's size also makes it incompatible with small places.

    Best Basic: Toshiba EM131A5C: Microwave Oven BS

    What We Like

    • Buttons for a quick start
    • It has a lot of power and a lot of settings.
    • Interior and outdoor surfaces that are simple to clean

    What We Don't Care For

    • For tiny kitchens, it's too huge.
    • Preset heat timings are far too harsh.

    The Toshiba EM131A5C-BS supports your core operations and offers a huge capacity that balances counter space. This countertop microwave comes in black or silver stainless steel, with a 1.2 cubic foot internal capacity, and is 17 inches long with a width of 20 inches.

    Customers claim it cooks food faster and uniformly because of its 1,100 watts of power and ten power settings. Has a cooking sensor with two settings for defrost in the unit.

    Toshiba EC042A5C-SS 1.5 Cubic Feet Convection Microwave Oven: Best Convection

    What We Enjoy

    • The stainless steel interior is quite adaptable.
    • Simple usage


    • The slow heating by the conversion oven.
    • Is heavier and space consuming

    With a convection microwave, like the Toshiba EC042A5C-BS, you may cook your food in various ways. You may use the convection feature for cooking, roasting, and baking food at temperatures ranging from 170 to 425 degrees Fahrenheit while using this microwave's 1,000-watt power.

    This device is popular because of its adaptability. However, some users complain that it is larger and heavier than expected. When using convection mode, it may also add a few minutes to the recipe's cooking time.

    Best Smart: AmazonBasics Microwave, Small, 0.7 Cubic Feet


    • Compact is something 
    • Integration with Alexa
    • Less expensive


    • The ordinary plates do not fit.

    This low-cost microwave has a 700-watt power output and a small footprint, making it ideal for small homes or apartments. This microwave's black casing and control section give it a conventional appearance that hides its reasonable pricing.

    The normal pre-set heating settings for pizzas and drinks are included, as well as an LED display with a meter and timing device. It also has a mechanism to prevent curious children from getting into mischief.

    Alexa connectivity may be one of the advantages of this machine. You can talk to Alexa using your Echo device, and the device will determine the appropriate levels of power and time.

    Best Mountable: Whirlpool Over the Range Microwave


    • Elegant designs
    • Practical rack of cooking
    • It’s quite.


    • The instructions aren't exceptionally detailed.

    You can reheat food or melt butter in an over-the-range microwave without taking up valuable counter space. There are a variety of look and designs available, including fingerprint-resistant steel, from Whirlpool for this 1.9 cu ft model.

    Cooktop smoke and smells are kept under control thanks to the cooktop's 300 CFM ventilation system, which has a power output of 1,000 watts. In particular, buyers love the three-speed fan.

    Installation was relatively simple, although several reviewers complained that the settings' instructions weren't obvious.

    Best for Small Spaces: Black + Decker EM720CB7- a digital microwave.

    What We Like 

    • It's affordable
    • For its size, it's powerful.
    • Memory function personalized.

    What We Don't Care For

    • Extremely tiny
    • There isn't enough room for full-size dinner plates.
    • It isn't easy to open the door.

    There are four sizes available, including a 0.7 cubic-foot microwave ideal for small kitchens. A 17-inch wide, 11.5-inch deep, and 10-inch-tall microwave are the smallest available. This microwave's power pleased our product tester, even though her 11-inch dinner plates wouldn't fit inside it.

    There was enough power in this microwave to reheat leftovers, melt butter, and more in minutes. Testers found the Express Heat buttons, which allow you to specify an exact cooking time by simply touching a particular key, to be a big hit.

    The best design is the Samsung MS14K6000AS 1.4 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave with Sensor Cook.

    What We Enjoy

    • Cleaning is a breeze, and the energy-saving mode saves you money.
    • The design is contemporary.


    • It is Louder

    If you need a smaller device with lots of cooking power, this 1.4-cubic-foot, 1000-watt microwave made by Samsung is a good alternative. The steel handle and the sleek black color scheme are popular among customers.

    The look of the control panel is particularly remarkable in that it integrates modern controls and a metallic nob. Online reviews applaud the microwave's distinctive LED display and note that allows one to turn down the display to save on energy.

    The inside is made of an enamel, which is easy to wash and is resistant to grease, or scratches. According to existing owners, one issue is that the microwave may be rather noisy.


    GE Profile 2.2-cu ft 1200-Watt Countertop Microwave is the best choice for families.

    What We Love

    • Extended longevity and large capacity
    • The heat that is efficient and constant
    • The design is elegant and straightforward.

    What we do not care for

    • The release button can be selective at times.
    • The buttons on the control panel can be challenging to press.

    This microwave has a 1200 watt capability and a 2.2 cubic foot capacity. According to reviewers, the turntable is extra-sized at 16 inches (large enough for casserole recipes).

    It is a workhorse, according to reviewers, with most lasting more than a decade. Many people went with the same model when it came time to replace them. The appliance's efficiency and durability are reflected in this client's devotion.

    Inverter defrosts and a warming oven supply maintains reliable heat, while sensor cooking controls automatically adjust time and power. The simple stainless steel design complements many kitchen styles and blends in seamlessly with other equipment.

    Release button can be problematic, and those in the controls section are not the most user-friendly, but most reviewers ignored these problems due to the product's other features.

    Hamilton Beach 0.9-Cubic-Foot Stainless Steel Microwave Oven at the Lowest Price


    • Simple setup and low cost
    • Buttons for quick cooking


    • Smaller than the norm
    • There are some limitations to one-touch cooking.

    This low-cost model is great for dormitories and workplaces and anyone who does not use a microwave regularly enough to justify investing in a more costly one. It's a 900-watt countertop microwave with a sleek stainless steel design, an LED display screen, and one-touch cooking options for baking potatoes, popcorn, pizza, a beverage, and frozen entrees and reheating. There are also express cook options, which allow you to adjust the cooking time for 1-6 minutes with a single button.

    It is 11 inches tall and has a volume of 0.9 cubic feet, so it should easily fit beneath kitchen cabinets. Despite their small size, our tester could fit her full-size dinner plates within.

    Sharp SMC1442CS

    The best microwave for popcorn lovers

    • Sleek design
    • Cooking with sensors
    • Orville Redenbacher popcorn is certified.
    • Expensive

    You'll get the best results with the Sharp SMC1442CS and Orville Redenbacher popcorn. The popcorn button in the oven has been tested and programmed using Orville microwave popcorn, which the brand has confirmed as having the best taste, aroma, and yield. Even if you never eat popcorn, this is an excellent microwave to consider. It contains a sensor and preset pads that give perfect results with everything from a "baked" potato to frozen lasagna.

    If you don't like multistep programming, you can press one of the buttons from 1 to 6 to receive a certain length of cooking time. It has a vast turntable that can rotate a baking dish of reasonable size. This stainless steel Sharp is affordable, but it also has a sleek, modern appearance.

    Panasonic NN-GN68KS

    A microwave that broils


    • Broiler with infrared technology
    • Cooking with a sensor
    • Set the temperature to "keep warm."


    • Expensive

    Suppose you want microwave speed with broiler browning and crisping; the Panasonic NN-GN68KS is in the microwave for you. Both functions can be used simultaneously, which is excellent for foods like macaroni and cheese that need to be moist but crunchy on the outside. It also has numerous preprogrammed microwave cooking, reheating, and defrosting settings.

    This microwave, unlike most others, features a keep-warm function that keeps a dish warm for up to 30 minutes. You won't have to reheat or serve a cold casserole if your family is late to dinner. While this model is more expensive than standard countertop microwaves, it is beautifully polished, and you can even purchase a trim kit if you want to incorporate it into a wall to save up kitchen space.