Best Outdoor Dog Toys, Tips to Choose

    Best Outdoor Dog Toys, Tips to Choose

    Nothing can beat some good time with your pet dog, at least if you’re a dog lover. Moreover, a great play session won’t only be worth the time but helps in simulating the dog’s intellect while also encouraging social skills and the bond between you. Almost every time you get your pup to play, the result always turns out to be all for the dog's benefit. So, do you need an outdoor dog toy? Well. Let's find out.

    What is an outdoor Dog Toy?

    An outdoor dog toy is a toy for your dog that will be used outside the house. Dogs are among the most energetic pets, and they'll need toys and a lot of space to run around when feeling playful. That's where outdoor dog pets chip in.

    Why Should I buy an Outdoor Dog Toy?

    You probably can't list all the benefits you get from getting your dog an outdoor toy – They're numerous! Here are some of the multiple benefits of purchasing your dog an outdoor toy.

    1. Gives you Independence – Dogs are meant to be in packs and cannot spend most of their time alone. However, you understand that you’ll need some time to run your errands here and there. Once you get your dog a toy, you can comfortably handle other things while ensuring your dog has fun outside, ALONE.
    2. It tuckers the Dog out –The energy needed to get a dog done through a game is equivalent to your routine 30-minute walk. That means that by the time your dog has had enough play, it’s so tired and can’t get itself into trouble.
    3. It creates a Bond – Dogs can love and get attached too! Spending quality time with your dog will increase its bond with you. The dog will always want to associate itself with the excitement of play, building a stronger relationship with you.
    4. Hey, Chill– Toys and playtime help your dog relax! Dogs have stress, too, amid their temperament and reaction to their environment. Playtime helps your dog relax and get good control of its environment while keeping stress levels away.
    5. Helps your dog’s mind– How will your dog learn and develop new skills? Through the games, she plays. The toys will also help her enhance her exploring and foraging abilities.
    6. It’s all FUN – Dogs love toys. Why don’t you make your dog the happiest dog around?

    What are the Best Outdoor Dog Toys? Tips to Choose

    Dog toy choices are numerous. Selecting the few best dog toys can be overwhelming, and some owners end up with a pile of toys that their dogs won’t prefer playing with. How do you make sure your dog loves the toys you bring them?

    Dogs prefer toys that favor their personality. Chewing and playing are popular canine behaviors. Nonetheless, some dogs will prefer playing or chewing more than others. However, you need to get your dog toys that favor both behaviors because they’ll start developing problems if they don’t have the outlets to showcase their canine instincts.

    If you don't know what your dog likes, it is a great idea to introduce a few toys and see their reaction to them. If you end up with several toys, you can keep them and reveal them later. Your dog will think they're new.

    DISCLAIMER:All toys are a potential hazard to your dog if the dog swallows a part or the whole toy. Therefore, refrain from getting your tiny dog toys or those with sharp or frayed edges. Moreover, playing should always be supervised, and damaged toys must be discarded.

    Here are the 10 Best Outdoor Dog Toys

    1. Discs and Retrieving Toys
    2. Balls
    3. Plush Toys
    4. Non-Plush Squeakies
    5. Rope Toys
    6. Tug Toys
    7. Food-Dispensing Toys

    Discs and Retrieving Toys

    Buy the Kong Flyer on Amazon

    Dogs that love playing fetch are fond of balls and other retrieving toys. Discs are more versatile than balls because you can change their speed and direction for a more-exciting playing session. Some retrievers like the Hurley offer your dog a unique-shaped toy to fetch. Other retrievers should be made from rope, plastic, or rubber.

    Reason to Buy

    • It provides a soft catch for your dog
    • Durable
    • Promotes dog’s instincts


    Buy PETIZER Squeaky Dog Ball Toy on Amazon

    Dogs love balls! You can't afford to have a ball in your dog-toy collection. Dogs that love fetch are also fond of playing fetch with a ball. Dog ball toys come in varieties, from tennis balls to glow-in-the-dark and flashing-light balls. Some balls will contain squeakers, and others have openings for dispensing treats. Others are only bouncing balls and are only meant for retrieving.

    When choosing a ball for playing fetch, make sure it is large enough for your dog to swallow accidentally but sizeable to be carried effectively. The tennis ball is effective, but there are larger balls and smaller ones than that for smaller and larger dogs. Again, if your dog chews on the ball, dispose it off immediately.

    Reason to Buy

    • Safe and Eco-Friendly
    • Floatable
    • Tough and Durable

    Plush Toys

    Buy the Vitscan Dog Toy for Aggressive Chewers from Amazon

    Dogs adore plush toys. They tear them around as prey or carry them around like babies. These plush toys are mostly stuffed with stuffing or contain some squeakers. However, if the toy is not from a tough material, the dog will rip the toy, and the filling will go everywhere. Others look like they're 'killing' their 'prey' by trying to destroy the squeaker within. After their prey is 'dead,' you can see your dog carrying the toy around and shaking it.

    Make sure you’re supervising your dog when playing with plush toys. They can easily swallow the squeaker or stuff within. Plush toys don't usually last long with dogs that chew aggressively but seem to bring maximum excitement. Make sure the toy's material is strong enough.

    Reason to Buy

    • Great for small and medium-sized dogs too
    • Helps to clean dogs’ teeth effectively
    • Super soft

    Non-Plush Squeakies

    Buy the Cutiful Squeaky Dog Toy from Amazon

    Non-plush squeaky toys come in various shapes and sizes. They are mostly made from rubber, plastic, or vinyl and have differential durability and resistance to chewing. Therefore, choose the toys that match your dog’s chewing habits.

    Non-plush squeakies made from thick rubber are mostly suited to aggressive chewers, while plastic toys or thinner vinyl ones go with mild chewers. They can also be suitable for aggressive chewers if you'll always be there to supervise the play. Nonetheless, they won't last long.

    Reason to Buy

    • Strong and indestructible
    • Attractive design

    Rope Toys

    Buy EastBlue Dog Rope Toy on Amazon

    Rubber toys are either made from braided rope, or they could sometimes contain plastic or rubber parts. They are suitable for playing tug of war, fetch, or simple chewing. Most dogs love rope toys, while others show little-to-no interest.

    NB: Most dogs love to shred rope toys, leading them to swallow the small pieces. Well, that's harmful because it can lead to Gastro Intestinal Obstruction. Always be there to supervise your dog as it plays with rope toys. Once the rope starts to get shredded, it's time to dispose it off.

    Reason to Buy

    • Safe and Sturdy
    • Heavy duty for large dogs

    Tug Toys

    Buy the Dog Bungee Tug Toy on Amazon

    If you need a break from your canine friend, then a tug toy could give you just enough time to run your business by engaging your dog. If you have more than one dog, you can find them a rope toy, and they'll complete the tug on their own. However, if you have a single toy, a tether tug toy will be best for you. You only have to anchor the toy's base to the ground or a tree, and your dog will have endless fun with it as you get busy.

    Reasons to Buy

    • It gives your dog unlimited exercise
    • Self-entertaining. Requires minimal supervision
    • Easy to install
    • Durable

    Food Dispensing Dog Toys

    Buy the Ottoson Treat-Dispensing Brick Puzzle on Amazon

    Food dispensing toys are probably one of the most interactive ways to keep your dog engaged for a long. The Nina Ottoson treat-dispensing brick puzzle is an excellent example of such. The puzzle comes in different difficulty levels, and it is up to you to decide which to pick to keep your dog engaged. The treat will keep your dog posted for sure!

    Reasons to Buy

    • Boredom buster
    • Encourages positive play habits
    • Extremely fun and interactive


    1. How do I know that a toy is great for my dog?

    That's simple. Huge toys will challenge small dogs, while small toys might be dangerous if swallowed by big dogs. Make sure the size of the toy is reasonable first, then leave the rest to the dog. Most people buy a couple of toys, and their dogs will find interest in them after some interactions.

    1. Do dogs love soft or hard toys?

    You can't tell what toys dogs prefer. However, it is always important to note that some dogs prefer soft toys because they're easy to chew, while others don't even love toys. Engage your dog with both hard and soft toys and see what he chooses.