Best Positive Pregnancy (fake) Test Prank

    Best Positive Pregnancy (fake) Test Prank

    Pranks have become the new cool in town, and almost everybody is trying new pranks on the people around them. With the increased social media usage, pranks are all the rage these days. These pranks are so popular that some people are in prank wars with one another.

    People are now finding new ways to prank others. It has become so popular that devices like fake pregnancy tests are being used these days for pranking the partner. These practical jokes are much popular among the youth these days. The demand for something creates its supply, and that is why now there are many types of prank pregnancy tests available.

    1.     What is a positive pregnancy fake test prank?

    A prank or fake pregnancy test is the same as a regular pregnancy strip. It is, however, used to make people think you are pregnant when you are actually not. It is highly popular these days due to its usability as a prank test.

    Now any girl can easily prank his partner by using this prank test. Seeing the look on your partner's face when you prank him with a fake positive pregnancy test will be priceless. You don't have to use any home remedy methods to fake your positive pregnancy test, so you could prank your boyfriend because there are many positive pregnancy fake tests available now.

    2.     Why should I buy a positive pregnancy fake test prank?

    Almost every one of us is an avid social media use these days. We see different types of content on social media and then try to reproduce that content with whatever resources available to us. Pranks are one of the hottest trends on social media, and all of us follow these pranksters' videos.

    If you are a keen social media user, you might also want to try these pranks with your close ones. A positive pregnancy fake test prank is a good way to do that. You don't have to put much thought into it, just buy the positive pregnancy fake test prank and record the reaction of your significant other with it.

    We suggest trying this at least once if you are looking for a low-cost prank to record and upload on social media. We are sure that you are going to love the prank with this positive pregnancy fake test prank, and your users will also enjoy your prank.  

    3.     Tips for choosing the best positive pregnancy fake test pranks?

    This is as simple as choosing a regular pregnancy test. You have to look at some of the famous brands related to fake pregnancy tests and choose the best one suited to your requirement. Look at the following aspects.

    • Budget

    Since you are using this positive fake pregnancy test just for a prank, you need to look for the options in your budget and not outside your budget. Go for the most convincing one with the lowest investment possible on your end.

    -  Reliable / Convincing

    If you are going to record the positive fake pregnancy test and post it online (or even if you don’t), you would like it to be as reliable as possible. When you are buying your fake positive test, carefully look that it is the most reliable and convincing test possible.

    -  Be Secretive

    Since you are doing a prank where you are faking your own pregnancy and don't want people to know except for certain people, you should be very careful buying this positive fake pregnancy test. The more secretive your area, the more your prank will look convincing.

    4. The Best Positive Pregnancy (fake) Prank Tests

    Even if you have known the tips to buy the best positive pregnancy fake test, you might still be confused to find which fake positive pregnancy test is the best for you. We have devised a list for you with all the best positive pregnancy prank tests available.

    You will have all the characteristics and qualities of these tests listed here. You can read the list thoroughly and then decide which one to choose. Have a look at the list and know which kind of fake positive tests are available for your next prank.

    i. Early Result, Pregnancy Test Always Turns Positive for Practical Joke (3 Pieces)

    The early result pregnancy test is the one you are going to need if you want a positive result every time you perform the pregnancy test. It is one of the most convincing tests for your prank.

    It is an amazingly reliable and convincing pregnancy test as it comes in 3 pieces, and you have to use the test just like you use a regular pregnancy test. The only difference is that you will soak it in tap water and not in your own urine.

    It gives results easily and convincingly. You can buy the early result fake pregnancy test here.

    ii. Clear Response Prank Pregnancy Test

    Our main purpose here is to make the prank look real and clear response prank pregnancy test does it better than no other. You can buy it with your eyes closed.

    It is an amazingly built design, and the best part is that it looks totally the same as leading pregnancy tests brands. The usage method is incredibly easy, you just have to soak the strip in the water, and you will have your desired results. You can reuse the test again.

    You will get the best possible and the clearest possible results with the clear response prank pregnancy test. You can buy the prank pregnancy test here.

    iii. Right Time Prank Pregnancy Test

    If you want to prank more than one person with the same fake positive pregnancy test, then you should buy the Right Time prank pregnancy test.

    You just have to soak the strip in tap water, and you are going to have your desired results. It is engineered to turn positive every time you soak it in water. No one is going to know if you used a fake pregnancy test.

    You will get all the instructions just like in a real pregnancy test and a seal packaged that looks like a real package. Buy this amazingly manufactured fake pregnancy test here.

    iv. Acessorz Fake Prank Pregnancy Test

    If you are planning your next April Fool's day in advance, you are in for a treat. You are going to love Acessorz’s  fake prank pregnancy test as it produces the same results as any of the real pregnancy tests.

    Just soak the tip of the strip in the water, and the test will come positive. It is an amazing package to prank your friends, family and loved ones. It is professionally manufactured to give you the feel of the same as a real pregnancy test.

    The complete package is like a real package, and you should try this at least once. You can easily buy the Acessorz fake prank pregnancy test on Amazon.

    v. Generic PREG-NO Prank Pregnancy Test

    It is basically a solution and best for people who don't want to buy new pregnancy strips and want to make the pregnancy look real on the same strips they have already used.

    You just have to add the solution to your test, and you will have a fake positive pregnancy test. The best thing is that the solution is odorless and colorless, so no one knows that you have used something to alter your pregnancy test results.

    This is good for people who would like to use the same pregnancy strips and don't want to buy new ones. You can buy the PREG-NO here.

    vi. First Response Prank Pregnancy Test

    The first response prank pregnancy test is one of the most amazing and clear fake positive pregnancy tests available on the market. It can give you results six days sooner than your missed period.

    You can also read instructions, scan results and confirm results using the EasyRead app. With this test, you can install the app on your phone and then prank your loved ones.

    You can buy the First Response prank pregnancy test here.

    5.     Frequently Asked Questions

    - Can a fake pregnancy test be toxic?

    Yes, fake pregnancy tests can have toxic substances in them, so it is necessary to look for the ingredients before buying a fake pregnancy test.

    - Can someone get false-positive results from taking a fake pregnancy test?

    Yes, you can get false positives by using a fake pregnancy test. Even though the packaging claims it to be 99% accurate, it does not guarantee a 100% result.

    -  Are fake pregnancy tests available online?

    Yes, fake pregnancy tests are available online, and we have also provided you with a number of references to buy different fake pregnancy tests from.


    Even though most pregnancy tests are safe to use, you should still read instructions before buying a fake pregnancy test. Moreover, you should be extremely careful while pranking your loved ones. This can cause an emotional response and problems in turn. Apart from all these warnings, enjoy pranking your friends and family.