Best Rainbow Hoverboard, Tips to Choose.

    Best Rainbow Hoverboard, Tips to Choose.

    A lot of things that are previously unimaginable are being created. One such thing is the rainbow hoverboard. Of course, just like a typical hoverboard, rainbow hoverboards do not really hover. Despite these, many are still hooked because it gives the same “vibe” and experience. Moreover, hoverboards, particularly rainbow hoverboards, are such fun things to have.

    What is a Rainbow Hoverboard?

    A rainbow hoverboard is similar to typical hoverboards except for the design and “packaging.” The main characteristic of rainbow hoverboards is their colorful design hence the word rainbow in the name. Rainbow hoverboards resemble rainbows due to the multitude of colors present on the device. These colors are often caused by LED lights attached to the overall construct of it. Other than this, a rainbow hoverboard is pretty much like the typical hoverboard. The technology and mechanism behind them are the same. Like the general hoverboards people know, the rainbow hoverboard also has a platform where riders stand, and wheels are located on each side. The operation and the various components like gyroscopes, infrared sensors, tilt speed sensors, pressure pads, and electric motors that work together to ensure a smooth and balanced ride are also identical between them.

    Why should I buy a rainbow hoverboard?

    There are many reasons why you should buy your very own rainbow hoverboard. Such reasons are the following:

    1. They are fun.This might be a simple reason, but being happy and having fun are some of the things that humans ought to have more frequently. Hoverboards give people the experience of “floating” without doing much, and the colorful colors of rainbow hoverboards are pleasing and give that joyful vibe.
    2. They can help you become physically fit. This might sound like a stretch, but rainbow hoverboards really help people become physically fit since it burns calories. Posture and balance are being improved as well as a result of the shifting and turning of the body. Likewise, muscles and core strength are also being developed.
    3. They are eco-friendly. Rainbow hoverboards do not run on gas; instead, they use rechargeable batteries. This alone makes a rainbow hoverboard an eco-friendly mode of transport that has fewer carbon footprints compared to others.
    4. They are portable. Rainbow hoverboards are lightweight, and thus you can easily carry and store them.
    5. They are inexpensive. Rainbow hoverboards do not need fuel to run, and that alone makes them an inexpensive mode of transport. But in addition to this, maintaining a rainbow hoverboard does not cost much.

    What are the best rainbow hoverboards? Tips to choose.

    Choosing the best rainbow hoverboard could come as hard since the “perfect” hoverboard is dependent on a lot of factors like the user’s preference and age. However, this does not mean that picking the best on defined qualities would be hard. Hence, here are some of the tips you could follow when choosing your rainbow hoverboard.

    1. Check the UL Certification.The best rainbow hoverboard is a certified one. Though there could be no guarantee that a rainbow hoverboard would be 100% safe, there are ways to diminish the chances of fires, accidents, or malfunctions, and one such way is buying only those rainbow hoverboards which are UL certified. Hence, check the product’s packaging when you are buying one since the certification is placed here.
    2. Consider the type.The battery powers, internal motors, and speed materials matter. These components are not all the same for each rainbow hoverboard. Hence, check the specs. Weigh whether the specs and type of rainbow hoverboard are right for you.
    3. Look for the maximum load.Check whether the device is fit for the weight of the person who will use it. Not all rainbow hoverboards support the same weight range.
    4. Think of the wheels.The wheel of the rainbow hoverboard is a consideration due to terrain issues. Large wheels (8-inch wheels) can handle bumpy terrains but are not that good on climbing hills, while the opposite is true for smaller wheels (6.5-inch wheels).
    5. Review the speed.The top speed of rainbow hoverboards is not the same for all. Hence, consider the speed while thinking of the age of the user and the purpose of buying the device.
    6. Be smart; look for smart features.Check the additional features of the rainbow hoverboard you’ll buy. Check if it has Bluetooth, built-in speakers, app control, etc.
    7. The price matters.Rainbow hoverboards are not that expensive; still, check whether the price justifies the features.


    Here are the 7 Best Rainbow Hoverboards

    1. Hover-1 H1 Hoverboard Electric Scooter

    Reason to Buy:

    - Great safety feature that sends alerts if the rider is speeding or riding in unsafe terrain.

    -Very high maximum weight recommendation of 264 Pounds

    - Has a decent maximum speed of 9 miles per hour


    One of the best choices when it comes to rainbow hoverboards is the Hover-1 H1 Hoverboard Electric Scooter (Iridescent). This device that weighs 22.3 Pounds has lots of positive features that are above most hoverboards. The self-balancing mechanism provided by the built-in inertia dynamic stabilization system would surely keep you in control and hence a smoother ride. Aside from this, its maximum weight recommendation of 264 Pounds would easily thrash the weight recommendation of its competitors. The speed of this hoverboard, on the other hand, is not the fastest, but it is good enough at 9 miles per hour and over a 9-mile range. The additional features of Bluetooth speakers, GPS tracking, and LED light customization through a compatible Bluetooth app are equally great.


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    1. LIEAGLE Hoverboard


    Reason to Buy:

    - High intensity LED lights

    - Great for beginners and amateurs

    - Speakers that can be connected to other portable devices


    If you are an amateur or a beginner and you want to ride a rainbow hoverboard, then the LIEAGLE hoverboard is the one for you. This rainbow hoverboard is fully certified, so it could be said that it is safer than those rainbow hoverboards which are not. Furthermore, this 5-pound hoverboard features 6.5 wheels which makes it best for those “hilly” terrain. The LED lights of this device are high-intensity which makes it perfect even at night. Ultimately, its built-in wireless speakers can be connected to portable devices; hence, you can enjoy your favorite song even in the absence of a headphone.


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    1. Hoverstar Hoverboard HS2.01

    Reason to Buy:

    - Great design (Rainbow wave color)

    - Has a maximum weight recommendation of up to 165 Pounds (above the average human weight)

    - Has a decent maximum speed of 9 miles per hour


    Hoverstar Hoverboard (Rainbow Wave) is one of the most popular rainbow hoverboards on the market. Its specs are great. It can be used by kids and most adults (165 pounds maximum weight recommendation), and its speed of 9 miles per hour and range of over 8 miles is amazing too. Moreover, it is made of durable materials and features speakers, LED Light Up Flash Wheels, and Bluetooth.


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    1. Hover-1 Helix Electric Hoverboard

    Reason to Buy:

    - Has powerful motors (400W)

    - Fantastic balancing mechanism (inertia dynamic stabilization system)

    - Great safety features

    - Easy and intuitive riding


    Another entry from Hover-1 is the Helix Electric Hoverboard. This device is lighter compared to our first entry at 17.41 Pounds. The maximum weight recommendation is also lower at 160 Pounds. Despite these, this rainbow hoverboard is still a good pick. Even if you are a beginner or an expert, the Helix Electric Hoverboard could be used by you. It is very intuitive on top of being highly safe. The speed of this hoverboard is surely not the fastest at 7 miles per hour over a 4-mile range. But like our first entry, this device also notifies the rider if the speed is too fast or if the terrain is unsafe so that the rider can slow down and avoid accidents. The Lithium-ion batteries of this device are also fantastic. They have an enclosure to avoid fire and overheating, and they also last longer. For the features, Helix Electric Hoverboard has Bluetooth speakers, GPS tracking, and LED light customization through a compatible Bluetooth app.


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    1. Flying-Ant Hoverboard


    Reason to Buy:

    - Has an above-average maximum speed of 10 miles per hour

    - High maximum weight recommendation of 200 Pounds

    - Good warranty and customer service


    If you are looking for a gift for a kid or a teenager, then this rainbow hoverboard could be the gift you are looking for since it has an amazing and stylish futuristic design. Aside from the design, another thing you need to check is its safety, especially if they are still kids and the Flying-Ant Hoverboard has the level of safety that would keep you feeling at ease. It is UL certified, meaning to say it passed crucial tests to ensure that it is safe and won’t get on fire. It is fairly easy to use as well. In terms of speed, its maximum speed of 10 miles per hour is one of the fastest. Its maximum weight recommendation of 200 Pounds is also high. This rainbow hoverboard also has a 3-month worry-free product exchange or return warranty.


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    1. Tomoloo Hoverboard

    Reason to Buy:

    - Passed in International Safety Standards

    - Unique Music-Rhythmed Hoverboard

    - High-temperature resistance

    - 12 months warranty


    Another great rainbow hoverboard that you could buy is the Tomoloo Hoverboard. This rainbow hoverboard is one of the most popular in the market. It has a great speed (9.3mph), good maximum weight recommendation (165 Pounds), great safety credibility, and amazing features. Tomoloo Hoverboard passed several international safety standards, so you can feel at ease that the device that you are about to buy is safe. Moreover, on top of being tough, this rainbow hoverboard is also high-temperature and fire-resistant. It is also equipped with Bluetooth technology, a speaker, RGB LED lights, and a unique music-rhythmed technology that syncs the twinkling and changing of color of LED lights with the changes in rhythm.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do rainbow hoverboards hover?

    No, rainbow hoverboards do not hover. Despite the name “hoverboard,” in reality, they have wheels. In other words, they are more like self-balancing scooters.

    Where can I buy a rainbow hoverboard?

    You can buy a rainbow hoverboard on most e-commerce websites like Amazon, BestBuy, Walter, etc.

    How big is a rainbow hoverboard?

    The size of rainbow hoverboards is dependent on their wheels. The wheels are designed to a particular size, so there is a definite correlation. Rainbow hoverboard wheels vary from 6.5 inches to 10 inches.

    Can a rainbow hoverboard explode?

    Yes, same with other devices rainbow hoverboards can explode too, specifically if they were kept charging for long. Another possible reason for any explosion is the quality of the battery.