Best Razor Hoverboards (2022 Reviews)

    Best Razor Hoverboards (2022 Reviews)

    What is a razor hoverboard?

    Hoverboards are the coolest devices in the transport industry. You can visualize them as powered or motorized skateboards. It is just satisfying to see how the devices from science fiction movies become a reality.

    There are many hoverboard models and brands and brands, but the one that particularly stands out is the Razor hoverboard. Razor is a familiar brand with a range of top-performing devices. They are known for their reliability and efficiency. So, buying a Razor hoverboard is an assurance of endless fun riding on a futuristic device.

    Additionally, all Razor hoverboards are tested by relevant authorities and certified for safety and use in almost all countries. They ensure your safety by maintaining proper balance using EverBalance®'s auto-self-balancing technology. You can also expect a smooth ride from Razor hoverboards.

    List of Top 5 Best Razor Hoverboards

    The razor production line has five hoverboards. These are priced differently and have varying features. If you like the Razor brand, you have options to choose from, which include the following:

    How to Choose a hoverboard?

    As mentioned, the market is flooded with different models and brands of hoverboards. Making the right decision requires knowledge of these devices and matching their features with your needs. Consider the following factors for an informed buying:


    Safety should be your first and primary factor when buying hoverboards. Many people still think that these futuristic devices are not safe to be used on the streets or even on highways. However, we are here to say that they have significantly improved.

    If you are looking for the safest hoverboard, you should check safety certifications such as UL 2272. That is the only assurance that the hoverboard you are buying has met safety standards and got a considerable rating during testing.

    Fortunately, most self-balancing hoverboards are UL 2272 certified. We are also glad to inform you that all Razor hoverboards have this certification.


    The overall size of a hoverboard is another factor to consider when buying. The bigger the hover, the more power and weight limit. That, however, is not always true. Don’t judge these devices with their appearances because the build quality matters the most.

    We sometimes need compact yet powerful devices. Generally, any Razor hoverboard should qualify because they are all sleekly designed for aesthetics.

    Age appropriateness

    Many hoverboard manufacturers specify the recommended age limits for their hoverboards. It may not be a clear indication because age and weight are not proportional in some cases. What we advise you to do is check the weight limit.

    Most hoverboards can carry 200 pounds on average. For example, the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is rated 176 pounds, and Razor Hovertrax DLX 2.0 is 220 pounds. You should, therefore, buy what will bear your weight with room to spare.


    The speeds of various hoverboards are different. Your choice depends on who is to use it and your experience level. Experienced riders can go for those rated 9 MPH and above. But if you are a beginner or buying for your kids, consider lower speeds. They have to adapt to the riding situation over time, after which you can upgrade.


    The range is the distance a hoverboard can cover when fully charged. Some manufacturers will specify it depending on how long you can ride on the device before the battery runs out. You can find those that can do more than 9 miles or more than 60 minutes.

    This factor is self-explanatory. The longer you can ride on a single full charge, the better the hoverboard is.

    Fun features

    Most hoverboards do more than just carry you around the park or on the streets. They nowadays come with fun features such as Bluetooth connectivity and attractive LED lighting. The Bluetooth feature can allow you to control the board using a mobile application. Moreover, some are equipped with Bluetooth speakers that let you play your favorite tracks when riding. They may be another factor to consider before buying a Razor hoverboard or any other brand.

    Tire type and size

    Tire sizes and types also vary. The most common are the 6.5-inch tires mainly used on flat surfaces, but you can go for higher values such as 10-inch ones. The latter is best for off-road use because of its high ground clearance. Also, you may need to consider the power rating of motors that turn those massive wheels.

    You may never find that perfect hoverboard with all the desired features. So, it is upon you to strike a balance among various factors by trading off as appropriate. Also, the price comes into play if you want quality and high-end attributes.

    Comparison with Razor Hoverboards

    There are different other brands out there with which to compare Razor Hoverboard. However, we will consider just XPRIT Hoverboard, giving head-to-head with Razor Hovertrax 1.5. These two devices have contrasting features at every level, starting from function to design. Let’s go deeper.

    Wheel Size

    XPRIT hoverboards are designed for off-road use. As a result, you can expect them to have larger wheel sizes and are ruggedly built with bigger treads to handle rough terrain. That is what they are. They have 8.5-inch wheels, unlike Hovertrax 1.5, which trails with 6.5-inch wheels. That is the case because they are built for use on flat surfaces.

    Fun Features

    Hovertrax 1.5 carries the day when you consider the fanciness of a hoverboard. Both have Bluetooth speakers, but we go with Hovertrax because of its attractive LED lights. It is also compact and portable.

    Weight Limit

    Hovertrax 1.5 has a maximum weight capacity of 176 pounds, while XPRIT Hoverboard can bear 264 pounds.

    Speed and Range

    XPRIT Hoverboard on a full charge can cover 6 miles and tops at 6 MPH. On the other hand, Hovertrax 1.5 gives you 45 minutes of ride time and tops out at 9 MPH. It may be the best choice if you want speed.

    Motor Power

    XPRIT off-road hoverboard is propelled by a dual-motor system rated 250W. Hovertrax 1.5 also uses a dual-motor system that produces a cruising power of 150 watts and peak power of 350 watts.


    Both hoverboards are UL 2272-certified. They meet the industry’s highest safety standards.

    Comparison Chart


    XPRIT Hoverboard

    Hovertrax 1.5

    Motor power



    Max Speed

    6 MPH

    9 MPH

    Wheel size

    8.5 inches

    6.5 inches


    6 miles

    40 minutes

    Weight limit

    264 lbs

    176 lbs

    Fun features

    Bluetooth speakers

    Bluetooth speakers and LED lights



    How do I know which hoverboard to buy?

    You can only make the best buying decision if you consider all the factors and features of a hoverboard. These include battery life, weight limit, range, speed, motor power, tire size, build quality, and other fun features. 

    You can then compare them with your preferred specifications. For instance, if you need a hoverboard for off-road use, speed is not of the essence. You need larger wheels, more motor power, high weight capacity, and stability.

    What's the difference between 6.5 and 8 hoverboards?

    These hoverboards are specified according to the wheel size. 6.5-inch wheels are the most common for use on flat surfaces. If you want to buy a hoverboard for off-road use, consider those with 8-inch wheels or even bigger.

    What age is appropriate for a hoverboard?

    Anyone 8 years old and above can use a hoverboard. Manufacturers also specify the age limits to use their products. But even the ones rated for kids require supervision. Don’t let your child below 12 years of age alone on a hoverboard. Legally, there is no specified age limit to use a hoverboard.

    Can you replace the battery in the hoverboard?

    Yes. If you are a DIYer, you can safely replace batteries in your hoverboard when they become weak. The steps involve unscrewing the casing as directed in the repair manual and opening it to expose the battery bank. However, you should only use the manufacturer-recommended replacement battery.

    Why is my hoverboard dying so fast?

    Your hoverboard may die too fast if the battery is growing weak. Battery cells wear out with time as you charge them. As a result, their ability to hold electrical charges comes down. It may be a warning sign that you need to replace them.

    How many hours can you ride a hoverboard?

    The range your self-balancing hoverboard can go depends on many factors. Typically, 7 miles is the average value, but you can get some capable of doing more than 10 miles. The value can deviate depending on the terrain, weight carried, and battery strength.