Best 6 Razors for Women,Size,Type and How to Choose? 1.Gillette Venus 2.Schick Intuition 3.Bic Soleil 4.Wilkinson Sword 5.Billie

    Best 6 Razors for Women,Size,Type and How to Choose? 1.Gillette Venus 2.Schick Intuition 3.Bic Soleil 4.Wilkinson Sword 5.Billie

    Why Should I Buy A Razor For Women?

    There are many reasons for you to buy the best razor for women. With the best razor for women, your skin will be smooth and soft. You will also have a smooth shave when you use this razor.

    You won't have to worry about ingrown hairs after using these products because they have been designed to prevent them from happening in the first place. You can save money by not having to buy expensive razors anymore. The best razor for women is the one that works best on your skin type and has all of the features you want without breaking the bank or being too heavy-duty for everyday use.

    These razors are made with women in mind, so you can easily get a close shave without worrying about making any mistakes. With this razor, you'll be able to get rid of unsightly stubble in no time and even shave those pesky ingrown hairs that have been bothering you for years. A woman's skin is different from a man's, which calls for a razor designed especially for women.

    A standard razor will likely cause nicks, burns, and irritation.

    Women razors are also great because they are meant to be used in places that are hard to reach, such as the legs, underarms, and bikini lines. These razors are light and comfortable to use.

    Here are some two main features that set these razors for women apart:

    • They have cartridges with longer blades than those on the average men's razor. This means that the blades will cover more surface area at once, thus making shaving faster. The blades also tend to be sharper, getting a closer shave with fewer strokes.
    • They have moisture strips on top of their cartridges. These strips help keep your skin hydrated to minimize irritation caused by friction when shaving. The moisturizer also helps prevent ingrown hairs by softening your hairs so they can grow out easily without curling back into your skin.

    What to Consider While Buying Best Razors for Women

    Size of the Razor

    A bigger size is always good as it offers more grip over the skin. This helps you to shave off the area easily. Also, if your hands are small or wet and slippery, you will not lose hold of the razor. It is important to choose that which you will be comfortable using.

    Type of Handle

    There are long handles and short handles available in the market today. It depends upon your choice and comfort level while shaving with these handles. There are also pivoting heads that help you shave off an area easily without causing any injuries or cuts on the skin.

    Skin Type

    If you have sensitive skin, it's best to look for a razor that is specifically designed for sensitive skin. These razors usually have fewer blades, making them more effective on sensitive skin.

    Hair Type

    If your hair is thick and coarse, it’s best to opt for a razor with multiple blades, which will help remove the hair from your body more effectively.

    Hair Location

    If you are looking for a razor to shave your legs or underarms, it's best to choose one that can be used wet or dry. You can use it in the shower without worrying about damaging the blade or getting your hands wet and slippery while shaving.

    Here are Our Recommended Picks

    Now that you know what to consider when picking razors, here are our recommended picks from different perspectives.

    • Best for overall use: Gillette Venus Razor
    • Best for convenience: Schick Intuition
    • Best for Price: Bick Soleil Razor
    • Best for durability: Wilkinson Sword
    • Best ease of use: Billie Razor
    • Best for Comfort: The Dorco Pace Razor

     However, all the products listed below are quality and will give you the seamless, smooth shave you’ve been looking for.

    Let’s look at each of them in detail.

    The Best Razors for Women

    Best Overall: Gillette Venus Razor

    Gillette Venus is a brand of women's safety razors. The brand was first introduced in 2001 by the Gillette Company, and it has since become one of the most popular shaving products for women worldwide.

    The company's slogan is "Shaving to please”. Gillette Venus razors are available in three different varieties:

    • Disposable double-bladed razor cartridges, which are sold individually or in packs.
    • Refills for Gillette Venus razor handles, which come in packs of four.
    • Complete razor handles with cartridges.

    The latter two options are labeled as "Sensitive" or "Original," depending on whether the blade is molded from stainless steel or treated with a special coating that reduces friction.

    Venus razors are marketed as offering an "exceptional shave”. The company claims that each blade cartridge provides an average of eight shaves per use. Consumers can choose from several different designs and styles within each category (disposable cartridges, refills, complete handles).

    The razor itself is covered in 5 blades. These ensure the closest shave possible without the possibility of irritation or skin damage. The razors themselves can be replaced as they get dull, ensuring that you always have a sharp edge when using them.

    It also comes with a moisturizing soap bar and replacement blades for convenience and ease of use. The five blades are designed to flex closer over the contours of your body for fewer nicks and cuts. Each razor features a moisture bar with a rich blend of essential oils for a smooth glide over your skin. The razor itself is designed to fit perfectly into the palm of your hand for maximum comfort and control as you shave.

    It has a pivoting head that follows every curve of your body. Unlike other razors, it does not require you to stretch or contort to reach all the places you need to shave. That means fewer cuts and scrapes and more time enjoying smooth skin!


    • Ensures a clean shave
    • Skin friendly

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    Best for Convenience: Schick Intuition

    The Schick Intuition razor is an all-in-one razor. It lathers, shaves, and moisturizes in one swipe. The razor comes with a refillable blade that can be used for up to four weeks of shaving. The shave gel is built into the blade cartridge and does not need additional shaving cream or soap. This means that you only have one product to buy. The shave gel comes in several scents to choose the scent you like best.

    Though the company was founded in 1920, it wasn't until 1972 that they had their first disposable safety razor. Schick Intuition is the first razor that lathers and shaves in one easy step. The simple yet revolutionary concept of shaving cream into the razor has made Schick Intuition the fastest-growing female razor brand. With over 80% of women who try switching to it. Schick Intuition also won 2005 "Product of the Year" in Personal Care by TNS, a global market information company.

    Schick Intuition razor is great for traveling and keeping in your purse or gym bag. This product is great because it saves time and money. It also has built-in moisture during shaving, which helps prevent irritation.

    Moreover, it has been specifically developed to guard against nicks and cuts. Depending on your preference, it can be used with or without shaving cream or gel. Schick Intuition razors are available in various sizes and colors.

    Schick Intuition Best Practices

    It is recommended that you change your Schick Intuition razor every 5-6 shaving sessions to achieve a close shave while avoiding irritation. When shaving, we've all had the experience of the razor suddenly feeling dull and wet. While running your hand over your skin, you may notice that it is rough and stubbly, as opposed to being smooth.

    It is possible for hair, gel, or dead skin to become entangled between the blades of a razor, resulting in the blades becoming clogged. Depending on whether you use a cartridge razor or a disposable razor, you may need to replace it more frequently than usual.

    If this happens to you, there are some things you can try to make your blade sharper again:

    • Use a sharpening stone to sharpen it.
    • Put baby oil on the blade before using it.
    • Use the backside of the blade for shaving (the side without teeth)
    • Soak the blade in a cup of water with some vinegar for 30 minutes.

    On the other hand, Schick Intuition razors combine all of the benefits of a traditional razor with the comfort and feel you'd normally find only with an electric shaver. Their blades are larger than traditional razor blades (but still made with just as much care), which means they can cover more ground faster—and smoother—than traditional razors.


    • Provides a smooth and clean shave
    • Sharp
    • Ergonomic

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    Best Prices: Bic Soleil Razors.

    BIC Soleil razors feature multiple blades that give you a close, smooth shave. The grip is designed to reduce slippage, and the pivoting head makes it easy to reach difficult spots like under your chin. A moisturizing strip protects your skin from irritation and leaves your skin silky soft. It also comes with a shower hook for easy storage.

    BIC Soleil razors are the perfect tool for a close shave. The unique design and multi-blade heads mean you'll get up to 30 percent more hair in one stroke.

    The blades are made with a special metal that stays sharp for longer than your average razor blade, so you can keep gliding down your skin without stopping and replacing the blade.

    The handles of BIC Soleil razors are designed to be comfortable in your hand, giving you better control over the razor to shave more precisely.

    And all of this is available at a reasonable cost. New customers who wish to try out BIC Soleil will receive a special coupon when they purchase a pack of BIC Soleil razors, which will cost them between $2 and $3 a pack, making them one of the most affordable options available.


    • Affordable
    • Sharp and precise
    • Produces a clean shave
    • Easy to handle

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    Best for Durability: Wilkinson Sword

    Wilkinson Sword patented the first razor to include a replaceable head. This model was called the Wilkinson Sword Classic, and it was the first razor that enabled users to replace dull blades rather than disposing of the entire razor.

    Wilkinson Sword Razors come in various styles, including an all-in-one razor for women. The brand also has replacement cartridges for the razors and shaving gels to use with them. This is a good option for people who want to get everything they need from one brand.

    When you're looking for a razor, it's not just about getting the closest shave. It's about protecting yourself from injury, irritation, and infection. Wilkinson Sword Razors offers a wide range of products to meet your needs for a close, clean shave that prevents bleeding or redness after you've finished.

    Our razors are designed to be easy to clean when you're done with them, reducing the likelihood of nicks and cuts after shaving. The blades are sharp enough to give you a close shave but dulled well enough so that they won't catch on your skin and cause bleeding or irritation.


    • Has a replaceable head
    • Smooth on skin
    • They are sharp

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    Best for Comfort: The Dorco Pace Razor

    It features six blades-each coated with a lubricating strip of aloe and vitamin E-that work together to remove hair from even the most sensitive areas of your body with ease and efficiency. This means no more nicks or cuts and less irritation when shaving.

    Additionally, their patented handle design allows for the perfect balance between comfort and control. Each razor comes with its own ergonomically designed handle that has been created specifically for the razor. The angled head provides easy access to those hard-to-reach places like underarms or bikini lines while maintaining its position relative to your skin.

    This razor comes with a blade cartridge, making it easy to replace the blades when they get dull. The blades are made of high-quality stainless steel, so you can rest assured that your skin will be left smooth and without cuts or nicks. With this razor, you can shave with confidence.

    This razor is an affordable option with great performance.


    • Has high quality razors
    • Ergonomic design
    • Ensures a smooth shave

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    Best for Ease Of Use: Billie Razor

    The Billie razor subscription service provides women with a high-quality, affordable razor that can be delivered directly to their door. Rather than going out of their way to buy razors, the Billie razor subscription allows you to get your razors whenever you need them without worrying about running out.

    The razors are made with a unique shape and handle design for easy use and comfort. They're also vegan and cruelty-free. The razor's handle is made of plastic, lighter than most metal razors on the market. This keeps your razor from getting weighed down once it gets wet or filled with shaving foam.

    This razor also has a flexible head, making it easier to get closer shaves. When shaving your legs or underarms, trying to reach all of the hair while avoiding nicks and cuts can be difficult. Thankfully, this razor is designed to make that process much easier.


    • Has magnetic holders
    • Has double blades for smoother shaves
    • Smooth on skin

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