Best Smart Plugs That Ensure Safety and High Performance 

    Best Smart Plugs That Ensure Safety and High Performance 

    Reasons Why You Should Buy the Best Smart Plugs on the Market 

    Smart plugs are an innovative and modern way to control almost every appliance in your home that has an on/off switch with a simple app on your mobile phone. They smarten up every electronic device in your home with the help of WI-FI. With smart plugs, you can easily turn your appliances on or off in a remote manner. If you are coming to your place and you want your coffee maker to start brewing a much needed cup of coffee, you can simply turn it on with a tap on your phone. 

    You must be wondering how these smart plugs operate? After you install your smart plugs in an ordinary power outlet in your home, they will connect to your WI-FI. Then, when they are registered on their respective mobile application, they will be fully integrated for usage. 

    This product has been bringing a revolutionary change in the home appliances market for all the right reasons. No more do you have to dread over reaching a switch that is across your room or the hallway in the middle of the night. You can simply operate everything in your home with the help of your phone. 

    The reason for using smart plugs is simple; they turn your devices and appliances into smart devices. They are known to offer great ease in your regular life. The best thing about these versatile products is that they are greatly inexpensive. 

    In conclusion, smart plugs are necessary for the adoption of a smart and modern lifestyle. If you are someone who is always on the go, these simple little plugs will change your life for the better; give them a shot and see for yourself. 

    Tips on How to Choose the Best Smart Plug 

    The following list will educate you in making a rational and effective decision when you are wondering which smart plug to buy. If you follow this list carefully, you will never make a wrong purchase decision when it comes to buying smart plugs. 

    • Every smart plug device offers the helpful feature of scheduling. You can use this feature to set times in the week for your smart plug to turn a device on or off in an automatic manner. However, the very best products will offer further customization such as specific triggers that go off with different times of the day such as sunrise and sunset. 
    • Your smart plug should support smart-home platforms such as Amazon Alexa. The best options do this. 
    • The design should not be bulky enough to block other outlets; this might create many troubles for you as you will not be able to charge your phone, for example. 
    • The best devices also offer a feature of energy monitoring where they tell you how much energy has been consumed by the devices at your home. 
    • The process of setting up should be easy and reliable. 

    These are the Best Smart Plugs on the Market Today 

    TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini 

    Even though this is one of the cheapest smart plug that you can buy for $15.29, it still packs all of the features that you might expect from the most expensive smart plug. With Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug, you get a small design that does not clutter space on your power outlets. 

    Moreover, it performs consistently well when turning your devices on and off. It also is capable of setting schedules up to on a regular basis. Surprisingly, it is also capable of supporting smart-home platforms such as Amazon Alexa. 

    Lastly, and most impressively, this brilliant plug can also monitor energy consumption on all appliances that it operates on. 

    The only drawback of Kasa Smart Wi-Fi plug is that it does not work with Apple HomeKit. Otherwise, it simply makes sense. 

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    Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug 

    TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Outdoor Plug 

    Considered as the best outdoor smart plug by the vast majority, this $25 smart plug is robustly built to withstand the outdoors. Boasting an impressive operating temperature range of -4 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, this versatile outdoor plug contains dual slots that can be either operated using the app or voice controls via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. 

    In conclusion, this is considered to be the best outdoor smart plug for a reason as it does not have any flaws or quality issues. 

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    Kasa Smart Wi-FI Outdoor Plug 

    Nooie Smart Plug 

    Nooie Smart Plug is not behind Kasa when it comes to performance and competence. Firstly, it is one of the smallest smart plugs, if not the smallest, on the market. So, they will not take up a lot of space on your power outlets. 

    They also perform scheduling, and go one step beyond by containing a feature called loop timer. If you want to turn an appliance on for a particular time, following a pattern, then a loop timer is what you want. 

    Nooie also features a travel mode where you can turn your home’s lights on at random time frames to let people know that someone is home, quite intelligent. 

    Nooie has an aesthetic matte finish as well. 

    The only downside of Nooie Smart Plugs is that they are a bit more expensive as compared to Kasa. 

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    Nooie Smart Plugs 

    Amazon Smart Plug 

    If you use Amazon Alexa prominently, Amazon Smart Plug is your safest bet. For setting up these plugs, you can easily use your own pre-installed Alexa app; there is no need to install any other. You can control your consumption levels on the Alexa app, track your total energy consumptions, set schedules, and use travel mode as well. 

    The best feature possessed by these smart plugs is their efficient operations on voice commands. 

    The only downside to Amazon Smart Plugs is that they can not be used on the widely used Google Assistant. And, they are also an expensive option being priced at $25. 

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    Amazon Smart Plug 

    Feit Electric Plug 

    This relatively unknown plug is the elephant in the room when it comes to the best smart plugs. It can operate with smart-platforms such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can also set schedules and timers on the Feit app alongside other smart-platforms. 

    Feit Electric Plug goes above and beyond as it is suitable for outdoor use as well. It can be easily used in outdoor picnics, lunches, and barbeques. It has dual sockets that can operate independently as well, providing more practicality to the user. 

    At $15.98, you can not go wrong with buying these efficient plugs which can be used in both outdoor and indoor settings. 

    The only problem associated with these smart plugs is that they turn off on their own sometimes; it is an anomaly, of course. 

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    Feit Electric Plug 

    Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip 

    Keeping with the smart plug functionality, why not intensify it? Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip is a useful way of using several appliances at once without having to buy and maintain several smart plugs at a time. 

    The power strip gives you three smart outlets and 2 USB ports. With these, you can control 5 appliances simultaneously. The strip is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to use voice commands. It also protects your sensitive appliances from getting damaged by surges since it is ETL certified. It offers the common features of scheduling and timers. 

    The process of setting it up is quite easy. If you do not have any smart-platforms, you can download the Kasa app, plug the strip in, and connect it with your Wi-Fi using your phone’s app. 

    Given its price of $29.97, there is no going wrong with this purchase. 

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    Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip 

    Meross Outdoor Smart Plug 

    Voice controlled by using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, Meross Outdoor Smart Plug is a powerful and robust option to have in your garden. It also supports sunrise and sunset settings in its scheduling. Additionally, you also get a timer option. 

    Knowing that the outdoors do not get strong signals of Wi-Fi, this superior outdoor smart plug has been designed to fetch the weakest signals with the help of its longer Wi-Fi connection range. It has two independent sockets with a partition in between them to provide ample safety. 

    When it comes to safety, this smart plug has got it all sorted. It has an FCC and ETL certification. Moreover, it has a proven IP44 weatherproof housing. Finally, it has an enhanced waterproof design which is perfect for rainy settings. So, the next time it rains, you do not have to run outside and bring your outdoor sockets inside. 

    There is barely any shortcoming associated with this amazing smart plug. Its only limitation is that it can not be used on outdoor pumps, which is a sensible issue. 

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    Meross Outdoor Smart Plug