Best Smart Thermostat Without C-Wire

    Best Smart Thermostat Without C-Wire

    For you to achieve a smart home and bask in the benefits of energy-saving, you probably need smart thermostats. Smart thermostats mostly require a C-wire (“common” wire), but some do not feature the component at all. If at all other smart thermostats do not have the C-wire, a source of power will be required. Smart thermostats have emerged to provide sufficient power for LED displays and Wi-Fi-powered advanced functions.

    What is a Smart Thermostat Without C-Wire?

    Most Smart thermostats require a connection to HVAC control boards through a number of thin colored wires. The thermostats are 24V low voltage devices that acquire power from the installed control boards of cooling and heating systems. Therefore, a C-wire is a wire that delivers that return circuit for the thermostat.

    Why should I buy a Smart Thermostat Without C-wire?

    These devices provide a simpler display and can run two standard AA batteries, which are replaceable. In the event of power interruption, the batteries play a significant role as it still works even without a C-wire. The devices provide easy installation and can be easily controlled over android apps.

    What are the Best Smart Thermostats Without C-Wire? Tips to Choose

    There are certain factors that are worth considering when you need to select the best smart thermostat without C-wire. They are as follows;

    • Look at the design- it should be attractive since it is impressive when you come home and meet it on your wall.
    • Check out for smart technology- the smart thermostats are categorized according to the technology featured. They are categorized as algorithms, motion sensors, and geofencing. Each technology has its own great benefits.
    • Consider the ease of installation- some thermostats need the buyer to seek professional installation while others can allow self-installation. A thermostat with a complicated installation process will consume most of your precious time.
    • Your smart thermostat should be compatible with apps- app control is an ideal feature to take interest for faster and easier device configuration and control. This goes better if your device is able to send frequent alerts through the compatible app.
    • Check the presence of energy-saving options if you wish to lower your utility bills. 
    • It should feature a thermostat screen- the screen should be properly lit and make it easy to navigate the touch screen.
    • Most importantly, consider the price- it is wiser to know how much you are willing to spend on a thermostat.

    Here are the 7 best Smart Thermostat Without C-wire

    Thorough research has been carried out, and now it is easier to select the best Smart thermostats without C-wire. Below are some of the most qualified, top-notch smart thermostats that you will have to consider;

    • Ecobee3 Lite 
    • Mysa Smart
    • Nest Thermostat E
    • Ecobee (5th Gen)
    • Google Nest Thermostat
    • Emerson Sensi ST55
    • Wyze Smart WiFi Thermostat

    Follow this article up to the end and get to know more about the above-listed Best smart thermostat without C-wire.

    1. Ecobee3 Lite

    Among the best-selling Smart thermostats are the Ecobee3 lite, as it comes with several formidable features worth considering. This model gives you complete control over heating and cooling by employing the responsive touch screen and the dedicated mobile app. You can simply connect your device through the power extension provided.


    • It is cheap
    • It accepts the use Alexa and Google Assistant


    • It does not feature additional sensors

    This is a great option you can rely on for your home use, especially if you have an average size house. 

    Buy on Amazon.

    1. Mysa Smart

    What makes this device outstanding is the quality collection of premium features, and the most noticeable is the physical design. This model comes with a clean white design and a minimalist outer look, making it much prettier than other smart thermostats. It is absolutely simple when it comes to the installation of this device with a slight guide from the provided manual.


    • It delivers advanced smart features
    • It is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Home kit
    • It comes with a great design


    • Insufficient information is displayed on the screen

    Additionally, you can put restrictions on which zones the smart thermostat should operate-geofencing technology. 

    Buy on Amazon.

    1. Nest Thermostat E

    This is a user-friendly and affordable smart thermostat that accepts the app control technology to be used in controlling heat in your home. Thanks to the simple plastic housing along with the low-resolution screen, an impressive image is created on your wall. This smart thermostat model gives you the auto-scheduling feature for its advanced operation.


    • It brings energy efficient
    • It delivers frequent alerts
    • It is affordable


    • It has no occupancy sensor

    You will be impressed by the cool to dry setting that tackles humidity and allows you to turn it off for energy saving whenever there is less humidity. 

    Buy on Amazon.

    1. Ecobee (5th Gen)

    With this device, you can choose between using a battery or an electrical outlet using the power adapter that is included in the package box. The extreme efficiency is delivered by the presence of the built-in Alexa that even allows you to play music and yet hears and interprets you up to 15 feet away.


    • It features a remote sensor
    • It has a built-in Alexa
    • It is compatible with Google assistant and Homekit


    • It does not feature a great design

    You are required to subscribe to Ecobee Haven, which amounts to up to $5 per month, to access the premium features offered by this device. Buy on Amazon.

    1. Google Nest Thermostat

    This is the newest model in the market, which is less expensive than the Nest Learning Thermostat. It is impressive how this device can work with the most simple two-wire heating systems. There is a compatibility checker in the Alexa app that you can confirm before you make a purchase. The model has got two regular AAA batteries which provide long-lasting performance.


    • It comes with a variety of colors to choose from
    • It is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
    • It is easy to install


    • It is pricy

    It is encouraging how this device is able to be programmable as it allows you to create an energy-efficient schedule through the Google Home app on your android or iPhone. 

    Buy on Amazon.

    1. Emerson Sensi ST55

    The smart thermostat comes with a wide selection of smart home integrations, and it only works with Alexa. This device does not provide a colorful display; instead, a simple and clear display is installed. This makes it easy to operate on the face. Installing this device does not need many technicalities since well-laid-out guidelines show how it can be mounted to the wall. 


    • It is energy star certified
    • It supports Alexa, Google Assistant Homekit, SmartThings
    • It delivers a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi


    • It comes in white color only
    • It has a poor support

    Your smart thermostat can be powered by a power adapter of 24V C-wire or AA batteries; it is up to you to choose the power source. 

    Buy on Amazon.

    1. Wyze Smart WiFi Thermostat

    You may need a smart thermostat, and every time you try to gauge your financial capability, you think of giving up. Thanks to the emergence of the Wyze Smart thermostat, which is far much affordable. It is quite relieving since you will not have a technician to install for due to its super easy installation steps.


    • It supports Google Assistant, Alexa or IFTTT
    • It is easy to install
    • It features a Wi-Fi with no hub


    • It has limited smart features
    • It requires pro installation for a warranty

    Your smart thermostat will support a four-stage heat and two-stage cool on heat pumps; conventional two-stage heat and cool work with any dual transformer combination and comes with an accessory. 

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    Frequently Asked Question

    Have a brief glance at the questions most customers and those who want to purchase smart thermostats tend to ask most of the time.

    What Wi-Fi thermostat should you buy?

    If at all the smart thermostat that comes to our mind is the one you can easily control and regulate the temperature in your house, then they choose the Ecobee3 lite as it comes with solid and quality features that bring ease and energy-saving capabilities to your reach.

    Can I install a smart thermostat without C-wire?

    Yes! You can install the Emerson Sensi smart thermostat without any C-wire, and it functions smoothly through AAA batteries as the power source. 

    Is the C-wire necessary in the thermostat?

    It is not compulsory for all thermostats to feature a C-wire, but an unused C-wire can be included in a new smart thermostat package. A thermostat can function properly without a C-wire.