Best Tiny GPS Trackers, Tips To Choose

    Best Tiny GPS Trackers, Tips To Choose

    What is a tiny GPS tracker?

    Tiny GPS trackers are a new type of GPS device that measures your location in real-time and send the data directly to your smartphone or other devices. They typically range in size from about the size of a credit card to a stamp and can be attached to key chains, hats, or clothing.

    Tiny GPS trackers have the following features;

    • GPS tracker can keep track of the location and movement of the device.
    • The tracker is straightforward to use and can be attached to any item.
    • Has a battery life of up to 6 months.
    • Available in different colors and designs.

    Why should I buy a tiny GPS tracker?

    Tiny GPS trackers have benefits and advantages that make them most preferred by users. Among the benefits of tiny GPS trackers are; that they are small in size and have a discreet design; they are easily portable and can be used indoors and outdoors. They have a built-in alarm for notifications with excellent battery life. Lastly, tiny GPS trackers can be linked with Android and iOS devices.

    However, there are general benefits of GPS trackers which include;

    • Keep an eye on your loved ones or property while you're away.
    • To monitor your fitness progress or recovery.
    • To keep an eye on vehicle location and movement in case of theft
    • To find a lost item

    What are the best tiny GPS trackers? Tips to choose.

    The best tiny GPS trackers include Fitbit tracker, Trakbond trail, Angelsense tracker, and Geozilla GPS tracker. Fitbit is the best for enthusiasts, while trakbond trail is the best kids' tracker. Angelsense is the most affordable tracker, while Geozilla is the best because of its portability and light weightiness. The Garmin Vivosmart 3 and Misfit flash are also among the best tiny GPS trackers.

    Tips to choose the best tiny GPS tracker

    • decide what type of tracker you need: a standalone device or a watch/smartwatch app
    • consider features and price
    • look for batteries that last long and GPS tracking that is accurate in both indoor and outdoor environments
    • consider what you want the tracker to do
    • compare features and reviews
    • read the manufacturer’s instructions

    Here are the 10 best tiny GPS trackers

    1. Trakbond Trail- Has a battery life of 12 hours, and it is supported by iOS and android
    2. Spytec- Has a battery life of 2.5 weeks, and it is supported by iOS and android
    3. AngelSense- Has a battery life of 48 hours, and it is supported by windows App iOS and android
    4. Geozilla GPS tracker- Has a battery life of 5 days, supported by android and iOS
    5. Apple watch- Has a battery life of 18 hours, supported by iOS
    6. Fitbit- Has a battery life of 7 days and is supported by iOS and android
    7. key fob - is a small, electronic device that allows someone to open a car or other vehicle with the use of a simple code
    8. eye watch - is a GPS tracking system that incorporates a watch face with built-in sensors to track the location and movement of the wearer's eyes
    9. 4G GPS vehicle trackers – are trackers that use a 4G network to track objects
    10. LandAirSea 54 -  is a type of aircraft that can transition between air and water.

    Some of the most commonly used tiny GPS trackers include;

    Apple watch

    The Apple Watch is the most suitable because it is a portable multitasking smartwatch worn by a person. The watch is used to make calls and to send and receive texts. Also, it helps users check their fitness and their health insights.

    The Apple watch has location tracking features. It highly detects falling and heart rates. Other features include listening to music offline, making various payments through apple pay, controlling remotes, and accessing notifications if connected to your phone or laptop.


    • It is sleek

    • It is stylish

    • It has many features that make it a valuable piece of technology.

    • It also has an elegant design that makes it look more expensive.


    • Its battery life is not as long as some other watches on the market

    • There have been reports of malfunctions.

    • It does not support WhatsApp.

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    This GPS tracker is suitable because it tracks children. It is placed in the sleeves of clothes using a magnet that can only be unlocked using a key. It is the fastest tracker since it starts working at a maximum of 10 seconds. Angelsense algorithms are unique to alert the user via SMS or emails.

    An angelsense is a technology that uses artificial intelligence to identify and track objects in images. It can also be used for identification, surveillance, and tracking purposes. It is also known as "machine learning for image recognition.


    • Angelsense provides peace of mind.

    • Easily attached to fabric because of the magnetic pins

    • It is accurate

    • Children cannot remove it. It also has a unique magnetic key


    • there is no scientific evidence that angelsense works

    • some people may find the price tag prohibitive.

    • It is not waterproof.

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    Trakbond Trail

    Trakbond Trail is mainly preferred because the trail is well maintained and easy to follow. It's a scenic walk that will take you through beautiful forests and meadows. This trail is perfect for hikers, runners, and cyclists.

    Trakbond trail has multiple Trailheads, Great for Hiking, Running, Cycling, Wildlife Viewing Opportunities, Unique Bridges, and Elevations. The device has a panic button with instant zone alerts.


    • offer a variety of activities, such as hiking, biking, and cross country skiing
    • many trailheads offer scenic overlooks or nature trails
    • the trail is easy to follow
    • it is available in various colors


    • some sections can be pretty steep and strenuous

    • the trail can be busy during the summer months

    • trailheads can be quite far apart

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    Geozilla GPS Location tracker


    Geozilla GPS tracker is a suitable tiny GPS tracker because of its high accuracy, compatibility, and ease to use. With the Geozilla tracker, you can track your child's location in real-time and receive notifications. The Geozilla GPS tracker also has an SOS button for emergency purposes.

    The Geozilla GPS tracker is available in three versions: Standard, Premium, and Elite. It also has a built-in GSM/GPRS module that can track the location of your device on a portable map. Additionally, it can send alerts if the device moves beyond a specific range from its last known location.


    • Simple to use and navigate
    • Very user-friendly interface
    • Track your location in real-time
    • Data is stored on an SD card for easy access and playback


    • No live tracking during nighttime hours (9 pm to 5 am)
    • Only tracks locations for a certain amount of time before being recharged.

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    Spytec trackers


    Spytec is the most suitable tiny GPS tracker because it is of high quality, which means that the products are reliable and easy to use. Spytec trackers are compatible with various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

    The spytec tracker's accompanying app is user-friendly and includes features such as live tracking and speed alerts. The tracker's battery life is excellent.


    • Spytec trackers have long battery life.

    • Easy to use and set up

    • It tracks both vehicles and people

    • It is accurate

    • They have free apps that make it easy to monitor your pet's location and activity


    • some people find the tracking software challenging to use
    •  the device is expensive.
    • Some of the trackers require subscription fees to use their full features.
    • It is only suitable in urban places.

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    Fitbit GPS tracker

    The Fitbit GPS tracker is mainly preferred because of its unique features. It is a small and lightweight tracker that clips easily onto clothes or a belt and has a variety of colorful bands to fit different styles. It is slightly different from other trackers because it tracks your steps and calories burned and records your heart rate.

    The Fitbit GPS tracker is great for people trying to monitor their fitness levels and keep track of their health. The Fitbit also comes with other features such as sleep tracking, weight loss tracking, reminders to move, and more.


    • The Fitbit GPS tracker is straightforward and has a simple on-screen display.
    • The Fitbit GPS tracker can monitor your activity and calories burned
    • The Fitbit GPS tracker can also measure your heart rate and blood pressure.


    • Has a low battery life
    • It is less accurate
    • It is expensive

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    Common questions people also ask

    What is the smallest GPS tracker?

    A small covert device such as a key fob or eye watch is a crucial example of the smallest GPS tracker. It is typically battery-powered and does not require a subscription to store your tracked location data. Tracking devices of this size are often used for personal safety purposes, such as tracking the whereabouts of children who have lost their parents or monitoring pets in enclosed areas.

    Can you put a tracking chip in a human?

    Yes, it is possible to put a tracking chip in a human. However, this would be done for monitoring and controlling the individual. There is not currently a way to do this without their consent.

    Do you have to pay monthly for GPS?

    No, GPS receivers do not require a monthly payment. However, some providers may offer a subscription service that includes access to the receiver's location data. Paying for this service can be advantageous if you frequently plan to use the receiver's location data. Some receivers also offer unlimited hours of use per month without requiring a subscription. Not all receivers provide accurate location data in all weather conditions, so testing the unit before relying on it is essential.