Best Tomoloo Hoverboards (2022 Reviews)

    Best Tomoloo Hoverboards (2022 Reviews)

    People are hooked on unique and unimaginable things. Unique things just rouse their curiosities. And that’s natural. One such unique thing is this strange means of transport, the hoverboard. Yes, skateboards and roller skates are still popular, but hoverboard is presumably more popular than them these days. First seen in the movie “Back to the Future II,” people can’t just stop imagining riding the same levitating and physics-defying means of transport. It was deeply etched onto their minds. And in 2014, it was successfully developed. Since then, various hoverboards from different brands have been introduced, like those from Tomoloo.

    What is Tomoloo Hoverboard?

    Established in 2013, Shenzhen Tomoloo Technology Industrial Co., Ltd is one of the first industry leaders when it comes to electric hoverboard manufacturing. Given their early start in manufacturing hoverboards, Tomoloo is naturally one of the best innovators. Their many innovations when it comes to their Tomoloo hoverboards got them to where they are today.

    Tomoloo’s large product range of hoverboards is known to be one of the best in the market that caters to both kids and adults. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert, Tomoloo has the right hoverboard for you. In terms of specs, there are some variations among Tomoloo models, but most Tomoloo hoverboards have a maximum speed of 7.45 MPH or 12 KPH. The recommended maximum weight of Tomoloo hoverboards varies but is typically within the range of around 165 Pounds to 265 Pounds. The charging time is likewise different (2-3.5 hours) among models. In addition to these amazing specifications, Tomoloo hoverboards also passed several safety tests, which is why they have the famous UL 2272 certification. The certification is essentially a safety badge that serves as proof that the hoverboards have been thoroughly tested by authorities and that there is no risk of fire. But nothing is absolutely perfect; like other things, Tomoloo hoverboards also have some shortcomings, like the easily scratched outer shells in some models. 

    List of 11 Best Tomoloo Hoverboards

    1. Tomoloo Fire Kylin Q2-C


    Tomoloo Fire Kylin Q2-C is not only one of the best hoverboards in Tomoloo but as well as in the whole market. It is a prime favorite among kids and adults due to its intuitiveness, Bluetooth speaker, and colorful LED lights. Aside from these, Fire Kylin Q2-C also has a long battery life of up to 4-hours with a charging time of only about an hour. The top speed average at 7.5 miles per hour, but the range is quite long at 12 miles. However, the problem with this is the body which is easily scratched. Its performance on rough terrain is not that smooth as well, and its app control is not that user-friendly.


    1. Tomoloo Fire Kylin Q2-X

    Tomoloo Fire Kylin Q2-X’s design is not far from that of the Q2-C. But there are some differences too. For one, the design of this hoverboard is more stylish. It’s straightforward but cool at the same time. In terms of specs, they are almost identical. The maximum speed is also 7.5 miles per hour with a maximum carrying capacity of 220 Pounds. It has a 18650 lithium battery which has a charging time of 180-210 minutes or 3-3 ½ hours. And like other Tomoloo products, the Q2-X hoverboard is also UL certified.


    1. Tomoloo Fire Kylin Q2-B

    Another part of the Fire Kylin series of Tomoloo is the Q2-B hoverboard. This cool-looking hoverboard has thick rubber pedals that provide a steadier ride. It is also highly durable dues to its toughness, high strength, fire-resistant, and fire-retardance. In terms of specs, it is not that far from Q2-C and Q2-X.


    1. Tomoloo X-Men K1

    Another Tomoloo hoverboard favorite is the X-Men K1. Like other Tomoloo products, X-Men K1 is UL certified. Hence, it is very safe. Aside from its safety rating, the specifications of this hoverboard are on the better side of things. All in all, it is easy to use and has amazing features. The mainboard program ensures stability and a smooth-riding experience. The max speed is above average at 9.3 miles per hour. Its 500 w motors can also carry up as much as 265 pounds. It also features LED lights, a Hi-Fi stereo Bluetooth speaker, and a 12-month warranty period.


    1. Tomoloo Q3


    Tomoloo Q3, like other Tomoloo products, passed the various safety standards; hence, it has UL certification. It has 6.5 inches of anti-explosion tires and explosion-proof batteries that ensure a safer riding experience. It also has superior endurance, thanks to its 18650-lithium battery. The charging time of this device is 180-210 minutes or 3-3 ½ hours. It is also not too fast, which makes it perfect for kids. And the maximum load capacity is also high at 220 Pounds.


    1. Tomoloo Q3-C

    If you are going to give a hoverboard to a kid who is just starting to learn to use a hoverboard, the Tomoloo Q3-C is highly suggested. Aside from being UL certified and thus safe, Tomoloo Q3-C is equipped with self-balancing technology, which makes it easier to use compared to other hoverboards. Another good feature of this device is that the LED lights in the rear and front can flash with the rhythm of the HIFI music. The wheels are likewise equipped with lights. In terms of specs, Q3-C has a carrying capacity of up to 165 Pounds. It also has a 250W motor which can give you a maximum speed of 7.5 miles per hour with a range of up to 4.3 miles.


    1. Tomoloo Q3X

    Many kids are joining the hype of using hoverboards; hence, ensuring that what they are using is appropriate for them is necessary. If you worry about the appropriateness of hoverboards, you better choose the Tomoloo Q3X. Tomoloo Q3X was built with kids in mind. This hoverboard is lightweight and designed for off-road-all-terrain scenarios. The load capacity is high at 220 Pounds. The motors are strong at 250w, which can climb up to 15o slopes. It likewise has Bluetooth speakers so that riders can enjoy their favorite music while using it.


    1. Tomoloo V3 War Ship

    Tomoloo V3 War Ship is part of the V series hoverboards of Tomoloo. As with the name, this hoverboard is inspired by the mighty and strong warships, hence, the hi-tech, invincible, and equally mighty design. Like the others, this hoverboard is UL certified. It is equipped with Bluetooth, GPS, and Stereo for music. It could also be connected to the Tomoloo app. In terms of speed, this warship-like hoverboard is capable of having speeds reaching up to 9.3 miles per hour with a max mileage of around 8.6 miles. In terms of weight capacity, it could carry up to 265 Pounds.


    1. Tomoloo K3 Galaxy Chariot

    The K3 Galaxy Chariot is a hoverboard that boasts explosion-proof batteries and tires. It also has a fire-retardant fire shell and overcharge protection to ensure the safety of the rider. These qualities are some of the things that enabled it to get UL certification. Another amazing feature of this hoverboard is the waterproof cap for the power jack. It also has omnidirectional adjustable RGB LED headlights, which would surely amaze you. In terms of maximum speed, K3 is the same as V3 at 9.3 miles per hour with a max mileage of between 7.4-9.3 miles. The maximum carrying capacity is also the same at 265 Pounds.


    1. Tomoloo V1 Poleaxe

    Tomoloo V1 Poleaxe, like the other Tomoloo hoverboard, is made of high-quality fire-retardant material. These materials were with the Nordic Poleaxe in mind giving it the same avant-garde look unique to the Tomoloo brand. Tomoloo V1 has that powerful and indomitable feel in it. In terms of safety, V1 Poleaxe passed several standards. It does not only have the UL certification but as well as those from CE, FCC, and RoHS. Another good thing about this model is its 8.5 inches off-road rubber tires. It also has LED headlights with RGB LED design which enable the rider to configure the light through the Tomoloo app. Like K3, V1 also has a waterproof cap to protect the power jack. The maximum speed of V1 is the same as the others at 9.3 miles per hour with a max mileage of 7.4-9.3 miles. V1 has a max carrying capacity of 265 Pounds.


    1. Tomoloo Q8

    A brand-new addition to the Tomoloo brand, Tomoloo Q8is probably one of the most stylish hoverboards. It is covered in black, white and red colors which make it look suitable for all ages. The wheels also have LED lights which added to the overall appeal of it. Tomoloo Q8 has a maximum speed of 7.4 miles per hour that can cover up to 9.3 miles in one charge. It has a maximum carrying capacity of 220 Pounds.


    Comparison of Tomoloo Q3-X with Gyroor warrior and Halo Rover X


    Tomoloo Q3-X

    Gyroor Warrior

    Halo Rover X

    Wheel size

    6.5 inches

    8.5 inches

    8.5 inches

    Maximum speed

    7.5 MPH

    9.95 MPH

    10 MPH


    Up to 10 miles

    Up to 9.5 miles

    Up to 10 miles

    Maximum Carrying Capacity

    220 Pounds

    265 Pounds

    260 Pounds


    27.3 Pounds

    30 Pounds

    32 Pounds

    Suitable for Off-road?




    UL certified




    Self-Balancing Technology








    LED lights




    Charging Time

    3 – 3 ½ hours

    1 ½ - 2 hours

    2 ½ hours

    Max Climbing Angle

    15 degrees

    30 degrees

    20 degrees


    How to Choose a Tomoloo Hoverboard

    Choosing a Tomoloo hoverboard is not different from choosing a typical hoverboard. You just need to check things important for the overall functionality of it.

    1. The speed of Tomoloo Hoverboard models is not the fastest; still, you need to check it. Why? Because though the average is 7.45 among them, some are a little bit faster, which could be inappropriate for certain ages.
    2. Weight Capacity.The weight capacity of Tomoloo hoverboards is different from each other; hence, check whether possible user’s weight is within the maximum weight capacity.
    3. Ease of use. Tomoloo hoverboards, in general, are very easy to use. But there are some models which are quite harder to use than the others, so you might as well consider it if the possible user is a beginner or an amateur.
    4. Safety Rating.There are lots of scammers, so check if the Tomoloo hoverboard you are buying has a UL certification. And as much as possible, only buy from legitimate sellers.
    5. Tire size.The tire size is an important consideration when buying any hoverboard. The size of the tire determines whether the ride on a certain terrain would be smooth or not.

    Aside from the five things above, you should also check the motor, range, overall construct, battery life, charging time, and the price of the hoverboard.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Is Tomoloo a good brand for Hoverboards?

    Yes, Tomoloo is a good brand when it comes to hoverboards. It is one of the first to manufacture hoverboards. It is also popular due to its safety, credibility, and innovations.

    1. How long does it take to charge a Tomoloo Hoverboard?

    The charging time among models is between 3-3 ½ hours, depending on the Tomoloo model you have.

    1. Are Tomoloo Hoverboards safe?

    Yes, Tomoloo hoverboards are safe. Tomoloo hoverboards have UL certification, which is proof that authorities thoroughly tested them.

    1. Is there a Tomoloo app that I could connect to my Tomoloo hoverboard?

    Yes, there is a dedicated Tomoloo app for their hoverboards or self-balancing scooters. The app is available on Google Play. Some of its features can be used to monitor and configure the hoverboard.

    1. How long does a Tomoloo hoverboard last?

    A Tomoloo hoverboard can last for more than two years, provided that you are using it as recommended.