Best USB-C-to-Lightning and How to Choose

    Best USB-C-to-Lightning and How to Choose

    Time is precious. With the increase of technologically advanced devices, the use of electrical power has been engaged at a higher rate each day. 

    Most devices need charging, and most people prefer fast charging. The present-day market is brimming with excellent performing third party USB-C-to-Lightning that every smart gadget user should own. 

    Why should I buy a USB-C-to-Lightning?

    A USB-C-to-Lighting is a Special cable with a lightning connector on one end and a USB-C connector on the opposite side in place of a standard USB-A connector. A USB-C-to-Lighting cable is a great tool that can help you sync your iOS devices.

    What makes the USB-C-to-Lighting cable much special is the super-fast charging capability it delivers. This special type of cable is not limited to around 12 watts of power transmission but up to 100 watts. When this same cable is needed for data transfer, it surely does wonders. You will be fascinated by the great speed that the USB-C can serve- 20 times faster. The USB-C-to-Lighting cable is what you deserve for time-saving and efficiency.

    Here is what you should consider before making a USB-C-to-Lighting cable purchase;

    • Choose lightning cables from apple or MFi certified cables from third-party developers
    • The cable should have integrated adaptors for better versatility
    • The cable should have a metal tip and nylon sleeves for durability

    The best USB-C-to-Lightning

    Best Overall: Anker 641 USB-C-to-Lightning

    Best Runner-Up: Belkin BoostCharge Pro-Flex USB-C-to-Lightning

    Most Eco-Friendly: Nimble PowerKnit USB-C-to-Lightning 

    Best for Budget: AmazonBasics Advanced Double Braided USB-C-to-Lightning

    Best for Luxury: Anker Powerline + III Special Edition

    Best for battery packs: Satechi USB-C to Lightning Cable

    The Toughest Option: Nomad Kevlar USB-C to Lightning Cable

    Most Stylish and Durable: Native Union Belt USB-C to Lightning Cable

    If you are ready to start using the USB-C-to-Lighting cable, you should be equipped with a third party adapter that is approved by the USB Power Delivery industry standard. Here are the best USB-C-to-Lighting cables you will find;

    Best overall

    Anker 641 USB-C-to-Lightning

    The Anker 641 USB-C-to-Lightning is the best third-party USB-C-to-Lightning cable that satisfies the perfect features you should expect. The USB-C is way more versatile and longer, and it comes bundled with your smart device.

    The exterior part of this cable is made of silica gel, and the interior section is made of graphene for maximum durability. Interestingly, the Anker 641 USB-C-to-Lightning can withstand 220 pounds of weight and 25,000 bends. The cable features great tactility as it gives you a soft feel once you hold it.

    Your favourite colour will always be available for the cable and comes in many different colours for customers to choose from. Each colour has goldish sports to spice up the cable’s attractiveness. The Anker brand lets you charge in your car or office desk by offering a shorter 3-foot variant. 

    Buy on Amazon.

    Best Runner-Up

    Belkin BoostCharge Pro Flex USB-C-to-Lightning

    The Belkin brands bring us another excellent USB-C-to-Lightning cable option known as the BoostCharge Pro-Flex. This USB-C cable sorts out your Apple device perfectly as it is slightly longer-6.6 feet- with an ultra-tough nature.

    The cable is double-braided with a nylon exterior, making for absolutely reliable durability. It is lovely to see the cable’s built-in strap that is embodied with a magnetic clip and metal plate. The BoostCharge Pro-Flex cable is designed to achieve a variety of different colours for the users to select from.

    You are provided with a 5-year warranty that guarantees you quality function for all that long period. If you may wish to find a longer version of this cable, there is a 10-foot cable that will meet your needs as required. 

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    Most Eco-Friendly

    Nimble PowerKnit USB-C-to-Lightning

    The USB-C is an accessory manufactured with certified recycled materials, including the cable’s fabric cover made of recycled aluminium connector housings, plastic bottles, and recycled paper packaging. These materials ensure that there is no negative impact of the cables on the environment.

    When you purchase this product, a plastic bag is included purposely for old gadgets recycling. The USB-C cable comes in a length of 6.6 feet which makes it cheaper. For those who might need a longer cable, there are a 10 feet Nimble PowerKnit USB-C-to-Lightning to keep them sorted out.

    Enjoy the PVC- free feature of this cable as it brings the efficiency and flexibility you desire. Once you purchase this device, you are guaranteed a 2-year warranty.

    Buy in gonimble.

    Best for Budget

    AmazonBasics Advanced Double Braided USB-C-to-Lightning

    You always have an option for you if you find other USB-C cable models costly. With a price below $20, you are assured of getting the Amazon Basics Advanced cable for the best charging and speedy data transfer. 

    This cable features a double braided-nylon exterior design that prevents any arising tangles and gives a pricier impression of this product. You will find the versatility this accessory deliver, which is better than the cable that comes with your iPhone. This cable can charge your iPhone to 50% within just 30 minutes. The product is compatible with other almost all iPhone models li.

    According to your colour choice, you can select from the silver, rose gold, and grey colours that this accessory comes in. There are shorter variants of this product, that is, 1-foot and 3-feet in length. Interestingly enough, you are assured of a lifetime warranty. 

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    Best for Luxury

    Anker Powerline + III Special Edition

    This kind of USB-C-to-Lightning cable is ranked to be the most luxurious as it features housings that are plated in 24-karat gold. Just from the golden color, it gives a luxurious impression as it proves to be a way to far more versatile than a standard iPhone cable. 

    Right from the product's packaging, you will feel the precious feeling it exhorts as you unveil the product from the elegant matte black finish with a gold accent box that comes with a cool case for the cable's storage. The cable measures up to 6-feet for longer distances to create the convenience you deserve. Still, on the package, you will find a welcome guide on how you will use or maintain your product.

    Your quality cable satisfied the sophistication and strength a good cable should have. The power line of this product combines a 35,000-bend lifespan. 

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    Best for battery packs

    Satechi USB-C to Lightning Cable

    Great performance with this USB-C-to-Lightning is enjoyed best when it uses a battery pack. Unlike other USB-C cable models, the Satechi USB-C to Lightning Cable easily interacts with your iPhone as you hold a compact power bank. You will love its durability and tactility as it adds to the usability and flexibility you need.

    The accessory is made attractive by displaying a braided exterior that achieves a grey finish that rhymes with the USB-C-toting iPad or MacBook. The aluminium housings blend well with the double braids of this cable. If you need a longer USB-C cable, you can find a 6-feet long version for our iPhone.

    You will save a lot of time due to the fast charging and data sync. Once you connect the Satechi USB-C to Lightning Cable to a USB-C PD power source, your iPhone will be 50% full within 30 minutes only. 

    Buy on Amazon.

    The Toughest Option

    Nomad Kevlar USB-C to Lightning Cable

    This quality accessory is crafted using a real DuPont Kevlar by the Nomad brand. The cool features exhibited by this USB-C cable go hand in hand with its price. You need $45 to acquire the benefits that come with this accessory. There are pretty metal connector housings that bring the fancy brilliance that blends with the cable’s design.

    For effortless length management and storage, the cable features a handy silicone tie. Your cable is lengthy as it measures up to 3 meters and a shorter version of 5 feet long. You are eligible to enjoy 5-years of the product’s warranty.

    This is the fastest way to charge your device as the Nomad Kevlar USB-C to Lightning Cable can provide a 20W extra charging power. 

    Buy in NomadGoods.com.

    Most Stylish and Durable

    Native Union Belt USB-C to Lightning Cable

    It is rare to find a more attractive USB-C-to-Lightning cable that is more elegant and long-lasting. The accessory is pretty much impressive as it brings you the durable DuPont Kevlar exterior enticing finish.

    The cable’s construction is upgraded, and thus an ultra-strong accessory is achieved. You will love the high flexibility, and it can withstand a lot of stress channeled on it. Your cable allows you to simply wrap it up using the attached leather belt for the safety and neatness of your accessory. 

    Purchase this MFI certified product and experience faster charging and data transfer. 

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