Best USB Hub of 2022: Review & Test

    Best USB Hub of 2022: Review & Test

    Most devices include USB ports; this applies from desktop PCs to game consoles. The USB ports play a major part in linking various peripherals, hard drives, and auxiliary devices at a go. The emergence of USB hubs has made the expansion of our computer’s usable ports possible. USB ports make fast charging possible.

    Why should I buy a Best USB Hub? 

    Basically, it will be better for you to know that a USB hub is a version of a regular plug extension lead. Possessing a Quality USB hub is an essential step toward making your device connections simple, fast and efficient just from a single USB port. 

     A USB hub is a must-have for technology enthusiasts and gadget fans to reduce the frequent unplugging of devices to create a chance for other devices. This calls for a strong and efficient USB hub for your easy and fun multi-device connection.

    Just like extension leads, the USB hubs have their own limitations. Too many power-hungry devices cannot be loaded onto the USB hub. You are only safe if you use a device like a mouse, keyboard, and phone charger by sourcing power using a single port. Here are the reasons you will require the best USB hub;

    • You will wish to make additional USB ports on your laptop- most laptops have got only two ports, and this can restrict you from connecting more devices, and in case one port malfunctions, you will be barred from achieving your connection goals.
    • You will need to transfer a lot of data between devices- even as much rare as this function is, it is vital and valid once you find yourself in a scenario where there is a desire for a bunch of data should be transferred to different devices over a short time.
    • You will need to charge multiple devices over one port- you do not have to necessarily connect the USB hub to a computer; you can plug the USB hub on the mains and get your various devices charged.

    Things to Consider Before Making a Purchase

    When searching for a perfect USB hub, you need to be aware of certain specifications that most buyers often ignore or are not aware of, and they, later on, complain about how disappointing USB hubs are. You are on the right article that will take you through the essential considerations you have to keep in mind as a potential USB hub buyer. Check out the following;

    • Know the power output of the hub- since each device drains a specific current from the USB port, there will be power share among the connected device through the USB hub. Choose a hub that can work off the original port’s power or those that can work with an external power source.
    • Consider the hub’s power source- take enough time to know what you will use the USB hub for. In case you get a hub that is powered by an external source, you are eligible to charge the other devices whether your PC is on or not.
    • Check the number of ports- It is wise to pick a USB hub with many ports for you may need more ports in the future when you might find the price of the USB hub has hiked.
    • Check the hub port’s version- to lower expense, some ports cost 2.0, but you will encounter slower data transfer when compared to USB 3.0 devices.
    • Consider the operating system of your PC- it is advisable to check the technical information on the packaging to confirm that the device will function on your computer.

    Here are the best USB Hubs.

    Our top picks in this article prove to have almost all the great features a USB hub should deliver. Here are the best USB hubs worth considering purchasing;

    1. Anker USB 3.0 SuperSpeed 10-Port Data Hub
    2. Sabrent 4-Port 
    3. ACASIS 16-Port USB 3.0 Data Hub
    4. uni 4-Port Aluminum USB 3.0 Hub
    5. Wonkegonke 4-Port Mini USB 3.0 Hub
    6. CalDigit TS3 Plus 

    Read on each of these best USB hubs as well explained below;

    1. Anker USB 3.0 SuperSpeed 10-Port Data Hub

    The USB hub is the best overall as it displays admirable features. The USB hub has ten ports, and each port is a 3.0 version that supports fast data transfer of 5Gbps speed. This means that you only need seconds to transfer data between devices. The USB hub comes with a 2.6-foot USB 3.0 cable and an adapter.


    • It delivers fast data transfer
    • It features a built-in surge protection
    • It is simple to use, and it is hot-swappable


    • Features only USB ports

    Remember, there is a 2A USB port that provides faster charging compared to the 0.9A of other USB ports that can be left to charge less power-hungry devices. Buy

    1. Sabrent 4-Port

    The Sabrent 4-port is the most versatile USB hub that comes with a relatively compact design for efficiency. There are four 3.0 USB ports that function on both PC and Mac devices. Only data transfer can be done. This means you cannot charge any device with this kind of USB hub. The USB hub displays brilliant blue LED indicators for every port.


    • It features fast data transfer
    • It has a built-in USB cable
    • All the four USB ports are off the 3.0 version


    • It transfers data only

    This model is pretty much affordable and lets you enjoy high data transfer speed between devices. Buy on Amazon.

    1. ACASIS 16-Port USB 3.0 Data Hub

    If your main concern is to possess many USB ports, then ACASIS 16-Port USB 3.0 Data Hub is one of the largest you can find. As the name suggests, the USB hub has 16 ports, and all of them are of the 3.0 version and support charging up to2.1A. Each port delivers a 5Gbps transfer speed.


    • It has a durable aluminum chassis
    • Allows fast charging and data transfer
    • It features a built-in protection


    • It is not good for travel

    Get yourself this massive USB hub and get all charging and data transfer done to as many devices as it can allow. Buy on Amazon.

    1. uni 4-Port Aluminum USB 3.0 Hub

    The uni 4-Port Aluminum USB 3.0 Hub is ultra-slim and comes with four USB ports. 

    Great compact options are provided, which makes this model ideal for tossing uni backpack luggage or handbag hence featuring amazing portability.


    • It has a sleek design with an aluminum chassis.
    • It features a Nylon braided USB cable built-in
    • It contains a safety chip for hub and connected devices


    • It has no dedicated power

    Without a doubt, you need a portable and yet a fantastic USB hub that you can rely on whenever you need to transfer data and charge your devices. Buy on Amazon.

    1. Wonkegonke 4-Port Mini USB 3.0 Hub

    You have every good reason to acquire an ultra-portable and sleek mini USB hub. The Wonkegonke 4-Port Mini USB 3.0 Hub measures are just 0.27 inches thick. There are two ports versions featured; 2.0 and 3.0 interfaces. The USB cable is built-in, hence more convenience and a light metal casing to keep the mini USB hub safe even in the messiest backpacks.


    • It is super sleek and portable
    • It has a rugged but lightweight metal chassis
    • It delivers fast data transfer


    • There is no dedicated power supply

    This is the best mini USB hub for travel on a friendly budget. Buy on Amazon.

    1. CalDigit TS3 Plus

    The CalDigit TS3 Plus embraces more quality than anything else. This is the best USB hub for Apple devices. This USB hub model can help you make up for the sticker shock. It is true to say that this model is meant for professionals as it comes with a space grey color scheme that is designed to look like your apple hardware.


    • It is compatible with apple's aesthetic
    • It has a wide range of ports
    • It has a professional build quality


    • It is expensive

    Enjoy the thunderbolt 3 version interface with the USB hub and the highest data transfer rate of up to 10Gbps in 15 USB ports. Buy on Amazon.