Best Wireless Headphones:Sony WH-1000XM4,Clear Enduro ANC,Beats by Dr. Dre Studio3,Anker Sound Core Life Tune...

    Best Wireless Headphones:Sony WH-1000XM4,Clear Enduro ANC,Beats by Dr. Dre Studio3,Anker Sound Core Life Tune...

    Why Should I Buy The Best Wireless Headphones?

    Nobody prefers having their headphones cabled when listening to music. The wires hang all over and get entangled which is an inconvenience. Everyone would be much more comfortable with a wireless headphones experience.

    Wireless headphones come in two designs; over-ear and in-ear. Additionally, their stability, and Bluetooth connectivity work together to produce quality sound. Wireless headphones are the best performing, long-lasting, and have the best value of all the models. These headphones have a couple of advantages. They include portability and durability.

    What To Consider When Buying The Best Wireless Headphones

    Wondering where to begin identifying the best wireless headphones? Here are a few features to guide you.


    You should check what suits you most by considering which design to go with. Whether over-ear or in-ear, pick what’s most comfortable for you. It is best to pay attention to the design features to know the true worth of your headphones.

    Wireless Connectivity

    Wireless connectivity is very important, especially if you commute and travel frequently. You should check the wireless transmission of the headphones before buying them to avoid any inconveniences.

    The stronger the wireless connectivity, the more range you are likely to achieve. Additionally, the better the connectivity, the less it is likely to be affected by distractions such as the tall buildings.

    Noise Cancellation

    This is a great feature because you can decide whether or not to be shut off from the outside world. For instance, choosing the closed-back headphone design creates a seal between it and the listener's ear. In contrast, you can choose the open-back headphone which allows a little air.


    It is very important because it can break or make the headphones. After all, they will be sitting on your head or ears for hours. Therefore, one goes for the most comfortable headphones. Headphones with adjustable sizes are much comfortable for they can fit any head size with much ease.

    Comfortable headphones are supposed to fit well onto one's ears to prevent them from falling off. The firm they are, the more they can handle vigorous activities much more comfortably.


    This is always a consideration when buying a pair of wireless headphones because it always comes down to your budget. The cost differs due to a couple of factors, mainly the headphone quality and the number of features availed in it. Higher quality headphones are likely to be more expensive than lower quality ones. Additionally, those with more advanced features are likely to cost more than those with basic ones.

    Headphone impedance

    You must consider this feature because some models come with very low ohms and do not have much amplification to make them work perfectly with your computer or smartphone.

    Frequency response

    This will determine how accurately your headphones will produce sound across different frequencies. Sharper the frequency response, the higher the quality of music produced.

    Here Are the Seven Best Wireless Headphones

    1. Sony WH-1000XM4

    The product has good sound in multiple categories, has powerful ANC and ambient listening modes, is also loaded with features as seen in the above statements, and has an amazing wireless performance.


    • It has a Bluetooth range of 40 feet (12 meters).
    • Its battery life is rated 30 hours (ANC on); and 38hours (ANC off).
    • It has an optimal size and weighs 8.95 ounces.
    • This headphone also contains special features, e.g., ANC adjustable ambient listening mode; spatial audio.



    • Its call quality requires some improvement.

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    2. Clear Enduro ANC

    It is a headphone with size and weight of 7786.683 inches; 10.6 ounces. These headphones have very good quality, and bass-rich sound which makes them loved, and finally, a very effective ANC. Clear Enduro ANC has some special features; they include:

    • ANC
    • Adjustable ambient listening mode
    • Customizable EQ
    • High-end audio gear


    • It also has a good battery life of about 60 hours with ANC on and 45 hours with ANC off.
    • It also has a Bluetooth range of 30 feet.


    • ANC mics pick up wind noise sometimes and comfort wanes over time as it gets older.

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    3. Beats by Dr. Dre Studio3

    These headphones have very good volume control and a microphone.  They have premium sound with fine-tuned acoustics and pure ANC to deliver a premium listening experience with noise canceling.

    They can skip songs, take calls, control your volume and activate Siri using the convenient multifunction on-ear controls.  They can also support a memory card.  It has a battery life of 22 hours with ANC on and about 40 hours with ANC off.



    • They are affordable.
    • Long battery life.
    • They are designed for long-term comfort and do not wear out easily.

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    4. Anker Sound Core Life Tune

    These headphones have a full driver range of 2840 mm, and it also has a very high-frequency response that is efficient, a wireless range of 15 m, and a 40-hr playtime.  It has a very efficient sound app where you can activate noise cancellation mode, customize the EQ, choose a preset, or create a soothing white noise soundscape. Its 5-minute charge gives you a 4-hour playtime.


    • It has a Hi-Res certified audio with remarkable clarity and detail.
    • It makes clear calls via built-in microphones.
    • Durable battery
    • It’s very comfortable
    • Has a ANC transparency mode


    • It may sometimes pick some wind as noise when making calls.

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    5. Bose QuietComfort 35 ||

     Bose Quiet Comfort comes in a lot of different of colors. This product has a world-class noise-canceling technology. It also contains software that enables it to connect with select Bose speakers and sound bars using Simple Sync. It has Bluetooth and NFC pairing, and in addition, it has a noise-filtering dual-microphone system for clearer calls


    • These headphones are compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. All you need to do is press and hold the action button on the headphones.
    • They feature up to 20 hours of wireless listening per charge.
    • They’re designed with premium materials that make them lightweight and comfortable to keep on.


    • It’s expensive to buy and repair in case of any damage.

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    6. JBL Quantum 600 Wireless headphones

    This headphone contains a dual earpiece and a wire earpiece connection. It is also among the best because it has neodynamic as its magnet type, which is very efficient.  Its driver size is 50 mm, and its driver type is dynamic. It is a product that gives you freedom and a good audio experience. It also has special features like;

    • 50 mm dynamic driers
    • 4 GHz RF wireless connection
    • 14 hours of battery life
    • flip-up boom mic
    • closed-back over-ear design
    • A mic on the left ear cup,
    • memory foam cushions and
    • An LED JBL Logo.


    • It contains an adjustable microphone and a user-friendly frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz.



    • They might be a little expensive and wear out easily if not well maintained.

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    7. JBL Live 660NC

    These headphones feature 40mm drivers and keep the noise away by using its feature of noise cancellation. It helps one with being able to communicate when having them on by amplifying the speech.


    • It rocks on up to 50 hours of battery life without ANC and Bluetooth.
    • Its battery can charge very fast as it can go for 4 hours after being charged for 10 minutes.
    • It can reach Google Assistant and Alexa with a single touch of a button.


    • It's very expensive.

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    Best Wireless Headphones comparison chart:


    JBL Live 660NC

    Bose Quietcomfort

    Anker Soundcore

    Beats by Dr. Dre

    Battery Capacity with ANC

    50 hours

    20 hours

    35 hours

    22 hours

    Battery capacity without ANC

    60 hours

    40 hours

    40 hours

    40 hours

    Active noise cancellation





    Compatible with Google or Alexa





    Bluetooth range

    15 -20 meters

    10 -15 meters

    10 -15meters

    5 - 10 meters






    Other Features

    ●        Recharge 4 hours with 10 minutes.


    ●        Android 6 is necessary for voice commands

    ●        Alexa and Google Assistant are supported

    ●        Has 40 mm drivers for powerful performance

    ●        Produces high sound quality

    ●        Lightweight and comfortable.


    ●        Built in microphone.

    ●        Supports Google assistant and Alexa


    ●        Hi-Resolution certified audio with clarity.


    ●        5-minute charge for 4 hours of playtime.

    ●        Transparency mode available to compliment ANC.


    ●        Customizable EQ with a sound core app.

    ●        It is comfortable and light in weight.

    ●        Produces high quality sounds.


    ●        Has 3 hours of play with a 10-minute charge.


    ●        Blocks external sounds when responding to an individual fit.

    ●        It is comfortable and light in weight

    ●        They are durable

    ●        They produce high quality sounds

    ●        They can support memory cards




    ●        Has an active Noise cancellation.

    ●        Can be hybrid; wired and wireless.