Can drones just hover? How much are hover drones?

    Can drones just hover? How much are hover drones?

    Drones are some of the hottest trends of today’s time. They are cool and techy, and most importantly, using them is a fun activity. And if you want to engage with robotics, aviation, drone photography, and videography, then drones are perfect for you. However, not many are thinking of buying them. Despite the available manual and assurance that they are easy to use, some are just too afraid. And that is normal. After all, what people will catch at first glance is the apparent difficulty of flying drones. But do not be fooled. Flying drones may come as more complex than they are, but in reality, they are not that too complex. Yes, they are difficult but not too difficult that you will not be able to learn them.

    Nowadays, drones are equipped with various features for safety, accessibility, and control. All of these help pilots navigate in various situations. And one of these many features is the self-hovering characteristic. Yes, drones can hover on their own, and in this article, we will give you 5 of the best hover drones that you could buy.

    What is a hover mode drone?

    The function of drones is continuously evolving, and together with this are the various features being developed and added to them. One example of the many added features on drones is the hover mode. Hover mode does exactly what you are thinking; it makes the drone hover. It is a convenient mode in which the drone hovers on its own. Meaning to say, you do not need to control the drone for it to hover, you just need to turn it on, and it would exactly do just that.

    Hover mode is a great mode for beginners who are just starting to get the hang of it. If done manually, hovering drones near the ground can flip or spin the drone. And you do not want that to happen. And that is exactly why hover mode is amazing.

    What to consider when buying a hover drone?

    Hover drones are a type of drone. Hence, some of the things you look for when buying a typical drone are the same things you will be looking for in buying a hover drone. But remember, since the main goal is hovering, you should also be on the lookout for some hi-tech and luxury end features.

    1. Material used.This is one of the basic things to consider. Check whether it is made of typical plastic, ABS plastic, fiberglass, or carbon fiber. The material used matters as it would affect the durability of the drone.
    2. If your purpose is making the drone hover to take shots, then the camera should be included in the things you need to consider. And while you’re at it, you might as well look at its quality.
    3. Stable flight. Stable flight matters on all drones, but especially more if your goal is related to photography and videography. If you want your drone to hover for that reason, then you would not want blurred and low-quality shots caused by an unstable flight.
    4. Battery life. Hovering consumes less energy than flying; still, your battery’s power is not infinite, so the overall battery life must be considered. Longer battery life means longer hovering time.
    5. Charge time. The time you need to charge the drone before you can make it hover again is equally important when choosing hover drones.
    6. Safety features.Regardless of how careful you are in choosing your drone, or regardless of how hovering seems as unharmful, unforeseen circumstances are just always around the corner. So better be prepared. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry. And looking for safety features means ensuring your safety and those around you.
    7. GPS navigation.GPS navigation can help your drone find its way around. While hovering on their own, drones can also move on their own, provided that there is a predesigned route that they would navigate.
    8. GPS Home function. Drones with a GPS home function track the location of where they started so they can return home if there is an issue.
    9. Headless mode. Drones might head in the wrong direction at times, so it is better to have headless mode so you can steer it the way you want it to be to the direction you want.
    10. Price is another consideration when buying a drone, including hover drones. Drones with hi-tech features like those that concern GPS is typically more expensive than those with not. If you do not mind forking much, then choosing them would be great. On the other hand, if you are tight on budget, you can always opt for those drones that can hover and has other great features.


    Best 5 Hover Drones Test & Review

    1. Ryze Tech – Tello Boost Combo Quadcopter


    Reasons to Buy:

    ·       This drone hovers steadily

    ·       Very responsive to control inputs

    ·       Great and outstanding photos and videos



    • Downloadable Tello app with friendly UI
    • Intelligent flight system with fail-safe protection
    • Shoots 720HD video
    • Autonomous flight mode (Circle, Hover, Landing)


     Ryze Tech – Tello Quadcopter Boost Combo is easily one of the best drones with a hover feature. Aside from being able to hover steadily, it is also equipped with a camera that can shoot 720 HD videos at 30 fps. It has an amazing range of 328 feet and  is compatible with Android and Apple iOs


    • Good range
    • Has a camera
    • Records Audio


    • No integrated GPS
    • Short flight time (13 minutes)
    1. Hover 2 – The Drone that flies itself

    Reasons to Buy:

    ·       This drone has a compact foldable design

    ·       Can be controlled one-handedly

    ·       Fantastic and Amazing range

    ·       Long and great flight time



    • 4K/12 MP image quality
    • 2-axis gimbal and digital stabilization
    • 360-degree obstacle avoidance


     Hover 2 is one of the most preferred drones out there, and there are very good reasons for that. It is a worthy successor to Hover Camera Passport as it improved all the shortcomings of the latter.


    • Lightweight and sturdy
    • 5km control range
    • Flexible control


    • Pricey
    1. Potensic T25

    Reasons to Buy:

    ·       This hover drone is GPS integrated

    ·       The camera has a wide vision

    ·       Can use a customized flight path

    ·       Aluminum silver case



    • Adjustable wide angle
    • Remote control back to home
    • Headless mode
    • One-key take-off/landing


     The Old Phantom look-alike; yes, Potensic T25 looks like DJI’s old Phantom Drones. But the features of this drone are way better than those. The size and design of this drone made it one of the most stable drones out there.


    • Great stability
    • Has a 2K camera
    • Affordable


    • Bulky
    • Can’t Circle Fly


    1. Ruko F11 Pro

    Reasons to Buy:

    ·       Good customer service

    ·       Has an auto-return home which is one of the advanced features among drones

    ·       Intuitive and very easy to learn



    • 4K UHD Camera
    • Remote control back to home


     If your budget is around $300 - $400, then a mid-range foldable drone like the Ruko F11 Pro is right for you. This drone is not only capable of flying and hovering, but it also has an auto-return home feature.


    • Great range
    • Two strong batteries
    • Can fly stably even in moderate winds


    • Does not have an obstacle avoidance feature
    • The camera lacks a gimbal stabilizer


    1. DJI Mavic 3


    Reasons to Buy:

    ·       This drone is great for drone photography and videography due to its amazing cameras

    ·       Great safety features

    ·       Longer flight time



    • 4/3 CMOS Hasselbald camera
    • Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing
    • O3 Plus Transmission System
    • Return-to-home system


     DJI has been producing drones for years, and DJI Mavic 3 is probably one of their best drones, if not the best. It is a great choice for hover drones. It also has great features like a camera and safety features.


    • Dual-camera system
    • Long flight time
    • Great safety features


    • Pricey

    Comparison Table of the Best Hover Drones


    Ryze Tech – Tello Boost Combo Quadcopter

    Hover 2 – The 4k Drone that flies itself

    Potensic T25

    Ruko F11 Pro

    DJI Mavic 3


    0.18 Pounds

    1.08 Pounds

    3.87 Pounds

    1.14 Pounds

    1.97 Pounds

    Flying Time

    13 minutes

    Up to 23 minutes

    14-18 minutes

    30 minutes

    46 minutes


    100 meters

    5km control range

    300 meters

    1200 meters

    15 kilometers














    Downloadable Tello app with friendly UI

    4K/12 MP image quality

    Remote control back to home

    4K UHD Camera

    4/3 CMOS Hasselbald camera

    Intelligent flight system with fail-safe protection

    2-axis gimbal and digital stabilization

    Headless mode

    Remote control back to home

    Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing

    Autonomous flight mode (Circle, Hover, Landing)


    360-degree obstacle avoidance

    One-key take-off/landing


    O3 Plus Transmission System


    Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

    How much are hover drones?

    The price of hover drones varies. Those with hover functions and other basic features typically cost around $100. Mid-tier drones are around $300 - $500. And lastly, those with the most advanced features cost around $500 and above.

    What is the maximum time for drones if they are just hovering?

    The maximum time is different for each drone, but if they just hover, then the duration can be slightly longer than the fly time since motors are not running, which means slower battery depletion.

    Do all hover drones integrate GPS in their systems?

    No, not all hover drones are GPS integrated.