Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter Review: Are They Worth It?

    Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter Review: Are They Worth It?

    Is Dualtron thunder electric scooter a good electric scooter?

    Let’s face it, electric scooter are no doubt a game changer in mobility. They are easy to ride, eco-friendly, and save you hours you’d spend on traffic. In fact, there are electric scooters that can hit maximum speeds of over 50 km/h.

    And one of these electric scooter is the Dualtron thunder electric scooter. It is touted as one of the best electric scooters in the market. With a sturdy design and power motors, it is an ideal option for everyday commuting. In this article, we will look at its features, how it works, and more. So, let’s get into it.

    Dualtron thunder electric scooter features and more


    The Dualtron thunder electric scooter has a sturdy design, which is not common with most electric scooter. It comes in an appealing black color from the handles to the tires. Coupled with stainless steel alloys, its aesthetic aspect is bolstered significantly.

    To ensure safe riding, the electric scooter has a wide deck measuring 30cm. This gives your legs ample space to control it. And thanks to the sturdy material it is made of, you are rest assured you’ll continue riding even after hitting potholes.

    The overall body is made to last, coming in water-resistance rating. This means you can use it in different weather conditions. While a quality build, you’ll experience play in the steering which is a common phenomenon with electric scooters.

    And to spice up your riding experience, you get LED lights around, at the back, and front of the scooter. There are also brightly colored LEDs on the underside deck. When lit at night, the scooter looks colorful. Keep in mind the front LEDs are not powerful enough to light a path adequately at night. Overall, the Dualtron thunder electric scooter is a scooter worth buying if you are into class and practicality.



    Well, the electric scooter comes with modular tires allowing for easy maintenance. You have a removable rim, detachable hub motor, and a 4-inch tubeless tires. Combined, they give you exceptional performance especially on hard, paved roads. And thanks to the 10-centimeter contact patch, you are sure of adequate contact with the road so you can balance easily.


    The Dualtron thunder electric scooter comes with hydraulic brakes. These ABS standard brakes ensure you get the best braking while riding your scooter. They are easy to engage, thanks to their responsiveness.


    The cockpit on the Dualtron thunder electric scooter is pretty standard. However, it comes with an LCD display allowing you to monitor your speed and other settings. You get padded handles giving you an ergonomic grip. As such, your hands won’t slip when hitting potholes.

    There are buttons on the right and left handle. Here, you can control lighting, mood lighting, and more. The brake levers are positioned on both sides, closer to your finger for added safety. To allow for seamless storage, the handlebars are foldable.


    Well, the Dualtron thunder electric scooter is arguably one of the most powerful electric scooter. This is thanks to the built-in 2700W brushless motors. Combined with the 5400W output, you get immense power that allows you to start the scooter easily. In fact, you might end up getting off balance if you engage it quickly. This power allows it to hit 24km/h within 2.4 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 80.5km/h.

    The scooter has a massive 2060W lithium battery. The battery is long lasting and the company claims it has a range of 129 kilometers. This is more than enough for most scooter users. As mentioned, the hydraulic ABS brakes will allow you to brake easily. It takes the scooter 2.9 meters to break from 24km/h to zero.

    As you’d expect, the ride quality is exceptional thanks to the powerful rubber cartridge suspensions it comes with. When combined with the tubeless pneumatic tires, you get a smooth ride even on rugged terrain. Besides, you can change the cartridges to your liking. You can choose between soft, medium soft, medium, medium hard, and hard.

    Finally, handling the Dualtron thunder electric scooter is easy. Weighing 43kgs, you can easily push it around when doing maintenance. Since it comes in a foldable design, you can fold it into place whenever you want to store it.


    • It is easy to ride thanks to the wide tires.
    • It has an elegant design thanks to the LEDs.
    • The scooter is ideal for different terrains.
    • Comes with powerful motors, brakes, and battery.
    • The foldable design allows for easy storage.


    • The acceleration can cause accidents.
    • It is heavy, meaning you cannot carry it around.

    Dualtron thunder electric scooter review: is it worth buying?

    Well, as you can see, it is worth buying the Dualtron thunder electric scooter given its many features. One it comes with fast acceleration, allowing you to hit speeds of 24km/h within 3 seconds. Most scooters cannot achieve such acceleration. And if they were to, they would fall off balance.

    Second, you get rubber cartridge suspensions that are interchangeable. As such, you can always use the one that suit’s the terrain you are on. If you are on a smooth road, the easy cartridge is the perfect bet. For rough terrains, going with the hard cartridge is your perfect bet.

    Besides, you get hydraulic ABS brakes ensuring you can brake safely. The brake levers are also well-placed so you can easily engage them. And if you want to keep tabs of the scooter settings, there is an Eye LCD on the cockpit.

    If you want a scooter that will afford you comfort, consider the Dualtron thunder electric scooter. This is thanks to the wide deck and tires. The deck will enable you to place your feet comfortably so you can steer the scooter easily. The tires on the other hand maintain balance preventing you from falling over.

    In short, the Dualtron thunder electric scooter is a must have machine. From powerful motors to a stable deck, this scooter will be worth your investment.

    Comparison with other Dualtron electric scooters



    Dualtron thunder electric scooter


    Dualtron thunder 2 electric scooter

    Dualtron ultra 2 electric scooter

    Dualtron city electric scooter


    5,400 watts

    10,080 watts

    6,640 watts

    3,984 watts



    40 Ah-LG M50T


    25Ah-LG 21700

    Charge time

    20 hours

    28 hours

    23 hours

    14 hours

    Max mileage

    75 miles

    107 miles

    87 miles

    55 miles

    Max speed


    55+ mph

    55+ mph

    45+ mph

    Climbing grade

    25 degrees

    35 degrees

    35 degrees

    20 degrees

    Braking system

    Hydraulic brakes (ABS standard)

    Hydraulic brakes (ABS standard)

    Foot and rear disk (ABS)

    Zoom Hydraulic Disk brakes (ABS)

    Max load

    265 pounds

    265 pounds

    330 pounds

    265 pounds


    95 pounds

    105 pounds

    88 pound

    91 pounds


    Aluminum alloy, plastic

    Aluminum alloy, plastic

    Aluminum alloy, plastic

    Aluminum alloy, plastic


    Guide to buying the best Dualtron thunder electric scooters. What should you consider before buying?

    So, before you can decide to buy an electric scooter, here is what you need to consider:

    • Price

    This is arguably the most important aspect you need to consider. As you’d expect, robust scooters with more features will fetch a higher price. However, there are midrange scooters that offer you above average performance.

    • Range

    As you have seen with the Dualtron thunder electric scooter, it has a range of 129 kilometers. This means you can use it the whole day and still save power for tomorrow. Keep in mind the range depends on factors such as weight, weather conditions, speed, and weight of the rider. So, before buying one, ensure its range is adequate for your needs.

    • Weight

    What happens if your scooter switches off? Most likely, you will carry it to your destination. This is why you need to keep the weight of a scooter in mind. While it is easy to carry an 11 kg scooter, it is daunting to carry a 43 kg one. On the contrary, heavy scooters tend to have more balance compared to light ones.

    • Top speed

    You should also consider the top speed of the scooter. Most scooters will have a maximum speed of 24km/h, which is ideal for everyday use. Besides, scooters with high speeds help avoid traffic and accidents.


    Are Dualtron electric scooters good?

    Yes, they are good for off road and road riding. Besides, they are certified and come in top-notch technology, ensuring ideal maneuverability.

    What is the fastest Dualtron electric scooter?

    As of writing, the Dualtron X is the fastest and most powerful of all models.

    Where are Dualtron electric scooters manufactured?

    They are manufactured in Jinhua, China.