Dyson VS Chi Hair Straightener, Which is Better? Price & Review

    Dyson VS Chi Hair Straightener, Which is Better? Price & Review

    This article will compare two of the top ranging hair straighteners in the market as of writing and will aid the reader, if they are looking to purchase one, in making a wise and informed decision while purchasing a hair straightener.

    Hair styling and care has been around for centuries and when something this old is there, tons of possibilities and variations in styles and products are possible.

    Same is the case with hair straighteners which are tools used to change the arrangement of your hair using heat. The market is loaded with several different options and leaves the buyer very confused.

    Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener Price

    This new device has won many awards including the Allure 2021 Readers’ Choice Breakthrough and TIME’s Best Innovations of 2020 Award. This is due to a number of factors which make the hair straightener unique and exquisite.

    Corrale’s most innovative feature is perhaps the flexing copper plates with the ability to fully immerse in hair, creating unique and exciting styles, and using less heat, in turn cutting the damage done to hair by half.

    Automatic temperature regulation with smart heat control which responds to your hair’s thickness and texture is another valuable feature of this frontrunner device. Auto adjustment enables you to quickly style your hair without causing any extra damage to the pretty hair you’ve worked so hard on!

    Corrale also features an Auto-Off safety feature which turns the device off after 10 minutes of inactivity.

    The most defining and unique feature of Dyson Corrale is its cord-free design. The device comes with a lithium-ion battery which lasts upto 30 minutes; Although this might seem a bit low, I've personally seen people put the Corrale back on the dock in between hair sections to extend run time as well.

    The portability of the device does mean that it becomes a bit heavier than regular hair straighteners but this is a price users are happy to pay in return for the added portability and multitasking ability.

    The pricing of the device at $499 is a bit steep, but for people who take hair styling very seriously, the Dyson Corrale is a must have!

    Brand Model Customizable? Weight Price Features
    Dyson Corrale Available in different colors 1.24 Pounds Starting at $499 Auto-Off, Flexing Copper Plates, Smart Heat Control

    Dyson Hair Straightener


    Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener Reviews:

    Despite being relatively new to the market, Corrale has received many reviews from different users. An extract from a few is given below to give you a fair idea of the public's opinion on this device.

    As you may have guessed, users are generally very happy with the product. It's a popular Christmas gift as many reviewers have received it as a gift. Almost 70% of the users would recommend the device to a friend.

    The flexible plates and intelligent heat control are turning out to be fan favorites as users are more than satisfied with the quick results in addition to minimal damage to hair, no fried hair smell and most of all, no tugging or smooshing of hair.

    The cord-less feature is also loved by users as they now have the ability to style their hair on the go and even when styling at home, they find it more convenient to have a cordless hair straightener so they don't knock everything off the shelf accidentally while maneuvering the product.

    Is The Dyson Hair Straightener Worth It?

    A popular question, asked by many and thought of by more people. You may find yourself asking “is the $500 price tag really worth it?”. And the answer is yes.

    Given the state-of-the-art features, premium build-quality, cordless design, flexible plates, and many more salient features like the lock button which keeps the device compressed when closed. The device offers easy travel and portability that make it well worth the $500 price tag, at least that's what I've heard and experienced.

    Dyson Corralle Hair Straightener


    Chi Hair Straightener Price

    The Dyson Corrale, even though a good option for a lot of people who are cautious about their hair and can afford the steep price, is definitely not for everyone.

    The Chi Original Ceramic 1” hair straightener is also an option liked by many around the world. Using ceramic plates which heat up very quickly and are also less damaging to your hair, Chi Hair Straighteners are famous within the hairstyling community for all the right reasons.

    There are a variety of different hair straightening irons available by Chi with different price ranges from $40-$200 depending on the model and specifications. The Original Ceramic 1” costs only $77.46, and is their most successful hair straightener as of yet.

    Its ion technology significantly reduces frizz and static and the straightener can be used all around the globe with use of a simple plug adapter. You can easily curl your hair, give it a wavy look or even style it in flips using Chi Hair Straighteners.

    In addition to this, the Flash-quick technology used in the device lets the product heat up very quickly compared to others in the field, saving up a lot of heating time and giving you more time to style your hair.

    Since the Straightener uses moist heat to style your hair, damage to hair is lesser than other conventional hair straighteners. The machine is also simple and very easy to maintain.

    However, there is no temperature adjustment feature included in the product so you have to make do with the same temperature every time for any type of style you want.

    It also lacks features such as the auto shut-off feature and is recommended by professionals for medium or long hair only.

    Brand Model Customizable? Weight Price Features
    Chi Original Ceramic 1’’ Available in two colors 1.4 Pounds $77.46 1’’ ceramic plates, Flash quick heating up to 392°F

    Chi Hair Straightener Reviews:

    Most commonly used in professional hair salons, the Chi Original Ceramic 1” is also used widely in households by beginner hairstylists owing to its good quality, less damage and extremely affordable pricing.

    Users have determined this device to be very easy to use and time-saving as well. Where you would have to wait for about 2 minutes for a conventional hair straightener to heat up, the Chi Original Ceramic 1” takes up only 40 seconds saving valuable time which you can invest in making your hairstyle perfect.

    Users also find the swivel power cord with the device easy to maneuver and have found maintaining the device to be one of the easiest taks ever.

    Is The Chi Hair Straightener Brush Worth It?

    To conclude it all, the Chi Original Ceramic Iron is an excellent choice for beginners and professionals alike.

    Its top-notch technology gives you static and frizz-free hair with a sleek look. The dual voltage frees you from worrying about travel and the versatile design gives you enough freedom to try out virtually any style you fancy.

    Chi Hair Straightener

    Dyson Hair Straightener VS Chi Hair Straightener.

    While both devices are meant for the same purpose and somewhat the same audience, the difference being a price gap between the two, both Dyson Corrale and Chi Original Ceramic
    1” are excellent choices when it comes to hair straightening tools.

    Let's talk about the similarities and differences between the two that help define each product in its own unique world.


    Addressing the elephant in the room, the biggest difference between the two devices is the power supply.

    The Chi Ceramic 1” is powered by an external source using a swivel cord which gives it a lighter, slimmer and shorter body profile. Although the weight of the cord included is similar to Dyson, the straightener itself is considerably lighter.

    The Dyson, on the other hand, has an internal power supply via a battery which gives it a slightly bulkier profile and weight. You really won't feel fatigued after using the device as the added weight is barely noticeable and the device still remains comfortable to use.


    The Chi straightener features dual voltage to facilitate you while traveling locally however for international travel, an adapter along with a european plug is recommended.

    The Dyson charging port includes a built-in universal voltage to bring you ease of charging while you travel. The battery, however, must be disabled before traveling as it is often detected by TSA detectors and might create a problem for you.


    The Dyson Corrale uses flexible copper plates to style your hair while minimizing the damage caused by the heat

    Chi Original Ceramic 1” makes use of ceramic plates which also heat up very quickly and also ensure minimal heat damage to hair.

    We Had the Staffers with Different Hair Types Put it to the Test:

    Both the devices performed exceptionally well with all hair types. Their modern technologies enabled them to tackle all kinds of hair with ease and gave them beautiful and attractive looking styles once done. At the end it comes down to the use preference on what device suits them.

    All in all, the Dyson Coralle proved to be the favorite product of the day, taking the victory because of its cordless design, fast charging, features like flex plates and smart heat. Majority of the staffers reported being willing to invest the extra buck just to enjoy the state-of-the-art comfort and features.

    The Chi Ceramic Original is recommended to professionals in hair salons where continuous usage is required and time can’t be wasted on charging the device time and again.