Eero Wi-Fi Extender Review

    Eero Wi-Fi Extender Review

    A single router can sometimes provide a struggling network and fail to offer complete coverage in your home, depending on the space and layout adopted by our house. Interference from other nearby networks and devices contributes a large part to signal loss or absolute blocking. For this reason, most people have opted to introduce Wi-Fi extenders in their homes to strengthen and diversify the Wi-Fi network signal for optimum convenience at home.

    What is a Eero Wi-Fi Extender?

    Before we proceed to know much about the Eero Wi-Fi extender, it is prudent that you get to know what a Wi-Fi extender is and how it works. A Wi-Fi extender is a compact plug-in device that is designed to repeat a router’s signals to cover hard-to-reach Wi-Fi dead spots. These dead zones can include an upstairs office or a loft in a multi-story apartment.

    The Eero Wi-Fi extender is a mesh Wi-Fi system is a device that offers Wi-Fi 6 and smart hubs in each of its nodes for the best Wi-Fi signal extension to wider ranges. Once you open the packaging of this product, your eyes will meet three shiny white routers. The routers are identical as they measure 135 by 135 by 53mm, and you can take one of them and plug it in first and then start setting up the whole device.

    The router's USB-C power connector is positioned in between the pair of Gigabit Ethernet ports-the 1000Mpbs are satisfactory to most people even if there is no 2.5G. The cable is a touch short, especially when there is a need to place the router on a shelf that is positioned high up in the room. This will require you to buy a USB-C extension cable.

    All Eero Wi-Fi extenders use the Eero app, which in most cases, you are required to connect the first 'node' or your modem or router. The app allows you go through the process of placing your Wi-Fi extender from other electronic devices and metal objects or in an open place outside your house. The device comes with a one-pack router, and it accepts additional routers if you need a wider signal coverage. Each pack can offer up to 190 square meters of Wi-Fi coverage if all other interferences are not nearly disclosed.

    There are Ethernet cables that you can connect to the routers (Ethernet backhaul) in case you have got a very large or sturdily built home that does not easily pass the Wi-Fi signals room to room. When every room is covered with a strong connection, there is a single LED that displays a solid white color.

    If you may wish to connect the Eero Wi-Fi extender to Amazon Alexa app, there is a ZigBee hub that is built into each of the available routers for an easy and instant connection. Just speaking to the Alexa app allows you to control compatible lights, switches, plugs, and other gadgets. For further effectiveness, there is also a technology that supports where the smart hub is built into given Echo shows and Amazon Echo devices.

    In terms of the device configuration, you can tap on the device and rename it after first identifying the IP address or Mac address of your Google Home, Honor 20 Lite, LIFX color 1000 supporting smart device, for example, android devices. A pause button on the above-identified apps lets you stop internet access to a selected device.

    The Eero Secure feature plays a great role in controlling and managing the Eero Wi-Fi extender. You are granted parental controls, ad blocking, and content filtering. Parental control gives you the authority to create profiles for family members. This will allow only a family member's device can use the Wi-Fi connection.

    Suppose it is obvious that you care for your children's moral growth. In that case, you can configure your device with explicit content filters for websites and block the accessibility to your selected apps. You can block the apps by not allowing any access to all known domains on the websites. Ads blocking can also be done.



    Slick app


    Good coverage

    Lack of Pro features

    ZigBee hub in each router

    Subscription for some key features


    Why Should I buy the best Eero Wi-Fi extender?

    You need the Eero Wi-Fi extender for relatively good wireless coverage and a home automation hub with easy setting up and management and other marvelous features that come with the device. This is the ideal Wi-Fi extender that adjusts to our daily usage without hassles.

    Eero Wi-Fi Extender Review: Is it worth buying?

    For best connectivity, the Eero Wi-Fi extender, and the additional quality automated hub, it is worth spending your money on this product. Underneath the device is a thick rubber case to prevent any scratching on your furniture. The compact design it achieves enables you to hide it anywhere. Since there is no other better way to mount this device on the wall, you can buy brackets for wall installation or use a rack that allows you to plug into an AC outlet directly.

    The system has got two data bands; 2.4GHz and 5Ghz. These bands equally share the data movement to and fro the network’s wireless satellites. The system is able to optimize and balance the flow from the host router through the device’s modulation coding scheme. Theoretically, the Eero Wi-Fi extender is capable of delivering 574 Mbps over its 2.4Hz link, 1.2Gps over a single 5GHz connection, and 2.4Gps over the other 5Ghz band.

    The Eero Wi-Fi extender features an additional smart queue management software that apportions bandwidth to all devices that demand it most as it comes with three beta programs. The programs include local DNS Caching, which speeds up page loading by keeping the most visited address always ready and close. The other program is the band steering, which allows you to enjoy a faster 5GHz band. The third program is the WPA3, which delivers extra security.

    Comparison with Eero Wi-Fi Extender 

    Since the Eero Wi-Fi extender lacks a power switch, a reset button is installed underneath. With the router and the test system that is 50-apart, this Wi-Fi extender’s bandwidth is caught up with others at 239.9Mbps, surpassing the Linksys Velop AX4200, which has 201.3Mbps and the Netgear Orbi RBR850 having 124.4Mpbs.


     Eero Wi-Fi extender

    NETGEAR Orbi Wi-Fi extender

    Linksys MX4200 Velop Wi-Fi extender

    Item dimension

    135 x 135 x 53 inches


    4.49 x 4.49 x 9.61 inches

    Connectivity technology

    Wi-Fi, Ethernet

    Wi-Fi, Ethernet


    Data transfer rate



    4200 Megabits Per Second





    Total Ethernet ports




    App usage




    Coverage area


    5,000 sq. ft.

    2,700 sq. ft.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here is the most common concern of most customers;

    Do Wi-Fi extenders cause problems?

    Suppose it chance that you have a network set up or mesh network system that utilizes the same SSID and password for both the main network and the extender. It is true that sometimes you will experience poor speeds on the regions in your house that depend on the extender for connection.

    How can I change the Wi-Fi password?

    These are the basic steps that you should exercise;

    1. Enter your router’s IP address in your usual web browser
    2. Log in as the administrator.
    3. Search for the “Security” option under the settings
    4. Set your router to WPA2
    5. Enter your preferred password

    You will be required to restart your router right after resetting your password; you reconnect the devices you wish to connect to using the new password.

    Why is my Wi-Fi so slow?

    Since Wi-Fi depends on radio waves, there can be interferences that can be caused by metals, electronic devices, or walls. Another invalid reason is that an older can deliver a slower data transfer.