Exercise Bike Review: Schwinn VS Proform, Which is Better? 

    Exercise Bike Review: Schwinn VS Proform, Which is Better? 

    How To Choose the Best Exercise Bike? 

    An exercise bike is one of the best pieces of equipment that you can buy for your cardio training at home. With an exercise bike, you can complete your cardio workout from the comfort of your home without huge risks of injury. 

    When it comes to choosing the best exercise bike for you, it all comes down to personal priorities. To narrow your options, there are three different types of exercise bicycles that you should consider: 

    • Upright Bike 
    • Recumbent Bike 
    • Indoor Cycling Bike 

    Upright bikes are conventional bikes with no back support. They offer handlebars and front displays to the user. Upright bikes are best suited for individuals who are looking for an original experience when it comes to biking, without any intensities. 

    Recumbent bikes are perfect for individuals with back problems and joint issues because their seating and operations are more comfortable. A wider, reclined seat is where you will sit with pedals out in front in order to increase comfort.

    An indoor cycling bike is the closest depiction of an actual biking experience because they are designed to allow the rider to sit and stand while mimicking actual inclines and cycling angles. 

    Schwinn VS Proform, Which is Better? 

    When it comes to exercise bikes, Schwinn and Proform are two of the best brands on the market today. When making a buying decision between them, it all comes to personal choice and preferences because both brands provide exceptional quality. In this section, we will put them against each other and see which is the best. 

    Schwinn, a tried and tested brand, known for its amazing 6-week return policy and average ratings between 4 and 5 stars, is a suitable bike to buy as it caters to a wide range of customer types. It offers 9 different models, ranging from indoor, upright, air, and recumbent types. 

    Moreover, its generous pricing of all bikes being below $999 is another positive point. Integration of analytics and various other features with well-known brands such as Zwift is another feature of Schwinn bikes that calls for immense praise. Some of its outstanding features include: 3 lbs dumbbells that come attached to the bike, a bluetooth armband, and two side pedals. These bikes also come with pre-recorded workouts and the facility to stream your workouts live. 

    ProForm is all about affordability while getting features that are known to be right up there. Since ProForm is a sister brand to NordicTrack, they have an abundance of similarities in between them, hence you know you are at the right spot to buy your indoor bike. 

    ProForm offers you a total of 6 models;types of exercise bikes including: upright, studio, recumbent, and hybrid. ProForm offers appreciable customer service as it has a 30 days return policy with a 5 to 10 year frame of warranty as well as free shipping. 

    All bikes of this spectacular brand are available on the iFit platform, allowing you access to live and recorded workouts. If we take the brand’s most expensive product into consideration, the Studio Bike Pro 22, selling for $1499, is abundant with features, including: a 22-inch swiveling touchscreen, a whole year of iFit family, and adjustable seats and handlebars according to the user’s physiology. 

    For comparison purposes, we shall compare two of the best indoor bikes from each brand:Schwinn’s 800IC andProForm’s Studio Bike Pro 22

    Schwinn 800IC 

    ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22





    Adjustable seat, Peloton and Zwift enabled, compatible with any smart device, Backlit LCD metric console, Bluetooth heart rate tracking 

    22-inch screen, smart swivel screen, HD touch screen, iFit enabled, patented Silent Magnetic Resistance 

    Maximum User Weight 

    330 lbs 

    250 lbs


    100 levels of micro-adjustment 

    24 digital levels of resistance 


    Full color LCD 

    22 inch smart HD 


    Race style, fore and aft adjustment



    Fore and aft adjustment 


    If we consider the price point, it all comes to personal dependencies because there is hardly any difference between the two cycles in terms of quality and durability. There is simply no going wrong with any of these options. 

    Schwinn vs. Proform: Indoor Cycling Bikes Features 

    Next, we will specifically consider and analyze some of the best and most popular indoor cycles from both of these illustrious brands. 

    Schwinn 270 Recumbent Exercise Bike 

    A price tag of around $650 gets you an impressive option worth considering for your next purchase.Schwinn 270 offers Bluetooth connectivity that allows users to track their progress. You will also get 29 workout programs that you can view on the DualTrack blue backlit LCD screen. 25 levels of resistance offer users a comfortable and easy experience.  

    Since there is no compromise on comfort, Schwinn 270 comes with a padded and ventilated seat that offers a reliable experience as you will barely get tired or uncomfortable after a while. 

    A perimeter weighted flywheel offers a smooth workout experience. Talking about strength, the cycle’s aluminum rails are strong enough to withstand a whopping 300-lbs of weight capacity. 

    Schwinn Airdyne Exercise Bike 

    When it comes to airdyne products,Schwinn Airdyne AD8 is the perfect exercise bike for your daily use. It combines cutting-edge technology with sheer quality and robustness to bring you an experience that is worth celebrating due to an abundance of features. These features include: 

    • Its optimized fan offers substantial resistance to provide you with an exceptionally quiet and comfortable experience. 
    • A thorough multi-display LCD console provides you with several crucial readings of all sorts, such as: calories, time. Distance, watts, distance, speed, RPM, and several others. 
    • A powder coated steel frame offers a total weight withstanding capacity of a whopping 352 pounds. 
    • Its unique selling point is its signature feature, the single-stage direct drive system; the system offers efficiency and challenge to great extents.

    Schwinn Airdyne is ideal for total body cardio and HIIT workouts that are known to be extensive and intense. But, you do not have to worry because this effective product offers you an infinite level of resistance due to its aerial technology. 

    However, its price tag has been known to be a hefty one: $1899. 

    ProForm 500 SPX Exercise Bike 

    A price tag of $499 is not the only thing that is spectacular about this unique bike. Equipped with a wide range of exciting features,ProForm’s 500 SPX is one of the best affordable indoor exercise bikes. 

    Since it is iFit enabled, with a 30-day free period, you can gain access to professional advice and practice sessions from all over the world. There is also a water bottle holder and tablet holder to ensure proper accessibility for the user. 

    This product boasts comfort and ease of usage as its ergonomic seat is known to be highly adjustable with its customizations in terms of positioning. Moreover, its multi-position adjustable handlebars have an ergonomic design that allows the user’s hands to secure a firm grip. 

    Its flywheel has a superior gear ratio and weight placement that offers a superb experience of comfort and operability. 

    Although there are plenty of amazing things to be said about this bike, it only withstands a weight of 250 pounds. 

    ProForm Carbon CX Exercise Bike 

    $600 will get youProForm’s Carbon CX, a smooth and rigid indoor exercise bike that has all the bells and whistles to undervalue its price. 

    Firstly, there is no compromise on comfort as this bike comes with ergonomic and multi-purpose handles and ergonomic and padded seats that provide positional customizability and ease of usage. Comfort is further boosted by 16 levels of digital resistance, coupled with an inertia-based flywheel that offers smooth functioning and a relatively noise-free experience. 

    A large LCD window display is perfect for usage in the meantime of your cardio session as you browse through iFit’s videos on some of the best recorded workout sessions in the world. A water bottle and tablet holder allow the user to have every essential need on the go without having to interrupt his or her cardio session. 

    The only downside to Carbon CX is that it only holds up to 250 pounds of weight. 

    ProForm Smart Power 10.0 Exercise Bike 

    $728 will provide you withProForm Smart Power 10.0, which boasts a plentiful amount of features given the price. A 10-inch HD display offers an immersive experience into browsing and watching your favorite workout video. 

    ProForm’s patented technology, Silent Magnetic Resistance, is also present in this product along with 22 different resistance adjustment levels to offer you great comfort along with utility. 

    Ergonomic padded seats, bar handles made of a multi-purpose technology, and an inertia-enhanced flywheel, are dreamy features for many fitness bike enthusiasts out there.