Get a Hold of your TV with these Best Universal TV Remotes

    Get a Hold of your TV with these Best Universal TV Remotes

    Television watching has become a habit for many of us. Even if we don't feel like watching TV, we'd have it on in the background and enjoy its sound. Yet some other people want to keep the TV on in the background to feel a little less lonely. In any case, you need a remote to get hold of your TV. Let's just be honest; many of us have lost our TV remotes which we bought along with the TV and changed the remote about dozens of times. We also feel disappointed if we cannot find a remote of the same making as our TV.

     Why should I buy a Universal TV Remote?

    It can be a little frustrating at times to keep multiple remotes for a single TV to control different functions. We have come to your rescue by telling you the solution to this problem. Let us tell you that you can buy some of the best TV remotes which can be used universally, which means you can use them on TVs of any make. You just have to buy one remote and make maximum use of it. In order to control your TV fully, you can buy a single universal TV remote and use it to control all the functions on your TV, including the cable box, soundbar, and whatnot.

    With multiple devices being attached to a single TV, it has become difficult to control all of these with different remotes, and a single remote for all of the functions will come in handy. That is what we are going to tell you about in this article.

    A universal TV remote does not always mean that it is going to work for all the devices on your TV, as it sometimes means that it is going to work for the TVs of any brand around the world.

    Before buying a universal TV remote, you need to find out if it works for all the brands of TV or all the devices of a TV. Therefore, always gather all the necessary information before buying a universal TV remote and then make an informed decision according to your requirements and needs.

    The process of information gathering is crucial as you have to make the decision based on it and use the TV remote for the rest of your life.

    The Best Universal TV Remotes

    We realize that it is important to buy the best possible TV remote for you so you can enjoy a peaceful day with your TV and watch your favorite TV shows. With so many devices attached to a TV, including internet devices, it is important to find a remote which can cater to all of your needs of access and connection to every device linked with your TV. It can be a little difficult for a person to choose among multiple options, so we have made you a mini-guide to help you choose the best possible universal TV remote to cater to all of your TV connection needs. Consult this guide before choosing a universal TV remote for you.

    How to Choose a Universal TV Remote

    Like any other electric device, you need to keep a few things in mind when choosing a universal TV remote.

    1. First of all, make a list of your own requirements. Always try to understand your needs first and then look for a universal device. It means that you need to look at the number of devices you need to control. For example, some remotes control more devices, and others do not.
    2. Also, keep in mind if your needs are going to be changed in the near future. It means always think if you are going to add more devices to your TV in the coming days. Select your remote according to your near future needs also.
    3. Even though these universal remotes are pretty pocket friendly, you should still keep in mind how much it is going to cost you and then decide which one to choose.

    Even if you are not confident about finding a universal TV remote yourself, look at the next thing in this article. To help you find out the best possible universal TV remotes, we have devised a list with the features and pros and cons of some amazing universal TV remotes. This is to help you have all the necessary information needed and then choose the one universal remote best suited to your requirements and your TV. So let us look at our recommended list of universal TV remotes according to their best features and pros and cons. Take a look and decide for yourself.

     One for all Remote – GE Universal Remote Control

    GE universal remote control is for those who are looking for a solution to their different devices on TV cost-effectively. We present to you the option of GE Universal Remote Control, which can control up to four different devices at any time. You can control your cable receiver, soundbar, and even Apple TV box with one remote.

    This remote is already programmed with Samsung TVs, but it can be used to control TVs from any major brand. You can use this remote for any brand and control up to four devices with this universal remote. That means you can get rid of four different remotes and get one to easily access and control your devices.

    It is very user-friendly and easy to deal with; anyone can use it if they have a basic knowledge of how a TV remote works. Therefore, we believe that it is a feasible and easier pick for people who would love to have a universal remote collection for their multiple devices.

    The drawback we have found in this universal remote is that it works for almost all the major brands except for Amazon or Roku’s streaming sticks. Otherwise, it is a must-have for people who do not want to clutter their TV console with multiple remotes and just want to have a single one to control all of their devices.


    • Range of Color Options
    • Reasonably Priced
    • Up to four devices can be controlled
    • It does not support streaming sticks of Roku or Amazon

     Overall best Remote – Logitech Harmony Elite

    When it comes to universal TV remotes, Logitech has brought some of the best universal TV remotes there can be. Whenever someone thinks about the best universal TV remotes, Logitech is considered the best brand for it. There are many types of universal remotes introduced by Logitech, but we are going to talk about Harmony Elite.

    Logitech Harmony Elite is considered the best investment you can make when it comes to universal TV remotes. The best thing about this remote is that it can control all brands of TV, including Fire TV, Sky, or even Apple TV, which means you can buy different brands of TVs for your home and control them all with a single Harmony Elite.

    It is not that technical to use, and you can easily set it up for any TV. All you have to do is to press the 'watch TV' button and configure the data to your screen, and all the devices, including the soundbar, set-top box, and others, emerge on the screen for you to control.

    Moreover, this remote can also control an impressive number of devices. It does not only control your TV devices but can control almost any smart device in your home; talk about a smart remote. Another interesting thing is that Logitech's Harmony Elite can control more than 270,000 devices. It means you can almost control everything in your home with the help of this universal remote. In addition, you can support scheduling for almost everything with this remote.

    We recommend this to anyone who is a fan of the all-in-one feature because this remote almost controls everything in your smart home, and you can get rid of all the other remotes for good.

    • A smart home can be integrated
    • Built-in Alexa feature
    • Controls a vast range of devices
    • Costlier than others

     Best for Laymen - Inteset INT-422 4-in-1 Universal Backlit IR Learning Remote

    We know that setting up a TV remote can be a little technical, especially for people who have not known much about technology. Therefore, people are mostly looking for a universal remote to easily get control of all of their devices. That is why they want something user-friendly which is easy to operate, and they do not have to go through much hassle to control their smart devices. If you are also looking for a user-friendly and easier-to-operate universal remote, we have covered you with Inteset INT-422 4-in-1 Universal Backlit IR Learning Remote.

    You can use the remote to work with devices from Apple TV, the Xbox One, the Roku, and other devices from the same categories. It is highly recommended for people who are not a fan of complicated technological advancements and want everything simple and basic. You can simply pair with the devices mentioned in the massive code database. However, if you cannot find the device in the massive code database, this remote can easily get a hold of it, and you can make it learn in a while. This makes this remote unique and easier to use, even for a layman.

    Another amazing feature of Inteset INT-422 is that it comes with a built-in backlight, which means you don't have to get your mobile torch on to find the remote as it will be glowing with the backlight. You can easily find the remote and the button you want to use.

    • Easier to use
    • Can be "taught" to operate a device, not in the database
    • Built-in backlight to easily find in the dark
    • A little expensive
    Best for all Major TV Brands – Contour URC 1210

    We are back to the original purpose of a universal remote, i.e., to have a single controlling remote for all the accessories related to TV on their premises. The rationale of this list is to provide you with all possible options for controlling your home TV appliances with a single device. In addition, we have another amazing option for you to control all with a single device. This one is known as Contour URC 1210 to cater to all your needs in controlling TV-related devices.

    It is called ‘One for All,' and it delivers what it has intended to deliver, and that is a promise to give you control over all the smart TV appliances in your home. Imagine leaving all your remotes and gadgets behind and just focusing on one single remote to control all appliances related to your TV. Contour URC 1210 is another name of convenience, and it is highly recommended for people looking for luxury, comfort, and convenience all in one device.

    You can not only control all the devices and appliances related to your television, like soundbar and smart TV, but you can also use this remote on any major brand of TV there. I talk about convenience. We are huge fans of Contour because it allows you to replace your old broken device with this new one, and it is not difficult to use. You will get the hang of it in no time, and the functions are customizable. Being compatible with almost every brand of TV out there, it is surprisingly cost-effective and does not cost you much.

    • It will work on all major TV brands
    • Easier to set up
    • Cost-effective
    • The only drawback for Contour is that it only works for TV

    Most Compact – RCA RCR503BZ 3-Device Palm-Sized Universal Remote

    If you are a fan of small, compact things, you are in for a surprise because RCA has brought you one of the most convenient and amazing palm-sized universal remotes. We know that sometimes a lot of buttons on a single remote can be confusing, and many people do not like to have so many confusing buttons in one place. That is why RCA's palm-sized universal remote is best for those who like to have everything available on the base of their palm. Let us know more about RCA's palm-sized universal remote and what it brings to you.

    This one is for the people who are fans of simplicity and convenience. RCA RCR503BZ controller can be a great investment as it provides an ease to the people who want to surf channels without having to look at many buttons and is cheaper than you thought. Change your big remotes filled with a number of buttons, and half of them are those you don't even know the functions of. Make your life simple with this best possible small remote and enjoy your channel surfing with minimal hazard and lesser clutter of buttons.

    We can guarantee you that you can’t have a single universal TV remote cheaper than RCA RCR503BZ because you can buy this one for fewer than six bucks which is a shockingly low price, and it keeps the hassle to a minimum while you enjoy your TV controlling and other devices under your control. We recommend these to people who it simple and neat.

    • Compact
    • Fewer Buttons
    • Controls all TV devices
    • Cost-effective
    • Works only for TV devices

    Best for DirecTV – DIRECTV RC66 RX 2 Pack

    Direct TV is all the rage these days, and we get that with the advancement of technology and much more TV content available, people need to stay updated. Direct TV also helps you stay in touch with the content you want. If you are looking for a universal remote for your devices, including Direct TV, this one is for you. It can be proved to be a good replacement for your previous versions of the remote. If you have doubts about your previous remote's efficiency or simply want the one compatible with most of your devices, this one is for you.

    Another amazing feature is that you get a spare one in the single pack and at the price of the single one. It works with most of the company's receivers when in IR mode. The built-in RF feature allows it to control the C31, R16, HR21, HR22, HR23, HR24, H21, HR22, H23, and H24 without pointing at the receiver. It means you can be sitting on the couch and just have to press the button, and you can have your desired function displayed on the TV.

    It can be a little tricky to get the hang of because it performs multiple functions, which is why the complexity level is according to that. You might learn through trial and error method, but once you get the hang of it, you will realize that you have made a pretty beneficial investment. Interestingly enough, you also have another one if you lose or break the previous one. Talk about a good investment, and this one is for you.


    • It is compatible with DirecTV.
    • Once you get to know the remote, it is easier to further program your device.
    • You get a spare one


    • It is more expensive than the other ones

    Best for DVR Control – RCA RCR3273E

    We have another one on our list from RCA as it is one of the best for people who like something basic. You can have one of the cheapest and best solutions to your TV controlling problems. It is also best for people who do not want many devices to work with but just a few ones, as this one can work with up to three devices. Users can use this with TVs, cable boxes, DVD or VCR players, and even satellite. It means you can work this up with all of your TV devices and get a hold of all of your TV devices, including DVRs.

    It is especially good for the people who do not want to have anything complicated and want anything easier to start with. You can set it up by searching automatically, by manual code for your device, or by brand and then confirm it to use the remote. The DVR controls are mentioned at the top of the remote. It is easier to set up, easier to use, and cheaper for a remote of this category. You can also set it up with fewer devices if you don't want to clutter it up with multiple ones. We recommend this for people who are in search of ease and also to control their DVRs.

    • DVR Controls
    • Search with Auto Code is available
    • Can work with up to 3 devices


    • Simple and Basic
    • Not for people who are looking for something stylish

    These are some of the most commonly and widely used universal remotes. We have provided you with the basic information about these remotes and how they work. You can look at the working of these remotes and the compatibility to decide which remote to choose for your control of your home and your TV appliances. Always try to find all the possible information about your gadget or device and then decide. You can also take help from the "how to choose" guide to decide on any remote outside of this provided list. Happy TV watching.