Get your daily Dose of Music with these Fake Air Pods

    Get your daily Dose of Music with these Fake Air Pods

    Music is the soul's food, and no one can deny that. With the passage of time, music is being reinvented, and people are drawn toward music more than ever. Back in the day, music was only listened to on TV, radio, or stereo. As time went by and people realized that other people might not like loud noises, so different devices were invented to keep the music noise to your ears. We know these devices as earphones, headphones, hands-free, and air pods. If you are a music lover, you must have known the importance of earphones and hand frees.

    Why should I buy air pods?

    Every person is listening to one thing or the other these days on their smartphone, tablet, or even iPad. No one can say no to the jam session on "the shape of you." We all are grooving on one song or the other. The connectivity of the internet over different devices like smartphones, iPads, and tablets has made it even easier to access music. However, while enjoying our love for music, we should keep in mind the aspect of not disturbing others with the sound of our music. That is why earphones were invented, and so far, we are enjoying all types of earphones. The latest form of these earphones has come into the light in the form of air pods.

    What things to consider before buying fake air pods?

    We realize that buying air pods might be expensive for many, so we are going to give you a few important tips to buy fake air pods but get good quality. Keep these things in mind, and you are definitely going to get good-quality fake air pods that will last longer.

    Reputable Seller

    Shopping for anything has been made easier by just going online and clicking on the stuff, and ordering it to get to your doorstep. However, not everything you see online is as good as it is being told to get you to buy it. It is recommended to shop the air pods yourself and go to a reputable seller. Always find a person who deals in this stuff and takes responsibility for what he is selling. Don't trust the online stuff even if it has been given the best reviews. Always try to find someone reliable to you or who has a good reputation in selling such items.


    It is true that we are going to buy fake air pods because original ones are really expensive, and not everyone can afford that, but everyone wants to enjoy the ultimate experience of air pods. Buying fake air pods or air pods clone also needs you to spend some money because even the fake ones are not as cheap as you think. Anything below $25 is a straight NO for us. Good quality fake air pods will cost you at least $40 - $50. So, whenever you feel like buying new fake air pods, don’t fall for the minimum prices like $15 - $20.

    Best Fake Air Pods

    We realize that even after telling you to look for a few things in air pods, there might be a few people who don't know how to buy good quality fake air pods. You need not worry because we are here to tell you about some of the best fake air pods there are. We have devised a list of good-quality fake air pods with their efficiency and quality reviews. You can look at the reviews of these air pods and then decide which one you like the best for you. So, let us look at the best fake air pods recommended by us.

    Best for Simplistic Users – Air Pods Super Copy 1:1

    People who are fans of simple things in life can enjoy the Super Copy Air Pods as they are the exact replica of Apple ear pods. It is a W1 and H1 chip clone and looks exactly like the real Apple ear pods. It has the same size as Apple ear pods. The touch key available on the fake air pods is just like the original ones. You can call Siri just like you can do it on Apple. It also gives you the option of automatic pairing with air pods. The charging cable used in fake air pods is just like the one in Apple ear pods. The charging port is an eight-pin charging port on air pods.

    The series is known to be a good one, and it has worked fine for many users. If you don't like the W1 or H1 chip pop-up, Air Pods Super Copy is the answer to your air pods' needs. It has been manufactured with such perfection that people who have used it found no difference in the original ones and replicas. It is priced at a reasonable price of $23.58 on an online store.

    Best Call Quality – Mid End Air Pods Pro Clone

    It is a good option for people who would like to have mid-end air pods as these are not as expensive as high-end products but work just as fine. There have been many improvements over the previous version. Bluetooth connection reaction time is 0.5 seconds. There were many variations made in this version. The battery life has been increased from 4 hours previously to 5 hours now.

    These are also best for people who want to have clear call quality because it has been improved drastically. The touch controls are also improved. Auto pairing and charging have been better than in the previous versions. These air pods are made of 1562A. These come with active noise cancellation 100%, and it really works as original IOS & Android. These air pods also have light sensors & pressure sensors. The sound quality is just like the original, and there is no cut-off music.

    Mid End Air Pods offer you a satisfying music time of 6-8 hours, and you can enjoy your favorite music for uninterrupted 6-8 hours. The music time can also be increased to 20h if you have the charging box along with the air pods. Audio sharing is also a brilliant feature in these fake air pods. To give you a satisfying feel of original air pods, these come with original case metal mesh with text, and the original logo display is also present. The only downside to it is the Siri voice breaking at times.

    Best Quality Air Pods – Gen 2 Air Pods Clone

    If you are here for quality and don’t mind spending a little more than expected, these are the air pods for you. The build on these air pods is 100%, and you will know how amazing these are for your music. You are going to get everything in the package, like the 2 x mini Bluetooth earphones, the box, and the lighting cable, just like the original ones. These are high-quality air pods with the same exact features as the original ones.

    These have the pop-up option for your air pods which is probably the most amazing feature of these air pods. Just when you open the lid, the W1 chip pop-up animation immediately shows up on your Apple iPhone within a second. The automatic connection gives you the liberty to listen to your music right after opening the air pod box. It is made up of 1536 chip H1 chips. This manufacturing guarantees a swift connection with the iPhone and instant listening to music without setting it up with your phone.

    These air pods provide you with a reliable connection, and you won't listen to as many signal drops as the others. The battery life has been increased, and hence the efficiency has also been improved. You can check the battery life easily on this version. We have been thoroughly impressed by the features it has to offer, and we have recommended it. You can use both wired and wireless charging options for these fake air pods. As these air pods offer premium quality, the price is also slightly higher than the other brands. However, you will get everything just like the authentic ones. Even the Apple logo is placed in the same place as the original one.

    High-Quality Replica – High-End Air Pod Pro Replica ANC

    People who don't want to compromise on quality should go for these high-end replicas. These are premium quality fake air pods made to give you the exact experience of original Apple ear pods. We suggest that if you want to buy air pods for longer use, you should go for high-end replicas, which will go for a longer time. A high-end replica of an air pod spares you the trouble of changing the air pods again and again. Now we are going to tell you about the features of these high-end replicas in detail.

    The chipset used in the replica is of high quality, which is 1562H. The replica made with a poor quality chipset won't give you a satisfactory experience. It is equipped with in-ear detection, which means that the air pods are differently designed for both ears, and you can exchange the pods without cutting the sounds or disconnecting the headsets. Earmolds are also available for these replicas as it gives you three different sizes for the silicon ear mold.

    These are made to give you an authentic experience of original Apple ear pods. The manufacturers are so committed to giving you the authentic experience that even the logo placement is the same as the original one. However, some stores are not selling the ones with logos due to the fear of copyright infringement. It supports the wireless charging of air pods. Touch control is also enhanced than before. Touch control is so much better than before. The audio quality has also been improved from the previous ones. Super bass is also provided, and the option of auto power off and on is also available.

    The option to go to the previous song or the next one is also present. Music time for these air pods is 4.5-5 hours, and the sound quality is as close as original with no cut-off music.

    Best for Low Budget – i12 TWS

    We have something for everyone on this list. We have brought an option for people who do not like to spend much on something as trivial as air pods and want to enjoy good quality. The i12 TWS has now come with the improved version of air pods. These are wireless portable Bluetooth wireless air pods with two replicas. These are great after the i10 version of the earbuds. The improved functions included the touch function, Bluetooth, and battery charging case. The Pro version of i12 TWS is a little more costly than the other version.

    The sound quality of these ones has been improved, and these will come with a charging box which is also used as a storage box. Other amazing features of these air pods include USB connectivity. These are also waterproof, which means you don't have to worry if you drop your air pods in a glass of water. The air pods replicas work with 320hm resistance and an inbuilt microphone. We recommend it for people who would like to enjoy the features of both i10 TWS and i11 TWS. Enjoy the amazing quality at a price as low as $20.

    We know listening to music can be therapeutic. That's why we have carefully picked these items for you. These were our top picks for fake air pods. Take a look at all these options and decide which one is your priority. You can order these online and go to a store physically.