Have fun with these Best Android Tablets

    Have fun with these Best Android Tablets

    After smartphones, tablets have taken over the world. Almost everyone around us has at least one of these gadgets. The most successful tablet has been Apple's iPad which took the world by storm when it was launched. However, even after the amazing response to the iPad, there were people who did not want to buy Apple because they were set with their ways of Android tablets. If you are one of those who like Android tablets, we will tell you more about the best Android tablets and how you are going to find the best one according to your requirements.

    Why should I buy an Android tablet?

    The need for connection has become a need of the hour for us, and we need to stay connected with almost everyone we know. Smartphones and access to the internet have made it even easier to stay connected in this hustle-bustle. Tablets have also played their part in making this world become a global village and let the people connect with one another. Some people consider tablets more user-friendly than smartphones because of the large interface and because of ease of use. Android has made it even easier for its users to stay connected and use tablets.

    Two giants in the field of technology are iOS and Android. We know that Apple's product has dominated the market for a long time, but Android has its benefits. According to some surveys, people find the Android operating system easier to use than iOS. Connectivity options are also higher in Android than in Apple. In addition, android tablets are more budget-friendly than Apple because of the high cost of Apple's iPad.

     You might know the benefits of using Android over iOS but still don't know how to choose the best Android options. You need not worry because we have brought you a list of features that you need to look for while buying an android phone.

    Things to Consider while Choosing Android Tablet

    Before moving any further, you need to keep a few things in mind before buying an Android tablet. We’ll go through these one by one.


    When it comes to surfing the web or media streaming, most android tablets work fine even with the minimum cost. Therefore, you need not worry about the performance of a lost-cost android tablet but keep in mind what you are looking for in a tablet's design.


    The latest version of the software must be used by the tablet you are going to purchase. It is of utmost importance because many Android mobiles do not use the latest version, and updates are also less common in Android tablets. Android 12 is mostly used in tablets but keep in mind that anything below Android 10 is a waste of money.

    Battery, Camera, Performance

    Prioritize for yourself what's important for you. If you are a photographer or love to photograph things, you should look for a tablet with the best camera. If you are trying to find a tab for your business, you need to find the one with a stellar performance. If you are a traveler, you will need a tablet with longer battery life. If you are a blogger who travels, you need to find the one with an amazing camera and a longer battery life. Hence, know your priorities and then look for the best android tablet.


    Always look for a tablet that caters to your connectivity needs. For example, if you are going to use Wi-Fi most of the time, you should find a tablet with Wi-Fi connectivity. On the other hand, if you would like to have a cellular network on your tablet more often, then find an Android tablet with a cellular network. The choice is yours. Wi-Fi connection is cost-effective, but cellular network usage is good for frequent travelers.

    Best Android Tablets

    If you are still confused about buying a tablet and don't know which Android tablet to buy, you don't have to worry. We have devised a list of our recommended tablets with complete details of their features and design. You just have to read these thoroughly and then decide which tablet fits your needs the most.

    Best for Long Battery – Lenovo Tab P21 Pro

    If you like to have a tablet that would give you full-time entertainment and higher productivity, this one is for you. You can use it both outdoors and indoors, and the battery is best to use if you are not going to charge it for a longer time. You can go on a hike with your friends, take a whole lot of pictures and not care about charging your tab's battery for a whole day. The wireless support option for this one is amazing and benefits you in the long run. The design is absolutely gorgeous, and you would love it when you have it in your hand. However, you might need a keyboard with it, which is going to cost extra to you. Another problem with this one is that system updates are not available. If you are a camera lover and very keen on taking photos, this one is probably not for you because the camera is not rated much high.

    Best in all – Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

    If you want a tablet that has all the qualities of a good tab but still is not an iPad, this one is for you. It has every quality you could ask for; talk about the amazing display. S7 has it. If you are looking for some amazing speakers on a tab, S7 is going to give it to you. We tell you that this is the best thing to lay your hands on. Try this once, and you will love it. The raw power of its slate is enough to capture the user's attention, and the S Pen stylus is just a cherry on top. Samsung has outdone itself with this series, and it also has an amazing response from the users. You can watch media or stream NetFlix and whatnot on this, and the picture quality and speakers will enhance your experience. However, some people find charging of S pen stylus a little gauche. Overall, it has performed well, and even after series 8 of Samsung and many other amazing sets, it still has its own place due to its stellar performance and amazing design. 

    Best Lightweight Tab – Amazon Fire HD 10

    If you are looking for a cost-effective tab with a good value for money, Amazon has the answer for you. Amazon Fire HD10 is the latest version on the Amazon list, and we love this new addition. Amazon has now focused on productivity and provides you with some of the best features of a tablet. You are going to need a Bluetooth keyboard, and you are also going to get a year's subscription to Microsoft Office 365. This is easier to carry because of its lightweight. If you are a traveler, you can carry it around with you wherever you go without feeling any extra burden. It gives you good performance at a low price, and the price is also amazing. On the other hand, some people think that the camera is too basic for photography lovers and the apps on this one are more limited than the others. Even though the battery timing is good, slow charging is a valid concern.

    Most Durable – Huawei Mate Pad 11

    We all know that Huawei is famous for its durable design as it offers some of the most sophisticated yet durable and long-lasting designs, and this one is no exception. If you are looking for something with great hardware and amazing software, Huawei has got you covered. Huawei keeps on working on its tablets and phones, and that is why they are getting better with every passing day. You are going to get a striking display in Mate Pad 1, and you can enjoy the media watching on this pad wherever you want. You can pair it with an extra keyboard you will purchase yourself. It has a long battery life, and once you have fully charged it, you can go without charging it the whole day. Some people find it difficult to use because it does not support Google Play, and sideloading of apps sometimes becomes annoying. Huawei app gallery is also not supported in this version. Nevertheless, it is a good overall option for people who are looking for a durable tablet.

    Best Value – Nokia T20

    Nokia is a pioneer in the field of smartphones as well as tablets. It has given you some of the best smartphones when smartphones were not cool. Frankly speaking, Nokia is our personal favorite due to its amazing features. It has an amazing display, and you will love the video output on this one. Stream movies on Netflix, or make videos of your surroundings. You are just going to love these. Long battery life is a signature feature of Nokia, and this one is no exception. You are going to have a tablet with longer battery life. It is amazingly cost-effective, and almost everyone who wishes to buy a tablet can afford it. However, some people found issues like there are no productivity accessories in this one with a basic camera. It can be a turn-off for those who are photography lovers as they want to capture every moment. Some others believe that the performance of the Nokia tab can be improved. It offers a good design and is amazing for those who would like a fairly good tab with relatively reduced prices.

    These are some of our favorite picks for you. Almost every electronic gadget is going to have its merits and demerits, and it is you who is going to decide about your priorities. So always try to find the one gadget best suited to your needs. We have provided you with thorough reviews of these tablets so you read all of them and make an informed decision about your choice of an Android tablet.