HiBoy Max Electric Scooter Review: Are They Worth It?

    HiBoy Max Electric Scooter Review: Are They Worth It?

    Is HiBoy Max a Good Electric Scooter?

    Hiboy Max is a relatively affordable scooter that offers a convenient and decent travel radius at top speed. It is a great commuting scooter for adults featuring a 350W brushless motor that can go as fast as 18.6 mph. The Hiboy Max is a good option if you're going on a leisurely cruise around town or commuting to work. However, the Hiboy Max is not suitable on routes other than new roads and sidewalks because there's not enough travel in its shock absorber.

    Priced just a little over $400, the Hiboy Max scooter is a respectable device in an already competitive budget scooter market. Its performance and speed rival even more expensive scooter modes than it, with a sleek design to match. The scooter is durable and loaded with impressive features such as a mobile app, an IP54 water-resistance rating, and deck lighting. In addition, the scooter has a design that is both beautiful and functional, giving you the best of both worlds.

    The Hiboy Max scooter features grips wrapped with textured rubber, ensuring you have control over the steering column. The handlebars are slightly bigger than some similar models, like the Horion 10.4, but you will hardly notice it. The Max also comes with Hiboy's iconic dual-brake feature, including the rear disc handbrake and the electronic thumb brake, which you can operate independently. The thumb brake is located on the left of the scooter, while the rear disc handbrake is on the right.

    The scooter's frame features an aviation-grade aluminium alloy designed to withstand day-to-day wear and tear. Most scooter brands, even high-performance ones, use this material in their models because it is robust. However, the Hiboy Max is considerably sturdier than the S2, thanks to its 34-pound weight. In addition, the Hiboy Max features the staple finish in electric scooter designs, the neat-looking matte-black finish.

    Like the handles, the deck of the Hiboy Max is covered with rubber, featuring enough space to stand with your feet in different directions. The decks are wider than the average budget scooter – that's what Hiboy says. However, when measured against some similar budget scooter models, they are pretty much the same. The side of Max's deck features blue LED lining that adds a bit of style, even if they aren't that bright.

    The Hiboy Max has 8.5-inch solid tires with zero cushioning, even though they are designed with a honeycomb pattern. Unfortunately, the zero cushioning of the scooter keeps it from providing comfort when you ride on anything other than pristine roads and sidewalks. The scooter has a front shock absorber, but it can't perform its full function due to the lack of cushioning. Nevertheless, its 350W is pretty impressive, making the Hiboy Max one of the fastest scooters in the budget range.

    The Hiboy Max is a good option if you're new and just learning to ride scooters. However, for someone who's had an experience with higher-performing scooters, this model can make for a frustrating ride. The Hiboy Max can travel up to 17 miles under a single full charge. You can get more out of the Max scooter's battery if you ride in Normal or Beginner mode.

    HiBoy Max Electric Scooter: Is It Worth Buying?

    Hiboy max electric scooters usually look nicer and work better than they look. The Hiboy max electric scooter is fitted with a bell, wheel fenders, and brake lever to enhance the riding experience. Additionally, at the front of the scooter are two LED lights and a red light that acts as the brake light on the road. The abundance of light bulbs on the scooter ensures you're riding safely; you can see forward, and others can see you.

    The scooter is comfortable and practical with its handlebars; just hold the bars with both hands, then press and hold it down. It is pretty easy to ride; once you drop the stem, you'll only have to twist it into the folded position. In addition, the electric scooter is urban-centric, meaning it has folding capabilities to let you carry it around the flights of stairs. It can also be a handle travel companion; just fold the e-scooter and store it in your car's trunk.

    Meanwhile, the Hiboy Max electric scooter is not lightweight; it tips the scales at 15.4 kg. However heavy it may be, there are still heavier electric scooters out there, meaning you can carry them over short distances. Hiboy max has an advantage over most of its rivals in that it features a kickstand, making it easy to park. You can park the scooter rather than let it lean on the wall because this can lead to scratches.

    Comparison with Turboant X7 Pro, Hiboy S2, and Horizon 10.4

    The Turboant X7 Pro, Hiboy S2, and Horizon 10.4 are significantly different in ride quality and durability, among other things. For example, the Turboant features superior ride quality and goes at a 14mph faster speed than the Hiboy Max. It also has better breaks, supports heavier rides, and is incredibly durable. However, the Turboant X7 Pro is $80 more expensive than the Hiboy Max.

    Turboant X7 Pro

    Meanwhile, the Hiboy S2 runs slower than the Hiboy Max; where the latter runs at 18.6 mph, the S2 runs at 15. Also, the Max has three ride modes, while the S2 has only two. However, the S2 is more portable and can support more weight, and it has the comfort the Max lacks.

    Horizon 10.4

    The Horizon 10.4 is a lot more expensive than the Hiboy Max ($280 more), and it is much heavier. However, it has superior ride quality, is faster, and covers a three-mile range longer than the Max covers.


    Hiboy Max

    Turboant X7 Pro

    Hiboy S2

    Horizon 10.4

    Max Speed

    18.6 mph

    20 mph

    15 mph

    25 mph

    Range Covered

    17 miles

    30 miles

    17 miles

    20 miles

    Motor Power





    Supported Weight

    220 lbs

    275 lbs

    260 lbs

    265 lbs

    Product Weight

    34 lbs

    33 lbs

    29.5 lbs








    Guides to Buy the Best HiBoy Max Electric Scooter? What Should Be Considered Before Buying?

    Hiboy Max scooters feature different models at different efficiency levels and prices. Therefore, the Hiboy e-scooter you get will ultimately depend on your budget and how well you know the specifications. If you're new to Hiboy Max e-scooters, here are features to look out for before buying.


    Check the portability of the Hiboy Max e-scooter and its foldable characteristics. Most Hiboy Max models weigh around fifteen kilograms, which is less heavy than some other models on the market. Also, consider how easy it is to fold the scooter or disengage the folding latch and general usage.


    Check the lights on the scooter; Hiboy Max typically features decent lights, including a rear taillight and high-mounted headlight. It also features blue deck lights that run along the deck sides and not underneath. You want to look for lights that aren't super bright but illuminating enough to travel at night.

    Deck Size

    Check the scooter's deck size to be sure it'll fit your feet comfortably. You don't want an undersized one, as that would make the scooter uncomfortable to ride. Hiboy Max e-scooters typically feature oversized decks covered in textured rubber and are 8 to 13 cm longer than other scooters in their class. Also, consider the Hiboy scooter's carrying capacity – how much weight it can hold.


    Check the build quality of the Hiboy e-scooter; it should be solid, with the deck and stem feeling durable. Cheaper Hiboy e-scooter models often make noise, so you'll want to avoid it if that's not a feature you want. The higher the quality of the Hiboy Max scooter, the higher the price you will pay for it.

    Water Resistance

    If you intend to ride the scooter in wet conditions, you might want to check and be sure it has water resistance features. The Hiboy Max V2, for example, features an IPX4 water resistance rating, which means you can ride it in the rain.


    Does Hiboy max connect to smartphone via Bluetooth?

    Hiboy max models offer mobile app integration, meaning you can control it using an app. This feature lets riders set the cruise control, lock/unlock, speed, and lights on or off.

    Is the Hibox max electric scooter heavy?

    Hiboy max electric scooter is heavy but not the heaviest on the market. The e-scooter weighs 34 lbs, so you can't carry it for power-walking or long distances. Nevertheless, you'll be fine carrying the scooter over short distances, say from your room to the trunk of your car.

    How much does the HiBoy max electric scooter cost?

    Hiboy max electric scooter costs around $430 on Amazon; it is one of Amazon's choices for adult categories. The e-scooter has a customer rating of 4.1 stars out of 5, which means there is something good about it.

    How long does the HiBoy max electric scooter's battery last?

    Hiboy max electric scooter's battery will last approximately fifty minutes at top speed on a full charge. However, it typically takes four to six hours for the featured lithium-ion battery to charge fully.

    How far can the Hiboy Max electric scooter go?

    How far the electric scooter can go depends on your proficiency in riding an e-scooter. However, a Hiboy max e-scooter can go about ten to twelve miles (sixteen to nineteen kilometers) on a full charge. The e-scooter comes in different categories for different riding skill levels: beginner, normal, and sports. The beginner has a blue icon, the normal has yellow, and the sports have a red icon.