How much is a PS5: Total over $900! Some of the hidden costs that you should know before buying PS5

    How much is a PS5: Total over $900! Some of the hidden costs that you should know before buying PS5

    Why should I buy PS5?

    Gaming consoles are a great way to entertain yourself when you are bored or when you simply want to relax after a tiring day. It also paves the way for a good bonding activity between friends or among family members. Hence, it is not surprising that game machines enjoy a good amount of popularity. And if you are one of the people who are fond of gaming machines, then you probably thought at some point that you should buy your own, and perhaps Sony Play Station 5 (PS5) came into your mind. Well, no one could blame you, as PS5 is definitely one box in every gamer’s dream. There might be some disagreements in the overall design and looks; nevertheless, everyone could agree that it is a monster as it has some of the most fantastic hardware and specs among gaming consoles, like the speedy PCIe 4.0 SSD, And all of these come at an affordable price. Or is it?

    Does PS5 entail additional costs?

    PS5 is sold for $499 (£449 in the U.K), a pretty affordable price for its kind. This price makes PS5 considerably more inexpensive than a straight-up PC gaming rig. And if you do not want the $499 one, then there is the PS5 Digital Edition which sells for $399 (£359). The Digital Edition offers the same power but without the disc drive.

    If you are fortunate, you could really buy both machines at these Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP). But that is lucky thinking since buying these machines directly to the retailer is hard for the following reasons; 1) many are planning to do the same; 2) the gaming machine is a real hit; 3) there is a chip shortage that continuously impacts the electronic industry; and 4) there are many resellers who use various software to buy big numbers of PS5. This gaming machine is really popular so having that message saying “out of stock” frequently happens. However, if you hit the jackpot and you indeed managed to buy one, $399 is the least you will pay for the gaming console; that $399 is not the end. You need to spend more bucks if you want it to run the way it is supposed to run; you need to spend more bucks if you want it to perform the way you imagined it. If you want to maximize and get the most out of it, you really ought to spend. And after that spending, that’s the only time you can say that it is worth it.

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    The true price of buying PS5

    Like other devices, there are other expenses related to PS5. So, what is the real tag of the PS5? To give you a snapshot of the “true cost” of PS5, here are some of the additional costs that add up to $900 that you need to consider.

    1. Extra Storage ($200 - $300).

    825 GB SSD sounds plenty, or does it? Sony’s PS5 has a total of 825 GB SSD, which is a big number. While that kind of storage capacity is indeed fantastic, you must think first of how much of it is really available to you. If you ponder more, you might realize that it is actually not that much if you will consider how the system and modern games work.

    While PS5’s 825 GB SSD storage sounds amazing, in reality, only 667.2GB of it is available for you, while the remaining space is taken up by the operating system and similar software needed for the console’s smooth operation. The remaining space is still a lot, or not. Taking up modern games as the basis, this space is not enough if you want a big library of games that you, your friends, and your family could play. The average space taken up by modern games is around 50GB and more. And that’s just the average figure. But what if you want those games which require more storage? Naturally, you would run out of space. And will not want that. So, you need more storage

    As of the moment, there are no Sony certified PICe 4.0 SSDs available yet. There would be one someday but not as of the moment; however, one thing is for sure, it would not be cheap. Since there are no Sony certified PICe 4.0 SSDs available yet, you might want Microsoft’s proprietary 1TB PCIe4.0 external SSD expansion, which costs around $219/£219

    Given these things, if you need more storage for your PS5, you would need to spend an additional $200 - $300.

    1. Play station Plus Subscription ($59/£49)

    What would you do to your PS5 if it does not have games? To fully use your PS5 the way it is supposed to be, you need to invest in games. But here is the thing, the price of games for PS5 is higher than its PS4 counterparts. So, if you want those multiplayer games, cloud saves, and online elements of various games, then a Play station subscription is the thing that you need.

    The Play station Plus Subscription is the cheapest way to acquire and play games on your PS5. And this subscription could cost you an annual bill of $59/£49. And that is a lot considering the free Xbox cloud saves given by Microsoft or the subscription-free access of PC gamers to various multiplayer gaming platforms and cloud saves. But that’s the way it is, and we cannot do a thing about it.

    1. Play Station 5 Exclusive Games ($120/£120)

    Some games are more popular than others for various papers. Be it the graphics, the storyline, the characters, or the people behind it. For any reason, maybe, some games are more expensive than others, like the Play Station 5 exclusive games. And these games are not subscription-based; each one of them has its own tag.

    Sony is moving forward to a setup where games cost around $70/£70. And what does this entail? This means that if you want to acquire an exclusive game the soonest time it comes up, you would need to spend a hefty sum. You need to pay more to play more. Given these things, it is safe to assume that you are looking for an additional $120/£120 for exclusive games alone. Why $120/£120? As stated, Sony is ushering in a time where a game costs around $70/£70; now, not all games cost $70/£70, so valuation would be different. In addition, you would not want a single game; you’ll get bored immediately if that is the case. So, it is expected that you would buy at least two games that you could pick and play alternately. 

    The tag for these exclusive games is truly hefty, but that is just the way they are. On a side note, you could always wait for games sales which would save you some bucks, but that would probably take months.

    1. Sony’s 3D AudioTech and Pulse 3D Wireless headsets ($99/£89)


    Sounds make things more engaging, and PS5 users are set to have a more engaging experience with the help of Sony’s 3D AudioTech. This new audio technology from Sony is devised to make in-game sounds richer. But you cannot have a quality experience of this without a headset. Technically speaking, you can, but that would be too unlikely given the fact that only a few televisions natively support this standard. That brings us back to their Pulse 3D Wireless headsets.

    Pulse 3D Wireless headsets are a wonderful user accessory for PS5. It is not a must-have item, but it could elevate the quality of your PS5 experience. It is comfortable to use, has long battery life, and is completely wireless. It also gives engaging and clear sounds, which makes the gaming experience more dynamic and enjoyable. But the experience is not free since Pulse 3D Wireless headsets sell for a reasonable price of $99/£89.

    1. Extra PS5 DualSense Controller ($69/£59)

    Like other modern gaming machines, PS5 comes with 1 DualSense controller only. And this spells a problem if you have other folks joining you for a gaming session. But there is one simple solution to this, buying an extra PS5 DualSense controller. But this solution is not free because you need to spend $69/£59 for an extra PS5 DualSense controller. And if you are still thinking about whether you are going to buy it, just think that a single PS5 DualSense controller would only last for around 4 hours. So, if you are playing solo, you can have an extended playing time.

    jPS5 True Cost: Total over $900

    So, what is the true cost of buying a PS5? If we add all of the accessories, games, and essential extras to the original price of PS5, users, and fans are looking to spend a total of over $900. If one has a standard PS5, it would cost a total value of $1046/£966 and $946/£876 for the digital edition. So, as you can see, you will not only spend $499/£449 or $399/£359; in reality, you would need to spend a total of over $900 if you want your PS5 to run in the way you envisioned it to run.